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Shinmai Maou no Testament
Shinmai Maou no Testament
Sep 25, 2:18 PM
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Made in Abyss
Made in Abyss
Sep 25, 1:53 PM
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Sep 13, 3:20 PM
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Jan 29, 4:52 PM
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Hunter x Hunter
Hunter x Hunter
Jan 29, 4:52 PM
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Prison School
Prison School
Jan 29, 4:51 PM
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TONYBoii Oct 12, 6:27 AM
these hoes aint loyal 👌
Bambi Sep 1, 7:28 AM
i like your avatar pic almost as much as u probably like frog legs.
Illuminatli Aug 26, 9:47 AM
Hey, I see you've been talking about Horror movies with EmilioX.
PLEASE; do you have any good recommendations? I have seen so many horror movies that I'm not finding good stuff anymore these days.
EmilioX May 11, 10:21 AM
Haha true, sometimes it can be relaxing to watch something with easy or no stories. Sometimes when I have busy school periods I love to watch anime's that are so easy with almost no story, to give your mind some rest. ^^
EmilioX May 11, 5:35 AM
I don't think you are strange, you are just you ^^
There are enough 'normal' people on the word, I like people that dare to step out of that 'normal' image.

I guess I can relate a bit, after watching so many horror movies, things don't scare me anymore. Maybe a really good time jumpscare, can scary me for a seconds, but that's it. The things with most gore movies is that there is almost no story. I mean most horror movies already don't have good stories. Maybe I just seen a few really bad gore movies and there are better ones. ^^
EmilioX Apr 30, 9:34 AM
Wow, you are right about the Human Centipede, I didn't even know. :o
I haven't seen it, because it's gore horror and I don't really like that kind of horror. Those things don't scare me.
I like horror like Annabelle or more psychological horror. Thanks for the recommendations, will check them out ^^

Yeah it think most people that like FIFA are soccer fans. Overwatch is pretty fun, even though I don't play competitive, just for fun. :)
27_Seconds Apr 28, 11:26 AM
Awesome profile picture
EmilioX Apr 25, 4:07 PM
Yeah March-april sounds really nice, I wish I could go during that period, problem being I don't have more then a week off from college during spring. And I can't miss a whole week. >_<. So I need to go during summer or winterbreak or wait till I'm done with school. It's gonna take at least 2 years.

Sounds interesting I'll look into some French horror movies, the Netherlands also has some horror movies, but they are really really bad. I also like the Asian horror movies like the Grudge, I might also look into those more. It's just the last 5 horror movies I've seen all where really bad.

I play a lot of Fifa and Overwatch lately. Beside that I also have 100+ game I want to finish/play, I just either stop playing them at some point or just don't really start playing them. I might try some different games during my vacation next week. ^^

You may, I'm currently 23 years old.
EmilioX Apr 25, 1:21 PM
Yeah I wanted to do an internship there, unfortunate I wasn't able to, because it's really expensive and doesn't offer enough certainty of a good place. I think the way they work over there is very interesting, because it's so different from our way. I do have to agree with you working under the pressure they have there doesn't seem very nice.

I feel like I've seen all the good ones and they aren't making to many good ones anymore. Yeah the lawn mower scene that was was legendary and gave me a good jumpscare. ^^

what games do you play?
EmilioX Apr 25, 12:37 AM
Nice, I also am thinking of going to Japan next year. I really would love to go there, it seems like such a beautiful country.

Well lately I'm not watching a lot of horror anymore, actually I'm not watching a lot of movies a all. I spend my watching time on anime. Before I started to really watch anime, I also really liked horror movies, even though after seeing a few they where rarely scaring me anymore. I've also seen a few pretty good one in the cinema, that is a really nice experience, with the loud sounds ^^

My favorite has to be Sinister, I really like the idea behind it. :)
SamHandwich Apr 23, 7:21 PM
Nice profile pic.
EmilioX Apr 23, 4:16 PM
Right now I remember, you told in your introduction topic that you where originally from Germany :o
That changes a lot, Ich kan ein bisschen Deutsch sprachen ^^
I had German language during high school, wasn't really good at it though, like English a lot more.

Yeah Netherlands is pretty famous for the weed and hookers in Amsterdam, but if one ever goes there there is something one should do. Making a boat ride trough the canals, it looks so pretty and nice all those canal trough the city.

You mentioned that you really liked Horror movies in your introduction topic, what is your favorite? :o
EmilioX Apr 23, 2:22 PM
Haha you are a lot like me in anime/manga behavior ^^
I also am not a great reader even though I still want to try it, I'm planning on reading Sankarea as soon as I find motivation.
As for anime always one at the time, next probably be Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae...
For someone that used to only watch one anime at a time, you indeed went all out :D

How do you like Fruits Basket? I have my eye on that one, for as soon as it is fully released.

Life here is pretty relaxing, like always. Not much big things happening.
I see you are from France, terrible what happend with the Notre Dame, I been to Paris 3 times now, but never been inside.
It was always so crowded there. How is life in France? I've been there a dozen times on vacation, really pretty land off to the south.
I would have been really surprised if you could speak Dutch ^^
Over here a lot op people get French language at school, but I didn't, so my French is not much more that Bonjour, je m'appelle and au reviour XD
EmilioX Apr 23, 10:03 AM
Good to hear, I'm also doing fine thanks for asking ^^

Yeah m2, so many nice people to talk too.

What anime/manga are you currently working on?