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Haikyuu!! Second Season
Haikyuu!! Second Season
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Cross Ange: Tenshi to Ryuu no Rondo
Cross Ange: Tenshi to Ryuu no Rondo
Nov 28, 5:51 PM
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Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu
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Hajime no Ippo
Nov 11, 9:02 PM
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Hana yori Dango
Nov 2, 7:18 AM
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Lady Snowblood
Nov 1, 10:43 AM
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SnugglyWhuggly 2 hours ago
Yeah, makes sense. The hour long cutscenes in MGS4 were enough to get me bored stiff at times tbh, lol. MGS2 will likely forever remain a mystery to me as well, it just feels like a clusterfuck between so many things and concepts, some of which don't even feel like they relate to one another.

I brought Earthbound on there as well, but that's about it. I believe they released the first Mother on there some time back as well, but I haven't gotten around to it yet. Yeah, I prefer playing on the consoles when possible, emulated games also have a habit of being unreliable (e.g. random crashing) in my experience as well.

Fallout 4 is fun, not as good as I was hoping it to be though. I haven't tried out many of the FF games in general, I think I just played from 1 to 4, a bit of 13, and that's it.

Good to hear, though hopefully the sore throat isn't a sign of anything worse to come, lol. :p My current week so far hasn't been great either, I've also been stressed due to college work, a friend of mine, and some other things.

I rarely ever watch TV, at least not TV channels anyway. The only thing I've been watching that's currently airing in recent times is Gotham.
SnugglyWhuggly Nov 29, 2:25 AM
It still has a slight Japanese vibe with the "mecha"/metal gear machines, and Otacon's otaku-ness, lol. And not to mention how bizarre the series is overall, especially MGS2.

I see, that's a shame. The first 20 or so episodes were great for me, but it did slow down for me after the astronaut training episodes were over.

Smash Bros, Mario Kart 8, Pikmin 3 and Mario Maker I think, lol.

I don't think I ever played FF12. I played some of 13, but never finished it. I've recently just been playing Fallout 4 mostly.

Not too bad, my week was a bit of downer, but nothing serious happened. Sorry to hear that, I hope you get better soon. I wish I could have enjoyed Haikyuu as much as many others seem to, lol.
Akanezora Nov 28, 11:19 AM
That's a pity, hope you'll get better!

Also don't worry, take your time to get better again and we'll continue where we left :D
Akanezora Nov 26, 11:23 AM
Work is beating you up too? Because lately I've been quite busy with work, it's a nice place but still when you get home you just want to die in the bed or during the weekend play some games. After all it's called work.

Can't wait for my Winter holidays.
sayami Nov 25, 3:48 AM
Yeah, most complaints about Haikyuu are usually about how unnecessarily cheesy or boring it is. But I'm so happy you're having a good time with it! The feels are real in this show, I remember tearing up multiple times during the first season, even while I was rewatching it. It's indeed very inspiring. Most of the characters are quite relatable too, I really like Asahi for instance, but you'll see some other characters getting their fair share of development in the future.
Asahi and Noya indeed have a nice bromance but the real brotp is Noya and Tanaka. You just have to look at them:

I like my books huge, you know. And Monte Cristo is just so good, that those 1000+ pages fly by (my edition is that long, yes). It's really intimidating, I admit, but the story inside just makes up for it. It's a classic tale of love, betrayal and revenge. And Dumas had a really beautiful writing style. The way he strings all those different plotlines together is just so amazing. You can't help but root for the main character on his quest to deliver justice to those who'd wronged him.
Maybe that's the reason for me too, that the anime's benn on my on-hold list for like 7 years or so xD I just couldn't get back into this new sci-fi reimagining of the story.

I've read about half of Les Miserables back in high school and for the most part, I enjoyed it. But you'll need your resolution for that one. Victor Hugo tends to dwell into stories that are totally irrelevant to the main plot and that can turn some people down quickly. Like me. I have to admit that I even skipped like 150 pages about Napoleonic wars because come on! I wanted the plot to move. Actually the anime did a really great job at adapting it, gripping the story's best parts. I like it very much myself.
I saw this new movie as well, and while I agree that it wasn't a very good movie, I still loved Anne Hathaway as Fantine. Her performance was fenomenal.
I'd love to give the book another go someday. Now, that I'm a bit more mature I'd probably view some things differently and I'd appreciate the writing more.

Nah, actually they performed Wuthering Heights in Glass Mask as a play. That's when I got interested to read the book itself. :)

They also need a stupid and impulsive main female character, who just can't help it but get on your nerves. That's the trend nowdays for YA and people love it for some reason.
I've read a really good adult high fantasy book though by Brandon Sanderson called The Final Empire. The story is great, the writing is great, the characters are great, everything about that book is great. I was raving about it more on Kurini's profile so if you're interested, feel free to take a look. It's mostly spoiler free. :) It's also a trilogy though, but the trilogy itself has a sequel series.

I always find great pleasure at guessing voice actors in anime. My ears are quite sharp for that xD

Cross Ange can get even lower than that so look forward to the real trash to come. It would have been better if the show didn't try so hard at not taking itself too seriously. But it just didn't work out. I think I never once hated a main character so much as I despised Ange. There was definitely something wrong at Sunrise if they felt it necessary to recylce the opening and ending of Gundam Seed.
SnugglyWhuggly Nov 24, 1:14 PM
I don't think I've come across those particular scans. I'm not surprised he's into Western media, lol. Kind of reminds me of Kojima as well, I never even used to know that the Metal Gear series was Japanese.

I don't blame you, Space Brothers was very, very slow paced. Some episodes felt like they didn't really even need to exist, it definitely could have been made a lot shorter. And Hibito was a very boring character, yeah. At least his brother was interesting.

The Wii U isn't really worth owning for many games unfortunately. I've had mine for 2 years and I only own 4 games for it, lol.
amateur Nov 24, 11:48 AM
So I've heard ,been patiently waiting for its second season to end to finally watch it. I wont lie ,Kuroko No Basket actually had a pretty good start and premise,unfortunately it quickly went downhill as soon as they introduced power-ups (sometimes almost instant),inconsistent player levels and went completely overboard with it .

Been watching Ace Of Diamond and so far (ep50) its been ok, not bad as you would expect it be at first but its not great either.Its missing that extra something to really get you attached to it ,like how in Major there was the transition from child to adulthood ,in Touch the rom-com/slice of life elements...
Pacing is very slow as well,the author has no intention to end it anytime soon...
SnugglyWhuggly Nov 23, 10:12 AM
You're welcome.

I'd describe JoJo in pretty much the exact same way as well. I haven't seen or read any interviews involving Araki, so I'm not sure what to think of him personally. He's done some fine work on the JoJo series though.

A slow pace isn't always a bad thing. Space Brothers had some pretty slow pacing at times as well, sometimes for the better, sometimes it got a bit dull, but it didn't stop it from being a great series.

That's good to hear. :P

The only game I plan to buy in recent times is the new Xenoblade Chronicles, probably. There's a few other, older games I have my eye on though. Nice, the PS4 has got a few good exclusives.
amateur Nov 22, 8:18 AM
Yeah got it from there as well,.Scan quality wise its great ,but translation wise they keep a lot of japanese words (to preserve authenticity or whatever) and it does feel like some dialogue boxes don't read to well,so its not top notch work on their part.
SnugglyWhuggly Nov 22, 2:56 AM
That sucks, hope you get better soon.

I only starting watching and reading JoJo this year as well, and I'm glad I made that decision, lol. It's got its own unique style and charm to it, and the character designs and their personalities are great. I'm looking forward to reading the other parts, and watching them when they're inevitably animated.

I could use a good, addicting anime to watch. I haven't watched anything that I'd call "addicting" for quite a long time now. Ashita no Joe looks like an old 70s series I'd enjoy though.

I know two other people who love Erin as well, and I have a friend who's currently watching it after I recommended it to him. I think he's only about 15 episodes in so far, but he's already loving it as well. Don't worry about it being too mainstream, all my friends are hipsters, lol. :P

I expect some of it would go towards bills and food expenses, lol. The rest would go towards new books and games, perhaps.
SnugglyWhuggly Nov 20, 3:06 PM
No worries, happens to me plenty of times as well.

I wouldn't skip any part of JoJo, except for Part III since I'd already watched the anime, though I do plan to read it eventually. Jolyne looks cool, it'll be nice to see a female JoJo.

I haven't seen much sports anime yet, so far my favourites have been One Outs and Ping Pong, which I have a feeling a rather cliché sports anime favs, lol. Hajime no Ippo is something I've wanted to watch for quite some time though, but it's a lengthy series.

Yeah, Erin was great, one of the best anime I've seen so far. Your friend has good taste, lol. :)

I'm the same at times, and I've been called a "hipster" on more than one occasion, lol.

I suppose so, but a little extra money never hurt. :)
amateur Nov 20, 10:29 AM
Its actually like a reverse Black Jack where the main character is paid to kill people instead of saving them. Its starts off in a episodic manner,but it has a overarching story and stops relying on episodic content later on (which would have helped Black Jack tremendously btw).
Not very complex story wise,but it is fairly complex with all the terminologies used and all the social aspects from that certain time period,so its great if you're interested in the Edo period.
Its a lot more serious than Black Jack ,no lame jokes or anything like that.The art style is miles better as well.
sayami Nov 19, 2:49 AM
So the cringe didn't turn you down, eh? That's a relief :)

I wanted to read Catcher in the Rye for a long time now, I've only heard good things about it. It's a required read for some schools here, but it wasn't for mine so I've never come around to read it. And I regret it.
Actually there are some books that I've read after being inspired by an anime series. One of them is The Count of Monte Cristo, which became one of my favorite books of all time. I still haven't finished the anime though xD Another one is Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronté, which I read solely because of Glass Mask. I also read Awakening, Escalation, Confrontation by Yoshiyuki Tomino which is a more mature retelling of the One Year War (Char's character is even more interesting in this one too) And there's the Twelve Kingdoms novel series which is just splendid. It's much better than some other hyped western YA books nowdays. At least for me, who is more into character driven stories.

I finally finished Devilman, but honestly after a while it was such a drag. xD I still enjoyed some parts about it but compared to the manga or the OVAs, it's just plain ridiculous. The last episode was great though.

You really need to watch My Annette now. And if you still fear the Christian stuff in it, I can tell you that it is just as religious as Heidi. There is some but the show doesn't try to press it on you.

Oh-ho, actually I know Hana Yori Dango quite well. I've watched the Japanese and the Korean live actions as well as the anime. To tell you the truth, I have no desire to read the manga after all these. I feel content already, you see. -__- I don't want to further abuse myself with this story.
I prefer the Japanese live action series over all the other versions. The cast was superb and I managed to warm up to both Rui and Domyouji. Maybe I was just getting tired of the story, but I struggled with the anime for years and I couldn't came to like any of the guys, not even Tsukushi. So I guess I'd better distance myself from this for a while.

I'm going to watch the first episode of Diu over and over again too, I'm sure. xD Though I had some mixed feelings after looking at the key visual and seeing that some of the voice actors were changed from the ASB game. I pretty much took it for granted that Kamiya Hiroshi will play Rohan so that was a huge shock. I like Sakurai Takahiro though, so after thinking it over, I approve that change. But I still don't know how to insert Yuki Kaji into the picture. I wasn't expecting him to invade Jojo until a Part 7 adaptation so that also got me unprepared. I don't really like his voice acting. :( I'm worried about Kira now.

I saw you completed Nanatsu no Taizai. It's such a fun series, right? I read the manga too and I was really pleased with the adaptation. Can't wait for the 2nd season next year!
I admire you for giving Cross Anal a 1 out of 10. Thumbs up!
Akanezora Nov 17, 3:36 PM
Be careful to not get addicted to those! It's something that once you enjoy it, you're not going back. I lost many friends to that ruthless enemy which is Love Live and least but not last Idolmaster. I fear my kind.

Yup, too bad about the pacing issues really, if only it had more .. fluidity.

Agree, it's just so pointless but I guess people want to feel superior as their movies play higher resolution and then brag that to all their friends.

Haha I want my Santa too to deliver me some bizarre JoJo's adventures.

I heard, that's so sad .. really too bad she died, she was a wonderful and talented VA, and I feel kinda bad when I hear Lailah (the character she voiced) in the game. Oh well, what can we do.

Dude I truly admire your courage, please share some of it with me.
(I think I dropped that at episode 7-8)

That's awesome, all good games. Fallout 4 as well although I haven't bought it yet because I have so many games to play still, but I'm surely gonna play it sooner or later. For now I'm finishing Zestiria and Arkham Knight, and Bloodborne DLC is gonna come out this month so I'm going to be busy again lol.

Btw, you heard about DIU right? Spring 2016!
morshuwarrior Nov 17, 2:57 PM
Dubs only on home media? Welp, I sure didn't experience that and I think I'm glad I about that, lol. I do wonder sometimes, how did people get into anime back then? Me and my friends all started with it through the internet, so it's hard to imagine... but then again, we had much less anime on TV, let alone VHS or DVD. I guess spreading the word paid off, huh.

I'd love to have movie 5 on DVD too since there's still no BD rip available. I rewatched it a few days back to give closure to my rewatch and man is it good, but I can't imagine what the dub would sound like. I have movies 1 and 3 on DVD too but they're from the UK and don't include the dubs, only for movie 4 I have the american DVD.

Yup, I got some amiibo's. Pac-Man and Diddy Kong. For the rest it's all cash from which I already spend half on anime xD Finally got myself the last of the Ranma BD sets and started rewatching it almost immediately.

Seven Deadly Sins was really fun. I agree it lacked a bit of character development but the fights are seriously awesome. There is a new season coming next year so I'm hoping for some focus on characters too, but we'll just have to see then.

Prison School was so easy to get through, it had such a nice pacing to it, almost never felt like it was slowing down or going too fast. Would love to a season 2 as well.

Btw, JoJo Part 4 is scheduled for April! Can't wait :D