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Maison Ikkoku

Maison Ikkoku

Alternative Titles

Synonyms: Ikkoku House
Japanese: めぞん一刻


Type: TV
Episodes: 96
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Mar 26, 1986 to Mar 2, 1988
Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance
Duration: 25 min. per episode
Rating: R+ - Mild Nudity
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Ranked: #2582
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The story takes place in Maison Ikkoku, a worn and aging boarding house where Godai Yuusaku, a 20 year old college applicant, lives. Though honest and good-natured, he is weak willed and often taken advantage of by the offbeat and mischievous tenants who live with him. As he is about to move out, he is stopped at the door by the young and beautiful Otonashi Kyouko, who announces she will be taking over as landlord. Godai immediately falls in love with her and decides to stay.

Later, Godai and the other tenants find out that despite her young age, she is a widow, as she married her high school teacher, but he died shortly after their marriage. Godai empathizes with her and endeavors to free her from her sadness.

He manages to work up enough courage to confess his love to her, and it begins to look like that a relationship between them might actually appear... until Kyouko meets the rich, handsome, and charming Mitaka Shun. Mitaka quickly declares his intention to court Kyouko and states that he is very patient and can wait until her heart is ready.

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Characters & Voice Actors

Godai, Yuusaku
Godai, Yuusaku
Watanabe, Kumiko
Watanabe, Kumiko
Futamata, Issei
Futamata, Issei
Ichinose, Hanae
Ichinose, Hanae
Aoki, Kazuyo
Aoki, Kazuyo
Ichinose, Kentarou
Ichinose, Kentarou
Sakamoto, Chika
Sakamoto, Chika
Otonashi, Kyoko
Otonashi, Kyoko
Shimamoto, Sumi
Shimamoto, Sumi


Annou, Takashi
Yamazaki, Kazuo
Yoshinaga, Naoyuki
Shiba, Shigeharu
Sound Director

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Episodes  1 / 96
Aired  Mar 26, 1986 to Mar 2, 1988
Status  Finished Airing

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Dec 23, 2009
Rumiko Takahashi's Maison Ikkoku. Never have I seen anything as human as this. It was summer, a couple of years ago, when I stumbled upon an anime that seemed like it was an ancient artifact, a blast from the past. Because of how it looked (the quality's very worn-out), I almost dismissed it. Just like most of the people who do not give old anime a chance. I was fortunate enough because I decided to stick with the show for 96 episodes. After I watched it, I felt as though I just watched one of the best things that ever happened to anime.

The story revolves read more
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Feb 9, 2009
First, I want to make a note that the ratings for Art and Sound are somewhat tough to call for this particular series; it is definitely showing its age, the color is washed out, the animations are far from pristine by todays standards, but all of that given, there are inspired flourishes that, at times, challenge the stuff you see coming out of computer-aided studios today.

When considering whether you are interested in watching this series, you should look elsewhere if you cannot answer "yes" to these two questions: "Am I patient?" and "Do I enjoy romance?". If you made it past that, you may read more
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Feb 3, 2015
This one here is an anime classic, and very much like Rumiko's other creation(Urusei Yatsura) would rank very high on my list of: "anime for newcomers".

Maison Ikkoku is a romance comedy/drama about a struggling ronin named Godai Yusaku who lives in an old boarding house while attempting to get into college. At the beginning of the series, he experiences "love at first sight" when meeting the new manager of Ikkoku.

Despite the aging artwork, Maison Ikkoku's story content is what really makes it stand out. It takes place in Tokyo during the 1980s and tells the story of one's struggle to find a place for read more
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May 22, 2013
(First of all I apologize for my shit english, it's not my mother tongue. I hope it will be understandable.)

I try to write this review because some friends asked me "why do you consider Maison Ikkoku as a masterpiece ?". Indeed we can have some prejudices : It's an old anime, the graphic style is really different from the actual, the anime is very long (96 épisodes for a romantic show, never see it) and worse than everything, in France the name was quite ridiculous and people who saw it during their childhood have sometimes difficulties to be objective. So let's talk a little about read more
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Maison Ikkoku nostalgia hit me hard during Kawai's first ep. You have a student moving into a boarding house, finding his new room invaded by a weirdo, and - on the way out of the door - seeing a girl he falls in love with at first/second sight. And, of course, he then decides to stay--putting up with the other residents. IT'S MAISON IKKOKU BORN AGAIN!!!!....

...well, not really. I mean, it was obviously inspired by Maison Ikkoku - as all boarding house rom-coms are to a certain extent - but the main romance is nothing like in MI. The heroine in Kawai is  read more 
reportRecommended by AironicallyHuman
both are funny and romantic. Ranma is more funny then romantic and Maison Ikkoku is more romantic then funny. both are created by Rumiko Takahashi and both are enjoyable. 
reportRecommended by Vixen
These series are almost identical, as both are long, classic, old school romantic comedies with a slice of life mood.
Expect the average foolish male protagonist, the beautiful black-haired tsundere, the super annoying schoolgirl in love with the main guy, funny/silly/annoying supporting characters, love triangles, misunderstandings, a nice OST, and 80's style.
The main difference is that Maison Ikkoku's main characters are older than the Orange Road ones. 
reportRecommended by RenaPsychoKiller
Both series are about love between people that live in boarding houses and in both series there are rowdy neighbors that love to drink.


In both series the male leads are in love with women who have lost the ones they love and can't move on from it. 
reportRecommended by shinigamidono
Same creators. Both start of at least seemingly one sided love affair.Urusei Yatsura has more nonsensical comedy while Maison Ikkoku is more slice of life comedy. 
reportRecommended by pnelson786
Natsuyuki is how Maison Ikkoku would've been, had MI's cast been presented in a less likable manner and those same characters not taken SIX YEARS to resolve their non-starting relationship issues.

Maybe because of how fast the pace moves in NR, in comparison to MI's drawn out deceased lover rom-comedy, but NR's cast come across as inconsistent and (in mine eyes) are cheapened by their actions. NR's lead goes from a bumbling idiot lacking confidence to a dickish, I-don't-care-if-husband-watches playboy, and the wife doesn't take much to accept a new man, considering how much she's still in love with her dead hubby. (Plus, her  read more 
reportRecommended by AironicallyHuman

Opening Theme

#1: "Kanashimi yo Konnichiwa" by Yuki Saito (eps 1-23, 25-37)
#2: "Alone Again (Naturally)" by Gilbert O'Sullivan (ep 24)
#3: "Suki sa" by Anzen Chitai (eps 38-52)
#4: "Sunny Shining Morning" by Kiyonori Matsuo (eps 53-76)
#5: "Hidamari" by Kōzō Murashita (eps 77-96)

Ending Theme

#1: "Ashita Hareru ka" by Takao Kisugi (eps 1-14)
#2: "Ci · ne · ma" by Picasso (eps 15-23, 25-33)
#3: "Get Down" by Gilbert O'Sullivan (ep 24)
#4: "Fantasy" by Picasso (eps 34-52)
#5: "Sayonara no Sobyō" by Picasso (eps 53-76)
#6: "Begin the Night" by Picasso (eps 77-96)

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