Feb 3, 2018
Rezolut1on (All reviews)
Dagashi Kashi s2 is a fun watch.

Won't lie that I'm disappointed per episode being 12 mins. But it's enjoyable. The characters are fun to watch. Yes indeed most of the screen time in went to the advertising of food/chocolates. But it still has some sparks of romance that makes me want to watch the next episode. It has some added comedy too which is always nice.

Story 5/10
Same story as first season. Hotaru comes describes a random food and the episode moves on from there

Art 7/10
Won't lie I think the season 2 artstyle is better then the first one. The characters are drawn nicely

Sound 6/10
It has some ost that are good and op and ed are well done but nothing worth saying.

Characters 8/10
This is the main reason to watch the show. Hotaru never ceases to amaze me. Saya and Kokonotsu are also fun. Can't forget Kokonotsu's dad who is still funny.

Enjoyment 8/10
I'm enjoying Dagashi kashi s2 yes indeed it has problems like the first season. But can't deny my enjoyment.

So should you watch it ? yes you should. If you liked the first season then you will like this one too. You didn't watch the first season ? then I would recommend finishing other anime before watching both of the seasons.