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Apr 29, 2019
One of the worst manga's to exist in the universe.

I will start off by saying that my expectations were low 7.20 rating ? yeah its gonna be bad I knew but I thought that it can't be that bad right ? its not like the rating is lower than 7 but bullshit this abnormal piece of shit deserves rating lower than 5. Sometimes even when the story is messed up you seem to like the character or want them to succeed or be happy. I didn't feel like that for even one character here. Everybody sucked.

Also if you want to finish it you read more
Feb 3, 2018
Dagashi Kashi s2 is a fun watch.

Won't lie that I'm disappointed per episode being 12 mins. But it's enjoyable. The characters are fun to watch. Yes indeed most of the screen time in went to the advertising of food/chocolates. But it still has some sparks of romance that makes me want to watch the next episode. It has some added comedy too which is always nice.

Story 5/10
Same story as first season. Hotaru comes describes a random food and the episode moves on from there

Art 7/10
Won't lie I think the season 2 artstyle is better then the first one. The characters read more
Jan 22, 2018
What's NEKOPARA? Why, it's a cat paradise!

When I first found out about Nekopara it was probably in 2016. I was searching some weeb games on steam when I saw this game that had overwhelmengly positive reviews. Then I checked on the reviews and started laughing. The reviews are the best part of the game to be honest. I highly recommend reading some of the reviews on steam.

About the ova : I like nekopara overall so I have some biasness towards it. I know it's not for everyone and everyone won't enjoy watching it. But as a fellow weeb I have to agree I read more
Jul 30, 2017

— Hilarious jokes and situations, in both setup and execution
— The comedy is done well
— The characters are loveable
— The main girl is the stupidest anime character I've ever seen. Although she is no where close to the legend Itou Makoto


— The humor of the anime might not be liked by ever1
— Only 12mins per episode
— The VA Yuuki Aoi's voice doesn't suit Yoshiko sometimes

Still I'm having a fun time watching this show. It's one of those shows some seem to not find it funny but some find it to be hilarious af. I still think if your looking for comedy give this read more
Jul 25, 2017
Never read the manga. Just watching the anime-

Welcome to the waifu war anime of the season. Don't believe me just check the online forums and anime sites comment sections.

1) Has different approach to the story. Meaning the story isn't all generic
2) Waifu's
3) Has some twists you might not expect

1) The art is kinda weird. The eyes are way too big
2) Forced drama
3) The pacing is way too fast
4) Pretty sure won't have a proper ending. Since it is going to have only 12 episodes
5) Has plot holes. And the government system is fcking hilarious

For a verdict : I won't say I'm not enjoying the show read more
Jun 14, 2017
Japan : Want to see your favorite waifu in swimsuit ?

Me : ......

Japan : Here we give you one room special.

Me : But what's the difference it's the same episode's just the girls wearing swimsuits.

Japan : But look it has swimsuit's in it.

Me : .......

Tbh the anime really made me laugh out loud. Like sometimes things are so stupid it makes you laugh.

Again everything is daijobu. It's making money.

Btw : Mal really more long ? It's only a 4 min anime =_=

Ok then look on the bright side watching the whole anime is better then playing with a fidget spinner for 4 read more
Mar 26, 2017
Don't mind the score. It's 100 % worth it to watch this. Who doesn't like some neko's talking sweetly ?

Pros : 1) Great characters
2)It's cute
3)Voice acting is top notch
4)Good character design

Cons : 1) TOO DAMN SHORT !! :( :( :(
2)Doesn't have an op

Worth it ? : It's a great show with only 2 mins per episode there is nothing to read more