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May 24, 2017
Dear MAL-senpai

Lemon Angel Project is an ok idol show about the production side of the making an idol group...with a few "problems".

Now Lemon Angel Project is one of those animes that was lost in time (released in 2006, same time as Studio DEEN's Fate/stay night and Rec) and although Lemon Angel Project gives us a look at the inner workings of creating and making an idol group from scratch, the show is it itself using this as a foundation for the main characters and their trials and tribulations in the idol industry.

Well since we're talking about characters, let's talk about them shall we?, we have read more
May 6, 2017
People always wants to get rid of their flaws for the better...but what if "just being yourself" is the better way to go?.

Don't let the name of the anime "HENTAI Ouji to Warawanai Neko." fool you, this anime is much more than a typical ecchi's a sincere and thoughtful ecchi romcom!.

If Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko. has anything going for it, it is it's characters and their sincerity they outright display mainly form our main protagonist Youto Yokodera voiced by Yuki Kaji the resident pervert of the series. The other hook is that the plot is also kinda interesting to what surmounts to one read more
Apr 22, 2017
BanG Dream! didn't go out like a BanG!, more like a small dull thud.

For an anime like this within it's genre it very typical in this anime climate but even then this kind of anime just can't be in the same pedigree of it's contemporaries..why?...well...

Let's start with our main cast Poppin' Party. Kasumi Toyama voiced by Aimi Terakawa our genki leader...check. Arisa Ichigaya voiced by Ayasa Itou our resident tsundere and main focus of quips and teasing within the group and the keyboardist of the group...check. Rimi Ushigome voiced by Rimi Nishimoto the bassist of the group, the shy one...check. Tae Hanazono voiced by Sae read more
Apr 21, 2017
"Are you in love right now?"

Well with this's more divisive than "in love" actually...

Hatsukoi Limited follows several unrequited relationships and each of the earlier episodes focuses on one set of relationships while developing the ones from the previous episode in tandem, which makes one elaborate love dodecahedron.

Well since this is a relationship-based romance naime, LA needs to start off with the characters themselves and their relationships. Let's start with Ayumi Arihara voiced by Mariya Ise, one of the genki ditz of her girl group who has a crush on Mamoru Zaitsu voiced by Miyu Irino but his older brother Misao voiced by Kenji Nomura read more
Apr 14, 2017
For a continuation of the manga & anime series being adapted into a was too short!

Well before diving into the movie itself, LA will say that the anime series was a guilty pleasure anime with deep lore concerning both it's stance of magic and it's characters with TONS fanservice sprinkled all over the place as well as it's stellar diverse tech poppy soundtrack...LA liked Trinity Seven even with it's forefront flaws of excessive fanservice, lackluster battles and the main protagonist being not so "likable" and highly perverted and not driving the plot forward than his harem are doing it for him. So did Trinity read more
Apr 12, 2017
Once more into the Stand Alone Complex cyber rabbit hole we go...

The 2nd season of Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex or "Ghost In The Shell S.A.C. 2nd GIG" once again follows Section 9 after their re-establishment by the new Japanese Prime Minister Youko Kayabuki to combat cyber-terrorism in the form of the Individual Eleven...or are the Individual Eleven the REAL villains here?...

Just like LA's first season review, S.A.C 2nd GIG has it's own form of episodes; individual, dividual and dual. The individual episodes concerns the Individual Eleven, the dividual episodes are stand alone episodes that have development towards the Section 9 members (from read more
Apr 5, 2017
KyoAni with a feel good slice of life comedy about lesbian dragons?. Pfffft SOLD!

What was somewhat a surprise even for KyoAni for LA, comes Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid from Winter of 2017 and this is undoubtably one of the better comedies of this season, even if the premise has an "uncanny valley" at first.

Well what better way to start a character-focused comedy anime than it's characters?. Let's start with Tooru, Kobayashi's dragon maid herself voiced by Yuuki Kuwahara, she is overly obsessed dragon that came to live with Kobayashi and she herself has many quirks about herself, like her insistent on feeding Kobayashi her tail read more
Apr 1, 2017
What LA feared Ange Vierge would turn into...

For a cute girls beating the shit out of monsters, Schoolgirl Strikers has a mash of slice of life *ahem* "COMEDY" and "action" genres, though this anime has a huge tendency to it's slice of life to it's action. LA thought this anime was a borefest from episode 1...-sigh- let's get on with this.

So from what LA said in the aforementioned above statement, for a mobile game anime adaptation, the anime has less action elements than anything and is a more footnote on the anime itself. The slice of life elements is a total bore, LA being completely read more
Mar 31, 2017
"Deus lo vult"...

***** Some minor spoilers ahead! *****

On first impressions, LA thought this anime would be showing how Tanya, an ace in the Empire's army would open up to her cohorts within the war with Viktoriya being her clutch back into "humanity" due to Tanya's obsession with killing and violence, however this notion was QUICKLY revoked as it didn't become "fixing Tanya's behavior and opening herself up", instead changed to her rivalry towards "Being X" or GOD and just her survival in this new world wrought by war, all due to Tanya's previous life as an atheistic salaryman about to read more
Mar 30, 2017
Hating a character is quite an easy feat, loving a character is the same thing because their relatable or awesome. However HATING a character because their relatable is something entirely different.

Due to how character-relational focused this kind of anime is, LA will be diving into the spiraling chaotic characters relationships and the characters themselves in much more detail. Let's start with one of our main protagonist, Hanabi Yasuraoka voiced by Chika Anzai, who has unrequited love towards Narumi Kanai voiced by Kenji Nojima, a childhood friend and teacher towards Hanabi, however because of that, she has a "fake" relationship with Mugi Awaya voiced by Nobunaga read more