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Wormy01 Today, 12:13 AM
pretty okey, i've been busy here and there but am still doing fine :D wbu?
LunarStarGirl345 May 6, 4:40 PM
Hello. ^^
How are you doing?

It’s great to see that you love anime and video games like me lol.
I also have a PSN account as well, so if you want, I’d love to be friends with you on there if you don’t mind :3.
Here’s my PSN ID: LunarStarGirl345

Looking forward to chatting with you soon!

Thank you,

Wormy01 Apr 30, 10:14 AM
hell yea brother the same as usual
Mesacboy Mar 1, 3:56 PM
man sex
vergiil Jan 13, 12:44 PM
Hey man sorry for this lateness, hope you are doing well in this pandemic, don't worry about giving late reply to me lol. Yeah same goes for me I've been going through a lot these days. I am currently doing college and hopefully next year in uni.

I would really recommend to get judgment on sale and it can be very cheap when its on sale but trust me its worth. Beside Judgment they did another game called Fist of the North star: Lost Paradise, I don't know if you heard about it but It's really good. The gameplay is similar to yakuza 0 but has different fighting style and lots of different mechanics.

When it comes to yakuza, play on hardest or legendary difficult because it's more better than ending a cool boss fight under 1 min. So about Yakuza 7, If you love turn based then you are definitely gonna love this game, sure few people didn't like the combat system but I really dig into it. I didn't mind with the change of combat system but how Ichiban character and story will turn out. Well In the end it's better than I expected. Yakuza games right now is better played on pc instead playing it on ps because of the fps.

Yes I played MGR, to this day I still play it sometimes. As a "hack and slash" it's up there with the best of them. I remember thinking "They ruined it." when platinum showed footage considering it was originally Metal Gear Solid: Rising which was way different, and I was expecting a stealth-action game like Metal Gear Solid: Rising was gonna be. Now I think Kojima giving it to Platinum was the best possible outcome they could have done, It did Cyborg Raiden better than Guns of the Patriots did(Not saying that he was bad in GOP). The story or actual plot is simple but what makes the writing so splendid is the way characters are written, especially Raiden. He doesn’t just get talked at like every other MGS protagonist. He has a real personality that shines with every scene he’s in. He engages with every single character he comes into contact with better than any protagonist before and after him. Raiden in Revengers is what every Metal Gear protagonist should strive to be.

Metal Gear Rising not only has excellent music, but it's implemented very well into it's boss battles with different layers of music adding on in the extreme moments. In the tutorial boss battle where you face off against metal gear ray, and you climb up it and tear it apart while rules of nature song starts, it's thrilling, and moments like that carry on throughout. (Forgot you haven't played yet lol).

MGS 5 had no ending lmao even with that Mission 51 Eli ending additional story content that was cancelled before development finished, but its definitely not the ending, well that's what officials said. Well most people considers the identity ending as a true ending but oh well.. really don't wanna start ranting on mgs 5.

The game was mechanically amazing. The engine was well made. The game looked great. One of my major complaint regarding the story, Eli/Liquid Snake should never have been in MGSV. He really only drags the story down with his presence. Like, he's angry with Big Boss (and by extension with Venom, who his mistakes as BB) because he feels his father's been a jerk to him. Okay. This is stuff we *already* knew about from MGS1, so nothing changes here. It's impossible for Eli to meaningfully develop past this within the timeline of MGSV, because he still needs to end up at the exact same mental place for MGS1. In the end young Liquid Snake brings so very little to the table in Phantom Pain and makes it actively worse by hijacking the plot then not having the decency to do anything notable with it. I suspect Kojima wrote himself to a corner and had no idea what to do with a character whose fate was already sealed and I will forever give him shit for that and wasting away Skull face because pHaNtOm pAiN.

Yes I have faith in the new director of Ragnarok and can't wait for the Ragnarok very lucky that it's coming on ps4 as well coz I'm already damned because Spider man 2 is coming ps5 exclusively. I'd really lick Sony's shoe just convince them to bring Spider man games to PC.

Enjoy the persona series man, best jrpg games. About SMT, yes they are harder than most other RPGs (specially Nocturne) but once you know what you are doing they aren't that hard by themselves. It's challenging and the games won't hand you your win. You'll die if you go in unprepared. Bosses will sometimes have aoe attacks that hit for 80% of your party's hp. Some people call that hard, but if you know to simply keep your hp topped off, it shouldn't be a problem. so play persona and get a better understanding of jrpg if you are new. All right now favourite girl in persona lmao, I'd say Takemi not just because she dresses like punk but I really feel like she was the Link I enjoyed the most. From the very start I loved her personality and design. Her story was great and felt deeper to me than a lot of the others.

Yes I played Last of us part 2, I agree with the gameplay and it is one of the best looking game. Now for the story, I think the first one worked better because it was simpler, with hours of in-game time dedicated to 2 characters and their developing relationship. In contrast, TLOU2 tried to do more in that same amount of time and some characters just felt like "rushed". A perfect example would be Abby/Lev relationship. While I liked Lev as a character, I think the writers didn't take their time developing his and Abby's relationship as they needed to draw a parallel between Joel and Ellie as fast as possible. So Abby goes from killing Scars to going above and beyond saving one in just a couple of in-game hours. Joel could have been handled better, I felt like the way they tried making us sympathize with Abby was too on the nose and should have been subtler. The game has actually good story ideas implemented well but it needed a lot more work in my opinion.

So yeah. I've been playing Death stranding recently so far I'm actually enjoying being a delivery man and the characters are interesting so far but can't say anything more about the story.
Yes I have discord (Vergil#0001) add me whenever. I don't play mp game often nowdays but maybe I will.

bioeffect Jan 9, 5:40 AM
Pc specs:

Ram: 32gb
Stroage: 16tb
Motherboard: Asus Prime Z390-A
Power supply: Corsair Rm 850x
Cpu: I5 8600K
Gpu: Gtx 1080ti
uninstallthegame Jan 2, 4:59 PM
kinda was busy with all sorts of shit irl
bioeffect Dec 4, 2021 12:58 AM
I'm doing well thanks for asking. I see I hope you enjoy your time in Calgary.

The only Smt games I have played is Persona 3-5 I have not played any of the other spin-offs or mainline games from the series. Although I've been meaning to try out Nocturne and would like to give Smt V a try once it eventually comes on PC. Right now I'm playing this indie game called Dead Cells it's a rogue-like, metroidvania, with souls-like gameplay elements it's pretty fun.

"Also im not sure if i asked this but i think i did see on one of your lists that you had a ps5 right?"

I'm assuming you saw some games with a PS5 tag on my list. I just put it in the PS5 section for now if they come on PC I'll most likely get them there if I'm interested. I would however like to get a PS5 in the future so I'm open to playing them on there. I like to remain patient so I'm in no hurry to buy one so I'll wait a couple of years to buy one.

"I have yet to beat games like Demon Souls and Returnal."

Yea Demon's Souls and the upcoming God of war are games I'd like to play the most on the system. I've already finished Demon's Souls on the PS3 emulator so I'm interested to try out the remake.

"Also im not sure if you're getting my messages on steam, do you prefer MAL comments?"

My apologies Steam messages has been pretty unresponsive for me for a while now I'm not sure why. So I didn't see your messages until your comment today and apparently another friend had sent me a message on Nov 15 which I hadn't noticed till now which sucks.

To answer your question I haven't played Strikers yet. Also how far are you in Persona 5?

If you want you could sent me an fr on Discord the notification ring sounds are pretty responsive on it and it's much faster to talk on it then on mal. My discord username is bioeffect2.
vergiil Nov 29, 2021 11:03 AM
Haha bro no worries and hope you are doing well.

I absolutely agree RGG studio should port other games on pc especially Judgment, but unfortunately there were rumours (Not 100% sure but that might be the case) that it's not coming to pc because Kimura's (Main protagonist's Face Model and VA) Talent agency is against on pc release and and and this could also mean that lost judgment is the last judgment game, Sega literally had LJ ready to release on pc. It's really sad and very pathetic of them, but what can we do about it?..

Yakuza 6 is a good game with a decent story, gameplay is good except the combat for me specially, felt rusty af but it's understandable because it was their 1st Dragon Engine game and there a lots of things I didn't like in yakuza 6 but that's just me nitpicking. One of the worst part about the game is the Boss fights difficulty...bro these bad guys suck ass, they have one health bar and you can just one shot these people, fight will finish under 1 min. (Legend difficulty is a joke in this game) and that's why I never upgrade skill that increases damage in any yakuza games but do it after when I go for 100% completion or go against Amon. Overall its a good game.

MGS4 is a fantastic game. The story is great but its kind of sad how the enjoyable cast of mgs 3 were the bad guys who had been pulling strings etc. All of this is non existent in MGS5 so yeah. Stealth gameplay may not be on par as 3 and 5 but the gunplay is amazing. I wonder what would have happened if the original ending had happened. (MGS4 first was supposed to end with Snake and Otacon getting executed by the US government. Explaining why Here to you was in the credits. But the staff was against it so the ending was changed with Big Boss returning and Solid snake living the small rest of his life.) but yeah really loved the game. To this day I still cry about how MGS 5 is an unfinished game, this game could've surpass all if Konami had let Kojima complete fully before quitting the company.

AND YES !I played Persona and God of war too. Gow is like of one my top 10 games , I did grew up with the series and 3 was the best until 4 came out but I still consider 3 one of best. I'm really satisfied with the new combat system and the 3rd person view but still prefer the old ones. The story really exceeded my expectations, I was kinda scared before that they might do some sort of reboot for story but hell no! glad they picked it where it left off (although doesn show in game but if you read the comics that comes with deluxe edition of the game)

Persona is another series I love and grew up starting with Vanilla P4 and later on the golden version, I would really prefer 4 over 5 because really shines with it's characters and story. The cast all feel very real and complex, which is super great. The whole game is super charming. The combat is good, but the dungeons are not the best. Not bad by any means, but drag on a little bit, but yeah P5 has better gameplay. As a whole, the game is pretty incredible and very addicting. The game and it's story have become very important to me.

Sorry for making it too long lol. I see you have Last of us on your list and what are your thoughts on the 2nd part? if you played it.

I added you in steam (As Vergil) hope you don't mind :)

Bold_n_Brash Oct 23, 2021 9:47 AM
All right.

I'll try to get through Re:Zero S2 Pt2 soon.
Bold_n_Brash Oct 17, 2021 9:54 PM
Yours is superior to mine, my guy.
vergiil Oct 9, 2021 11:17 PM
Lol hope you're enjoying the story. Yeah about the combat I would say it isn't so great but it's understandable because it was RGG studio's 1st Dragon Engine game but you can still enjoy the game. I just finished playing Lost Judgment few days ago and I'm gonna say it is one of the best game RGG Studio has ever produced. Even as an old Yakuza fan I can safely say when it comes to storyline and gameplay Judgment Series has become actually better than the entire Yakuza series. I hope it comes on pc in the future so I can experience over 60 fps lol.

Yess you saw that right, I would say my fav one is Snake eater. It could've been the phantom pain if weren't so many cut contents because of stupid konami and I feel sad sometimes when I think about it but it is what it is, just waiting for the remake and hope they announce it soon. Big Boss was my fav until I played Venom Snake.

vergiil Oct 2, 2021 2:17 AM
Ay whats up my dude thanks for accepting. I see a yakuza fan and I add them xD
bioeffect Sep 3, 2021 9:00 AM
Nice, I love the Persona series it's easily one of my favourite game series. I understand it takes a good amount of time to finish a Persona game since they're pretty long I had 82 hours in P3, 96 in P4G and 127 in P5R. Which version of P5 do you have the standard or the Royal edition? Persona 4 and 5 are both extremely good I find it hard to choose one over the other since they're both 10/10 games for me, P3 is prob the weakest one for me mainly because of it's outdated gameplay and this really annoying and tedious part of the game called "Tartarus" but it's still an amazing game which I would rate as a 9/10. P5 has the best gameplay, P4 has the best cast and lastly P3 has the best story other than that all 3 of them are pretty close in terms of quality.

I would recommend OP manga over the anime since the anime has many pacing issues and drags on quite a lot but I would still recommend checking out OP's ost on Youtube since it's amazing and watching battle scenes on Youtube since anime fight scenes are almost always better than the manga version.

Also what is your PSN I'll add you?
bioeffect Aug 22, 2021 9:47 PM
I'm doing pretty well. How about you have you played/watched anything good recently?

Edit: I noticed your comment on Awyer's prof about being caught up with One Piece lol I'm caught up as well but in my defense I've been watching One Piece for over 4 years now.