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One Punch Man 2nd Season
One Punch Man 2nd Season
May 14, 11:55 AM
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Kishibe Rohan wa Ugokanai
Kishibe Rohan wa Ugokanai
May 14, 11:55 AM
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May 14, 4:38 AM
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No Game No Life
No Game No Life
May 13, 11:57 AM
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Petshop of Horrors
Petshop of Horrors
May 13, 11:57 AM
Reading 22/41 · Scored 10
May 13, 11:56 AM
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wakame-sama Mar 29, 11:20 AM
Hey! You're welcome ^.^ I'm so glad you're enjoying part 4 so much!! Who's your favorite character so far in this part? and Did you reach ep 20 already?? o.o Btw I've been sick dring this last week, but I'll reply to you asap!
wakame-sama Mar 15, 9:13 AM

Hello! :D Many friends on here have told me they're facing the same problem as well. In my case I always have the MAL page open so I check the notifications directly on here. OMG for three weeks! o.o How're you feeling now tho?? I read this message some weeks ago and decided to wait a while to not put any pressure on you with my long texts while you were sick >< I want to see The Big bang theory so bad lol but as always I don't have much time for long series, hopefully one day xD In the case of Dororo, since ep 6 things have gotten lighter. I don't remember any extremely violent event happening since ep 5. Ep 9 was sad tho, cause it's basically about Dororo's past, but it was a really nice episode. They're finally focusing more on Hyakkimaru's brother and father, can't wait until he knows the truth o.o Yakusoku's doing a nce job, I only disliked that they are ignoring most of the inner thoughts of the characters and some important flashbacks like when Ray faced Isabella after realizing the truth. Also, Idk what to think about Krone's doll tbh xD I only dropped Domestic Kanojo (not worth my time for now) and put The Rising Shield Hero on hold.
In which part of JoJo are you? I finished part 4 like three weeks ago, but I'll wait a while before I continue with part 5. Part 4 was so amazing!! It has one of the best villains ever :') I agree part 1 was too short, but I highly enjoyed it tbh. I was expecting something terrible, since many told me it was bad xD Part 2 is my favorite as well, and part 4 is pretty close. If it wasn't for the 20 eps I had to witness before the villain was presented, it would've become my favorite one :3 Have you seen Gintama? The main character (Gintoki) reminds me of Joseph, damn they even share the same voice actor! ANd they're personalities are quite similar, only that Gin chan's past hides a lot of tragedy and solitude compared to Joseph's. LMAO another person who agrees with the Hamon part. It was a cool way to explain how power was obtained, but then stands started to appear and it became unsatisfying for me. In part 4 I enjoyed everything related with stands and such a lot more than in part 3. No please xD Don't skip part 4, it's so good to be ignored lol
Every single OP in JoJo's have so many hidden details! I have to pause it many times to fully appreciate them, and it was really fun to find something new every time! My favorite one is the first, but Bloody Stream was also really good. In general, I liked each of them. I still need to check out the one for Part 5 tho. LMAO true, I was like wtf!!! I must train my ear xD I'll definitely check the video when I've time, thanks for sharing it!
You're so lucky! European countries seem so beautiful, I'd specially love to visit France, Spain, Ireland and Italy :3 That's so nice! The fact that you can travel with your loved one and that also your job offers you the opportunity to travel is amazing! I'm sure you'll be able to do it again soon :) Wow a pant biotechnologist, that sounds fascinating! I was supposed to complete a BD in Biotechnology but then realized that it wasn't for me lol, but I like to read related stuff from time to time and most of the articles include findings related with plants.
wakame-sama Feb 6, 12:01 PM
Hello! Sorry if I'm bothering you with such long texts xD and thanks for replying to practically everything :) Omg we like and hate the same clases o.o It does sound like something difficult! I suppose that the research part must be really complicated. Do you integrate biotechnology in your work? I started my BA in Biotechnology but realized that it wasn't for me and changed to biomedical sciences.
I read about Czechoslovakia before, but didn't know that they're now separated countries o.o I also knew about it thanks to the Miss Universe contests xD In the case of Puerto Rico something similar happens. only a few know about it (it's such a small island), thankfully our athletes and singers have helped to promote the existence of our country xD

OMG did you watch ep 5 of Dororo? It's getting better and better. LMAO I also believed at first that they were demons in disquise, but when I noticed they had the code and realized they were also raised by the same methods o.o Yeah Sister Krone was creepy asf, they showed her behaviour accurately in the anime as well. Overall is a good adaptation, if it only had more eps it'd be perfect! How's Boogiebop wa waranai? I was interested in it but the score made me regret xD
Adult Sing! I must read it then <3

Jojo's really fun to watch, I haven't read the manga hbu? My favorite part so far is definitely part 2, Joseph was amazing there and Ceasar's death is the most emotional one I've seen so far in the series. part 1 was also fun thanks to Dio xD I'm not a huge fan of Jonathan tho, I liked him but he's the typical righteous MC which wasn't that exciting to me. I disliked the First half of part III tbh, for me it felt like a stand of the week series which wasn't good to my eyes xD However second half was quite good since it focused more in the story and the purpose the characters had since the beginning. I'm currently on part 4 ep 15, so far it has been fun but nothing special. But I heard that a new villain will appear and that he's really interesting, so I'm hyped because of that xD

I agree, the lesbian scenes in the movie were unnecessary, I did like the message of how an obsession can lead ou to self destruction tho. LMAO Red Dwarf sounds really fun. I will watch some eps in the future :D For now I will focus in Vikings since I downloaded 4 seasons already.

I was planning to read the manga of BF soon, but I'm not emotionally ready rn...too much sadness to bear as you said :'( I even downloaded the first volumes but will wait a bit more. I'm planning to read Garden of Light soon tho. Yeah, hopefully it's included in the Blueray edition. This part's really important to close the story, I real, really hope they animate it asap ><

Thanks!! I will definitely check it out in the future, since I feel that I might get some additional answers :D Plus it's a story I would like to relive. Wow! Those are really interesting facts that weren't clarified in the anime, it's also great to hear that they built up their relationship more in the novel since in the series it felt kinda rushed >< It makes me glad that my theory about unwanted teen pregnancies was partially right xD Seriously, this anime deserves more attention. Many people ignore it because of the homo scenes (like I did before) and it's a shame since it's such a rich story that deserves to be widely known. I think I'll watch Monster now to have my dose of psychological anime :D I also downloaded Haibane Renmei but the first eps are kinda boring, so I didn't continue it.
It must have been a relief for you to be able to continue with your duties at home xD You're welcome and thanks for your motivating words! I won't lose my hopes :D That's great! Have you been in other countries?
sepid_96 Feb 2, 3:11 PM
hi :D

how are you?

i hope that you're doing okay, i was wondering about if you're doing okay :)
wakame-sama Jan 28, 8:49 AM
Telepathy detected xD Our minds are somehow connected when we're oing to reply each other!! True, his death is the saddest one I've seen in JoJo so far :'( He and Joseph made a great pair, they complemented each other perfectly. He made part 2 of JoJo even better!
wakame-sama Jan 27, 10:22 AM
I see my babe Joseph with my beautiful Ceasar in your profile *cries*
sepid_96 Jan 27, 9:52 AM
i really hope they give us a season two :( i wanna see that cute baby animated too *~*
i think the manga is actually still popular because i see its cover in top 50 manga list in japan from time to time :)
sepid_96 Jan 27, 9:47 AM
good then :D i was worried if it bothered you :D

the second one i added to my watching list and i watched one episode of it it seems interesting :D

but the first one is all girls,shoujo :D i'm not a fan of all girls anime series in total but if the story is really interesting i will watch it :)

so winter 2019 anime series are all good i guess :D i am loving rising of the shield hero the most and after that promised neverland and dororo are really interesting :D these 3 actually reached into my favorite anime list of all time :D good new anime series are hard to find these days and i was surprised to see these :D :)))

sepid_96 Jan 27, 9:36 AM
omg i loved this anime so much :D

and yes i am reading its manga tbh :D i want a season two for sure :)
Spyros_Kran Jan 27, 8:11 AM
I see btw that you started Haruka no Machi, tell me your opinion on it once you finish ^_^
Attackonfiller Jan 25, 9:35 AM
Yeh that's also why I joined mal. It also makes it easier to pick up something new when you're watching or reading multiple things.
Attackonfiller Jan 23, 5:22 AM
I guess it's different for everyone, I'd have about five more different manga I'd be reading right now if I wasn't waiting for the adaptation lol
Attackonfiller Jan 23, 4:32 AM
I'm also looking forward to OPM S2 ^^ I've had to keep myself from reading the manga cause it's so hard to wait for it xD
Attackonfiller Jan 21, 8:00 AM
I tend not to watch seasonals cause it's nice to watch stuff at my own pace. I'm pretty tempted to pick up something this season though cause it looks like there's a lot of good ones ^^
sepid_96 Jan 20, 4:47 PM
Hi :) i hope you're doing okay...i'm fine thanks,my mother went on a trip with her friends and suddenly i am the mom because i'm the oldest one that was the reason of my absence :D

omg so summers are pretty long there :D iran have different kinds of weather in every state of it...we live in the weather is dry most of the time and because of it our summers are so hot like 40°C and our winters are so cold..its 2 a.m right now and the weather here is -8°C :D
north is like london....rain is not playing well with people :D

your wedding was on september?it was a good choice :D TRUMP... :|||||||||

there is this village near our city which has the hottest summers in our 50°C or smth :|

unfortunately here some families think that if people marry young they can control them and they will have a good life with each other but it is unfair mom always tell me to marry whenever you want but i can see people looking at me and teasing...i actually have two friends who have kids...they always tell me to look at them,both of them were married by arranged marriages iran some people really care about religions and stuff like that...i am a shia but i don't believe in many things that others says about god or how to get married or etc...both of my friends...their families believed in that nonsense of marring someone young is better or whatever so they did :) kids :|||| i am a kid myself how can i raise one...its a nightmare lol :D

i know about other countries...our country is the same...people can't afford marring other people...they are busy living themselves :/

it is actually quit interesting to talk to you about these stuff :))) if you don't wanna hear about them just let me know okay? i'm sorry if i bothered you with these stuff :(

YES...i love the rising of the shield is really interesting so far i loved it...i actually couldn't believe that i can love an anime with only two episodes these days :D

i'm watching dororo and mob psycho s2 and promised neverland too...all three are very good indeed ;D Asuka and Boogiebop??what are they about?