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Days: 48.7
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Aku no Hana
Aku no Hana
Sep 2, 1:50 AM
Completed 13/13 · Scored 10
Aug 10, 10:55 AM
Plan to Watch · Scored -
To the Moon
To the Moon
Aug 10, 10:55 AM
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Aku no Hana
Aku no Hana
Sep 2, 4:18 AM
Completed 58/58 · Scored 10
Kimetsu no Yaiba
Kimetsu no Yaiba
Sep 2, 4:10 AM
Reading 23/207 · Scored -
Mahou Shoujo Tokushusen Asuka
Mahou Shoujo Tokushusen Asuka
Sep 2, 1:59 AM
Reading 56/? · Scored 7


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blaziken25 Sep 6, 7:21 PM
Here's the monthly letter from me. :)
This covid situation is starting to wear me out. We had part of our country in lockdown again.
Bananya is so cute! Definitely show that to your daughter. I hope you had luck finding a stroller friend. What does your husband do for a living?
Lucky! Less volcanoes means less earthquakes usually. I don't hear much about that kind of thing in central Europe.
Ah well, little one won't be in a stroller forever. Hopefully you can travel with her walking :)
My close friend also has a baby - a little boy. I went and saw them in a cafe and he kept throwing his toys on the ground. Ah kids!
Are you watchinng any good anime lately? Or any good manga?
I hope you are well! Take care!
EdoSensei_ Sep 3, 1:59 PM
Thanks, i will check them out :)
It's okay i know it's a big responsibility and it comes first.
shadysamishere Sep 2, 7:02 PM
Alright, thank you, I will have a look for them online.
Today was my first day was at school not online which is a nice change, they are probably going to go back to online though.
Yeah I have the maze runner too, good books bad movies lol. Plus some of my favorite comics and stuff like Geronimo Stilton, Donald Duck, Suske en Wiske etc.
Just looked up the game, has insanely good reviews for a game being made out of a book, that is pretty rare honestly. When I have time I might read them too.
zauru Sep 2, 11:05 AM
i've heard of aku no hana! i'll have to add it to my list based on your recommendation. the art is a bit different, but i'm actually a big fan of stuff that takes on more surreal/unconventional styles. :D

i'm happy that fall is right around the corner. its my favorite season - crisp air and beautiful scenery. it's a bit nostalgic, i guess? but im being a bit sentimental now, so my apologies. i'm definitely becoming a bigger fan of seinen as i get older as well, same with anything supernatural or dramatic. i can't say im huge on a lot of newer trends, though. (with some exceptions, great pretender is pretty good from what i've seen. i think you should check it out if you're interested!)

and your friend has a good point, highschool is such a popular location for anime - i guess the age of the characters is what makes some of them so relatable? though i find myself enjoying older casts nowadays tbh.

either way, i hope you're doing well!
ZaimuBebop Sep 2, 1:56 AM

That's fine lol

I have been watching Vinland saga, Seraph of the end, and One Piece. All of them good lol, HBU, you watching anything interesting lately??
EdoSensei_ Aug 20, 1:54 PM
I mostly prefer subs but there are dubs that i like, cowboy bebop and Yu Yu Hakusho for example.
I checked anilist which has tags and it lists id:invaded as virtual reality not isekai but i guess you could say it's isekai because SAO is also in virtual reality.
The witcher games are all amazing, the first 2 are different from the third though.
I've heard of uzumaki, i think it's a horror manga right?
Is it good?

shadysamishere Aug 14, 12:05 AM
I am doing pretty good, you? Yep enjoying what I have left of it lol. You?
Yep, 5 more, 3 more black ones, another gold one, and one that looks a lot like the dad, a brown with lighter and darker tints.
I will start reading them after I finish LoTR then.
I think that one is next in the lore order. So I will have to find a copy somewhere.
I prefer to buy myself a copy, so I can keep them in my bookshelf to look nice, and reread if I want. Plus I just like collecting books for no reason at all.
Yeah I read The Hobbit and LoTR, I think I prefer the LoTR movies as well. but I prefer the Hobbit book over the LoTR books. Although all the books and movies are amazing. It is mind blowing how much Hollywood can milk out of smaller books honestly, and in this case without ruining the movies.
zauru Aug 10, 9:50 PM
it's very good so far! again i haven't seen much since i'm busy with work, but it's definitely worth checking out. also i agree in regards to EVA; though the movies are pretty nice, the anime seemed to have a better structure? at least in my opinion. it felt more grounded and visceral, whereas the movies seemed to border on mere fanservice [again, not terrible, just not as good as the original]. EoE was confusing for me as well, i think i'll have to rewatch it sometime to see if i can find some new meaning in it...

but i'll look into rewatching YOI sometime! i definitely loved the OST and music, that much i remember. i think in my case, it was moreso not being into the whole "slice of life" genre? same with sports anime [with the exception of, say, inazuma eleven. i have a soft spot for kids/hobby anime haha] - though i'm willing to check out more vintage stuff such as hajime no ippo, etc.

also, i didn't know you were from slovakia, interesting! it's pretty hot over here as well, though. i'm from the northeastern area of the united states. closest comparison is an hour or so drive from cape cod, actually? but this summer's been rather brutal. over 33°C with high humidity. we're expected to see a heat wave in the next few days as well. i definitely cant wait for the fall haha
EdoSensei_ Aug 3, 6:39 PM
Yeah i was talking about the rick and morty episode with the dragon, i think it was the fourth one, i didn't really like it and found the humor a bit immature.
As for The Witcher it's probably the best game of the decade.
The most recent new anime i've seen is overlord but i wouldn't recommend it if you don't like isekai anime.
I also rewatched Re:Zero because of the second season and i must say it's probably my favorite isekai series, if the second season is as good as the first then it's definitely on my top 10 anime.
zauru Jul 31, 1:38 PM
it's no worry at all! seriously, i totally understand. i haven't been watching/reading much either, mainly due to work and not having as much motivation as of late. a lot of newer series dont interest me as much either, but i've started monster and it's awesome so far! i'm curious about the 4th evangelion movie as well; i've been waiting for it to release for awhile now...

as for yuri on ice, it was mostly a preference thing i suppose. i didn't mind that it was BL, it just felt a tad forgettable in my opinion. dont get me wrong, the animation and characters were great, i just didn't find it NEARLY as striking as some other shows ive seen. though perhaps its because i don't watch a lot of sports anime to begin with? but now that you bring it up, maybe i should give it a rewatch. i haven't seen it in full since it initially aired haha...
blaziken25 Jul 15, 1:16 AM
It's been a month since I commented sorry! I've been staying with my parents so less time for networking.
I bet your baby is absolutely adorable! Will you be introducing her to anime when she gets a bit older :D Even though your baby is cute I bet it is hard being a mother. But worth it as there is nothing like a bond between mother and child. I remember my little sister being a baby (I am much older), she was a handful and mum was always tired.
Where you live sounds a lot like New Zealand. A lot of forest, mostly farmland and wet lands. Not so many mountains though. Mostly those are in the South Island, we have a few volcanoes. I've gone for a few hikes around volcanoes. Some more active than others. I'd never go to White Island though (the one which has been in the news earlier this year with an eruption).
With Japan I'd love to see Tokyo, Akihabara, smaller little rural towns. Just all-around experiences. Will probably have a few years to plan trips because of this covid. Hope you and your family are well!
EdoSensei_ Jul 10, 12:47 PM
Sorry for the late reply, i had taken a huge break and it's been a long time since i logged in.
Thanks, i tried to make it look good, but it's not because i'm extremely skilled with computers, i just found a template and in a way installed it and changed some of the gifs and pics, that's all.
Yeah the ovas are really good, it really helps that rohan is one of my favourite jojo characters, so yeah i like them a lot.
Some episodes in season 4 were a bit off, especially the one with the dragon, overall i think it was the weakest of all the seasons.
Yeah i have seen the series and played a bit of the third game, one of my friends is reading the books and he says they're pretty good as well.
zauru Jun 21, 7:26 PM
no problem! also no worries, take as much time as you need with replying. but i definitely agree, i really love the way yoshida creates atmosphere and character relationships in her work! i finished eve a few days ago as well. while i didn't love it nearly as much as banana fish or yasha, i really enjoyed the dynamic between sei and his daughter. it felt melancholy to see sei die, but the ending implied that him and rin were finally together again, which made me content. i adore the fact that yoshida was willing to carry characters from previous works as well. i think sing was especially interesting as we saw his growth from child all the way to an adult! he was always one of my favorite side characters tbh.

as for darren, i'll definitely keep what you said in mind! larten was one of my favorite characters now that you mention it, so there's some further incentive there. thank you for the suggestions - its great to find someone familiar with such niche content!
shadysamishere Jun 21, 2:52 PM
Yeah, she is in a better place now. Hope you and your family are okay with everything that happened/
I am going to keep them all, the second litter hasn't arrived yet so idk if they will ever arrive. The babies are now starting to go out of the weaning phase and I can sex them soon to avoid more pregnancies.
School just switched to online classes yeah.
I have seen the show and played parts of the first and second games. Never read the book though. Heard they were really good. How are they so far?
Talking about books, I just got into the other Lord of the Rings books like, The Silmarillion. Interested in how they go as most are incompleted I think the only completed ones were The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit series.
zauru Jun 17, 9:16 PM
hi there! i'm doing pretty well, how about you?

i sent a request as i thought your reviews for yasha and eve no nemuri we're really interesting! it's great to see someone talk about yoshida's other works. i'm a really big fan of hers with banana fish being one of my favorite series of all time.

also for real? i legit thought i was the only one who read the books/manga for darren shan LMAO. i haven't gotten around to reading a lot of his other stuff (yet), but i've heard good things about demonata. i was just drawn by the manga's art style admittedly, also the fact that its adapting a western young adult franchise of all things. (sort of like deltora quest's anime!)

but yeah. its great to meet you!