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Parial | 08-25-14, 3:35 PM

Hmm, the closest non-episodic anime from the 90s that you haven't seen that I can think of are probably Trapp Ikka Monogatari and Little Women II. Like most other WMT titles their episodes are for the grand part loosely connected, but they still do have a bit of plot progression, in the sense that previous events and experiences have relevance later on, though this is of course something implicit -- like character growth and stuff, which is really the central focus of coming-of-age stories. Little Women II is particularly great, and Josephine is the closest thing to adult Anne we will ever see. You don't need to have seen the prequel by the way!

Dizzmaux | 08-24-14, 8:10 AM

Leave this on while you're using MAL in another tab.

Parial | 08-23-14, 9:29 PM
I have a skype account, though I've only used it like twice in three years, since I pretty much suck at it. While I'm used to writing in English, when it comes to speaking the language I'm an utter embarrassment. :(

Redfoxoffire | 08-21-14, 3:11 PM
Great! How was it?

Suzune-chan | 08-19-14, 9:39 PM
Thank you very much for the wishes hias~

HisokaHajime | 08-18-14, 7:22 PM
*Takes a look at the Joe manga* The art looks really good and easy to read. Definitely picking up on a way different vibe for obvious reasons. My favorite opponent was Carlos by a mile. More so in Joe 2 since that's the section that gets redone. Joe is probably the most unpredictable character I can think of. He's like a wild beast that needed to be tamed. Yet not entirely for the sake of his boxing career. Glad you loved it regardless of the version.

sayami | 08-18-14, 11:25 AM
And you've finished reading Ashita no Joe!!!! So it was a lot of fun, right? :D

Parial | 08-16-14, 9:35 PM
Oh my, I didn't know you were reading Ashita no Joe. :O I was supposed to have finished the manga already, but for some reason I still didn't get around to doing it. Either way it's really nice to hear you liked it to such an extent. (dat freaking ending ;__;) Make sure to check Dezaki's adaptations too - as one of his early works they are pretty interesting from a historical viewpoint.

Redfoxoffire | 08-16-14, 5:36 PM
Majora's Mask is what happens when Nintendo decides not to resort to the damsel in distress trope; greatness appears. It's not a coincidence that the only Zelda game without Zelda has the best story and writing.

I am indeed something special! But you already knew that, of course.

I like both, but Skyward Sword is among the lower Zelda games on my list.

Redfoxoffire | 08-15-14, 6:53 PM
I would get a Majora's Mask 3D day 1, lol. Looking back, that's a game that really feels like it was ahead of its time.

Sure did. Windwaker is my favorite Zelda game and I got the Wii U bundle that came with the HD remake.

Redfoxoffire | 08-15-14, 2:33 PM
I think I got all the gold skulltulas, but it's been more than 10 years since I last played the game so it's hard to remember everything, you know? I'll probably get the 3DS version when it goes down in price to re-experience it. It was actually my first Zelda game.

Never played the Tales of games.

Redfoxoffire | 08-14-14, 1:38 PM
The water temple? I thought it was perfectly fine as-is, lol. I didn't know they made it easier, that's disappointing. They did the same to some bosses in the Metroid Prime trilogy collection, and that was sad.

I did, and I do. I just need the motivation now...

Ehehe, this face was a one-shot, I'm pretty sure. But you seem like the kind of fan who can enjoy just about anything, so perhaps you'll like it.

Heeeeeey, that was the part where you're supposed to say, "Wow, you're pretty cute." But it's okay, I forgive you.

Redfoxoffire | 08-13-14, 12:59 AM
Ah, OoT 3D. I considered getting that, but I still have the Zelda collector's edition on GameCube and it has that game, so I don't really want to spend $30 on a game I already own.

Not really "summer break" anymore considering I just graduated from college, hehe. Well, I've mostly just been playing games and watching stuff while looking for a job. I recently played through Alice: Madness Returns. It was pretty good and wrote a dark Wonderland really well without it feeling overboard. I recently picked up Borderlands 2.

My favorite show of the season is probably Sabagebu. It's great because the protagonist is totally despicable and the comedy they make with it is like nothing other anime do.

Haha, yeah, the pic came from the recent episode of Aikatsu. Keep in mind that this is a show for little girls about young girls singing pop sings in pretty dresses, and when that part came I just about lost it. I don't think I'll keep the pic up for long (I like the Girlfriends one too much to just leave it behind), but I just had to use it.

And yes, that is exactly what I look like in real life.

Redfoxoffire | 08-12-14, 3:39 PM
I haven't spoken to you since April! That just isn't right.

Was gonna ask what you thought of this season, but you're not watching anything!

What have you been up to lately?

SSJLuffy | 08-09-14, 8:46 PM
The site is working great for me right now but earlier it was either taking forever to load or just telling me there's an error.

Cuckoo's Nest was definitely great, I realize my rating are usually inflated and most of the films I give a 5 (or just a high score in general) don't deserve it from a technical standpoint (I rate on how much I enjoyed the film) but goddamn it was such a great film. It's a must watch and a must own, I gotta buy that shit someday. Haha. Nicholson is one of my favorites, I really need to check out more of his stuff. Adding Five Easy Pieces to the watchlist.

Been in a huge movie mood lately, after taking a break and binge watching Naruto, just started up Taken a few minutes ago (took a bathroom break and noticed you messaged me) and watched Leon about an hour ago, that's another great flick that you should definitely check out if you haven't. Really stylish and well shot, good characters and character development and cool action. Jean Reno was cool, Natalie Portman was great and probably was her best and I believe her first performance, then ya got Gary Oldman who usually steals the show. Haha.

Back to the movie.

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