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February 1, 2010
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GoodEnoughForMe | 01-17-15, 6:14 AM
I've certainly grown some. Found some things in life that I want to do. I'm less cynical now, which is nice. I guess I could say I've come a long way but still have a long way to go. How about you?

GoodEnoughForMe | 01-09-15, 6:31 PM
How were your holidays? How is 2015 starting off for you?

AironicallyHuman | 08-02-14, 12:30 PM
I have an unfortunate habit of being right. Often when people would rather I'm wrong instead.

Out of curiosity, what Touch comments were you referring to? Iirc, most of my posts came towards the end, and you on-holded it when I still liked it. The majority of my later posts were spent on calling Tatsuya a twat and suggesting he's a homo for not doing anything with Minami.

You dropped H2 as well, didn't you? I dropped it after 15vols. Ragequit, in fact, after learning who ends up with who at the end. Me and Adachi parted ways then. I blazed through the 15vols, then lost my temper.

havoc117 | 07-22-14, 2:40 PM
would you like to join?

GoodEnoughForMe | 07-14-14, 4:55 PM
I actually love heat, so it's really living costs that is the only barrier I am worried about. I have an undying hatred of all things winter. The commute will be annoying I am sure but it's not a huge concern of mine.

I enjoyed Space Dandy. It has a really good sense of dry humour, the only issue is that the episode quality can be a bit inconsistent. Season 2 is off to a good start so far.

GoodEnoughForMe | 07-13-14, 6:18 PM
I am still alive!

I'm doing ok. I'm traveling for the second time this year later this summer, which is nice. And I'm working on moving out of state, as I have long tired of Michigan winters and I'm a big city boy at heart. I have a couple people who have volunteered to help me move, so now I'm trying to ingratiate myself to my two options; LA or Miami.

My backlog will never be dented. I'm watching less anime these days and being really picky about them, so anidb seems like it'd help a lot. I find it hard these days to commit to anything longer than ~25 episodes. I will check it out.

I don't know much about the MAL forums anymore, I stopped visiting them mostly. Not very good discussion and sort of a sour feel to the community, I felt. A lot of elitism from the prominent posters and the sort of "my taste is better than yours" attitudes that I went through in high school and would rather not revisit.

Sometimes life being nuts is good. I find that when I get bored with things is when my mood goes south. Have to have something to look forward to. :)

Any anime or manga, now that you've had more time with it again, that's really jumped out at you lately?

GoodEnoughForMe | 07-12-14, 9:04 PM
Hey, how's life treating you these days?

GoodEnoughForMe | 07-15-13, 10:30 AM
I'm one of those jerkwads who won't monetize anything* I write or create on principal, no matter how big or small. Well, for purposes of advertising. Sales is one thing. But yeah...

The blog has always, I think in a way, been more for me than anyone else. A regular method for writing. I find that the longer I go without writing, the harder it is to start again. The topics are all over the place - already from where I intended to start it. I like re-reading older entries sometimes and seeing how I have grown (or haven't) as a writer and a person. I don't know if it's sad or funny that my biggest amount of hits/responses come from my Twitter and Formspring, where my writing is curtailed by character limits.

I've never really looked into e-publishing. Well, other than cursory Google and Wikipedia browsing. Given the propensity of avenues to choose from, I've always been a bit overwhelmed at how many sites there are - and I am sure some are shady. I'd have to ask around and find where and how and when to start, and if it's even worth it for someone like me.

That essay was really good by the way, thanks.

We'll be documenting as much of our trip as we can via video, might be a fun project and way to share our experiences. We're trying to come up with a catchy title. "Idiots Abroad" is our favourite so far.

You have any neat life stories to share? Mine are rather drab, I think.

* Unless I really needed the money or some unforeseen circumstances came about as such.

GoodEnoughForMe | 07-10-13, 8:57 AM
Oh, forgot. I've also been trying to get back into writing and submitting stuff to literary magazines/journals and the like. I've been out of practice for so long though that I am incredibly rusty, and motivation is still a problem. And I've yet to have any success. Sigh.

GoodEnoughForMe | 07-09-13, 12:48 PM
Sorry for the late reply, I totally forget about this site some days.

Anyways, things are ok I guess, here. I'm not really ani-blogging (anime blogging? a-blogging?) anymore. I have a really crappy personal blog that is limited by a combination of total lack of design skills and the fact that while I enjoy the actual writing part of it, I hate the formatting/images/HTML/etc. parts of blogging.

I have a good friend in England I will be going to Asia with next summer. We're trying to get a third person, but we both have limited social networks.

I've also been tossing around the idea of simply packing up and moving somewhere. I hate to say this, but I genuinely don't enjoy my hometown; both in terms of size, weather, lack of diversity, and more. I've been looking into apartments in about 4 select cities, but given the financial strain of my Asia trip, it would be at least 2 years off, since I am not risking my trip at all.

I've been pretty bummed with anime myself. I hate to sound like the kind of person that I used to hate to sound like, but I keep running into anime-specific issues. Hollywood has machismo and violence, anime has fan service and clumsy scripts. Anime just happens to be a much smaller and less diverse industry than films as a whole (or even just Hollywood, as white and male as it is).

I did see a couple of pretty good documentaries recently. The Pruitt-Igoe Myth, and Whore's Glory. The former was chock full of wonderfully researched information (info that is also somewhat pertinent to rustbelt cities that I live around) and the latter was really just a good example of a director showcasing humans in all their strength and horror. And that guys are assholes. But I digress...

I'm always up for gory details of real life love stories, and people's lives in general really. So let me know how things are on your end.

Sorry for rambling~!

GoodEnoughForMe | 06-28-13, 9:40 PM
Will you be watching the new GitS films?

GoodEnoughForMe | 06-01-13, 11:59 PM
Shinkai's latest was a bit underwhelming. It is ok for the most part, but he goes for a bit more grandeur towards the end and it veers into cringe territory.

zetsu_shoren | 05-07-13, 11:31 PM
Of course worst anime compatibility. Your taste is fucking crap.

Le Douche.


GoodEnoughForMe | 04-16-13, 12:55 PM
Yep, I'm excited for it! How's life treating you these days?

RediceRyan | 02-03-13, 6:21 PM
Worst anime compatibility

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