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Tompa 5 hours ago
Yeah time just keep getting faster and faster no joke :o
Yooooo money, money, money is a real classic, I really like it too :D

Hahaha well pretty much right? xD My mom is a huge fan. There is this ABBA movie, which is her favorite movie and she has watched it probably (not even exaggerating here) over 100 times :o

Oh man I feel very lucky to have your support on this Shiro! First with me writing my book and now with my movie career even, tbh I don't know what I would do withuot you! I'll do my best to give just as good of a performance as Arnold did! Hopefully with better englihs thouhg xD
Omg HAHAHA Shiro you have really been killing it with the word play xD
Well then we are two Shiro, I haven't seen this masterpiece either, only the great highlights that there is plenty of xD Yeah! It is so interesting how his broken english became such an iconic feature for him later in his career too :o Oh I know I couldn't have been serious in that situation and would just burst out laughing or something, this movie is just comedy gold xD
Tompa 6 hours ago
" but back in my day," Wait back in your day? You say your days are over? xD Our days are not over yet Shiro!! One Piece hasn't ended and Togashi is still on his hiatus!! But that is unfourtunate, if it doesn't snow it just doesn't feel like christmas to me :o
Of course :D It is one of those stories I know I'll love and I can say now that I really enjoy it so far. It is extra fun knowing the historical context as well and Takezo seems like a cool character :D Ooofff sounds like you got pretty bamboozled by that novel then lol

Wow the family I always knew I had but never met just keeps growing xD Don't tell me we have some quadruplet somewhere too :o
Omg for real!? xDD Man that is such a funny coincidence, it was just meant to be in other words hahaha. Oh yeah now that we understand the lyrics xD It just makes me think how much fun grown ups must have had hearing this back then when it was such a big hit with kids lol
Huskkay 11 hours ago
Hmm, not really my style. Especially not the hair. This one looks lovely:

I ken't imagine anyone else in this role.

That's your takeaway?

Yeah, your tablet is your holy treasure. So, what about my weaknesses? Have you found anything yet?

Sure, hypnosis totally works. Definitely. Now, let me get a pocket watch and hypnotize you.

Imagine if you flew through a forest and hit a spider web.

And I will get you a good luck totem.
Are you a ghost? Am I speaking to the dead?

Nah, the next generation will fix all our fuckups. Let's keep drilling for oil and pump out toxic gas. It's not like it's causing irreversible damage. :))))

Good idea, I always wanted to be the captain of a ship. But sailing boats are too small, I want to steer a cruise ship.
Hell no, all Brutuses in the world are backstabbing traitors. All of them! Even the dogs named Brutus.
Sure thing, go ahead.

Sadly? I am pretty happy that I am not in a Steins Gate type of show.
Brilliant idea, boss. What's next?

We found the loophole. There is no escaping it.
Do you lie about your love for ducks?
Same, still haven't signed up yet.

Hmmm, that looks awfully close to something called a school uniform. Are you sure that is a detective's outfit?

You are not tagging along?

My brain works in mysterious ways.
Such a silly question. Because of my tarot cards of course.
What did you expect? A courtroom and yelling lawyers?

Sorry, was I too quiet? I said, don't look into the black closet with the warning signs and skulls on it. All my sexy lingerie is in there.
I have hundreds of more ideas for him.
There is? Did I miss it? I can't remember a huge plot twist.
Lopika Yesterday, 1:35 PM
>>And especially not showing how him and Hinata both train just as hard, it's rare for any type of show to do this.
Yes I liked that detail too. And how it was shown they didn't get regular places as first years just for being there, they had to work really hard and develop their skills to stay there. I also like how the side characters get to shine too if they train hard and develop useful skills like Yamaguchi as a pinch server. It feels hopeful and wholesome to watch these chances, it makes me feel like anything is possible.

>>But ohhh Running with the Wind sounds like something I would really like! I love to see talented people that don't pursue what they're very good at. It's just so refreshing and reassuring because it teaches us that it's okay to not do a thing only because you have a natural talent for it.
Yes it is a wholesome series. The characters are diverse and interesting. Everyone has their own struggles and running forms them into a real team. This is the only anime I rewatched several times so I can only recommend watching it :D

>>Damian kinda reminds me of Killua, idk why ^^;
Now that you mention it they do feel similar :o Like coming from wealthy/famous families and being a bit distant but actually kindhearted. I can see the similarities.

>>It's the type of show that lets you relax and enjoy the story without needing your brain much haha.
Exactly! Some people like watching sitcoms and I like watching comedy anime :D

>>Oh and I forgot to mention Blue Lock lol. This episode was actually good and interesting, I really like the new characters.
Haha I finally decided to drop the series. The first half of the episode was boring to me and I just skipped around in the episode and the end was kinda nonsensical again and I just said goodbye to the struggles every week this anime comes out ^^" But I'm happy for you finally being able to enjoy the series and being interested in the new characters. Let me know if the next set of matches will change anything for the better.
Luminisce Yesterday, 11:01 AM
No, not even for you ↜(ˈ╰ •ω•)╯ψ
So true! Haha oh wow, you must really like Golden Kamuy then :o

Sus Shiro said:
Nah, I'm only speaking the truth, as I always am ;)

Hmm, this sounds a biiit sketchy... are you sure you're saying the actual truth, dear? ⚆_⚆
Haha yep, though I've only watched the first 2 eps so far. Not sure how to feel about it yet or if I'll watch the other seasons later on, but we'll see. All I hope is that I can finally understand the context of most JoJo memes and especially to enjoy in the end. Otherwise, I really feel like I wasted too much time, lol.
Tompa Yesterday, 10:14 AM
Oh yeah for sure! It feels like so much has happened since, time this past year went by super fast no joke :o Ahh well you make up for it by liking Dancing Queen and the other songs I have so it is all good xD You are an ABBA fan alright! Hmmm maybe not "mom music" per se, but I know many people who got ABBA introduced to them by their moms xD Like Autumn for example!

Lmao! Well who knows, soon I may star in the remake of Hercules in New York xD I'll even give you a free ticket for the premier!
He will be the only Berserker with a gun too! Right?! I think the Berserker class would be perfect for him xD
Lmao I bet he was picked for the role thanks to his godly body as well xDD This movie is a masterpiece, like the greek styled music during every fight scene. I die when he fights the bear xD Arnold's english and the weird acting just wow. Could you imagine playing Zeus in this, trying your best to sound angry and then you have to act together with Arnold's ungodly acting? xDD I think so too! I want there to be a Fate were berserker is voiced by Arnold and he says his goofy one liners xD
Tompa Yesterday, 8:47 AM
Oh I agree! That song really is a masterpiece. It is just so otherwordly in a way :o

Awww hahah thank you Shiro, it means a lot when it comes from the person with the best taste in music ever ;D And likewise :) Yeah sometimes you just want to be relaxed and listen to something calming while other times, for example at the gym, and you need that extra power just blast something really heavy and adrenaline rushing and you are all set :D

"Really, everyone should praise us more ;)" Indeed we really just know what is the best for our health, bodies and mind! Okay now why does this sound like Chris from Garzey's Wing explaining Zen and Shi xD

Oh true! I better ask him on Discord about this :D Hmmm so I found this site that says that Oysters go well with Champagne. Gah that I didn't think about that at first xD Well tbh I am down for Oysters, they taste really good and you can definetly feel the celebration vibes by eating them xD

I am lucky to have such a supportive friend by my side like you Shiro! You truly understand the imprtance of puns xD
Hahahaha omg I feel so bad that I laughed at that pun xD Like that was so bad and dumb that it becomes good hahahaha xD But tbf sometimes a pun can be so bad that it becomes funny just because it is so bad.

Yeah I feel you! But on the other hand I want to read the VN before, so in my case it is probably good that the movie won't be watchable until a after half a year orsomething when I am done with it :o They really are! I finished the demo some weeks ago and it does a really good job at setting up every character and what their deals are. The characters are all so fun and I like how in this one they kind of switch main characters. I know Fate/Stay Night did that many times, but here it feels like you have more than just one main character and that is really fund :D It also looks gorgeus and I am just impressed by how far the medium has come technology wise :o I am really excited for when the full game comes out :)
Lopika Nov 26, 4:35 AM
>>Ahh it's awesome that you mentioned Ping Pong first of all, because that's probably the best example! I honestly can't think of another anime that does this so well. At least none come to mind right now :o
Yeah it works well around talent vs effort topic I like so much <3 I can think of a few that shows someone with talent who is struggling, but not to the extent of what Ping Pong is doing. Like Kageyama from Haikyuu has talent and puts in effort but had to learn teamplay and to trust others. And Haiji san from Run with the wind had an injury that broke his running career and Kakeru got fed up with the competitive world of running as a sport and quit despite having all the talent and liking putting in the effort, but they are still not the same situation like in Blue Lock or Ping Pong.

>>This proves how sweet Damian is, that kid doesn't even realise it <3
Yeah it actually surprised me after he was portrayed as a bit mean and really proud. And he was so cute as he started singing and dancing with the kid too <3 I'm really hoping for some cute child's romance between Damian and Anya now :D

>>I'm guessing 4nin is just as silly lol.
Yeah, same kind of humor and less background knowledge needed to understand it fully XD

>>Now I'm wondering how is she avoiding people xD I'm pretty sure there are going to be some exaggerated situations haha. But I'm expecting wholesomeness too.
Haha Bocchi is exactly like this :D

>>it's actually cheaper to go to Greece or Turkey actually. A lot of Romanians did so this year.
Wow that's insane! :o

>>But I wonder how he'll react or what will he decide to do with those powers. Hope he won't get used by everyone who wants to bring back a deceased loved one. But there are so many questions that need answer!
Yeah he has a lot to learn about human connections and society and I can totally see how others could easily use him :( It would be sad to watch. And I'm really hoping this is not what the series wants to say about people and humans as a race

>>But there were a few things I disliked at first too, like Inami beating the guys all the time. It was more and more tiring to watch. Plus I'm not very fond of the main guy either. But I'd say they develop well and it's entertaining!
Yeah I got bored of the series for the same reason. But a good development sounds promising. I might check back on it later. Thanks for the info.
Huskkay Nov 26, 3:01 AM
Now, I only need to find such a coot outfit. As for Ken, I think the role fits you perfectly.

You might not notice it, but you did a lot.

Did you just tell me about another weakness of yours?

I guess they didn't install an on-off switch when you were born. Well, it was a prototype feature anyway. Maybe we get the same result with hypnosis?

That would be pretty convenient. Unless you are afraid of heights.

Let's congratulate each other on our shitty luck stat.
I guess it is not that easy. You do have to remain anonymous, otherwise, your job as a secret agent might get compromised.

Well, we already started cutting down a lot of trees, we might as well finish the rest. And don't worry about the local ecosystem, the future generations will fix it. I am sure of it.

Thankfully it all worked out in the end. But yeah, I would like to avoid similar situations in the future.
Just never hire anyone named Brutus and you are good to go.
Go ahead and ask whatever you want.

You know what, let's challenge fate. Let's rewrite it.
Glad to hear it. I am looking forward to all the new changes you will introduce.

Sadly, there is no "how to become a sage"-article on wikiHow.
What even is lying? Who judges what's a lie and what is not? Why would someone lie in the first place?
It is, only need to register now. Have you already signed up?

Yeah, maybe I should wear my deerstalker more often. This way, people would be able to tell immediately that I am a detective.
Ok, then. I'll go first.

How about a Gorou bodypillow?
Yes, from now on, I will only mention it occasionally. Whenever it starts to fade from your memory I will remind you. Because I am so nice.
A really good judge.

I too like to organize my things but it is always nice to have a helping hand. Just don't look into the black closet with the warning signs and skulls on it. All lingerie is in there.
If your cat could hear you talk shit about him, he would puke on your favorite shirt. Or hide a dead mouse under your pillow.
That bunny is from Juuni Taisen. He is called Usagi and is one of the twelve mercenaries that participate in the Zodiac Tournament. Decent anime. Actually, the ending really surprised me because they stuck with something that made sense storywise instead of forcing something to make the fans happy.
Tompa Nov 24, 11:49 AM
Oh you guys will probably get snow soon as well :D I sure did! And I really like it so far. I think so too, it has been on my radar for so long so it feels great to finally start it :D
Ahhh okay I understand, it is one of those stories xDD

Yeah sounds like someone messed up at the maternity hospital or something, I always knew I had a twin xD
xDD The Call of Ktulu is really good too, I like it alot :D They sure are, maybe he is our long lost triplet :o xD
Funnily enough they are a Danish band, so I kind of knew based on that too :o Omg did you watch that cover before or after you saw my new music? Because if you did then I would say that that is the craziest coincidence ever xD Yes wtf! How was that song even allowed to be played so many times xD Something tells me that Barbie song was only meant to be a grown up song and now that we are adults we finally understand what is funny about it xD
Huskkay Nov 24, 9:18 AM
Damn, and here I thought, I had the makings of a Barbie.

It's all thanks to you.

Sorry, I don't want to buy new cards. The old ones have sentimental value.

Just switch off your brain, it is as easy as that.

You said they were tattoos. I mean, it would be pretty cool if they were real.

My luck stat is pretty low.
Wait, you ain't the one that's presenting the highly esteemed Shiro prize to me?

Feel free to take as much as you want. I even started to cut down all the trees in the nearby forest.

Yeah, it was pretty dangerous because I piloted a fighter jet at the moment you made me blush. Almost crashlanded into a city.
You won't have any problems attracting enough yes-men. And if someone even raises just an eyebrow, execution.
Who knows, anything could happen. The only way to be certain is to ask the oracle.

It's truly saddening. Honestly, we could have inspired and motivated each other until both of us turned into mad geniuses.
Hey, I trust you. No way you would treat me badly, after overtaking the company.

Oh, no, but I am honored that you think of me that way. Yet, I am no sage. You have to keep on looking.
Lie? That concept is utterly foreign to me.
Definitely, I can feel it. Because if they don't I am going to cut the breaks on their electrical scooters.

Yes, absolutely. Whenever you send pics I inspect them with a magnifying glass.
Some sharks are brilliant scholars, you will be surprised. Wait, you'll send me in first? There is no ulterior motive to it, is there?

Don't you use a Jonson bodypillow to fall asleep every night?
I am still in therapy because of that massive shock. Okay, maybe I have overdone it a bit by mentioning the bug manga so many times. I am sorry, it won't happen again.
Judge Dredd.
I try my best.
Now that you mention it, I don't own rugs, way too dusty, but one of my closets could use a bit of cleaning. If you are offering to help me out, I gladly accept.
Murr always looks so irritated, maybe that is part of his charm?
Hmm, well I always knew you had a soft spot for that girl. What do you think about this bunny girl boy:
Tompa Nov 23, 12:27 PM
Aww thank you Shiro I am glad you like it <3 I wanted to have some snowy vibes because it has started to snow here :D Oh and I also started Vagabond, so that was also why I was in the samurai-esque mood!
I don't know what that is, but I see you gave it only a 4 so maybe I am not missing much xD

Because we are gods remember xD Omg Shiro you seriously have the most badass taste in music ever! One is one (lol) of my favorite songs of all time and up there as the best Metallica song for me :) I love them all! Yoooo it sounds like your friend also has some Godly taste in music as well ;)
Hahaha yeah I didn't actually expect anyone to mention the Aqua song, nevertheless it is a really catchy song :D They also made that Barbie song that is actually super innapropriate when you listen to it as an adult O_O I swear, that Barbie song was on every birthday party when I was a kid and how the grown ups just went with it blows my mind xD
Hekshi Nov 23, 5:13 AM
“I agree! Though we probably should have never doubted them, these shows always had amazing music <3”
true <3<3

“But I pretty sure I'm gonna like most of the characters so I'm thinking of watching the old show someday. And skipping the fillers of course. I bet it's gonna be worth it cause they just look so cool! Especially those transformations! “
ikrrr and the music too is so dope i got excited watching the 1st ep even tho i have no idea whats the plot abt loll if ure gonna like most of its characters then i think u’ll enjoy it tbh :) as for the animation, it looked great! they used the same old soundtrack too apparently which made me even more hyped to check it out one day lol

“And poor Dimple, he's actually a true hero in my eyes now. If he'll never come back I will definitely cry :(“
nooo i will literally cry thats really my biggest fear now he has to come back ;-;;;

“Oh and the scene when Mob was seeing Dimple as he used to be when in reality everything was crumbling and that brocoli creature's eyes could be seen behind Dimple really gave me goosebumps O.O It was sooo well-done! And also eerie.”
IKR like that was beautiful and eerie and chill inducing all at once

“But I love how the author gets so creative and doesn't forget about anything he adds into the story haha.”
me too it adds depth to the story. i wouldve never imagined he’d bring back the random kid who quit the telepathy club in s1 and introduce him as an telepath like this lolll i read somehwere too that if takenaka didnt quit back then they wouldnt have approached mob to make him join and he wouldnt have joined the body building club. mind blowing when u look at it like this

“Thankfully I didn't have any problems before cause I wasn't that big of a sweets fan, but it's still healthier to eat less sugar. That being said, I'm a big fan of all types of pastries :D”
same i just cant get enough of them 🤤 and yeah same as u, its healthier this way + im a huge chocolate addict and thats not healthy in the long term so im trying to control myself as much as possible lol its great that ur brother motivated u to cut it down tho! was he always into sugary stuff? if so what, made him decide to stop consuming them?

“I'm not the biggest garlic fan but I can still eat it xD Do you like it?”
oh its good u can eat it tho, i got a friend who cant bc it upsets her stomach i feel really sorry for her :’( uhhh yeah normal amount 👀 i totally dont add tons of it whenever i get to lol

“Hmm, I can't say my stomach is happy whenever I eat a lot of spicy stuff but I'm also not that fond of them at the same time. I have the same problem with milk also, like I feel a lot better if I just consume the lactose-free one. What about you?”
oh wow same!!! i just ignore it and go ahead and consume it anyway cuz i cant just skip it literally everything delicious has dairy in it lol the sad news is tho, i went through a period where i cut down all dairy products completely and not only my stomach was better but even my skin got mucchhh better smh lol im trying to consume less these days tho :’)

“Hmm, apparently I do lol. Didn't know this movie was actually shoujo cause it was surprisingly good haha.”
how come theres a movie out there with hayami saori and miyano mamoru and ive never watched before! shame on me lol any love triangles in this one btw??

“kinda hate those shoujo troupes though, so that's why I always avoid them. Do you have a fav show??”
ugh same i think it would be easier to list my fav tropes rather than the ones i hate when it comes to shoujo loll thats why im hella picky i guess :’) whats ur most hated trope tho? mine is love triangles/harem i just avoid them like the plague lol
hmm fav shoujo that comes to my mind is Ouran High School Host Club. i watched it a decade ago tho but i remember liking it so much! i was actually talking with Lopika the other day abt this anime and i was thinking of rewatching it soon. i consider it more comedy than shoujo tbh lol like its one of these hilarious romcoms thats more focused on comedy than romance. it has its dramatic serious scenes too ofc

“But I'm more and more curious about Ogata, he's so damn good at not showing his true intentions and feelings. “
ugh for real just tell us already what are u after exactlyyy
him and tsurumi are the two i cant read the most lol even tho we were told abt tsurumi’s goal behind obtaining the goal but im still skeptical abt it lol
yeah sure take ur time and share them whenever u wanna :D

“Btw you're 4 shows away from having the same amount of completed and dropped anime ;D “
i mean......... i kinda noticed when i was 10 animes away from completed list amount how come it got to 4 now

good thing i didnt drop blue lock this week i cant handle the stress of being 3 animes away from getting the same amount as my completed list yet lol
Huskkay Nov 22, 7:44 AM
You think so? I don't know. Would I be Barbie or Ken?

Lovely, now we can go back to living our lives.

I knew that. Obviously. But if I throw my tarot cards away, I won't have any at all. How would I do my tarot card readings then?
Glad we agree.

Yeah, and most of them involve ducks. You never felt bored before? Hmm, what if I tell you, we remove all the sharks from this world if you feel bored for at least 10 minutes?

Those black wings are just badass. Too bad they ain't real.

Yep, that's the best part about it.
I can't wait to receive my first Shiro prize.

Sounds good, take as much firewood as you need.

And you finally did it. Congratulations. My whole face was red and even my vision got blurry.
Those heathens. Supreme leaders should only be surrounded by yes-men.
Should we ask the oracle? Coincidentally, that would be me.

Sadly, it was not meant to be. We could have been the best deskmates.
Well, it could be worse. It is important to see the silver lining.

If you would consider my humble advice, seek out a sage. Only with a sage's guidance one can truly master beach episodes.
No, sadly it is not.
Yeah, there is no way our gifts get ignored again. Right? Right?!

Not really, unless the tablet is really close to my face.
They do. Sharks are quite a sophisticated species. Alright, I will accompany you. But not because I want to, only because you asked me to. Sorry, my inner tsundere shined through.

Especially Jonson.
Unfortunately, their house burned down before I could babysit them. Take your time, if you are currently living through a stressful phase of life, just go with the flow and do what you want. Those animes and mangas won't run away. Once you feel refreshed enough and have some free time, you can instantly start reading the bug manga. :]
Tell that to the judge!
How coot.
I have nothing to hide at all. Especially not under the rug or inside a closet.
Naruto was THE anime for me back in the day and Hinata had a lot of memorable moments. Jeanne is pretty much the best character in Vanitas. She has a certain charm to her. As for Mirko, if only all anime bunny girls could be like that. Let's leave it at that. Souma is a mischievous little bastard (in a good way).
Lopika Nov 21, 12:16 PM
>>Yeah I like these former genius types of characters and I'm glad he was able to do something for the team
Speaking of I realised I like fallen geniuses who struggle and find their way back the most. Like in ping pong. Because to me it seams like aiming high when you only ever knew success is kind of easy, but aiming high and rebuilding confidence after a fall is tough. I hope some more character development will be seen in the next few episodes.
>>It's probably safe to say that this is one of the most overrated anime in this season, sadly.
Haha yeah, still not as bad as Tomodachi Game... yet ^^"

>>What I like the most in the second season are Anya and Damian's interactions, they're so cute :D
Yes, they are funny and cute. I actually liked the episode when they turned the villain kid into a celebrated last day friend... and how he learned he was to stay was so damn funny at the end XD I also like how Yor experiences love for her family and learns new ways of showing gratitude too. She's so silly and cute <3 (contrary to her sexy looks lol)

>>Until then, hope you enjoy Gintama and the others :)
Haha I actually do! I'm in a nonsense comedy phase right now. Gintama and 4nin are what I need after a long day lol

>>Also, how's Bocchi the Rock? Is it as good as people say it is? :o
It's silly, funny and cute. Mostly slice of life comedy with some occasional music. If you want cuteness and music, I'd rather go for K-on, if you want laughter and a bit of school girl nonsense, definitely watch Bocchi. MC may be annoying for some as she really is antisocial and is afraid of social situations, but she's working on it and her reactions are really funny XD (I don't find her annoying and I can relate to an extent, but I never avoided people and social situations to that extent)

>>Especially if the beach is not that crowded and it's not insanely hot either ^^;
Yeah I sometimes wonder what the off-season beach is like. Just sitting there, drinking a mug of hot tea, reading in a cozy hoodie and nobody around :3
>>Maybe it is time to visit Romania's beaches ;) (though we're not famous for them either lol)
I've actually visited the Romanian beaches as a kid. I don't remember the city, but it was one of the more famous ones. It was nice. I heard it became overly expensive recently :(

>You were right!! Can't believe the blonde "guy" is actually a girl!! Oh my, I never expected that haha
Yeah, she had some mannerisms that got my mind wondering :)
>And I'm sure Fushi is drawn to that doll because he was using Parona's body
This is such a lovely theory! How everyone changes how Fushi sees the world. And what they have thought Fushi when they were alive is brought with him in their form in a stronger way. I just can't wait until Fushi finds himself/herself

Bon saying he is similar to the Black Hooded dude was such an interesting concept to me. He is manipulative in a way, but his lifetime is really nothing to Fushi and Fushi could leave him anytime, Bon doesn't have anything to keep Fushi there. I see him totally different than the black dude, though I see why he feels like he is similar in his guilty/self-pity moments. What do you think?
Also I wonder if I could teel Fushi about his newfound powers. I want to think I'd tell him. I know it would crack him up, but he deserves to know. I also wonder if the person Fushi created really is Anna. Since Bon can see spirits I guess he can tell for sure, but I wonder if the girl will age or just stay the way Fushi copied her. I also wonder if the body is created by Fushi, but the spirit is from the deceased. Or if Fushi can just clone people. So many questions around this new power :D

How do you like Working! s2? I got a little fed up with the characters after s1 so I never checked s2 out.