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Arakawa Under the Bridge
Arakawa Under the Bridge
Yesterday, 5:57 PM
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Watashi ga Motete Dousunda
Watashi ga Motete Dousunda
Aug 7, 11:33 PM
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Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei
Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei
Aug 7, 3:10 PM
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Aug 3, 12:50 PM
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Yakusoku no Neverland
Yakusoku no Neverland
Jul 27, 8:11 AM
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Spy x Family
Spy x Family
Jul 22, 8:23 PM
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Karhu Aug 13, 4:28 AM
Haruhi is an oddity. There aren't many series which approach so well captures the universe of their source material. I especially like the fact that you can watch those episodes in 5 different order, which is also something that very few series have ever done, and I think with all the others, the alternatives watch orders are just fan made, like Kino no Tabi's.

I notice you had problems with the character development. It can only seem significant in the non-chronological main lead order. I guess you watched it chronologically like most people on their first go? I still need to watch the show's both seasons in combined chronological order, but that project is for the future.

As for Endless Eight, it's more entertaining than other episodes from that season. To me, S2 was fine, but to you probably not considering you didn't especially love the first one either.
wishy-washy Aug 8, 11:41 PM
I haven't listened to anything by Brian at all. But there's a new Feast Mansion episode about pizza and hot sauce.

I have to admit i didn't finish abusive robot dad, i only watched a few minutes of it before i got bored. I've heard of mumkey but i dont think i've ever watched anything by him.

It was a bad unboxing yeah. Maybe he's avoiding Chad. Ian and Max made a video together? Where is it? Oh boy, deadly twister sure was something.

I like content cops, there was someone i wanted a content cop on but i can't remember who it was. Kick starter crap where are they now crystal wash ball was also fun. I haven't watched full force yet, i saw like a minute of it yesterday but not the full thing.
wishy-washy Aug 6, 1:00 AM
Maybe. He was also featured on Brian's new album apparently. As long as he's happy and making what he wants to make.

Yeah, i am. Ian is still making videos, he found some other 2 guys to make them with. Abusive robot dad had the new guys. I started watching frank when he was no longer making videos so i never got the full experience. I miss them too. There's this idubbbz video where they ask him to make more videos with them and he says "don't worry, i didn't forget about my boys". And they never made a video together after that. T_T
Wormy01 Aug 4, 9:14 AM
That's ok! It does get better later on though
Yee I'll definitely need to watch 3-gatsu... I watched 1 ep with soko and we never touched it afterwards yikes
wishy-washy Aug 3, 8:56 AM
i havent heard cant get over you yet. i like sanctuary tho. i havent really sensed a different feel but idk genres (genders and breeds) of music that well
wishy-washy Aug 2, 7:25 AM
yes i do, do you?
uninstallthegame Aug 1, 5:43 PM
definitely should consume the whole haruhi series to make some conclusions. i believe mikuru's and yuki's characters are developed in s2 and the movie. especially the movie. i'm not into sports anime. have been a fan of volleyball, played for the school's team in high school. not a fan watching anything about it, heh

yes, well.. it's just the same stuff over and over. at about ch 200 he start to act more mature and question stuff and his character makes a little more sense now instead of just being a killing machine. the stopping point was also not a good one. the last 30 ch were quite boring to finish. and yes, it kinda gets more grim, especially towards the end
uninstallthegame Aug 1, 4:57 PM
maybe, maybe not. for me it's kinda hard committing to re-watch something as long as that
also, haruhi s1 as 6, eh?
wishy-washy Aug 1, 2:04 AM
you're right it is
Mesacboy Jul 31, 3:47 PM
shh stop exposing me

i didn't even get time to reply to your other shit yet
KaitoKaze Jul 30, 5:03 PM
what up
Karhu Jul 27, 9:49 AM
I liked season 1 back in the day. 2nd kinda flew buy without leaving anything to me. I have to rewatch s2 before s3, but I do await its arrival. Haruhi is my favorite from series of this nature.
uninstallthegame Jul 25, 2:12 PM
you bring up some good point. DN was one of my first "long" anime at the time, so i wasn't thinking critically about it too much. just enjoyed the show. anyways, the show leaves the whole killing method probably because irl you wouldn't think of someone killing with this non-conventional way, no? they were trying to figure out how's he doing this and searching for the suspect at the same time iirc. and Light, well right from the start you can see that he's an edgelord with some state of justice. his justice is validated through killing scum, at the end it's discarded. nothing really too amazing about the justice itself, but the presentation was on-point. his relationship with the dad was shit because he's an edgelord with his own sense of justice which differs from his dad's views. and the relationship between Ryuk and Light was alright, no? they don't really need that much bonding. Light just used Ryuk's knowledge and abilities for his own intentions. that's about it

about the plotholes, yeah, it seems there's a bunch of shit that wasn't explored or touched. ig they could cover up some shit with that ability that allows you to see the real name and lifespan. dunno how that transitions to someone who's unnamed or has a duplicate name

holy fuck wait, i just realized you haven't finished it yet. my bad lol. imma spoiler this
uninstallthegame Jul 25, 10:27 AM
like what, my dude?
Karhu Jul 25, 1:03 AM
I removed my ratings in 2014 after completing the full cycle of being an anime fan. This removal happened for several reasons that are related to my own enjoyment factor, the limitations of 10-digit scale and other users incapabilities of using it. You could say I gave up spreading my own rating philosophies and entered this full chill mode where I am now watching new generations repeat what I did 5-10 years ago.