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May 21, 2018
It's New Game+ for Yu

Persona 4 the Golden Animation is in the simplest ways, a retelling of the original Persona 4: The Animation but with a new character and Yu essentially being in New Game+ mode, add in one new Social Link and slice of life events not told in the original and we have Golden.

Now the slice of life events takes roughly the first half of the anime as we get integrated with our newest character in the anime, Marie voiced by Kana Hanazawa in her tsundere vocals and who she really is, as you guessed it, we have an amnesiac plot interlaced in read more
May 9, 2018

As an avid player of Fire Emblem Heroes and that mobile game being the gateway for LA into the Fire Emblem franchise, LA was curious if there was any Fire Emblem animes out there to satiate LA's curiosity of the Fire Emblem franchise and this anime.....isn't the best foray into the games out there.

Fire Emblem's OVA tells the prologue and one isolated event of the Mystery of the Emblem game for what this adaptation is trying to do and by all intents this OVA is nothing but exposition and setting the game proper with a bit of characterization towards one or two characters but read more
May 7, 2018
Z/X: Ignition is your typical collectible card game adaptation with all the holes and problems of it's genre, but there's an odd silver lining to all this.

Z/X: Ignition's plot follows Asuka Tennoji voiced by Hiro Shimono and his pseudo-harem of Azumi Kagamihara voiced by Yui Ogura the shy sick stereotype, Ayase Kamiyugi voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro the tsundere, Asuka's Z/X Fierte voiced by M.A.O and Asuka's childhood friend Aina Mikage voiced by Yurika Endou with them fighting Z/X's, Z/X's beings from other worlds needing owners of "Card devices" in order to live in Earth, with ALL of them having backstories pertaining to the Black Point read more
Apr 4, 2018
"There are two sides to words" - Cattleya

Showing emotion and feelings in words let alone how LA tries to portray it in a review is no easy feat which may also lead to misunderstandings or lost in translation such is the case for Violet Evergarden...the character, not the anime.

Violet Evergarden is a placid show, but an anime with depths in it's language of words and Violet Evergarden perfectly understands the misgivings, discourse and love of the written language and what it tries to convey to us.

Kyoto Animation ALWAYS had a way of showing emotion instead of telling us, Hibike Euphonium did it, Hyouka did read more
Apr 3, 2018

LA will say right here and now, but Fate/Extra: Last Encore was LA's wild card of Winter 2018 and it sure was a wild ride to the Fate/Extra: Last Encore "world" of SHAFT-iness and and defeating masters every floor...

Fate/Extra: Last Encore is quite the different take on the Fate series but holds some of the same basic rules as the Fate series, having the same "must defeat Masters and their Servants to obtain the Holy Grail", "getting to know the opponents and their backstories" and finally having a Saber that the main protagonist has as it's Servant. However what's different about this Fate compared to read more
Mar 31, 2018
Grab a beer, some snacks and let's start this review.....unless your underage then...soda?

Girls and beer has been sorta a small trend of anime shorts as of late as LA writes this review like Osake wa Fuufu ni Natte kara and Wakako-zake and Takunomi is no different looking at 4 girls and their love of beer.

Takunomi looks at the daily lives of the 4 girls, Michiru Amatsuki voiced by Ayaka Imamura, our main protagonist who transfers to Tokyo and works at a start up company, Makoto Kiriyama voiced by Maaya Uchida, a college student who is the minder to her older sister and clerk to read more
Mar 30, 2018
Well, it's better than Sin: Nanatsu no Taizai but that's not saying much...

Nanatsu no Bitoku is the lighter and much more fanservicey counterpart to Sin: Nanatsu no Taizai.

Nanatsu no Bitoku essentially retconned a few things from Sin: Nanatsu no Taizai and started anew by looking at the virtue/angel counterparts to the sin/demon of Sin: Nanatsu no Taizai.

Nanatsu no Bitoku looks at for the most part of the Seven Heavenly Virtues looking to find "candidates" to fight against the Sins and "hilarious" fanservice ensues and some interactions between the Virtues later on, no seriously that's about it. For the most part, the main Seven Virtues are read more
Mar 30, 2018
Dagashi Kashi is back and with some changes but changes are for the better!

Mild Spoilers ahead...

Now the changes from the first to second season is from the studio change from Studio feel. to Tezuka Productions and with their changes they have changed the slick shiny character designs of feel to a flatter color palette to Tezuka but still looks good to look at and the most obvious change being the change from a 22 minute episode to a 12 minute one. Now the change of less screentime to Dagashi Kashi 2 is actually a good move as the first season of Dagashi Kashi had some read more
Mar 30, 2018
"The beast with the sharpest fangs wins. That's what Killing Bites is." Your gonna hear that ALOT in this anime.

Killing Bites REALLY isn't for everyone, it's for what LA would say is like one of those 90's violent schlock animes...that somehow sprung into the Winter of 2018. Well by violent schlock LA can say that Killing Bites has gory uncensored action, attempted rape, sadistic and unmoral characters and hell even the core concept of this anime is essentially a battle royale animorphism cockfighting and you know what...LA kinda loved it for all it's violent schlockiness.

Killing Bites has some character developments towards the plot which focuses read more
Mar 29, 2018
Koi wa Ameagari no You ni is one of the most unexpected and interesting romance but an even more interesting story of self-identity, failure and future expectations.

Koi wa Ameagari no You ni will probably deter MANY viewers due to the premise alone, of Akira Tachibana voiced by Sayumi Watabe a 17 year old high school student wanting to be in a relationship with her 45 year old MUCH older manager Masami Kondou voiced by Hiroaki Hirata but Koi wa Ameagari no You ni is definitely "different" in how it deals with this relationship.

Now Akira and Kondou's "relationship" has some obstacles here and there, like the read more