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Sep 10, 2019
Eve no Nemuri can be called also "Yasha: New Generation". The main heroes are children of the characters from Yasha manga, so it is recommended to read that one first. Also, there are some recurring characters from Banana Fish manga. The story focuses on Sei´s daughter Arisa that starts to realize that she, too, is not an ordinary human just like her father was. The situation gets complicated even more when Sei´s clone emerges, produced solely for killing people. Arisa is determined to stop him, what is basically also the plot of the manga.
The manga is still being translated so my review is only read more
Jan 15, 2019
Yasha (Manga) add (All reviews)
Yasha is a mysterious story with criminal plot and biological background. It involves two brothers who are unaware of each other´s existence for the majority of their lives. Once the secret around their birth is discovered, the story starts to gain depth and drama elements. The psychology of characters is well described and the whole story is full of plot twists that are adding to the mystery built-up.
The art is outstanding, very nice and clean. If you are a fan of Banana Fish you might be interested in a fact that some characters from BF appear also in this manga in supportive role. The read more
Jan 8, 2019
This anime is about little pinguin visiting Kyoto and its sightseeings. Although it only looked cute at the first glance, there are episodes when you can actually learn something about Kyouto, or Kyoto history. Besides shrines and ponds also statues, gods or typical Kyoto food is introduced in a interesting, but simply way, so everyone can enjoy it.
The art is great, very pleasurable to the eyes and Chitose-chan is exactly the type of pet you wished to see on your own eyes :) Despite the stories being simple, the overall enjoyment is high mainly due to cuteness of main heroine. Give it a try!
Dec 17, 2018
What, no review to Renai Ruby whatsoever? I guess I´ll make one then.
This manga is a collection of two short stories. In the first one, the focus is given on a coincidental meeting of two classmates from highschool. Suzuki, being tormented by Natsuo for long 3 years, is purposely abusing older Natsuo´s trust and plans to break up with him after their one-month anniversary. But as the time goes, will he still be able to do that..?
Second story focuses on relationship of two colleagues. Shifting between friends and lovers, due to the past experiences one of them is unable to open up and read more
Oct 8, 2018
Mahou Shoujo Spec-Ops Asuka is story about highschooler Asuka who is trying to fit in everyday life after taking part in military before. She is strongly against joining military again, but as the story progresses she realizes she doesn´t have much of a choice.

The art is outstanding, very clean and clear, so the reader knows immediately what is going on. As a bonus, every volume begins with color pages.

Characters are strong individuals with interesting personalities. The story focuses not only on Asuka, but also on other magical girls and characters. It is easy to choose your favourite and also the most repulsive character.

As for enjoyment read more
Sep 26, 2018
This small side story occurs when Ash is still a child (presumably around 10-11 years old) and living under Dino´s roof. After several incidents Dino decides that military education will be more to Ash´s liking and that´s when Blanca comes to the scene.
The art is the same quality as in entire Banana Fish manga and personally I liked this author´s style very much. Story itself is bittersweet, showing not only grim sides of Ash´s growing up, but surprisingly also Blanca funny moments (yes, he has them). Characters, as always, are strong portrayed. No wonder since both Ash and Blanca are very difficult and deep read more
Sep 6, 2018
Mahou Shoujo Site Sept serves as a spin-off of the Mahou Shoujo Site series. Therefore, reading it is not crucial to the main story.
The art was pretty average, not better or worse than in the series. What I did like were new magical weapons and abilities. Weak sides of this manga are mostly characters which lack development and quite predictable story. Some of the characters appear also in Mahou Shoujo Site, but that it not interfering with the story.
Overal for me 6/10 since I didn´t enjoy this story as much the other works from this author. However, the manga is quite short, so you read more
Aug 28, 2018
Another (Anime) add (All reviews)
I came across the "Another" by coincidence and must say, I was very pleasantly surprised. The story focuses itself on the mysterious events happening in particular highschool in small city hidden in the forests. After the first episode, the story got me immediately hooked. I must say though that there are elements that I noticed before in other anime of similar genre (Shiki, Shinsekai yori etc.). I wouldn´t even say that it´s that much gore as it is mysterious.
The pacing and storytelling is accurate, not too fast and not too slow, the finale is unexpected and wraps the story pretty surprisingly. The art was read more
Aug 28, 2018
Vampire Knight: Memories is a free sequel to the events depicted in original VK manga. After Kaname´s wake up, Yuuki´s children tell him about what everything has changed since his own death. The manga is notably different from the original not only because it finally focuses on developing the relationship between Zero and Yuuki, but also because of new characters and reccurence of the old one (Maria, Yori, Hanabusa etc.).
The art is outstanding, very pleasant and clean. There doesn´t seem some big plot evolving so far, so it´s unsure what will the story bring in the future. But overall I like this manga very read more
May 18, 2018
Majuu-hen (or probably known by many as Wraith arc) is a sequel of classic PMMM and prequel of Rebellion. I have reread this manga multiple times and must say, it really is very good. The characters are well-portrayed, especially MC Homura. The pacing of story is okay, not rushed and most of the stuff is covered in there (probably in the last chapter). Moreover, there is explained how Homura gained her new abilities that we can see later in Rebellion. The art is great, as in PMMM or Rebellion manga, very pleasant and clean.
Overall, I enjoyed this manga very much and read more