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VioletHatPurple Dec 16, 2020 2:57 PM
Hey, Chum! It's been a while, since the last time! Hope everything's been alright on your end since then!

I just wanted to take the time to drop by to come say Happy Birthday to you today! =D I hope it's been a good one for you! =)
Ezekiel_01 Aug 9, 2020 9:26 PM

VioletHatPurple Dec 22, 2018 1:44 AM
Thanks, Chum! Just hope that special day of yours ended up going well! =D

Yeah, indeed, of all the games I could have chosen to do, I ended up choosing to work on DOJWL. It's quite hard, but I find it fun to do, since I can do those chains I knew how to do again (I basically took mostly everything I knew from back at DOJBL and used it in DOJWL. For some certain strats I used to do back at DOJBL, I had to change them up a little bit, so that I can use them in DOJWL)! I'm hoping to 2-ALL it at least before the end of next year, so we'll see how that goes. =)

Yeah, I spent a whole lot of time just practicing the 2nd loop of DOJWL (savestate practice, watch & study replays from other players, all that and more), due to the very nature of the 2nd loop of DOJWL (i.e. The 2nd loop taking all of your spare lives away when you enter stage 2-1 (You basically can't die in stage 2-1, period, so you absolutely have to make sure you're consistent with your chaining route for stage 2-1 & how to handle the stage 2-1 boss without using a bomb on him (You definitely don't want to use a bomb on him, you want to save it for the stage 2-2 boss) before practicing anything else), the way you have to earn your spare lives back (No Miss a stage to get 1 spare life back (In the case of both stages 2-3 & 2-4, even if you die somewhere in them, you can still get a spare life at the end those 2 stages if you haven't used a bomb (1 spare life in stage 2-3 & 1 spare life in stage 2-4))), and there's the fact that you can only have up to 5 spare lives in the 2nd loop of DOJWL as opposed to 6 spare lives in DOJBL, leaving you with even less room for error, and that's to name a few).

I can't quite jump haphazardly into doing full runs of DOJWL the same way I did DOJBL (To name just 1 thing to start with, it would be a waste of time doing full runs, if I enter the 2nd loop of DOJWL repeatedly only to game over on stage 2-1 often, so I made quite sure to be consistent with my chaining route in stage 2-1, so that such a scenario doesn't happen when I do full runs), so I had to take the time to practice the 2nd loop in the amount of time I ended up doing up to this point, learn what to do for each stage, try my best to be consistent in it and all. I'm finally close to doing full runs, though. Again, I just got to do a few things first, like be consistent at executing the stage 1-5 full chain, refresh on the 1st 4 stages of the 1st loop, and it won't be long, until I do full runs at last.

It ought to be time soon, too, since I'm getting to a point, where I feel like I like to do full runs (Basically, I'm getting to feel bored just practicing the 2nd loop all the time (For me, when I play a game, when this happens, I quite often tend to do full runs soon after I start to feel like that. It's how I know when to do full runs), so that's how I know it's getting to be time for me to do full runs of DOJWL soon... Plus, I did this at least 250+ hours by now & for 5 months straight, more-or-less).
VioletHatPurple Dec 16, 2018 5:40 AM
Hey, Chum! It's been quite a while since the last time!

First off, I know today is your birthday, so I just wanted to drop by to say Happy Birthday to you! I hope your special day goes well today! =D

Err... Just to throw it out there, I am actually a year, 8 months and some odd 14 days or so younger than you.

Also, yeah, I'm quite aware this is a super late response on my end here. Sorry about that. ^^;; Let's just say a lot of stuff happened, to where I got busy on my end. I do make sure to play every day though, no matter what happens, at the very least.

I know you already knew this from a while back, so this is old news what I'm about to say, but I'll say it anyway... I did do a couple other 2 loop games since I got a DOJBL 2-ALL, like a Strikers 1999 2-ALL & a Ketsui Tsuujou/Omote 2-ALL. I wanted to do those for some time, and I thought to give them a little play, since I wanted to take a break from DOJ.

Somewhere along the way back at June of this year, while I was still playing Ketsui Tsuujou/Omote, I was thinking a lot about how I liked the fact I knew how to chain most of DOJ (I never thought I'd actually learn how to score in most of that game), and, well, based on that, I ended up deciding what game I'll work on next after Ketsui Tsuujou/Omote.

It was rather unexpected how I ended up choosing to play "that game" so soon, but it just kinda happened that way... That, and well, I guess by now, you already deduced long ago what game is it I'm currently playing right now.

Since July 3rd of this year, the game I'm currently playing right now is DOJWL. I want to 2-ALL it! =D

So far up to now, I've been practicing the game, mostly the 2nd loop. I've learned everything I wanted to know about the 2nd loop a while back (Scoring, chaining (Well, not so much the stage 2-4 full chain, but besides that, I learned everything else for the most part), survival and all that), to where I've been practicing the 2nd loop for consistency for quite some time now. I think I probably spent 250+ hours just practicing it, no full runs done yet... At least for now, anyways.

I'm getting close, to where I plan to finally do full runs of DOJWL pretty soon. I just need to do a couple more things I want to do with the 2nd loop first, as well as a couple other things concerning the 1st loop, like sharpening my chaining route consistency for stage 1-5 & refresh on the other 4 stages before it (I may yet still decide to learn how to full chain 1-4), and then I'll finally do full runs at last. =D

I don't know if I'll finally do full runs of DOJWL before this year ends, but I definitely do plan to do full runs by sometime next month, or no later than Feb. 3rd - 8th of next year.
chumlum Apr 30, 2018 1:20 AM
SeaBed crushing.
VN section when?
chumlum Apr 5, 2018 3:36 PM
RIP Isao Takahata.
VioletHatPurple Feb 3, 2018 11:43 PM
Of course, Chum! It was your special day after-all, not to mention you've done a lot to inspire me, as a Touhou Player, so I thought to do at least that for you, even though I don't really have anything much to give back to you in-return for inspiring me! Again, I just hope that special day of yours went well and ever since then! =)

Well, you already knew this from several days ago to where it's old news now, but yeah, I finally managed to 2-ALL DOJBL with a score that beats even Iconoclast's score! It was tough to temporarily put off working on a number of other games I wanted to work on (Before DOJBL, I was used to getting done with games within a month or so, so DOJBL not falling after a month was a shocker for me, though, since it's DOJBL, I suppose I had it coming for me, and I should have seen that one coming, lol :P), but all in all, since I got the 2-ALL after several months of playing just DOJBL (It's the 1st game I ever spent several months working on, but really, for me, being dedicated like that was something that was overdue for me, and I know at least a few of the other games I plan to do in the future will demand that from me, so I guess better it be now than later), it was totally worth it! I really gained a whole lot out of it! =)

Yeah, when I decided that I wanted to get my 1st ever 2-ALL of any game ever last year back at late March, I was initially considering one of the "easier" 2-ALLs, and yeah, I could have very easily decided to do one of the "easier" 2-ALLs. However, I gave it more thought, and I decided that I'd like for my 1st ever 2-ALL to be something special that I would remember and really mean something to me, as opposed to doing it merely because it's "easy" and a "safe choice" to do. I also wanted my 1st ever 2-ALL to teach me something, to where I'd gain a lot out of it, and the lessons that 1st ever 2-ALL taught me would stick with me for a long time to come in any future game I do from there, as well as proving to myself, that anything is possible for me in STGs/Shmups.

Also, to tell you, there is also the fact, that it won't be much longer until I have no choice but to work (There is no doubt, that I'll have to work sometime this year like normies do, sadly enough), and when I do, I have no idea how much free time would I have to be able to continue playing STGs/Shmups, as well as other stuff I like doing, such as watching anime and other things (I mean, I do know how to do stuff, like put aside 1 hour (or 2, if possible) a day to play games, no matter how busy that day is and play the heck out of the weekends, but really, I have no idea what would actually happen, once I do actually work). It's sad to think about, since I've seen how work changes people, and a number of people I know personally are no longer the same people I once knew. They became, well, boring, if I had to say so myself lol. :P They also talk about how they have no more time for anything ever since they began to work. I seriously hope this doesn't happen to me. I swear that's not going to happen to me!

With that mentioned, I thought to myself, "If that is going to happen soon, where I'm going to work in some soul-crushing 9-5 job in some cubicle 5 days a week and who knows what'll happen then, then I might as well roll the dice on it, try my hand on a 2-ALL of a pretty hard game, and make it a memorable one before I get thrown into some lame busy real life work." After that, I decided that I would make DOJBL to be my 1st ever 2-ALL of any game ever.

I felt that, by doing a hard 2-ALL like DOJBL, I can easily get those "easier" 2-ALLs down fast that I originally wanted to do along with those other games I had in-mind, as well as assuring to myself that, yeah, I'll be able to handle any game from here on out, since I'll be quite confident in myself then that I can manage it, even if real life on my end does finally make that busy turn for the worst.

Ever since my 1st ever 2-ALL of DOJBL, I do in-fact feel that way, actually, it's really nice! =)


Yeah, I've followed some about what you've been doing in Double Spoiler up to this point, and you're doing great there (That's awesome to get 100 records in DS), but since it's you, I don't expect any less! =) I haven't really played Double Spoiler, though, so sadly, I can't really say anything meaningful besides that, though I like to play Double Spoiler at some point (That reminds me, I still need to beat those last few scenes in Shoot the Bullet lol :P).

Nice, that you're working on getting a EoSD LNN and that you got a 1MNB so far! Again, since it's you, I know you'll get it, sooner or later! =) Hmm, yeah, for some time, I've been thinking about doing some Touhou stuff. It's been quite a while, since the last Touhou thing I did, and I really should do more with the Touhou games. I've been thinking about doing LNBs for a number of Touhou games that I have not done yet, to name one.
VioletHatPurple Dec 16, 2017 8:40 PM
Hey Chum! I know it's been a while since we last talked at another place! I know this is quite late of me to say, but first off, thanks for adding me as a friend here in MAL and all! =) I currently don't really use MAL for much besides updating my lists, but in due time, I'll start to do a bit more in MAL.

I also wanted to drop by and say happy birthday to you! I know it's a bit late of me to say, since it's already Dec. 17th in Sweden and all, but it's still the 16th where I live at, so yeah, I just wanted to take the time to say that to you! I hope your special day went well today!

Also, yeah, I know about your post over at the CAVE Fanclub. I haven't gotten to respond to it yet, but I will eventually. It's just, I'm still too busy trying to 2-ALL DOJBL and all. I'll mention a bit about my progress in DOJBL on my end, at the very least.

I did beat Naut's score, as of last week (I got 1.347+ Billion in that run, with a 3536 Hit chain). I haven't really said anything about it, though (except to 2 people), since I was away that day, and well, the replay de-syncs at the part, where I reach Hibachi's final attack, and also, despite the fact that I beat Naut's score, I can't help but feel a bit sore about that particular run, since it was so close to a 2-ALL (Hibachi only had a little bit of health left) and, well, it would've been a 2-ALL, had I not choked on the 2-5 boss's 1st & 2nd form on nerves (I reached the 2-5 boss w/ 5 spare lives, the 1st time I did that well in a full run, survival-wise, so I got quite nervous), so I decided not to really say anything about that particular run, and ever since, I've been working on beating that PB of mines and 2-ALL, of course (There's been 3 runs that got quite close to a 2-ALL so far this month on my end (All 3 reached Hibachi's final attack), that run included).
deadfinaljunk Sep 18, 2017 5:00 AM
oh thank you!
i love your taste too :)
FujoshitSupreme Apr 18, 2017 10:45 PM
it's me rng
the_spectralcat Nov 13, 2015 9:51 AM
yeah, just one of the things that bothered me; it's not having much to do with reality. i read a quote by the portuguese director Pedro Costa a while back and i think it really had an impact on how i watched cinema and related media. basically he said that the cinema is there to remind us of, to make us face up to the things in life we don't have the courage to face or acknowledge. i suppose it added a moral dimension to why i watch movies, etc.

i see what you mean with azumanga. it definitely is more grounded in reality but i can't help but look at the character design and personalities, the humour and esp the fact we are dealing with the lives of high school girls (i suppose anything that has japanese high school girls and off beat, non ecchi comedy together can't help be influenced by azumanga). nichijou definitely is more bold and i suppose that is a part of the things that makes me want to like it. but yeah you're right, it is (probably) about the jokes. i have a similar problem with wes anderson and some of these hipster mumblecore films. not funny at all to me. but, like with jerry lewis films, i can find myself growing into the humour.

Well, about inu no kau, my favorite chapter is the first one. i thought it was so tender. showing us the best of ourselves that we would show so much care for creatures who have given us so much but for whom we are willing to undergo trouble esp in their time of greatest weakness. also very painful to see the withering effect of old age... and man, i thought back to all the animals that have been suffering and killed off just to make our lives more comfortable. if there probably was something i could show to someone to convince them that animals have emotions (and maybe even souls) and are no really different from ourselves in that respect; this would probably be very high on that list.

my second favorite chapter is the one you mentioned... i agree that with everything that came before, it really hit the mark. something very interesting also happened that same day with regards to that last story. my mom was just telling me about how a tourist got lost exploring one of the sacred forests we have here and story goes, that a leopard came out from the forest and led this tourist back outside. and you can imagine my surprise and delight when the very thing happens in the story. taniguchi is great. my fav of his is still harukana machi e tho. typical of most mediums tho, serious stuff gets ignored to get more website hits.
the_spectralcat Nov 12, 2015 12:24 PM
well, isn't it true that having sections in a movie, sections that are unexpected, suprising or even contrary to what has come before is one of the best things about any time based art? it's one of the best things about music too? yeah, you're right, that's one of the things about it - the comfiness without any rough edges that makes it kind of i dunno, unrealistic. is life really like that? does nichijou have any connection with the life we live? maybe, some people might likes exactly because of that; because it gives us an escape. but keep in mind, that i'm speaking from 6 episodes worth of memories. the show might do all these things ;ater on lol. i'll keep on trying. give it 6-7 months before i try again tho... the strange thing tho is that i like azumanga daioh which this is clearly heavily influenced by and not this. lol
the_spectralcat Nov 11, 2015 9:29 AM
well, saying you see the schizophrenic nature of the film implies seeing distinctions or sections that might go against each other. and i never said it was a bad thing... maybe that is the better way to watch it. but maybe you're not even watching it that way and i'm wrong. i apologise if i am. anyway, i tried watching it again last night and saw some things differently but couldn't get into it. what i noticed was i didn't like the lack of grit, the over-cutesy of it all. i genuinely think tho, that there is something valuable, something to get with this show, maybe all that comes later. i'll keep trying later since i value your opinion. maybe when the right mood comes... things change, you never know
the_spectralcat Nov 10, 2015 4:05 AM
hmm OK. well that clears a few things up. i'm glad about the larger storyline thing. will try and keep an eye out for small clues regarding it, if they're aren't too obvious. and about melodrama in art. i dunno, i'm kind of more tolerant of it these days... but you're right, nichijou doesn't look like the place where conventional melodrama should exist, and i have no clue what you mean by sadistic based on my memory of the 6 episodes i saw. yeah, i see what you mean by animation styles tho i saw them as being part of the show's logic and not as radical breaks with it's normal style. i don't watch it with the distinctions of relaxed, deadpan, etc styles you do and see things more fluidly than that; which i hope is a good thing. one thing that i noticed while watching it is how little pleasure i get from things that are surreal, that defy common logic that i used to get such a kick out of. if it was a phase, i'm now more into a phase of liking stories about 'normal' everyday people and their struggles. hopefully, when i re-watch nichijou i will watch it with both these approaches. thanks a lot for your reply...
the_spectralcat Nov 9, 2015 3:10 AM
I guess what the show does is unique and has it's own personality and rhythm that is different from most of what has come before. maybe that's why it might take longer to adjust to it. you're probably right that 6 episodes is probably not enough for this to happen. i rarely rewatch anything so maybe it's time to start again with this one. i have a few questions: does the show have any larger storylines or is it just a collection of small episodes (one of the problems i had was the lack of a larger plot, it seemed so aimless to me)?, does the art stay consistent? (it;'s good, but i don't seem to remember the changes in animation style you mention). and i disagree about it not being 'deep'. i think humour and charm can be very deep just not the conventional kind. thanks for taking the time to reply...
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