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Mobile Suit Gundam II: Soldiers of Sorrow
Mobile Suit Gundam II: Soldiers of Sorrow
Yesterday, 3:29 PM
Completed 1/1 · Scored 8
Mobile Suit Gundam I
Mobile Suit Gundam I
Yesterday, 1:08 AM
Completed 1/1 · Scored 8
Vampire Hunter D (2000)
Vampire Hunter D (2000)
Oct 22, 7:08 PM
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Ballroom e Youkoso
Ballroom e Youkoso
9 hours ago
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9 hours ago
Plan to Read · Scored -
9 hours ago
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Ilikediffgenres Oct 2, 3:32 AM
hey, nice profile :)

good to see jojo, psycho-pass and dragon ball in your fav anime :)

I still gotta watch some of your favs but ill get to them eventually for sure

you got good fav characters aswell

I hope you are doing good,
greetings from Germany :)
Masshiroi Sep 30, 10:01 AM
Hi, the summer is over already and sadly covid is back again :( from tomorrow we again must wear masks outside and I guess that people will be crazy about buying groceries again. Luckily, we at least manage to travel to some close destinations, went to visit parents-in-law and my sister living 90km away from me. Kid is still in a stroller, although she was 1y old a week ago :) I made some healthy cake and photos, also some relatives came, it was nice. I know what you mean, there is a part in development when they discover depth and gravity, and that´s why they keep throwing away everything. Toys are fine, though, imagine being thrown a bowl with food in your face, haha!
Sadly I don´t have time for anime, but I managed to read manga again. I am reading now Demon Slayer (classic shonen such as Naruto etc.), Drifting classroom (older story about a school being transported to the future), started Dorohedoro (should be some dark seinen, looking forward to it) and gulped down Homunculus. This one was absolute masterpiece, with the art starting and the story and characters ending, it was just great. If you are into dark seinen psychological stuff, you should def check it out.
Take care, too!
mill444y Sep 6, 7:22 PM
Ty for accepting (^_<)~☆
Masshiroi Jul 31, 3:00 AM
Hi! It´s absolutely okay, I took a break for almost 2months, too.
Oh, I sure will! In fact, in my country anime is really not so popular. 90% of people don´t know what it is, and the rest think that I watch Pokemon all the time. :D I know that many child animes are supercute, like about cats, or Bananya, or such. Compared to what a child can see on TV commonly, this still seems a safer choice for me..
Oh yeah.. it is hard. Now she is starting to walk, so far by the furniture and I guess in a month she will be running all over the apartment. What I really lack is some company when we are outside. She is very social and loves people, kids, animals, but I don´t have a friend for a stroller-walking. I try to find someone so wish me luck :)
I would really love to see a volcano one day. Here there are very few, and none active. But only smaller hills. Nothing like Etna in Sicily or such.
The weather here is really hot right now, I would change with you any day :) but at least we can travel abroad Slovakia. So far, I have only been with my husband's family for 2 days and then with my sis for 2 days. Travelling with a stroller by train turned out to be quite a challenge, so I must carefully think about the next trip...
I guess that´s all from me now. Take care and your family, too!
EvilEyp Jul 15, 9:27 PM
it has been fixed
Masshiroi Jun 17, 8:43 AM
Well, good and bad at the same time. It is my first baby, so many things are still difficult for me, I need to learn so much. To explain this, I never had any experience with childrens, nor in my family or with my friends. The older she gets (8,5months now), the better it is, luckily. Now she can play with toys for some time and I get to do some chores or cook a lunch, but all in all she is a baby who needs constant attention and cries a lot. Now the lockdown is over, the life is back in normal for now.
Nature here is very variable, from rocky mountains on the north of the country to lots of lakes and mild forest in the rest of the country. I live mostly on flatland, just one bigger hill is atop the city. Not a fan of hiking myself. My city has around 80 000 inhabitants, so not exactly a village, how about you? And one more interesting, we have really a lot of caves and castles here, probably the most from middle Europe.
Windsor was nice, I hope I will get back sometimes, London sure change after all those years. I would love to see more of London, we went by bus like 3 days to UK, been 2 days in London and then 3 days back. Crazy!! Now I would go by plane, of course, but it was interesting to go by traject over La Manch :)) A friend of mine recently showed me photos from Island (she works there) and those sceneries were beautiful.
What would you like to see in JP? Tokyo, or less famous cities? For me, anything would be fine :)
Masshiroi Jun 2, 6:52 AM
Oh really?? Yay! It must be awesome to see it with your own eyes :) Sorry about your friend though. You know I completely forgot you have winter now? Here it is spring, still colder wind etc but the sun is already strong enough. Around 20°C. Did you finish Uzumaki already? And Yasha? Not to worry about late responses, I have a few months old baby girl so time is really flowing differently for me now.
There are numerous places in Slovakia I could recommend to you if you ever decided to visit :)) I love history too, but nature is No.1 for me (I am a biologist). Coming from the middle of continent, my ideal vacations are by sea/ocean/islands etc. I have been in the UK too, but only London, Greenwich and Windsor and it was 12y ago, so my memories are a bit fuzzy now. I would love to visit France, too, and also Japan someday... (need a lot of money for it though)
SpeedRoidGenm May 20, 12:37 AM
Late replay because of my self being busy with real life. I'm close to starting my adulthood years and needed stuff to prepare

Thanks mate I'll keep that in mind.
Mokkoriman May 19, 8:19 AM
Thank you, and you happy birthday
mushroomcloud May 17, 5:04 PM
Happy birthday!
SpeedRoidGenm May 17, 8:24 AM
Thanks man!

Just had hard times getting a job because nobody wishes to hire me and i got lots of potential to unleash.

Nice Guts profile from Berserk btw! <3
TrueRandomGamer May 17, 6:18 AM
Happy birthday!
LaplaceLuke May 17, 3:10 AM
Happy Birthday
SpeedRoidGenm May 17, 1:18 AM
Happy Birthday and congrats on turning 22 this year! <3
Masshiroi May 12, 3:40 AM
Oh Tomie is great, although a bit repetitive after few chapters. His masterpiece Uzumaki should get anime adaptation someday but with this corona situation.. everything is unsure. I heard that even Boruto stopped being produced and the story just started to get interesting :/
The worst is over here, thankfully, we are allowed to go outside now, also with friends and family, but you have to wear a mask but everyone is ignoring it already lol. I mean it is impossible to eat or drink with it and summer is coming, people want to eat icecream etc etc.
I would so love to see NZ someday, especially places where LOTR was made and hobbit houses :))