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If you enjoy one you're likely to enjoy the other. Both great quality. Both about a male lead who has part of his humanity taken away without his consent. Both main characters go through a few similar things. The fighting in both series doesn't vary much, with Parasyte being a bit more tactical / realistic, and Tokyo Ghoul being a bit more over-the-top.
report Recommended by Pwnobi
Both MCs discover that humans aren't the on;y intelligent beings in the world and get mixed up with human devouring "monsters". To make things worse, they end up as half hybrids. Not human and not "monster" they need to find a way to fit in and deal with upcoming danger. Kiseijuu is more horror and philosophical while Tokyo Ghoul if more action/shounen based.
report Recommended by kitten320
This isn't going to be your regular happy anime with the MC fighting and surviving on friendship magic. nope, the MC's (who are typical meek and introverted folks) are about it enter a whole new world right in front of them, whether they want to or not, and it's bloody, full of carnage, with little to no forgiveness. not recommended for new anime fans or people weak to possible gore. I'd also like to point out that Parasyte came in the 80's and tokyo ghoul being fairly new. their extremely similar. the only difference which will bring out arguments of which is better is how the   read more
report Recommended by supermegasonic
Both maincharacters from Tokyo Ghoul and Kiseijuu has a sudden life altering experience quite similar to each other as the characters in different ways now prey on humans. They must also find a way to live with their changed bodies.
report Recommended by bimbambusse
This series resonate with Tokyo Ghoul as the main characters undergo a change that makes them more powerful but also less human at the same time. The stories revolve around a normal boy who was attacked by supernatural beings, forcing them to become something inhuman themselves.
report Recommended by Aleron
Both shows are grotesque and suspenseful, with a protagonist who one day becomes sub-human due to a disturbing change to their body.
report Recommended by Gabii-Tachibana
Both Have normal humans "Suddenly Infected" by something Their lives and even the lives of those around them are drastically changed Both Main characters change greatly psychologically and face tough social decisions The Soundtrack and Artwork is great in both series
report Recommended by thereisonlyone
Bith series feature a new species. Some people have become what you could call monsters and acquired new powers due to this. The series have a lot of fighting, blood and gore in them. If you like these kind of series then you should check these series out as well.
report Recommended by Darkbow
Both titles star a young men who have their lives changed overnight when they are attacked by bizarre beings (Parasytes and Ghouls respectively), yet survive the ordeal and end up having said creatures physically bonded to them as a result. As a result, both main characters feel the need to use their newly gained power to fight of the dangerous threats posed by more of the dangerous beings inhabiting them while trying to maintain some semblance of their ordinary lives
report Recommended by gedata
Both stories this time deal with the main character, and his difficult life after being 'infected' with bizarre organism which is able to rebuild their bodies and minds from the beginning and turn them into 'monsters' but somehow they still manage to keep their humanity ahead. Kill/prey on humans is a must-do to these organisms but the main character totally refuses. Grotesque, gory scenes, dark atmosphere, drama and a lot of suspense.
report Recommended by mirana
Both anims have darker themes, struggle with humanity, and gore. Each main character is half-human, and half-other... and this half 'other' is the source of their troubles.
report Recommended by KalfKaneda
Both are about the MC having to deal with some weird beings who eat humans. The MC has this desire to prevent meaningless loss of life. However Parasyte MC is much better than Tokyo Ghoul MC.
report Recommended by Yamada2
Setting for both anime series are same like: 1) Human being are treated as Live Stock by Parasyte/Ghoul 2) Protagonist for both characters are half human , half Parasyte/Ghoul. 3) Both series has bloody fighting scenes.
report Recommended by wasif_khan
In a blink of an eye, the main leads whole world is turned upside down which in turn will change their normal lives forever. It begins when they're attacked by an alien-like species, as they survive the ordeal they later learn they have been infected and and their body and train of thought starts to change in the form of a monster. Both rather shy, wimpy and have low self-esteem, the protagonist learn to adapt and take a leap of faith to coexist with the alien-like monster inside them. They also grow and mature through this process and gain more courage while fighting within themselves   read more
report Recommended by papsoshea
An ordinary wimpish kid has suddenly transformed into a person with a special power that is capable of killing everyone. Others with this powers are different than he is. Others are like that at birth, while the main protagonist here obtain it in there teens. After gaining this new power, they try to stay human. However, they slowly drift away from other humans towards to Parasyte/Ghouls. Both anime show something about life. Parasyte: Shows a lot about human's true nature. Tokyo Ghoul: Shows about how other species are treated by humans, just for the actions of some. Can show how other animals feel. Both very thrilling   read more
report Recommended by Dustyacer
These shows are thematically similar; the protagonist is suddenly thrust into a hyper-violent world and forced to question what it means to be human. However, the two draw very different conclusions from this scenario. I feel each of the shows form a solid counterpoint to the other, while still finding common ground. As an aside, you may want to read the Tokyo Ghoul manga to pick up on all of the nuances that the show doesn't delve into.
report Recommended by DirtyDitchWater
In both anime's the MC gets a unknown virus or organ inside their body and feels confused at first but gradually gets the hang of fighting along with their new powers. Both anime's also have this dark athmosphere and and has a lot of gore scenes. And the "Monsters" have to fight each other to survive like: "The Strong Wins,The Weak Perish" thing. So if you like Tokyo Ghoul then you might also like Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu.
report Recommended by Da_Harem_King
A teenage boy is inflicted with part of a monster, which in turn turns him into a monster and makes him start slowly separating from society. With his new powers, the main character must now fight off members of the same monsters he is now a part of, or risk losing all his friends and family.
report Recommended by Protaku
both are about an ordinary high school boy who acquires some kind of evil unknown power and wants to get rid of it, until it accepts it at some point. both with a lot of gory elements as that "evil power" has the tendency to kill people.
report Recommended by Soredemo
Both are horror animes with quite the amount of blood and a twist in the main characters life in wich both do not fully become the "monsters" in each respective anime and each of them try not to "fall" to the level of true monsters in a very psichological way.
report Recommended by PSB123
very simmilar. a boy infected buy strange creature that make him half human half beast. and find a way to survive
report Recommended by me_good
It's not a surprise that Parasyte is usually compared to Tokyo Ghoul, right? But it can't be helped when both stories are utterly similar in a sense that the protagonists Shinichi and Kaneki are subjected to a situation where they have to question their humanity. To make it simple, both series are about two teenager boys that become half "monster" , and they have to find a way to deal with it, even though it wasn't initially their fault but maybe their fate. Both series are more focused on moral aspects rather than the origin of ghouls and parasites respectively.
report Recommended by Saturn19
Similar wimpy character who becomes badass. The transformation happens faster in Parasyte though.
report Recommended by satine13
Like Ghoul, Parasyte has creatures that look like humans that eat people, a main character who is somewhere between a normal human and one of those creatures, lots of violent action, military type groups that try to kill those creatures. And Parasyte did all these things about ten times better.
report Recommended by tiger002
The protagonist of both series becomes a half human/monster and struggle to keep hold of their humanity after being fused with one of the monsters they encountered. Throughout the series both show how the protagonists changed over time by the monstrous beings within them from personality to looks and how these protagonists finally accepted who they have become and ultimately uses their newfound powers to fight the other monsters they encounter. If you like an anime serious/dark, gore, simple, straightforward and with barely any fillers/fan service storyline you would like both.
report Recommended by EmNeM
Both animes involve a type of monster killing and eating people to survive. Both animes also include the MC getting a sort of superpower from these monsters and slowly becoming one of them. Art: Both animes have a similar art style. The blood, killings, and fights are also drawn similarly. Both are really good. Sound: Both animes have a great soundtrack to them. Also, the sounds in the background or during a fight scene are perfect. Story: Both stories are about the MC being semi taken over by the monsters in the show. (For tokyo ghoul, the main character is half human, half ghoul. For Parasyte, the MC   read more
report Recommended by Revanants
The two shows revolve around the main protagonist having his life transformed and his body somehow affected by a supernatural force, and follows him as he adapts to his new life with this new hindrance.
report Recommended by Kaboom_07734
These two animes are very similar to eachother. They both show a world with monsters who the human kind wants to get rid off and in both of these shows the main character becomes such a monster and they have to make due with what they got and survive against the odds.
report Recommended by Evtsynen
Both involve the main character melding with an otherworldly being and their lives being changed due to it
report Recommended by cameronator
Both these animes are very gory and mess with your mind a little. If you like the fact that Kaneki (Tokyo Ghoul) is very timid and a good boy you'll also like Shinichi (Kiseijuu). Their reactions when they receive the "powers" are very similar since they don't believe in what has happened to them. The OST (Official Sound Track) of both anime are just perfect... Trust me, it's a must.
report Recommended by Mikocheru
If you like the fact that Kaneki (Tokyo Ghoul) is very timid and a good boy you'll also like Shinichi (Kiseijuu). Their reactions when they receive the "powers" are very similar since they don't believe in what has happened to them.
report Recommended by Rustedsteel
Both main characters fight a lot, except in Tokyo Ghoul, the protagonist is cold, emotionless and kinda boring tbh.
report Recommended by Soire
Both protagonists are human but at the same time they cant be considered 100% human. They are both fighting for the survival of human race (partly for Kaneki). The protagonists started to be physically weak, nerd and anti social students. But as the anime progress their personalities turned 320 degrees.
report Recommended by Sufferior
Both anime's have man eating species and both main characters get into disturbing and horrible situations. They are a lot a like!
report Recommended by FlyingLasso
Tokyo Ghoul and Kiseijuu both involve a fictional universe where there are supernatural beings, which are natural predators to humans. These 'aliens' both take human form, although parasites are naturally not very human-like at the get-go. The male protagonist in a huge dilemma in both titles, as he is transitioning from one species to the other, while still trying to maintain his humanity in the process. Both anime have as well dark colour palettes, and great , catchy ost's.
report Recommended by Intelos
Both are dark, supernatural, full of action, great story and soundtracks.Both MC's have to see the new world and adjust there, facing their inner demons and doing what they never thought they could do.Really good character development as well as animation and art.
report Recommended by Hutai
Both shows cover the theme of "what it means to be human" after an accident makes the main character a hybrid between two species. I feel as though Kiseijuu does the job better with more character development and a better crafted story. Kiseijuu is superior in many ways, so if you liked Tokyo Ghoul, you most likely will like Kiseijuu more
report Recommended by parz
Both anime feature some form of human vs fantasy struggle. Parasytes and Ghouls both need to feed on humans in order to survive, which makes humans their prey. Overall atmosphere is dark in both shows and feature development of Parasytes and Ghouls and how their lives are impacted.
report Recommended by Backin2020
They are both stories featuring a MC dealing with a transformation into something stronger and also more evil. The MC's both start out weak and turn stronger and stronger, as well as more cold hearted, as the series progress, this is seen especially in the second season of tokyo ghoul. They both feature monsters feeding on humans and have a similar underlying purpose of giving us a perspective view of how it might feel to have someone above you in the food chain. Both series have great animation and similarily gorey action.
report Recommended by alb388
So after watching Parasyte, I'll have to say that I got reminded of Tokyo Ghoul quite a number of times. Mainly because both protagonists seems like an average teenager to anyone, but yet they aren't fully human. When they first became half-human, they were struggling to control themselves and pretty weak, but as the story goes on, they will become stronger and realise that there are more of their kind then they expected, and they have to be prepared to fight for anyone against them. They also have to hide their secrets and still live a normal live. And of course, they will lose people   read more
report Recommended by noobsoldier
Theese anime are similar considering there are humans fighting against "monsters". And the main character is in both sides so it makes the story really catchy
report Recommended by DiiiaZoTe
- both main characters have a supernatural event happen to them and they have to adjust to the way they are after the event - Genres of both: Action, Horror, Seinen
report Recommended by Denisecvo
Plot like, with protagonists who had normal lives until weird things happens with both changing them. Are works that show a theme of suspense and terror and make you a question; "what is human?". Both works have a well-crafted story and developed.
report Recommended by Shischio
Both main character's experience a change in their bodies and those changes alter their views on life. Both shows, show have different perspectives on humans. Making you think if we're the enemy or not.
report Recommended by damaster17
Both revolve around a young man being thrown into a violent world after a supernatural instance where everything is out to kill him. While Kiseijuu admittedly handles it better, the underlying messages under both about what is wrong and what is right are similar, if not identical.
report Recommended by KeyboardKafe
Both shows have these lethal beings of unknown origin who are a threat to the human race, the MC on both shows merge with these beings which in the process gains them enhanced abilities which they use to protect mankind. Both the MC go through tragic experiences forcing them to change, becoming cold hearted.
report Recommended by FoxFace
-horror, evolving mental + physical strength of male protagonist . (you can see clear changes in attitude after some episodes) -really bloody fights and nice Art.
report Recommended by QuellWisdom
The anime's are both about people that change to an monster which they are controlling for a part. the main characters have something attached to them which makes them monsters but actually both the main characters of the anime's are good people that destroy their own kind of 'monsters' to make the world better or protect others
report Recommended by Layme
Early in the series, both protagonists' bodies are taken over by creatures/species. The protagonists serve as bridges for both the humans and the creatures. They try to hide their secrets from the people that are most important to them. Both series do an excellent job of showing the new struggles for the protagonists, as they must adjust to their new lives. The protagonists receive big-time character development. From being weak and frustrated of the situation they're in, to becoming stronger, confident in their powers, and accepting what they really are. These series show what it's like for the human beings to be prey and hunted   read more
report Recommended by Jonathan_George
The MC in both shows become involved in a standoff between man eating creatures and humanity. They both become something in between the two species and have a unique perspective compared to the other characters. The two shows give off the same suspenseful feel and are both sort of gory (if you find the uncensored versions). I recommend Parasyte more than Tokyo Ghoul, because TG fell flat after the early episodes.
report Recommended by Hamaneko
Both starts off with a human main character which becomes more or less than a human in Kaneki's case it's that he becomes a half ghoul and in Izumi's case it's that he becomes merged with migi. Both series are very addictive that will make it hard for you to stop in the middle of it after you've started watching it.
report Recommended by StealthActivated
Both series focus on a shy, unassuming protagonist who suddenly comes into a form of power that makes them much stronger than their peers/adversaries. Both protagonists undergo significant character development that ultimately turns them into more ruthless individuals, while undergoing psychological strain in the process to maintain their humanity.
report Recommended by Tappimus
Both main characters Suddenly Infected and become monsters now they have to fight against demons
report Recommended by Caliph
The main characters did nothing wrong, yet they are mutated into unearthly beings and are forced to fight others of their kind
report Recommended by hewitsle
- The protagonist did nothing wrong - 'Body transformation' of the main character - Trying to protect someone - Fighting scenes - They have to hide their identity - Horror/blood - Eating humans
report Recommended by Birena
Both have a main character that went from a normal student to a bad asses and both series circles around them learning more about their power and other people that has it. Both are really great series
report Recommended by -thinking-
Both have a main character that went from a normal student to a bad asses and both series circles around them learning more about their power and other people that has it.
report Recommended by Asahito-Yuuto
The main character is struggling to adapt to a change in his physical body and has to cope with the dangers this change brings about whether it be mental dangers or physical ones.
report Recommended by Kunai-Kun
-Both have human eating creatures. -Both have a male protagonist who becomes half human and half of the creature -Both have a similar mindset of stopping other ghouls/parasytes from eating people -Both protagonists belong to the "did nothing wrong squad".
report Recommended by Tooru-Oikawa
Tokyo Ghoul and Parasyte are both very similar animes due to the fact they have these changes happen to them. In Parasyte, Shinichi is burdened with his right arm being taken over by a parasyte by the name of Migi, while in Tokyo Ghoul Ken is burdened with becoming a ghoul. Each character does not choose this path in life but they both must deal with it. I find the only difference is Tokyo Ghoul is a much darker anime while Parasyte felt a little more funny. In the end both characters accept their new selves and take on their respective journeys.
report Recommended by JoshuaSan1017
Are you a fan of Tokyo Ghoul? Are you looking for a cartoon like Tokyo Ghoul? Then Parasyte: The Maxim will be a good cartoon to watch. Wiith a big chunk of the universe (or even just our own world) still unknown to humanity, no one knows for sure if any life-forms, other than the ones we know, really exists out there. Extraterrestrial life or aliens, as we call them, might or might not be there existing for all we care. But, when these so-called aliens come manifesting before us from out-of-the-blue, can we truly say we're ready for them? Parasyte: The Maxim narrates the   read more
report Recommended by Ichigo_Shiba_
If you like Parasyte you'd like Tokyo Ghoul because Tokyo Ghoul was heavily inspired by the old 90s Parasyte manga. They both have a half human half monster protagonist that used to be a wimpy nobody. In addition, they have this dark tone that makes you feel awful about what's happening to the protagonist. The similarities in plot, and characters make it to where if you like one the other will bring you enjoyment.
report Recommended by Carrot_
-Both have powers -However "eats living things if they are bad"
report Recommended by Cheeselord
In this two animes the lead character is a male that undergoes a change in his body (changing into a ghoul/ having a parasyte) and don't really know how to deal with it at the begining. in this two animes there are epic fights and lots of gore.
report Recommended by ChonaCio
Tokyo Ghoul and Parasyte are very similar, because -Both of the main characters are very similar -Both end up as half-breeds -Both parasytes and ghouls eat humans -Both shows are psychological -Both main characters are always freaking out at first but later become strong -Both shows are bloody, dark, and discuss politics
report Recommended by HousekiGirl
The anime deal with similar ideas, a human main protagonist partially turning into a "monster" of some sort, and being denied by the humans and "monsters". They are both fairly gory and have the protagonist facing human and "monster" enemies to try and survive. The anime also deal with alienation and the question of what is considered to be human and what isn't. The ending of Kiseijuu (Parasyte) may have been fairly annoying, however the series is still enjoyable. Overall the concepts are similar and they are both good anime, and have pretty damn good ops. Also be warned that both series are not   read more
report Recommended by ghostaroo
-Both MC are a wimp in the beginning and really change at the end of the series -Both series got an anti-ghoul/parasite team -Both MC are a ''monster'' + got a rare ''mutation'' -Blood + ''dark'' -Same setting? Both stories take place in big cities, etc. -Both MC try to hide their secret? -Both series got another race, besides human --> Ghoul/Parasite OP: Tokyo ghoul is more popular, so if you liked TG check Kiseijuu out, it's really good, some people say it's better than TG xD. I don't really care, myself. I'm happy that there are 2 infested/bio/mutation series, in stead of one :P.
report Recommended by Duatizer
Both feature a male teenage protagonist who starts out as something of a wimp becoming "half-human-half-other" against their will. Both protagonists recognize that they are "the bridge between two species". Both feature something of a power struggle between humans and creatures that prey on humans and are far superior in terms of strength and natural defense mechanisms. Both feature dialogue/internal communication between the 'human half' and 'monster half'. Both feature creatures that look mostly human until they fling their sharp, freaky tentacles all over the place. Kiseijuu is the superior anime in my opinion.
report Recommended by hinekure
Both have leads that have the same powers/abilities as the enemy Both leads become more powerful after being in the verge of death Both are horrifying and creepy Both have enemies that eat humans Both are beautiful done anime with heartwarming scenes
report Recommended by shirogasai12
Both main character became a "monster" ( parasyte or ghoul ) and had a hard time dealing with it. In the end both learn to live with the fact that they aren't just human anymore.
report Recommended by Geert
Both MC in strange way became monsters. Both MC has the girl they want to come back. Both of them become familiar that they are monsters. In both anime mainly monsters eat humans. Monsters have some kind of special weapons.
report Recommended by JustJ0ke
Both anime is about the main characters being changed into a different type of human without them realizing. I guarantee that if you like one of these anime, you will like the other. Both characters got changed into something more than human, both anime shows the story of how these characters cope with their changes. The only difference is that tokyo ghoul is with humans and ghouls while kiseijuu is humans and aliens. To me, kiseijuu is like a complete version of Tokyo ghoul because it is just so similar
report Recommended by a_lover48
-Note : this recommendation only applies to kiseijuu and not visceversa, i do not recommend tokyo ghoul- Ok, so to make it short, parasyte is like tokyo ghoul, but done right. It haves the same premise of "the enemy among us" , similar main character , tactical fights, etc etc.
report Recommended by Noirgyum
Shy guy gets thrust into a world of preternatural danger, questions who & what he is, and finds love/friendship & his own fortitude. TLDR: Young man loses control of body. Feelings occur.
report Recommended by CrowofEcstasy
- The main protagonist in both series gets involved in some supernatural stuff without his consent - They're both bloody and gore - They're both thrilling and have lots of action
report Recommended by Nebee
+ The MCs are forced to deal with non-humans as their partners + The MCs face a life changing experience after some episodes + The non-humans in both series only wish to survive. Their main purpose is not to take over humanity - Tokyo Ghoul has Ghouls, which do not interfere with the person's real self. Parasyte has parasites which take control over the host's body instead of merging with them (Shinichi/Migi duo is a special case)
report Recommended by One
Both are based in a world in which humankind is endangered by another species which feeds on it without being dystopia related i.e the world is not as affected as you would think. The difference is that Kiseijuu focuses on the parasites existential crisis whereas Tokyo Ghoul tries to extract sympathy for the ghouls from your heart.
report Recommended by epiphany220
- Both have tremendously good psychological terror; - The fears and confrontations of both characters are very well explained and developed; - Art design almost flawless; - Amazing soundtrack; - Tear jerking moments; The main reason why I like both of these animes so much is that it makes us think and reflect on what we are. Not only does the plot have a good pace, but also carries a very big emotional punch. Is the human species really good? What is our reason to be alive? Where do we come from? I see myself asking all these questions and bringing them to the real world. We might not know how   read more
report Recommended by NGomes
Both have protagonists who are struggling with their new found powers and also struggling to keep their humanity intact. Action filled and a bit emotional, this is the closest you'll get to experiencing something as parasyte:the maxim.
report Recommended by Johan_Liebert_
kiseijuu can make you cry ike tokyo ghoul can XD and thats not just a little. ^^ it's also similar because in both anime series, the main character turns from wimp to badass :) and they both have monsters in it. so if you liked tokyo ghoul, or kiseijuu, than you should really watch kiseijuu, or tokyo ghoul :)
report Recommended by Tender_Darkness
Parastye and Tokyo ghoul (Hope this helps) If you absolutely adored Toyko ghoul, then you may love Parasyte: Similarities 1) Both heavily evolves around psychological horror 2) Both protagonists are involved or affected by a jeopardized organism due to human acts. 3) Both consist of dense gore 4) Both animes questions and exposes the true revulsion of human society by tracing that of its defects and their nauseating behaviour towards that of an abnormal yet weaker organism. Both series explores that of morality. 5) Both protagonists become more conscious and mentally stronger when they discover the truth behind society by experiencing the life of the organism. 6) Both protagonists are only a half of the   read more
report Recommended by Cinnamon_Pramma
Both series has some similiar,there are : - These series most prioritised to their MC lives.both are accidentally got infected by strange organism where changes their lives,mainly at around their friends who triggered a reason to survival and helps them socials.but,their characteristic is very different while become at their monster mode.if Parasyte MC has good intelligence and strategy-skilled,Tokyo ghoul MC has great desire and violentness. - by the genres,both are shows good action/epic fight,gores,and killings.however the pressings aren't same,Parasyte has most horror and psychological while tokyo ghoul is more the action and shounen. - not only the shows,both also have great soundtracks.
report Recommended by BernardHoover
Both male protagonists learn about their newfound supernatural powers the hard way. Both series contain fights, tragedies and plenty of blood!
report Recommended by darkabolisher
Similarities between the anime is the existence of creatures are eating humans and are parasites and ogres. Both main characters go through a few similar things. The fighting in both series doesn't vary much, with Parasyte being a bit more tactical / realistic, and Tokyo Ghoul being a bit more over-the-top.
report Recommended by Amiiiiine
Both of these series deal with humanity and their fight against some sort of creature (Ghoul or Parasytes), and both are very psychological shows where the MCs go through periods of denial, distress, and struggle to cope with the fact that they are both losing their humanity to another source.
report Recommended by Prezent
If you love Tokyo Ghoul's action fighting between half monsters-half humans, then you will sure enjoy watching Kiseijuu (Parasyte). Parasyte tells you a story about a young man named Shinichi Izumi, who is struggling to find his strength (similar to Ken Kaneki's problem) and how he adapts to living with a monster inside his body.
report Recommended by Eric
Same genre and about extinction of humanity. The MC is also half monster and half human. Which is better? Watch it both. XD But seriously, I just can't compare the two since they have their own uniqueness in displaying the story. But all in all, they're both good.
report Recommended by Kttrinah
They are both about a different species that devours humans and will both make you question your morality in the sense of which side is actually hypocritical. However I would say Kiseijuu does a better job with character development, plot and all in all showing the feeling of the parasites.
report Recommended by Youxia
Kiseijuu and Tokyo Ghoul are similar, as either show makes you think a little bit about humans' role in this world while comparing humans to cattle. Another similar point is the main characters' struggle to maintaining their human concepts.
report Recommended by King_Meruem169
Both are horror/action anime filled to the brine with amazing fights and various moments where you get to decide who's the bad guys and who's not. Whereas Tokyo Ghoul has a more violent and gory premise, Parasyte is much more calm and tries to relfect on the main characters decisions more.
report Recommended by GenericProtag
both have Creatures eat humans and both have the main charter is abnormal
report Recommended by mjas20
Tokyo ghoul is similar to this anime because the main character is a boy who turns into something inhuman. Also I think this anime is worth watching because it doesn't have too many action scenes which is good because an anime with too much action can get extremely boring. It has an interesting story and some of the characters are very unique. I would recommend this anime to anyone you likes action, cool guys and mysteries.
report Recommended by nadz91
Both the series have a protagonist who are forced to co-exist with something they used to dislike. Both the protagonists become tougher after losing someone.
report Recommended by SolitaryObserver
Both of these series have a lot of similarities starting from the MC to the story, they have both wonderful art style and great sound quality.
report Recommended by Raizel
The main character become part of the monster and he protect the dear people for him and he is changing for the sake of survival.
report Recommended by _ZeRG_
You liked the main character development in Tokyo ghoul? You might like parasyte. It also has a lot of good plot and psychological scenes. Gore scene, a little bit explicit, all what you loved in Tokyo ghoul is waiting for you in Parastye : the maxim. Enjoy !
report Recommended by olocip
Both put you in a confusing position, where you have to sympathize with a species that preys on humans and make you face the fact that they are not really different from us.
report Recommended by VladWolfsbane
Recommendations regarding anime like Tokyo Ghoul are many but still I believe that I should add my personal point of view.So,first in our list ,we have Kiseijuu:Sei no Kakuritsu or in english Parasyte:the maxim.I have watched this anime for about a year now and really have to say the best.The battle between being human or parasyte is just amazing.The opening and ending are just amazing and this goes for the soundtracks as well.All the characters are unique,in their own way and the graphics of the show too.I am not going into detail,regarding the plot of the show,but to be similar to tokyo ghoul,you know what   read more
report Recommended by kawainoodledesu
Both Tokyo Ghoul and Parasyte contain a male lead. The protagonist both have their humanity taken away without consent. In Parasyte the story is more about development in friendship with migi and lesser on the fighting, while in Tokyo Ghoul the story focuses on the fighting to keep the character development moving along.
report Recommended by TheNoro
It's about Monsters living under Humans.
report Recommended by Jackstyle
1) Both MC are half human and half ghoul/parasyte 2) Both MC go through psychological changes due to this. 3)Both MC must learn to live with this new ability/ change 4)Both has bloody fighting scenes 5)Both have beings that treat humans like livestock
report Recommended by iSleepy
Mutations, gore, two races battling for Earth. They're practically the same show xD Of course there are some obvious difference but whilst watching them I found that the protagonists were extremely similar. They went from nerdy, soft guys into cold and heartless half-humans. The similarities are almost uncanny. If you enjoyed either of these then make sure you watch the other if you loved that type of anime :)
report Recommended by Izarapaw
They both have very similar messages, just that it's easier to sympathize with ghouls opposed to parasites. Both bring up questions people, in general, dislike bringing up and both have fairly philosophical aspects. They also both have main characters who eventually become stronger. I'd say more but I won't spoil anything lol
report Recommended by Akugitsune328
They are both related to a genre called "body horror", where the protagonists' bodies turns into something else -- in Tokyo Ghoul, a "kagune" sticks out of a ghoul's back; in Kiseijuu, the protagonist's right arm turns into another life form. Both are psychological animes dealing with the protagonists' mental and emotional states as they encounter dangerous situations one after the other due to their body change.
report Recommended by MicasLenny
They both have - monsters of some sort infiltrating society for survival - a male protagonist who is unwillingly drawn into this conflict - TONS of gory action That being said, Parasyte has a more sci-fi horror vibe whereas Tokyo Ghoul has a more dark urban fantasy vibe. While I didn't enjoy these two animes a lot, I can tell that fans of one would like the other.
report Recommended by comiclove
Both involve main protagonist that are changed into something beyond their will that changes how they live their life. IMO Parasyte is better than Tokyo Ghoul, but nonetheless they are both enjoyable.
report Recommended by itsashxo
Both anime have things that hunt and kill humans. And both protagonists gain the power of those beings!
report Recommended by Toxickake
Action shows that are pretty much shonen with some horror elements. The protagonists have to accept that they arent normal ppl anymore. Tokyo ghoul is 12 eps and badly paced. Both pretty entertaining.
report Recommended by Georkele
Shinichi (Parasyte) and Kaneki (Tokyo Ghoul) are very similar characters in that they both start off as weaklings at the beginning of their respective stories. Its not until after they gain their monstrous powers that they change into stoic, aggressive badasses who fight against other monsters in an urban environment. They also both deal with the inner conflict of balancing their human nature with their new monstrous nature (be it parasite or ghoul). Other similar elements between these two series are body-horror and gore, so if you like either series chances are you'll appreciate the other.
report Recommended by Dewelleric
- Both were humans - Both were turned into monsters - both fight to devour others
report Recommended by Majoca
Pretty much the same setting... Monsters living in the city and one of the monsters "fights" the others ^^ Both shows are great by the way :D
report Recommended by DarknessPoulet
Kiseijuu or Parasyte, is similar to Tokyo Ghoul :) They share similar genres among most things like Horror, Action, Seinen, Psychological, etc., you get the idea.
report Recommended by ExuberantEsper
Izumi and Kei are driven into a world of the unknown and must now come to learn of their dark future that lies ahead. They both were taken out of their comfort zone without permission, which led them into a chaotic and bloodthirsty atmosphere where they need to come up with the right solutions to survive. Every direction they head in is full of mystery, as the enemy is always tracking down their every move with the intent to erase them from existence. Strategy, planning, and outmaneuvering their opponents is how the two must survive, otherwise they run a huge risk of being outplayed by   read more
report Recommended by gangstabrainsick
Parasyte: The maxim is about a high school student who gains many different kinds of abilities when an alien parasite tries to take control of his body but fails...the two of them must cooperate with each other to protect themselves from the other parasites who have taken control of their hosts and have become deadly killing machines who try to get rid of this threat towards their species... The main character has to adapt to his new life...where there is danger lurking around at every corner...not only him but his family and friends are also affected.This is a great,action-packed if you liked Tokyo Ghoul you   read more
report Recommended by lolpriyo11
Both characters are half human and half monster. In the case of parasyte, Shinichi is half human and parasyte. While Kaneki is half human and half ghoul. The concept is quite similar because ghouls are being hunted down by humans just like parasytes are being hunted by humans.
report Recommended by Bruce_URKEL
If you enjoyed Tokyo Ghoul then I recommend you to watch Kiseijuu, the protagonist is a male lead as well that has the same problem that went through similar to Tokyo Ghoul also featuring supernatural by the name of 'parasytes' devouring human mankind. Both Have normal humans "suddenly infected" by something of a monster, then their lives around them are drastically changed.
report Recommended by MargieLevi
There are too much similarities: -Both protagonists are infected -Both protagonist are in sadness -Both protagonists are so much powerful -They are trapped inside a dark world -There is gore -AND MORE
report Recommended by Ali_Fuat
The struggle of the mc dealing with his new powers, and how he finally adapts to it.
report Recommended by myuser_id
Characters must hide who they are but this one is better than tokyo ghoul
report Recommended by VilemPlacek
Both MC struggling to cope up being a half human. Eventually both MC will be changing appearance, and get stronger - from weakling to badass. Both show filled with actions and fighting scenes.
report Recommended by woahitsai