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Natsume and Mushishi are both about the interaction between spirits and humans and nature. Both shows do an amazing job with the storytelling, the characters, and playing with your emotions. If you liked one, you'll surely like the other.
report Recommended by d388
Both of the main characters can see spirits. Both series are episodic, they can be watched in almost any order. Both have a lot of drama packed into these short stories.
report Recommended by Chicken008
Deals with the supernatural and very episodic. Has the same calm, bittersweet atmosphere at the end.
report Recommended by kai_yukari
Though the two have their differences, both are about a main character who can see something others can't, and strives to help them. Also, both stories have a certain almost laid-back atmosphere to them. Natsume Yuujinchou, however, has more of a plot than Mushishi, as well as supporting characters that stay for more than one episode.
report Recommended by zipperaward
If you liked Mushishi I believe you'll most definitely enjoy Natsume Yuujinchou. :) I could see similarities right off the bat, in how they both deal with spirits or other supernatural creatures. Both main characters have a sense of compassion when interacting with these entities, and often will try to find the least violent method of solution. Also, both series are episodic, yet it's a style that suits them well. The day-to-day solving of problems has a relaxing sort of mood in both series, and I think they complement each other nicely.
report Recommended by morbidmuse
Both deal with things that can only be seem by few people. Both have the main character helping someone in which only they could provide assistance. Each episode is about a different spirit/mushi.
report Recommended by Grimmm
Spirits are all around us, but only some have the gift to see them. Both series are somewhat episodic, revolving around human interactions with spirits, as well as with each other.
report Recommended by MapleRose
Both are calm, slice-of-life-ish series that deal with the supernatural (youkai/mushi) in one- or two-episode arcs and have protagonists who are quiet and standoffish as a result of their abilities to deal with the supernatural.
report Recommended by lithiumflower
Although not similar in the aspect of Japanese Youkai, Mushishi still has good Japanese environments and the obvious feature of spirits that can only seen by certain people. Not many blatant parallels can be made between the two, though there's a high chance that anyone who likes Natsume Yuujin-Chou will like Mushishi.
report Recommended by Denizen
If you liked Mushishi, you'll probably like Natsume Yuujinchou too. Each episode is a seperate story, and involves with spirits. The artwork of both of the series are soft colors and a pleasure to watch. Mushishi uses earthtones and Natsume Yuujinchou soft pastels though.
report Recommended by GeniusofIron
Both wonderfully soothing atmospheric slice-of-life series involving male protagonists with the uncommon ability to see spirits. In the course of these episodic stories, we learn that these spirits are neither good nor evil, that they simply exist - a message both shows seem to reinforce. Mushishi tends to be more dramatic, whereas Natsume Yuujinchou carries more of a comedic touch.
report Recommended by -PixieDust-
You'll surely notice since first episode how much those two anime are very similar to eachother. - Main character: a quiet, good and mature guy (Natsume and Ginko) which has to deal in his own way with spirits/mushi. They both care abouth the spirits and always tried to do everything to help them and not let people thinking that they are to be considered as "evil". - Atmosphere: colors, art, music, design will let you fully love the litterally pureness of those anime. The atmosphere is very calm and "delicated". Personally i think that both, Mushishi and Natsume Yuujinchou, are two masterpieces which you can't miss to watch,   read more
report Recommended by EtnaEraclea
Both anime have a calming atmosphere and tells the story of someone with a special ability as they learn to live with the supernatural.
report Recommended by Ruby_Moon
Except for the basic plot: odd things that only some people can see but still can affect many, the main characters are extemely siimilar. They are both easy-going, adorable guys that will try to do whats best depending on the situation rather than some idea that all unknown creatures are evil and needs to be exterminated.
report Recommended by Dimmor
Both series are slow paced, and are focused on youkai, with standalone episodes. Natsume yuujinchou is lighter than Mushishi though.
report Recommended by immelman51
Similar classic Japanese spirit seer protagonist and mysterious bittersweet stories.
report Recommended by Mashed__Potato__
Beautiful episodic tales surrounding the interaction between spirits and humans with a single mature and introspective male protagonist holding the thread between episodes. Mushishi focuses more on japanesse folklore tales in a rural fudal setting and its more moral driven, whetheras Nastume Yuujinchou is more quaint and simple, following a school boy and his spirit relationships.
report Recommended by NoMercy
Mushihi's drama is more than Natsume Yuujinchou even though both they relax u a lot :) Both anime's story about a guy who wanna help ghosts ( it's name change anime to anime like Yokai & Mushi ) and humans. So they are similar in many ways :)
report Recommended by bolaykim
Both anime are episodic and supernatural. They have a relaxing atmosphere. Though the protagonists are different, they are both able to see things that normal people can't see, mushi/spirits.
report Recommended by tplusent
Natsume yuujinchou's story have a similiarity to mushishi.. it all about japanesse mystery story..
report Recommended by kurosaki15
Slow pace anime with magic creatures and epic story
report Recommended by mutsuriniii
Both are one-shots that follows the life of one character (though Natsume's Book of Friends starts branching out more) and you will likely need a box of tissues.
report Recommended by ShadowJackal35
Both stories follow the main character, who can see strange things. Both series have the same atmosphere, though Mishishi seems to be a more mature. Both stories are warm, affecting and a little bit bittersweet.
report Recommended by kagamishinigami
Calm, episodic anime with supernatural aspects.
report Recommended by TowardsTheStars
BOth anime somehow tackles the supernatural side (mushi and yokai) meeting new pwoplw along the way of their journey. Slow in pace but has lessons to give in ife.
report Recommended by akira_kuruza
These dramas share a slow, easy pace that really allows them to develop a nice atmosphere. Watching these shows leaves me feeling peaceful and calm. They are both episodic. Nastume Yuujinchou centers around the main character meeting and helping a different spirit each episode. Mushishi is similar, having the main character meet and help someone with a spirit related problem each episode.
report Recommended by Shibs
The setting is famiiar - both main heroes can see otherwordly creatures, the atmosphere is quite the same too, although theese animes still leave different impressions.
report Recommended by Sakuraika
Mushishi and Natsume Yuujinchou both have many similarities. The main characters of shows are the only people that can see spirits. The MC's want to help the people and spirits throughout the series. There isn't much of a plot in both the shows but each episode is very emotional and dramatic.
report Recommended by Big_Tony44
Both series have an episodic nature and are slow-paced with their stories. The story of both series focuses on dealing with the problems of individual people. In Natsume Yuujinjou this is done through the Book of Friends while in Mushishi it is the mushi that inhabit people. Both series have a large deal of emotions involved and also a large amount of moral questions are raised.
report Recommended by Just_Sam_MAL
Both are about interactions with supernatural entities and solving various problems caused by them. They are quite lighthearted but can be very serious and grim when they want to be. Very nice art, excellent soundtracks, and similar mood throughout. Mushishi is a bit more isolated and solitary.
report Recommended by Xaeveax
Both stories are about life with another being. Ayakashi in Natsume Yuujinchou are human like being, where Mushi are more like primitive beings. Both stories are focusing in slice of life and drama. But Natsume Yuujinchou is more slice of life, where Mushishi is more drama. Both are top tier class animes.
report Recommended by Jim_Heart
Both series gives off a similar feeling in which the main protagonist is able to see supernatural beings where normal people cannot. Although lacking a direct story line, both series has very interesting concepts and ideas that tells a different story each episode. The episodes themselves are lighthearted and has a relaxing feeling to them. The way these two series tell their stories in a surreal and unique presentation. There are spirits involved in both series as we take a glimpse into how they behave around human beings and specifically the main protagonist. Although slow paced, the exploration of the many ideas are quite insightful   read more
report Recommended by Stark700
both are relaxing anime in which the main character empathizes with other characters who they meet and try to help them. main character in both anime can see things that not many other people can (mushi/youkai)
report Recommended by MiyatouSeishirou
Got the same style as Natsume Yuujinchou, is a slice of life, adventure, but is quiet and relaxing and episodic , the anime style put you in calm mood and u always crave for more eps .
report Recommended by AllenVonStein
Both are Slice-of-Life anime where the mc deals with supernatural (yokai/mushi) with kindness. Great light-hearted anime that you can watch and relax to.
report Recommended by IAmDare
As many other people point out, this is as close to Mushishi as you can get. Both deal with Youkai/Ayakashi and are (mostly) episodic in nature, meaning there isn't necessarily a set overall plot, but a series of situations/problems where the entire story of it is contained in one episode, which Mushishi absolutely nailed. Natsume is definitely more heart-warming and emotional than Mushishi, but both will leave your heart tingling.
report Recommended by megucas
Both main characters can see things that normal people can't, spirits. Witch a calm and peaceful feel to it, both main characters encounter both good and bad spirits, and helping those in need. Both main characters are pretty quiet, and are the loner type. When they were children, the were thought of a freaks for seeing things no one else could see. After meeting different kinds of spirits their outlook about them and life changes. Both animes are episodic, with both good, sad, and bittersweet endings.
report Recommended by BiiteYouToDeath
Both anime have the same peaceful setting, and each episode there's a new mushi/ayakashi that our main character meets. Unlike other people who usually fear mushi/ayakashi, Natsume/Ginko (the MCs) try their best to understand them and their true nature.
report Recommended by MaahHeim
Both was able to features Japanese Folklore so well and interesting
report Recommended by mrsLEE
These are both calm and slow paced anime. The feeling of the show is the biggest similarity. Both center around the main character who can see things not everybody can, following events happening around these things.
report Recommended by aifukola
Natsume yuujinchou and Mushishi both have aspects of a character who can see supernatural things that very few people can see or understand. also both are slow paced mature anime
report Recommended by KalfKaneda
Both have to do with spiritual creatures called "yokai". Both are very beautiful and imaginative anime. Highly recommend watching
report Recommended by ColorfulAsian
Both are series in which ghosts or spirits exist and only certain people can see them. They are both extremely relaxing to watch, the sort of thing you'd watch an episode of before you go to sleep to give yourself a nice dream. Although Mushishi occasionally has unhappy endings and has a more wistful and dreamy atmosphere compared to Natsume Yujinchou's "smiley sunny everyone's friends lets help each other out and be happy" kind of atmosphere in which comedy is occasionally added. In my opinion occasional unhappy endings are a good thing as it adds variety, and I guess it suits the feel of the   read more
report Recommended by Murdaj_Steve
main characters of these series are able to see spirits and go around solving problems. the two anime is also episodic which is smoothing and relaxing. japanese folklore
report Recommended by wfwfwf
The key fundamental similarity between both of these series is that they are both episodic, giving each individual episode it's own story arc which doesn't directly connect to other episodes much further than the recurring characters e.g. Ginko, Madara etc. They both center around the theme of the supernatural, both introducing fantasy creatures e.g. Mushi from Mushishi. Mushishi I would describe as more on the philosophical and harder watching side than Natsume Yuujinchou, which has a more of a Slice of Life feeling to it while still remaining thought provoking. They are both slow paced and minimalisitic animes with simple but beautiful animation (especially mushishi)   read more
report Recommended by FlaminDango
If you like Mushishi then I'm sure you will like Natsume. Because in both animes the plot and aura is very similar. There is spiritual things and myths of the Japan folk. I enjoy and liked so much Mushishi and Natsume. There are so relaxing, with beautiful soundtrack, nice main chatacters and with a fantasy mythology that involved the plot. Very recommended!
report Recommended by Shizuku-Kuroneko
Both centred around Youkai, slow paced story lines, and a great lot of character development and emotions.
report Recommended by Bokotu
Both peaceful anime Similar anime Both relaxing
report Recommended by Aerial_Assassin
Supernatural/ghosts; Protagonist is a special person who can see these supernatural things and helps others deal with them; both have a very chill and bittersweet feel and slice of life
report Recommended by beany012
Mushishi and Natsume Yuuchinjou are very good and enjoyable series. The protagonists of both series, Ginko and Natsume, deal with spiritual species that interact with humans, which are known as Mushi (Mushishi) and Ayakashi/Youkai (Natsume Yuuchinjou). Both Ginko and Natsume also deal with loneliness, but still use the gifts/powers they have to help others. They are episodic as well. Both characters accept these spirits as parts of their lives. Ginko before the beginning of the story's setting, and Natsume throughout the show. However, there are still some differences between the two. For almost   read more
report Recommended by Jonathan_George
Both Mushishi and Natsume Yuujinchou have a laid back, relaxing athmosphere and an episodical way of telling the different stories that each has to offer. Both shows deal with lead characters that can see creatures that others can't and their interaction with them. However, while Mushishi tends to be more dramatic, Natsume has a little more of a comedian touch to it.
report Recommended by InesG
Supernatural creatures that both characters can see that others can not. Both series are soft and relaxing
report Recommended by Anticlimatic
The Mushishi series and the Natsume Yuujinchou series are both relaxing series. Both involve protagonists who can see supernatural entities, who learn or have learned to deal with this ability as they grow older. Ginko makes it his life work to work with and deal with mushi (the supernatural entity in Mushishi) and Natsume learns to coexist with yokai whilst slowly learning about the world and politics around exorcists. They both are largely episodic in nature, with Natsume Yuujinchou having more overarching narratives.
report Recommended by shoopie
They are both about a Main Character that can see magical creatures (ayakashi and mushi). Both give a pleasant ride for the spectator, being an episodic kind of show, that follows a simple story line at times. Both are really good, and if you like one of them, it is a fact that you would like the other one.
report Recommended by TonhaoNoXablau
Both animes have a supernatural theme, yet are not packed with pure action and fights and such. They are slow-paced and look at things at a different perspective. Plus, the atmosphere in both is really calming and both are good animes to watch, if you want each episode a new story to be told.
report Recommended by DiaWulf
Both animes are about the main character meeting spiritual beings and solving problems related to those spiritual beings. Both are episodic animes . And in both anime only a few can see those spiritual beings . And both animes have a mysterious and calm atmosphere that makes it feel like its a great sol anime.
report Recommended by Zako_Murabito
Both these are really calming to watch it lifts your spirits. Natsume Yuujinchou has youkais while Mushishi has mushi both which impact their lives. They kind of have a soft warm lonely feeling to it.
report Recommended by lucky24
Both these animes focus on bringing the unseen world of yokai to life through vivid narration and interesting characters .
report Recommended by alaiwe
Both are episodic spiritual adventures that give off the same vibe both having a bittersweet ending
report Recommended by Arquarion
Supernatural anime series with a Japanese atmosphere, lots of very memorable episodes.
report Recommended by yevamelankolia
both are about mythical creatures and they are episodic animes following the life ofa young man and his relationship with these creatures also they are relaxing to watch
report Recommended by yatogami2610
Natsume Yuujinchou is basically Mushishi only with more laughs, more happy endings and a somewhat less fatalistic view of life. Both are centred around creatures that almost only the protagonist can see although while there are good/evil Yokai in Natsume Yuujinchou the Mushi of Mushishi are neither evil nor good, they are simply lifeforms and do what they have to survive.
report Recommended by Kurgo
Both series are about demons and supernatural beings that live in this world but few can see it.
report Recommended by Nepttune
Both shows focus on aiding with problems regarding supernatural entities. Both shows are also more atmospheric in progression
report Recommended by Short_Circut
Both Anime's possess a similar relaxing feeling aswell as themes, surrounding spirits and the ability to see them.
report Recommended by nicoffii
Both are slow paced but interesting anime.
report Recommended by Nero_365
Both are focused around a male lead that can see things that others cannot normally be able to see and both also focus around a downbeat low-key kind of atmosphere and tone as well too.
report Recommended by Disapeared_Ghost
Both involve a main character who encounters demons (or in the case of Mushishi a strange species of creature called Mushi) dealing with the supernatural while revealing the human natures and philosophical aspects of humanity through interactions with supernatural elements
report Recommended by FMAB2009
The same recurring theme, chilling soundtracks, unique plots and most of all a satisfying watch for all the mushishi fans out there. 100% recommended
report Recommended by King_Cr7mson
Main characters travel around encountering various supernatural occurrences and attempt to resolve them.
report Recommended by Cozye
Both the main characters can see things others cannot. In Natusme Yuujinchou, the people around him don't necessarily believe that what he sees are real, so this anime is has an alternate viewpoint to me.
report Recommended by ArztVielfrass
- Both have wise, emphatic and calm protagonists being able to interact with the supernatural world - Both share a similar art style and mood - Both don't take side with neither the humans nor the supernatural, aiming for fair balance rather - Both share a positive, compromising approach to solutions of the challenges both protagonists solve The main differences are: - the nature of the supernatural world. Mushishi's entities are closer to natural phenomenons and animal intelligence creatures meeting ordinary humans, while Natsume deals with humanoid, sentient ghosts. - Natsume's challenges tend to be more interpersonal and emotional level, and have more dialogue involved. - Natsume has a recurring cast   read more
report Recommended by inim
Both Are Slice of Life Supernatural . Deals with Yokai And Mushi in Daily life basis and gives off peace of mind.
report Recommended by ReiFresterASR
Anthology/episodic, ayakashi, freeing troubled people/spirits, overall feel
report Recommended by xianxian904
Both shows are steeped heavily in the Shinto spiritual realm and have protagonists who serve as spiritual mediums between us and the “spirits.” Both are excellent shows!
report Recommended by DiscipleOfKreia
Both are serial anime. Both main character have special ability which is can see what most people can't (Mushi and soul). Have the similiar conflict but different object. Have a warm, sad, and miss feeling when it ends in every episode.
report Recommended by Zams5
Both series have a dramatic storyline based on spiritual creatures ( Yokai's for Natsume Yuujincou and Mushi-shi's for Mushishi )
report Recommended by TV-Head
natsume yuujinchou and Mishi-shi both have aspects of a chariter who can see supernatural things that very few people can see or understand. also both animes have a relaxing sence to it, no realy big bad guy and each protagonist takes life as it comes.
report Recommended by QuiteAshraf
The main characters in Mushishi and Natsume Yuujinchou can see spirits and work to help them with their problems. Both stories are mostly episodic with a relaxed tone. Mushishi's style is more dramatic, whereas Natsume Yuujinchou's is more comedic.
report Recommended by bhfine
Same sense of wonder. Mushi/Yokai aren't evil, just different.
report Recommended by beryl_4
Mushishi (Mushi-Shi) and Natsume Yuujinchou (Natsume's Book of Friends) are quite similar in these ways: Supernatural Oriented: Although the context of supernatural elements differs in both series, they are both still centered around stuff related to spirits and the protagonist encounters them every episode. Slice of Life: Mushishi (Mushi-Shi) and Natsume Yuujinchou (Natsume's Book of Friends) both fall under the slice of life genre as they focus on the daily lives of the characters, and they explore their lives by interacting with supernatural entities. Iyashikei: Mushishi (Mushi-Shi) and Natsume Yuujinchou (Natsume's Book of Friends) are both Iyashikei anime meaning that they aim to impact viewers in a   read more
report Recommended by SurgingSoulZX
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