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Hololive Alternative
Hololive Alternative
Jul 14, 9:07 PM
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Mushoku Tensei: Isekai Ittara Honki Dasu
Mushoku Tensei: Isekai Ittara Honki Dasu
Jul 12, 7:34 AM
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Hige wo Soru. Soshite Joshikousei wo Hirou.
Hige wo Soru. Soshite Joshikousei wo Hirou.
Jul 7, 3:30 AM
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Shinsetsu Ookami to Koushinryou: Ookami to Youhishi
Shinsetsu Ookami to Koushinryou: Ookami to Youhishi
Jul 5, 12:39 AM
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Choppiri Toshiue demo Kanojo ni Shite Kuremasu ka?
Choppiri Toshiue demo Kanojo ni Shite Kuremasu ka?
Jul 4, 6:13 AM
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BenRyan Jan 13, 8:23 PM
It doesn't matter if it's carton/anime/game, It will encourage rape and some may take it or understand it in wrong way. Like in trump capitol case

No some users as always get out of line and start cursing each others.

BenRyan Jan 13, 8:00 PM
No i wasn't. I am sure we will see more threads like this in future, it's only 1 episode.
This resulted in multiple violations including baiting, and abuse.
well you can't control some users.

be sure to buy popcorn next weeks for some are about to reeee over this

Prankster_001 Mar 28, 2018 9:21 PM
well i'm not going to watch the new episode of Marchen btw i wait for Toji no Miko's 2nd cour instead
Prankster_001 Mar 28, 2018 8:35 PM
well i had to stop watching Marchen Madchen at the 4th episode bcoz i can even predict that the animation of Marchen will be bad bcoz of that i had to continue watching Toji no Miko instead
Prankster_001 Mar 28, 2018 8:01 PM
i did not know that u watching Marchen Madchen and Toji No Miko
Prankster_001 Mar 27, 2018 3:28 PM
temmu Oct 25, 2017 5:35 PM
That was very informative but what I really meant was the modern day Macedonia, founded just 60 years ago which has nothing to do with the great Greek Macedonia. This Macedonia is nothing more than a Soviet created country in an attempt to separate Bulgaria. Originally they planned to split us to 6 different countries but fortunately, the Soviet regime fell down before this could happen. Check the video I sent you about Macedonia, a guide for creating a country from scratch. If you followed what I said the previous time this was just an example to show they have benefit into separating us and thus creating more internal an external conflicts. The same goes now with Catalunya, Syria, and several other countries.

Genocides. This a quite interesting topic. They happen all the time everywhere. 300 mil in America. Okay, that's a lot but in a matter of 80 years, Soviets, Germans, and Americans killed almost 250 mills in Europe alone. Not to mention the numbers in Africa & Asia which alone far top what we have in both of Americas & Europe get together. The point is what you say happen everywhere and don't think native Americans are the only victims or the one that get the most of it. It's true we cannot see much beyond what I have in front of our own eyes but in the grand picture, things are much simpler than they look. If you recall my previous response is all for on purpose, to make us behave, listen to your shepherd. Tbh they do an excellent job. 90 % of people don't see much more than the daily conflicts and thus follow the "flow".

I feel you guys. But the same the genocides people have to be enslaved all over the place and for much longer than you had. For example, All baltic counties were enslaved for mover than 500 years by the Turks. and what they did to us was as horrible as what they did to you. If not even to a greater extent:
The leftovers of the Batak massacre - one of countless others.

The idea is there always to be enemy, suffering, and separation - the key to keeping us on the chain by one and the same guys for several millennia.
temmu Oct 16, 2017 3:46 PM
Couldn't agree less with what you said. Checked The End of Poverty which is an excellent documentary and when I have time I'll try to find the book on which is based.

None of this can surprise me anymore. Here’s why:

Do you know what are the basic principles used to control us? If not let me give you a brief summary. Since ancient times those principles how to control people hasn’t changed just the ways imposing them.

  • Divide & Conquer
    If you ask most people which resource has the highest overall value they’ll probably tell you crude oil, coal, some kind of ores or other raw or processed materials. But in reality, this is us, humans. The one who controls us possesses all of the rest in their palm. But there is one issue. Our power lies when we are unified. And we are unified when we are educated. This is contrary to what they teach us in school – “Survival of the fittest” ‘is’ the law of nature. And they teach us this on purpose. Now you have the reason to think unity is just unreachable ideal that we invented.

    The solution is simple: Offer points of conflict and find a way to keep us uninformed.

    Money is the best tool to achieve this. It gives an easy way for containing resources and introducing class separation. The one controlling the money decides the resource allocation, including intellectual one. The concept of being rich and poor is born. No money means no education. No education means “survival of the fittest”.

    Country division can be accomplished using this tool. Internal and external conflicts now are piece of cake. Ethical, racial, political, class, educational problems have the means to be brought out.

    And this is how you create separation. No unity makes us easy to “conquer”. Let’s check what we obtained so far:
    ✓ Points of Conflict
    ✓ Uninformed

    To see this in action I recommend you to watch “Macedonia - The Last Project of the Comintern”. This is Bulgarian documentary showing how Macedonia was created less than 67 years ago. And how do I know this is legit? As a fellow Bulgarian, when my parents were born this country wasn’t a thing. It’s impressive how in not that distant 1950 a whole country sprung out of nowhere with a new alphabet, culture, and history. I suppose it’s just “coincidence” they look like the Bulgarian ones. Unfortunately only the first quarter is English subbed.

  • Bread and Circuses
    You have a large group of predominantly poor people. How do you keep them happy with you on top? “Give them “food” and entertainment” is what the Romans said. Keep them preoccupied with trivial matter and the illusion of choice.

    What keeps and manipulates their attention changes from time to time. You had religion at first with the mix of points of conflict mentioned above. Nowadays with the advancement of technology, the role of religion was replaced by media. By introducing more points of conflict you both keep people poor & thus restricts their access to education and feed their need for “entertainment”. Uneducated means easy manipulation by media. What if you control both media and education…?

    Freedom of choice. You think you have any? To see the power of the illusionary free choice and how is used check this 2 videos:

  • Fear
    When are people most vulnerable? When they fear something. Give them a reason to fear and that they’ll start playing your game. What do we have in most recent times? Terrorists. What happens when people fear terrorist? They give more power to their government so that it can protect them. By taking their right voluntarily they feel more “secure”. But what’s the catch? The same guys that protect you from those terrorists actually sponsor them.

Do you feel that something is missing? Of course, this is just a small piece of the grand picture. You should be a fool to think anything in this world happens without reason. When people don’t see the connection between things they call it randomness. But what randomness really means is just lack of information to tie the parts. If you have no clue what I’m talking about check pseudo-random numbers.

In a recap your people and my people we both suffer. We’ll continue to suffer in a different way for different reasons imposed on us in order to satisfy someone else’s ambitions. I’m in process of writing a blog so that I can go in depth explain this whole mess and back it up with a huge amount of data that I gathered so far. I’m trying to be as close as possible to that not so obvious realty but you should always take what I say with a grain of salt and do your own research. After all, we are all biased no matter how much we claim we are objective due to what & how we think is a result of our unique experiences.
temmu Oct 13, 2017 7:22 PM
This was deeper than expected. Had that feeling I'm gonna be wrong. But fully agree with what you said. The history is and always was written by the winners and this is no exception. Have a taste of what you mean. After all, I'm from the Baltic peninsula and there isn't a place that has changed more ruler and ethnic groups than this. And sadly the history repeats over and over just as if we evolve backwards.

Anyway, it's pleasure meeting a real American.
temmu Oct 13, 2017 6:08 PM
Ok, now that makes tons of sense. Simply put this is Kino's revenge. And a well-executed one. Just rewatched the entrance dialogue and it's fairly obvious that the revenge was planned from that point on. Although it feels like there was some additional motive to it. Thanks ^_^

You seem to be quite an artist. You've got some cool stuff on pixiv. By any chance, you're Chinese or of Chinese origin. Or am I terribly wrong?
temmu Oct 13, 2017 4:49 PM
Hey. Just stumbled upon your comment in Kino's 2nd ep thread in an attempt to make sense of Kino's motivation behind her ruling. I'm not really sure that I got what you mean by this:
It was all set when Kino found out the rules, backstory and the condition of stray bullets as he get rid of the King then as victor proceeded to do what he said to the crowd in order to be the next ruler. Everybody there got what they had before (just without a King now) which was chaos but only on a much larger scale and a big prize to participate in just as they enjoyed watching others kill people for sports now they get to do it to one another.

Kino got the worst of it if no one can believe that by his reaction at the lake.

Do you mind explaining it with a little bit more detail?

Btw this might be as close as a complete answer I found so far.
Kino's reason for killing the king and making up that law, as spelled out in the novels:

“Without a king,” Kino told them, “this land will have no order! So I will decide the new king! Here is my law:
starting now, you will compete to decide the next ruler! Let any adult citizen who wishes to take the throne come forward and do battle for it. The last one left standing will be king or queen! Those of you who will not fight must leave this city and forfeit your rights of citizenship! This is now law!”

For a second, the coliseum fell totally silent as the crowd worked through the logic of Kino’s Law. A few were quick to realize that if everyone fought to the death, there would eventually be a king or queen with no subjects but children, the aged, and the infirm. And were everyone to choose not to fight, again, there would be a ruler without a kingdom. And among those few, some came to the conclusion that their city would remain intact only if they did not fight to the death.

They left out a very important component of the rule that made it logichole-free in the novels : Those who do not want to fight should leave. Now in this version, there is only one reason Kino could have made up such an apparent cruel rule : revenge (which was substantiated in a later scene in the episode)

Playcool Jul 9, 2016 6:22 AM
I did liked the art enough, cute art always manages to call for my attention, as long it isnt "cute" yaoi.

Before getting into kanji, need to remenber kana again, been 1-2 months since I last stopped. I use anki for that matter, so in just a few days I will get around with it.
For Kanji I need to readf RAW, and I still have Umineko for finishing it, at the beggining of episode 5 too, since july last year (work got in the way at the time). I will just manage some backlog anime and then I will get back to umineko, eager to see batler and beatrice bickering.
Playcool Jul 7, 2016 12:40 PM
Yes Eustia, with only one route translated and all the rest still to translate, I dont play VNs half translated, I m not crazy enough, not without some proper knownledge to read RAW VNs.

I will go with what my friends told me, those I choosen and they said it werent bad VNs for starting to learn, I trust them after all, they said between all the VNs they had readed these were some of the best to reccomend, I dont care about length for starts, the first VN I completed was Rewrite, took around 140 hours, loved.
I m not scared by length. I want VNs that I m interesting playing ASAP, that have kanji that will be usefull for the future, kanji that will appear alot more than other rarer kanjis that stuff like White Album 2 or that Murasama are full of.
Eustia, Dracuriot and Angel Beats are VNs I m interested in so trust me when I say I would prefer play and try to learn from them, because I have genuine interest in what is being said, that a short VN that I have not even heard about.
Angel Beats First Beat is around 10-15 hours, so I see it as the perfect pick, and being Angel Beats one of my favorite anime, I m all the more interested to see what they created here.
Might me a good one to add to the list, have you readed it?
Playcool Jul 6, 2016 2:01 PM
Eustia isnt translated, same for Angel Beats First Beat (which isnt very long), and Dracuriot still has Mio route in translation/edition.

The think is you cant just do it like that.Your first RAW visuals novels have to be easier to read, with the kanji needed so you can built up your basic vocab. There is no nonsense in going for harder kanji, that you will rarely use, and forgetting the bases.
These 3 I mentionated are reccomended just for that reason. Baldr Sky is also said to be a good point of entry, but it is getting an official release so...
Playcool Jul 5, 2016 3:39 PM
I actually have already choosen Angel Beats, Eustia and Dracoriot as my firsts. Told about it to some friends that are also learning and they said it were good choices.

I didnt knew that one was also for learning japanese, gonna add it to my wishlist.

Dude it is listed on MAL, the After that is. While the author was dying he wrote this one.