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Jan 24, 2024
Hey folks, this will be my review for Jijou wo Shiranai Tenkousei ga Guigui Kuru. It's so darn sweet and adorable that you will need to visit the dentist afterwords.

The show is simple. A girl named Akane gets bullied by the kids in her school. They call her the grim reaper, and constantly pick on her for even the dumbest stuff. However one day a transfer student named Taiyou shows up and befriends her and turns that moniker into a positive thing. Taiyou is a lovable idiot, and he seems to think that all the grim reaper stuff is true, but instead of shunning ...
Jan 22, 2024
Mashle (Anime) add
Hey folks, this will be my review for Mashle. It's pretty good.

The story revolves around a guy named Mash who cant do magic. This is a problem because magic is everything in this society. So much so that those who are not marked(cant do magic) are killed. One day Mash is discovered and given a choice, either run and be hunted for his entire life, or attend a magic school and become a Divine Visionary. Divine Visionary's are like the leaders of the magical world and can change how society functions.

I think the story starts off really well, it has plenty of comedy ...
Jan 21, 2024
Hey folks, this will be my review for Yumemiru Danshi wa Genjitsushugisha. I didn't like it. I would rather rate an anime as its own thing, but sometimes the comparison fits too well. This show is a bootleg Yahari Ore with a tsundere romance twist.

The story revolves around Sajou and his obsessive crush on Aika. The show starts with Sajou realizing he is being weird and distancing himself so he doesn't bother Aika anymore, and eventually Aika realizing she rather liked Sajou and feeling lonely now that he wasn't always chasing after her. Over the course of the show Sajou makes new acquaintances who ...
Jan 20, 2024
Mixed Feelings
Hey folks, this will be my review for Yamada-kun to Lv999 no Koi wo Suru. The short review is that is wasn't bad, however it has some flaws that make it a bit dull.

I first want to say the show isn't terrible if you simply like watching two people fall in love. However it lacks any sort of meaningful relationship building that I have a hard time recommending it if your not simply here to fill up your love tank. Video games, specifically Forest of Savior, is the glue that brings our Female mc(Akane), and our male mc(Akito) together. The problem is that the game ...
Jan 18, 2024
Hey folks, this will be my review for Benriya Saitou-san, Isekai ni Iku. It's a really solid show that surprised me a little.

The first four or so episodes contain a series of shorts that follow the main character and his party and a few other side characters to introduce them and the world. I actually rather liked that bit of the show and was disappointed that eventually the episodes became full episodes that had a plot and purpose. The plot as it unfolded actually had a lot of well written moments in them, and though the show is incredibly silly and low stakes for ...
Jan 17, 2024
Mixed Feelings
Hey folks! This will be my review of the second season of Kage no Jitsuryokusha. We have achieved partial release. This season was shorter than the first, though very much the same. Shit happens for no reason and we are simply dragged along for the ride. I was prepared to write show off as a bad job until the last episode. Certain events come to a close, we get some answers, and cap it all off with a major twist.

Odds are if you liked the first season, you will like this one too. If you didn't like the first season, you wont like this one ...
Jan 16, 2024
Mixed Feelings
Hey folks, this will be my review for Kage no Jitsuryokusha ni Naritakute. Not bad, not great.

The story is a slippery devil. Is it a hero show? Or perhaps a power fantasy isekai? I don't really know at the end of the day. I have some guesses, but overall that's all you can really do is guess. Our MC Cid Kagenou trains hard and all the time so that he might fight injustice from the shadows. Initially he has some success as a low tier trash man, removing bandits and thugs. However his dreams, training, and ambition eventually net him a butt-load of power and ...
Jan 14, 2024
Mixed Feelings
Hey folks, this will be my review for Yuusha ga Shinda. Simply put it's not very good. It is however a semi funny little time waster.

I think we can skip over the paragraphs of text I usually put in and focus in on the tagged theme "Parody". I have no idea if the original creator purposefully made this shitty to parody the other shows they view as absurd, or it is just a shitty show/manga. There is a lot we can unpack and digest but it doesn't deserve that, so Ill summarize quickly. The story isn't half bad if you're just there for entertainment, ...
Apr 6, 2021
Hey folks, this will be a review for Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi. I think we can keep this short and sweet.

Its just as bad of a hentai as an anime. That's it, if your horny watch a hentai. If your here for a dark hero story then go watch shield hero.

Extra if you happen to care:

Dark and gritty does not give you a free pass into the realm of goodness. Rape, rape, and some murder and drug abuse and more rape. Certainly very dark and shows the undesirable side of humanity and certainly would be at least plausible to happen if that world existed. However ...
Sep 30, 2018
Mixed Feelings
Hey folks, this will be a review for Isekai Maou. This show was a stinker to put plainly. It seems common to equate it to Overlord but that does Overlord such a disservice. I'm going to rail on this show pretty hard but overall if you want a fantasy story similar to Overlord to scratch that itch then its worth a watch. As a standalone show however it falls short in so many ways.

The story starts off with a gamer shut in transported to this new world. He keeps the items he had in the game, one item is a ring of spell reflection. This ...

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