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GoldenSaltPillar Jun 12, 12:10 PM
I mean, she looks good and attractive already, I don't have any issue with that, but I just don't like when politics get their hands on videogames and change the original vision/design of an already existing character in fears of/because it hurts a specific demography of people who, for the most part, don't actually play videogames and are a minority.

Ironically, while SJW are trying to make you think that female's breats size that big or "exposed" is perverted/making women to look like sexual objects or whatever, what they're actually doing is just shaming girls with big breasts and being close/simple minded about the whole deal and even borderline jealousy at time, as if imaginary girls in a game are threat to them, which is absolutely ridiculous.
ManiTaku94 May 27, 3:15 PM
Meh I still don't like Minato at all, he shies away from his temptation as well as he's also just a useless character, he's very weak and bland for the most part, and doesn't want anybody to fight and so on. Which that's cool and all but he literally needs to grow some fucking nuts tbh as well as the series here isn't Attack on Titan tbh.... So as I said, it's not perfect but I still love it for my own self and my own tastes.

I generally can't stand main characters who shy away from the women around them, being scared of them and so on and be like "NO BOOBIES!" so tired of that anime cliche tbh.... I'd rather the MC be perverted around them, like Akatsuki Ousawa, or Tomoki Sakurai, or Arata Kasuga, or Issei Hyoudou.
ManiTaku94 May 27, 1:22 AM
It's not perfect as a series, in fact far from it tbh (Minato is a fucking wimp tbh, we need Akatsuki instead lol).. But nonetheless, I still like this series alot though!
ManiTaku94 May 27, 1:20 AM
I like Kazehana and Musubi, but Tsukiumi wins in my book tbh. Partly because her negative personality at times remind me of myself despite that she's more emotional than me tbh. As well as I find her very beautiful and very attractive tbh. Long blond hair, blue eyes, big titties, balance between Renaissance style and skimpy sexy (or even naked B^D ), etc.
traed May 19, 10:10 PM
Yeah I guess I used weird wording.
OliviaEast May 5, 8:20 AM
Ahhh I'm so mad! I wrote a whole response to you yesterday, and it somehow just disappeared after I hit "Submit"!! Grrrr.

Anyway *breathes*. I totally agree with all the scenes you pointed out! "The Power of Taboo" is an amazing episode (Kurama is my favorite character and watching him flaunt his intellect is EVERYTHING), and I also liked the scenes in the hospital with the crazy doctor! There's still a ton of greatness, but I think what turns me off is Sensui and his seven personalities. It was a great twist, but for me, the fight scene in the cave went on forever (I think it's five episodes long). And I'm not saying I hated it, it just wasn't my favorite. Although, Kurama trapping the Elder Toguro in the Tree of Depravity was such a badass moment leading into those five episodes, the residual amp I had from that helped me get through!

I'm not watching anything right now. That's why I like to come on here and just keep up with what's going on. Between working full-time and using all my free time to work on this book publishing situation, I just can't watch anime right now like I'd like to. What are you watching? Anything great? I trust your taste since you're a big YYH fan. :)
ManicMayo May 2, 11:39 AM
Sorry for the late reply! I don't really come on here that often.

I'm really fine with anybody but Cersei being on the throne at the end, to be honest. Anybody with any sort of claim would make a better ruler than her at this point. Admittedly I do lean more towards Dany or Jon, since it would be restoring the house that founded the Seven Kingdoms to its throne. Considering usurping kingship is not lawful, they have the more 'legitimate' claim. Then again, I actually wouldn't mind Gendry becoming king. He is the 'true' heir (forgetting the fact he is a bastard, though, there is a theory he is a trueborn son of Cersei) to King Robert and the last known member of House Baratheon. Him ascending to the throne would also be rather satisfying as the War of the Five Kings would ultimately conclude with a son actually born of Robert's seed, bastard or not, becoming king. Alongside this, if he were to marry Arya, the promise Ned and Robert made to wed a Baratheon prince/king with a Stark daughter would also be fulfilled. Either scenario would satisfy me in its own way though, as I said, I like the return to legitimacy a Targaryen monarch would represent. Someone outside these families, like Tyrion or something, becoming king also wouldn't bother me to much so long as they are better than Cersei!

Yeah, my style of writing and comedic delivery is very much influenced by the likes of Blackadder, which is a very dry humour and relies quite a lot on similes.

While I do hate to admit it, a part of me does enjoy the fact I don't work, even if it hasn't ever really been by choice. Seeing what it can do to people's mental and physical health, it really does make me question whether or not my life would be any better if I could actually go out and get a job. Then again, I suppose it entirely depends upon what sort of work you do. I'm sure there are many forms of employment I would find incredibly enjoyable. If I could find something to do from home, where I can set my own hours and regulate my interaction with people, I could probably cope whereas, as you said, I think I'd go insane if I had to spend all day dealing with co-workers I couldn't give a toss about.

No apologies necessary for the exposition. As you say, I litter my profile with my own so I'm perfectly happy reading somebody elses!
youseiki May 1, 6:09 PM
Yeah, Teen Titans, Cyborg(Raven is still the best) was really cool, though I've only watch few episodes of it, and it was decades ago.
MrAwesome2018 May 1, 8:56 AM
True that.
MrAwesome2018 Apr 30, 2:36 PM
Likewise, my man. And yes i do! I've played ALOT of SoniComi and Nitroplus Blasterz.
youseiki Apr 30, 4:48 AM
SamHandwich said:

If you had to choose between one of those, or a platonic friend robot based off Cyborg from TT that says BOOYA! which would you choose?

If only I lived in America with an easy access to TT, then probably I would choose him, but I've witness such a perfect robot perfect for degenerates that I can't get off her out of my mind, so I'll choose that girl over him.

I'm replying here so that I won't revive the supposedly dead thread
OliviaEast Apr 28, 11:42 PM
Yeeeess!!! The Dark Tournament is EVERYTHING! I liked Jin too! But I also really liked Chu (the drunken guy with the Mohawk)! And you know who else I actually loved, Karasu! He was so creepy and mysterious. I like a solid, well-designed bad guy. The dude who was the manager of Team Togoro was also pretty great as a character. So many interesting developments. It was fight after fight, but it NEVER felt boring. So impressive. I think Dark Tournament and Three Kings (I think it's called--the last chapter) are my favorites. I like Chapter Black but it stresses me out a little. Sensui and all his personalities was over the top. Sorry, I could gush about YYH all day!

And thank you! I've never been about yaoi either! That's why I decided to write one that I would actually like! ha! My friends IRL have read it and really like it, so hopefully there are others like us who will, too. I appreciate the encouragement!
-Shinzo Apr 26, 12:46 PM
THEY can't skip anything definitely.

It would be a DREAM come true if they reboot the series and completely cover everything up to chapter 383, with an anime original epilogue.
ManicMayo Apr 24, 2:51 PM
I can see the resemblance, but it's actually Robb Stark (portrayed by the talented Richard Madden) from Game of Thrones.