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JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken Part 6: Stone Ocean
JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken Part 6: Stone Ocean
12 hours ago
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Kara no Kyoukai 5: Mujun Rasen
Kara no Kyoukai 5: Mujun Rasen
Nov 30, 11:04 PM
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Nov 26, 12:55 PM
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Nov 16, 12:35 PM
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Fumetsu no Anata e
Fumetsu no Anata e
Nov 16, 12:35 PM
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One Punch-Man
One Punch-Man
Nov 16, 12:35 PM
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wakame-sama 9 minutes ago
Hello! Hope you´re doing well. I won´t watch the 7 eps that cover the Mugen Ressha arc, but I´m looking forward to watching season 2 which starts this week! Thank you :) It took me a while to learn how to change the wallpapers, I´m planning to change mine soon again but I haven´t decided yet which character will I choose xD Yours look really nice! You did a really good job, love the Muichiro pic you picked. I recently did some research about serial killers and it´s really interesting to read that most of them are born with the instinct to kill and hurt people. And depending on the way they´re raised, the principles their parents teach them and how much affection they receive that instinct can be controlled. But it´s very terrifying indeed!
I loooved Fumetsu. I haven´t watched the new season of AoT yet, but I need to catch up with everything before the next season airs! I´m currently watching Part 6 of JoJo´s and I like Jolyne a lot. Can´t wait to watch the next episodes. There´s also a suspense K-drama that I liked a lot, Strangers from Hell. Very interesting and the fact that Lee Dong-wook one of my favorite actors was part of it made me enjoy it even more :D Wow she´s in kindergarten already!! Time flies!
blaziken25 Sep 23, 6:58 PM
Hey there, sorry for late reply... I've been so busy and had a lot of drama in my life. My aunt is sick and my parents have split up (not so much an issue since I haven't lived with them for about 5 years)
The Manga reading challenge is a year long personal challenge that is run every year on MAL. If you like, I'll remember to send you a link to the challenge when the 2022 one is up. You can do a variety of difficulties, so if you don't have much time you can do a beginner challenge. I don't even know if I will finish this years one, I've been so busy.
I will check out the movies you have mentioned, I've wanted to watch 5cm for a while. I haven't been watching much, might watch Saint Seiya because it's on Netflix.
Hope you and your family are well! Take care!
0_obluda Aug 13, 7:28 PM
Hiii!! For security reasons, I answer everything in a separeted document first so I won't lose it. it might be usefull for long answers :)

Oh, interesting!! What do you do for work?? it's something you enjoy??
I can imagine how hard it is to balance all these things. I only have school and it already takes over every part of me lol
But I think little by little you'll get the hang of it!! I wish everything goes well :)

To be honest, it's being so long since I've watched Kotonoha no Niwa that I can't remember anything lol
Same with Byosoku no Centimeter. Maybe I was to young to understand, but I remember being impressed with the animation!! I should rewatch it to have an updated opinion…

I still haven't finished Wonder Egg. I was following it in the start of the year, and I really liked the firsts episodes, I wonder what have gotten wrong lol
Abt Kuroshitsuji… I don't know, I just hated the first episodes, it all just seemed so silly. By what I can remember, the comedy and the characters were too much. And it haven't happened anything useful in 4 episodes, so I gave up.

I loved Id Invaded soooooooooooooo much, it was undoubtedly the best of the year!!!

Oh, I've started Shinsekai yori!!! It looks pretty good, but I'm someone who really likes to enjoy things as its maximum, so I'm kind of waiting for the perfect moment to watch it (the moment that matches with my mood :)

I've heard of A Place further than the Universe!!! It is a slice of life, right?? I think I'm gonna start it, because now in my country is winter, so it matches perfectly with my mood!!!! Seriously, it makes a whole lot of difference lol

About Magireco… I wasn't expecting much from it, since I'm a big fan of urobuchi and he wasn't in the project. I think it lost a lot of madoka original series essence, there where a lot of holes in the script of the universe as well. I just feel like it is similar to boruto, they just made it to make money lol

I don't even know what to expect from that new movie, I'd be very sad if they screw it up….
Hmmm theories… I had some back in 2018 when I first watched it, and it is really fun because I wasn't expecting for a continuation lol
But my theory is: Homura basically stell Madoka goddess power.

I don't really remember the context, but you can see that in the end of Rebellion Homura said to madoka that they would become enemies one day. Sooooo I think that madoka is gonna remember she was God and then woooow madoka vs homura!!!! That would be sooo cool. But still, I don't think their relationship will change.

Also, I didn't revise this text (english is not my first language) so it may have some (many) mistakes, I'm sorry. I just didn't want to take longer to answer, since it's been a while :)

Have a good day!!!
wakame-sama Aug 10, 1:59 PM
Hi! Glad to hear you're feeling better! I can imagine, it's something that remains inside us forever, but I know that things will get better and better, bad things never last forever. The day will come when many more good things will come to your life.
It's a great movie! That animation was flawless!! The manga arc was good, but the movie took it to a whole different level! I watched the special, i can't describe how much I love giyuu XD I hope to buy his Fuko Pop when it gets released :D The Brothel arc was one of my faves while reading the manga, looking forward to see it animated! Tokitou is one of the best characters, I can't wait to see more and more fans appreciating him. :')

Beastars is so, so good! The characters are so deep, that you end up forgetting that they' re talking animals XD Season3 was already announced! Fumetsu is my favorite seasonal anime. Gugu' s death broke my heart. Didn' t expect that one TBH. I' ll definitely check those one out, they seem really interesting! I' m also watching Tokyo Revengers and I love it. Lots of action and cliffhangers. Another series I watched recently was Cobra Kai. If you like The Karate Kid movies, or karate you' d love this one! The character development there is impressive. One of my favorite series already. OMG she already nows to manage the smartphone better XD Kids thsese days have a gift for techonlogy, it' s incredible.
5 cm per sec has been on my Plan to watch list for so long, I must watch it.
I' m doing fine, so many things I want to do! Hope to hear from you soon and that you' re doing even better! :D
0_obluda Jul 13, 12:08 PM
Hi!!! Im so sorry for the late reply, the past few months have been really busy for me. Now things are better, so I'm slowly going back into animes.

What about you? Are things going well? Have you watched something interesting?

At this moment I'm in the same vibe you've commented in april: just watching light and amusing shows. I haven't watched Yuru camp yet, but I'll for sure put it into my plan to watch list :)

Btw, have you seen that madoka is gonna have another sequel?? I know you the show too :)
What do you think about it? Good expectations?
wakame-sama May 12, 3:50 PM
Hi! Don't worry, I understand. I'm really sorry to hear about your father. Sending many positive vibes to you and your loved ones. It's good to hear that things are getting better for you. I did have nice holidays, much better than last year's actually. Thanks for asking :D Is it there a valentine special? I'll have to check that! Did you watch Kimetsu´s movie? It was a great adaptation! I rewatched Honey and Clover with my sister and loved it as much as the first time. I also completed S2 of Beastars and I'm watching the final season of Fruits Basket which has been amazing so far! Besides that I haven't been watching anime that much. I mainly watch wrestling these days XD Oh and I'm also watching The Office, it's hilarious! Also sorry for not replying before, I didn't see this message the last time I logged in. Looking forward to hear from you again. Hope things keep getting better.
blaziken25 Apr 18, 9:23 PM
Hi, I am very sorry to hear the passing of your father. I'm glad you and your sister are OK. I hope you are getting through this tough time.
Don't worry about replying late :)
Yes I can't wait to see the NGE movie. Hopefully it will be out in New Zealand soon.
Hataraku Saibou is very enjoyable. I actually wrote an essay on it for my Engliah class... about how it interacts with metaphorical thinking.

Hope your daughter and yourself are doing better :)
shadysamishere Apr 10, 8:04 PM
Its fine, it seems like you have had a horrible few weeks, I hope you are doing a lot better, that has got to be really rough.
Oh yikes, we are going back into a halfassed lock down, covid is more of a nuisance here, but knowing other countries are not doing nearly as well as Canada is I really cannot complain. Are there vaccines in Slovakia?
I have not seen the trailer yet, so I will check that out.
Sorry but what is light SoL? Recently I have been pretty busy with exams, I did watch Natsume's Book of Friends though, and I finally decided to read manga and actually stick to it, Berserk is what is introducing me. I also read Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King. I'll definitely take a look at that book though. ell me how A Farewell to Arms is.
EdoSensei_ Apr 3, 9:52 AM
Hi, i'm sorry to hear that, i wish the best for you and your family.
Yeah tpn season 2 was a massive disappointment, i was watching it while it was airing and with every episode my hopes were being crushed, it's too bad because it had a lot of potential even if the ending of the manga wasn't received well.

I'll probably start reading the manga sometime in the future, right now i want to take a break from this series cause it let me down.
Right now i'm hyped and waiting for the final chapter of Attack on Titan (9th of april), i also begun reading chainsaw man, it's really good and it's getting an anime adaptation in the future.

Yeah cowboy bebop is an absolute classic, just the soundtrack alone makes it a masterpiece.
Spike's death was also one of the few moments i actually cried watching an anime.
EdoSensei_ Dec 27, 2020 4:14 AM
Merry Christmas!! :)
Hope you had a good one, well as good as anyone can have without every member of the family being together, i really hope 2021 turns a lot better than 2020.

So the promised neverland has potential of being anime of the year, i also checked on the manga and it seems it has been completed entirely, it seems to be kind of short though only 181 chapters.

About the cowboy bebop movie, it's really good not as good as the series but still really good.
It's also cannon taking place between episode 22 and 23 but imo it's better to watch it after the series.
One thing it has better than the series is the animation of course, it came out in 2001 and the animation for that year is amazing.
So you have seen cowboy bebop?
What did you think of it?
blaziken25 Dec 26, 2020 7:36 PM
Merry christmas! Sorry was visiting with family for christmas!
Back to your last post... yes Evangelion is definitely my favourite mecha and probably my favourite anime overall. SoL as a genre kind of gets on my nerves at times because they are all the same. Most of the slice of life I've seen are mostly lesbian themed too :D
That's good about Demon Slayer. I don't read as much shonen anymore but I do want to finish Saint Seiya as I love the Greek theme. I think it's awesome. I still need to finish Uzumaki... I enjoyed the first few chapters I read.

Looking forward to hearing from you again and sorry for such a late reply. My life has been a bit difficult lately so anime/manga has not been a priority. I am having trouble with my family but it will be good to start a manga series again.
wakame-sama Dec 26, 2020 10:53 AM
Lol don't worry xD I usually forget all the information I get before I complete a series or manga. It doesn't affect my enjoyment :D
All the pillars showed great personal growth during the battle and I loved to see it! My favorite pairing is TanGiyuu. Their personalities go so well with each other, and the impact Tanjirou had in Giyuu's cold personality is incredible :') But I can see why you prefer SaneGiyuu, loved their interactions as well! I also like Giyuu x Shinobu and Kanao x Tanjirou :3 Every death had a purpose, like as you mentioned about Yuichirou's. That's why the fact that many characters died during the story didn't bother me at all.
wakame-sama Dec 26, 2020 10:42 AM
Hi! Thank you so much! Hope you had a Merry Christmas and that 2021 is a blessed year for you and your loved ones :D
shadysamishere Dec 25, 2020 10:56 PM
Yeah you too, how was your Christmas?
Yeah I did it was great I watched it a while back. Oh how were they? I got Crime and Punishment, plus a few other books for Christmas which was great so I got a lot of reading to do now, but lots of time too with Christmas break.
I guess so, why did they only go 8 episodes do they not usually make them 1 cour? 4 or 5 more episodes would have been a lot better too I am guessing.
0_obluda Dec 22, 2020 8:14 PM
Heyyy, thank you so much~

Then I wish it all twice for you, Merry Christmas and have an amazing new year!!!