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Saint Seiya
Saint Seiya
Yesterday, 11:08 PM
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Taishou Yakyuu Musume.
Taishou Yakyuu Musume.
Yesterday, 9:58 PM
Completed 12/12 · Scored 7
Lupin III (2015)
Lupin III (2015)
Yesterday, 7:06 PM
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Boku no Hero Academia
Boku no Hero Academia
May 10, 11:07 PM
Reading 8/? · Scored -
Umibe no Onnanoko
Umibe no Onnanoko
Apr 6, 9:22 PM
Completed 20/20 · Scored 9
Koe no Katachi
Koe no Katachi
Mar 14, 6:35 PM
Completed 64/64 · Scored 9


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Lordwen Yesterday, 1:47 PM
It doesn't look good content-wise, that was my point. I'm well-aware it has a good first episode, though. Hopefully you prove me wrong :D
Lordwen Yesterday, 12:43 PM
Cute pic 11/10, although the series doesn't look half as good :P
HisokaHajime May 29, 5:50 PM
The rest of Patlabor is new to me. I never went beyond the TV series in the past. Focus on Kanuka and Gotou is always an instant win. It's not quite a favorite of mine, but I have new found respect.

That's semi encouraging. There will eventually come a time when it has proper subs the whole way though. It's just really strange how we haven't gotten to that point yet. I think you'll be fine though. It's not very thought provoking heh. The soundtrack is a huge strength. So many stunning tracks. Like this one.

This show is such a hidden gem. Hit it up the next time you're looking for some 90's adventure. It's been doing everything right so far and is a very easy 8 for me.

Haven't seen Sons of Anarchy yet. But it's one of those shows that requires no guess work. It's gonna be an awesome ride. I know barely anything about Peaky Blinders other than the name. Just did a search and it looks like it would be up my alley. Short seasons. It's planned for 5 seasons? I have so much super hero stuff to catch up on. I need to be in the mood for that stuff though. So it just keeps mounting lol.
sayami May 29, 1:20 PM
Sure. ^^

I saw you started Taisho Yakyuu Musume, which is really nice. I watched it this year too, it was so refreshing and I love Taisho era stuff, it's probably the most interesting period in Japanese history for me :D
sayami May 29, 9:45 AM
It's Doubutsu no Oishasan by Sasaki Noriko. :)
Actually I've just started reading it so I can't really tell you much about it. I've been looking for something to read from the late 80s/early '90s, saw some of the art and I picked it up. ^^ It feels like a chill, humoruos series about pets and their owners.
pim May 29, 4:47 AM
Hehe yes it's very nice, but i'm used to it now... but when i start up my laptop i'm like "oh god... it's so slow.. please help me...". At that time my desktop feels like a heavenly miracle. Yes I remember it so well! I had two 320gb externals at one point, haha. Both with so much anime. And i remember that my best friend had a 1tb external when they were brand new. You cannot believe how jealous i was! 1tb felt like infinite space back then, but in 2016 it's just "meh"...

Goomy is so cute!!! i think my favorites from gen 6 is.. pumpkaboo is so cute, and gourgeist is too. I also like fletchling's evolutionary line because fire bird is awesome, and I love birds in general.

Oh i see! I actually am not into FPS games either, but all my friends play it and say it's so good and that they want to play with me... I guess you could call it peer pressure..
shina_luna May 28, 7:58 AM
hard to say, technically I saw my first one with 3 or 4, but nobody knew it was an anime. =P
Oh, the ogm times. I had them too, along with a bunch of avis. When MKV came I surely cursed, because my old computer didn't play them anymore without freezing.

Well, the Anime ist the typical Shonen streched adaptation. It was sort of good, that the TV one got canceled and Tsuiokuhen was made to be an OVA. There had been appearantly plans to normally adapt it, (like storyboards to the beginning of the last big arc) and I think I saw some Tomoe image too somehwhere. So I guess, all the fillers had even to be thanked for, to trash the TV series enough that Tsuiokuhen's Material didn't get otherwise adapted already.

Gintama is sort one of a kind. It's the only series that I know, that bought itself a free ticket to do just everything and anything and don't break itself by it. Since it's everything and anything it has to include some stuff, that isn't quite my taste, but when it is, it's really cool. And was makes the series also pretty great is, how everything can be picked up later. Some main character exclusive to just a episodc mini story pops up like 200 episodes later and plays a an important role. Just a supporting role, but still a key role in the plot and spices it up with his own character flavour. They could have just introduced some new character to play out this plot device part, but using some old character who just fits in makes it just nicer.
(Well, Horizon in the middle of nowhere is the only thing close enough to the just do any crazy stuff and get away with it.)

But do pick it up somewhen. I have had 5 tries and years to get is rolling, but it was worth it. =D

Haha. Let's see, when the next masterpiece comes around the corner... My last ones had been from 2012 anime wise to knock on the door.

I have the impression, he already has it planned out. But a lot of yet to happen before the next major showdown.

Kage summit arc? Which one has that been again? @_@"
Kino_no_Tabi May 27, 2:22 PM
I'm also not that active in the forums. I just got tired of the same old negativity and trashing of, well, whoever or whatever it is people want to trash talk about. So I basically access this site when I'm really bored at work and have nothing to do. I am trying to watch more anime this year, and even signed up for the anime challenge; it sounded cool and entertaining and hopefully serves as motivation ;)

Ok, rant over, I am seriously planning on watching more live action tv series through Netflix when I finally get internet. And also on anime, of course. I have been lucky that I had slowly stocked up on anime while at my parent's house, and actually still have about 1TB of anime saved on my external hard drive. Yup, I am still good for a while, but I still want internet. It's convenient and I could finally use Skype again :D

As for Gunbuster, I see what you mean and agree. It did convey a good story, great character development, and a wide variety of emotions and topics in those 6 episodes, and well done. Maybe because it was 6 episodes they didn't just filled the series with fillers, which is another thing I liked about the anime. And that ending T^T
morshuwarrior May 26, 2:47 PM
Finding a decent job is pretty difficult alright. It doesn't help that I have autism as well. The job I have now allows me to do things at my own pace which is already a huge relieve for me otherwise I would get stressed out in no time. As far as jobs go, it's not bad at all. For now it's only 3 days a week.

It definitely has that potential. What I also like about the Hero Academia anime is how it takes its sweet time. I read a bit of the manga back in the day and the anime goes through it very slowly, but never to the point that it feels like it's dragging.
I agree on the artstyle, it's so much fun just to look at the characters. No characters really looks alike and their facial expressions are fun too. Ochako best girl, definitely :D

Waiting a week for 1 episode can still be painful even when you're used to it, lol. Some episodes seem to fly by too. Feels like some are just half of its actual length which is very good sign. Basically, I'm loving it just as much as Stardust Crusaders. Probably going to rewatch that later this year, now without censors!

Think I'll give The Lost Village a watch when it's done airing, perhaps bingewatch the whole thing at once, it sounds so intruiging in a strange way.
Sakamoto's pretty good. It varies for me, it has some episodes that are just alright, nothing too special, while others are seriously hilarious.

I really want all those Gundam Blu-rays/DVD's so bad, but they're really expensive and coming out so rapidly. My highest priorities would be the first series, Zeta, ZZ and X at the moment. Still, 50-70 euros for 1 set is pretty damn expensive for me. I am going to an anime convention next month though, perhaps I'll find them there with a better price.
Thunderbolt was fantastic, I honestly felt like it was an adrenaline-rush. It's so short, yet knows how to do everything it needs to do properly in the limited time it has. The artstyle is also great, especially blended in with the dark tone. Oh and gotta love that music!

That's the best word to describe Origin, SOLID. It's solid alright. I watched episode 3 a few days ago and it was the best one so far.
EratiK May 25, 7:55 AM
I'm alright, will probably be moving soon. You?
pim May 24, 2:06 PM
Yeah, I gave it a 6 out of enjoyment too. all in all, the first few eps made the show worht it for me.

I only have my 1TB hdd (don't download things to my SSD), so I try to conserve space as much as possible. it's a good thing i don't rewatch often, i can delete show without feeling bad. Ohh I want an external HDD, but right now money just doesn't allow me to buy it! (i need overwatch) I used to have an external (320gb) when I was 15 or so, filled to the brim with anime. I used to bring it with me when i went to my dad's place! Very handy. If I get an external now, I would probably just use it to hoard anime too. I am jealous you have so much room for anime!

I don't mind it either, I find it funny. As long as the pokemon is good/cute/cool, I don't really care. Have you seen the keychain pokemon? and klinklangäs evolutionary line? They're so funny. I love trubbish too. It's cute and also funny.

understandable! Especially since overwatch was just released, if you are interested in that at least! I've been less busy than normal, the last couple of weeks i've had a couple of graphical design works (i am freelancing until i start uni this autumn). I also work at a cat shelter two days a week. But this week i don't have much to do, so i can binge on anime and vidoe games! yay! I do a lot of different things right now. haha.
AngelsArcanum May 24, 11:19 AM
Yo! I saw your skype messages a little while back, but I noticed you said you would be infrequent on skype for a while, so I seem to keep missing you. Innumerable apologies man! I should try to be more on top of these things. >.<
galimx May 24, 11:09 AM
Lala is cute. Its okey so far. It starts as kinda your standard magical girl show with a lot of common tropes. I heard the second half of the anime gets better, I am looking forward to it more.

HisokaHajime May 24, 11:05 AM
Much better this time around. It's fun and easy going. These files kick ass too. I'll probably get back to it today. I was preoccupied with an addicting drama for the last week.

Saint Seiya being SO straight forward should make it easier for you. I know others who struggle with HK subs and this one wasn't much of an issue. It would be nice to have better subs for the rest, but it just doesn't seem to be in the cards for some reason.
Seyfert May 22, 5:01 PM
In your Kiki review you presumably meant 'principles' not 'principals'.