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Jan 18, 2018
Virtual reality goes into the Augmented Reality.

LA will be brutally honest with the Sword Art Online series, LA saw SAO go through ALOT of shit, from LA fairly liking the Aincrad arc, utterly hating how lazy the Alfheim arc was in how they pretty much flanderized MANY of the characters, then come Gun Gale and LA gave some "liberties" to it but saw some gaping plot holes and more of that flanderization showing from Alfhiem and finally comes Mother Rosario's arc where LA saw glimpses of good writing here and there but LA still wasn't convinced by the end of it that Sword Art Online read more
Jan 15, 2018
Yeah give an anime adaptation of an MMO and start it past the mid point of the game's plot...BRILLIANT!!!!!!

Ok, so sarcasm aside, Elsword is an anime LA didn't even expected to get an anime and LA being a rather early fan of Elsword and played the game for hundreds of hours but had fallen off it (Computer issues) much later, LA still liked this grindfest of an MMO.

So how does the anime stand to the MMO?...well...

The most bizarre thing about this anime is that it starts the anime at the mid-point (start of Hamel to be precise) with the all of the El Party members read more
Jan 9, 2018

...and LA thought the first season got the limit of being vulgar, crass and raunchy as hell.

Z's the continuation of the first season bringing in more demons, thus more vulgarity and crass, more of humanity is doomed because of us as a species and sometimes it's not even the demons fault! and more butt monkeying of Azazel-san and Sakuma.

LA will say about Z if it's anything but the first season taken up to an eleven on what the limits of the censors is in Japan, because holy hell does Z take it up a notch. From the talk of casual rape, read more
Jan 5, 2018
So Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru: Yuusha no Shou's finale ends with this.

Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru: Yuusha no Shou now stands toe to toe with Madoka Magica with this installment by bringing in it's own take on the dark magical girl genre....and it did it in it's own great way.

This final installment gives us what is essentially giving us 6 episodes dedicated to Yuna's struggles as she tries to save Togo and the aftermath of her continued struggles. Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru: Yuusha no Shou's 6 episodes gives nothing but Yuna's character development and her strong beliefs of justice and read more
Dec 30, 2017
0 to 1,1 to 100...

Love Live Sunshine's 2nd Season by the by gives us the conclusion to Aquors journey to the Love Live stage with all the hijinks and heartbreak all under the banner of fixing the mistakes of the original Love Live series and doing it well.

LA first thought that Sunshine's spinoff series was nothing but a pale imitation and meta joke to the original series, however by this second season, this season utterly changed what LA thought of Aquors and their goal.

The second season left off from the first, but this time more character development from the characters that "kinda" needed it. Let's read more
Dec 30, 2017
LA will be honest here, this is LA's first foray into the male idol anime.

LA has been an extremely dedicated fan to the iDOLM@STER series for a very long time, probably ever since LA watched the ORIGINAL iDOLM@STER series, LA has been up to date for the most on on many of the iDOLM@STER spinoffs. So LA decided to watch what SideM would had to offer for LA and this anime is something of a first taste as to what the male idol genre will give to LA.

Well it had something...

First and foremost about SideM is that it's something of a look at male read more
Dec 29, 2017
LA will say this time and again for romance anime like these.

"If your beta couple are more interesting or worth investing into than your main couple... then you have a problem".

Ok, with that kind of a statement, LA will dive straight into what LA was ticked off by Just Because.

Just Because starts with a rather lethargic start in looking and the future of 5 students of Eita Izumi, Ena Komiya, Hazuki Morikawa, Mio Natsume and Haruto Soma. However quite early on we already see some romantic threads being pulled, the most notable being Hazuki and Haruto's (the beta couple). The thing is after that the read more
Dec 28, 2017
ReLIFE (Anime) add (All reviews)

We all have regrets we had 10 years ago, wanting things to be different if it was possible enough to change ourselves for the better but our past selves was too dumb or too naive to think it could be better...LA can relate ALOT to ReLIFE.

ReLIFE tells a rather simple but complicated story of a de-aging ReLife Research Institute by enlisting in Arata Kaizaki voiced by Kensho Ono, a 27 year old down and out loser almost becoming a NEET to under take an experimental pill to age him back 10 years and must attend high school for a full year.

For the most part "simple" read more
Dec 27, 2017
Well LA doesn't need to say much about this second season of Cinderella Girls Gekijou really.

If you enjoyed the first season of Cinderella Girls and is playing the mobile game "Starlight Stage" and has a liking to some of the characters then this second season like the first will have some homage to pay from the both of them and you'll be rewarded in divided at the same time with this second season.

Once again, paying homages from certain scenes that reflect the cards artwork to news about certain idols gaining voices and concurrently being shown in certain episodes (LA was mostly interested in the news read more
Dec 26, 2017
The Delightful Beergasm: An Anime Short

Osake wa Fuufu ni Natte kara or Love is like a Cocktail is a great anime short about a couple in which the husband is a bartender Masaki Shiraishi voiced by Kenji Akabane that gives her wife Chisato Mizusawa voiced by Eri Kitamura alcohol to soothe her worries away...with a lemon mascot showing us how to make these delicious concoctions.

If that sounded like LA thinks it sounded to you all and LA KNOWS SOME OF YOU WILL...STOP, it's not like that.

If anything between Masaki and Chisato it's the cocktails that brought them together and we even get shown read more