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Yesterday, 12:14 PM
Watching 9/12 · Scored -
Fruits Basket
Fruits Basket
Nov 26, 2:12 PM
Watching 12/26 · Scored -
Ousama Ranking
Ousama Ranking
Nov 19, 11:10 AM
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Karakai Jouzu no (Moto) Takagi-san
Karakai Jouzu no (Moto) Takagi-san
Yesterday, 9:00 AM
Reading 93/? · Scored -
Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu
Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu
Nov 8, 9:56 AM
Plan to Read · Scored -
The Ravages of Time
The Ravages of Time
Nov 8, 9:39 AM
Reading 10/? · Scored 10


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Luminisce Yesterday, 12:23 PM
H o l y s h i t . . . .

So like, a bit late, but I just finished watching ep. 7 of Ousama Ranking, and I just wanted to say wtf just happened ಠ▃ಠ

Ooowoahvictoria Nov 26, 10:34 PM
Lolol, I sure am!! c: OMG, ERWIN!! Thank you for that glorious gif!! I am honored!!

Yesss, it's so satisfying!! When you put in all of the time, effort, and work and it turns out the way you hoped, it's such a nice feeling :>
I do not use that. I've tried it once but I think the alignment is a bit different on that site compared mal :o I made a profile on there a while ago and when I added it on mal, the alignment was a bit off :o
Yupp, that is a nice feature :)
*SALUTES* eeeekk, my arm is going to get tired from all of these salutes xDD
Krain Nov 26, 2:27 PM
I agree, the Gundam SEED character designs are maaaaann they just copied Lelouch, or like his face xDD HAHAHHHAHAHA
OMG NOO OFC I MEAN THE ANIMAL AND NOT THE GODLY, STUNNING UNICORN!!! o_O Okay I take it back to avoid any confusion: Lacus looks like an ugly horse, LMAO XDD
Ewww omg xDD The Lacus and Kira one is just terrible and just why o_O My eyes are hurting already so I closed the spoiler tag so fast xDDD
I'm being really bold here, LMAO xDD Yeaaaaaaahhhhh I hate it so much because so many are simping for THAT character design? xDD WTF naahhhh xDDD
Thanks :')) Will also let you know when I start it and yaay I'm looking forward to those :DDD
Yes I do thanks for linking it to me again Thomas <3 Yup I'm glad you know what I meant xDD
AutumnWaterbird Nov 26, 2:26 PM
I get to hear the dictionary definition of a vegetarian xDD
Oh I believe it is absolutely my fault. I seem to have acute dysgraphia. I'm going to try including that in my next bio design xD
That makes a lot of sense :o

2009, huh? That is very old... :o
Thanks for the explanation :D Oh wow, that sure is an expensive card o_O

Krain Nov 26, 2:19 PM
Yess awwww ngl it melts my Leinhearto kinda haha :’)) For the first time we aren’t the chaotic trio like Lumi likes to call us xDD since we all got the perfect timing xDD THE LIFE OF A MAL USER IS A STRESSFUL AND TOUGH LIFE XDD
GAHHHHH again makes me so happy LIKE AKSGKDGKSAGDKKSAADSG :DDD YAAAAA you know it omggggggg!!!!! OMG yessssssss 0:45 SLAPS! Nahh don't worry bc just listen to the song more and more and then there will be more good stuff appearing in your recommended in the most natural way ;))
Ehhh NOOOO I want my boat all for me alone! xDD Buy your own boat >:o Or you can use mine but there will be a fee since I could need some money for the Origin manga xDD HAHAHAHAHHHAA
Krain Nov 26, 2:10 PM
Yup :oo Aannnnnnnddd yup you are 100% correct, LMAO xDDD HAHAHAHAHHAHHAH but it's also another character not only the mentor-like one xDDD hehe

Okay so „ÖHHHHH“ will be some sort of code word then? xDD OMG no but jokes aside you should really watch such a youtube video about its symptoms!! xDD HAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHA Just to make sure ya know? xDDDD
Ikr? That's the reason why anime is so *nerd Karina incoming* cool xDD I need to train my Leinhearto more tho by watching more anime aka by COMPLETING 400 ANIME!! xDDD
gokalp Nov 26, 12:03 PM
thank you so much!! hope you also have a nice day :)
Ooowoahvictoria Nov 25, 7:06 PM
Woohoo! Haha, so many salutes are happening :o
Totally!! Looking for art can be really funny and deciding what layout you want to do is fun as well ^ ^ Trueeee, I CAN'T BE STOPPED!! LOL
Ooowoahvictoria Nov 25, 1:50 PM
Haha, I'm glad that you're honored :> *salutes to you* Ahhh, I'm glad that you think it was good advice :o Of course you did c:
I doooo!! Ah, that's what I thought. Thank you so much!! I will hehehe ^ ^
Krain Nov 25, 10:38 AM
YESSS THANKSSSSS for inspiring me :'))) Victoria also brought a new one out it's so wholesome that we all got new ones now kinda? xDDD
Now I'm finally in the endless cycle of wanting to change my profile like constantly xDD Glad I'm not the only one xDD
MAL be controlling my life no shit, LMAO
FOR REAL? OMGGG YOOOO AHHHHHHHH wow wow it makes me so so happy that you really are enjoying the song :DDD YOOO 20 times even?? GAHHHHHHHHHHHH I'm screaming xDDD
Ikr it's like they are using traditional japanese instruments or something and that combined with her voice is just ughhhhh just great <333 I'm obsessed with the "Onore onore" part it's catchy af :DD YESS I love my yt feed like gahhhh I honestly don't deserve it xDDD
Thanks thanks :DD Yeah >:DD Oh don't be jealous, just come to Neo-Venezia aswell xDD
Krain Nov 25, 10:26 AM
Yup :’))
Ahhh I won’t tell because once you start it you’ll already know who my fav character is xDDD
Yup understandable :oo Only makes sense that you will check everything out because you enjoyed the series xDD

Yeah lmao otherwise it’s gonna end up being an one-sided conversation xDDDD Omg so you finally accepted your dyslexia in the end HAHAHHHAHHHAHAAH xDD This is the TRUE you Thomas xDD
Pheww that's good xDD You do?? xDD Well if you like those verübara Leinheartoattacks then you must have a strong Leinhearto which is able to handle all that tough stuff unlike my Leinhearto xDD LMAO
Ooowoahvictoria Nov 25, 10:13 AM
Thank you Tompa c:
I appreciate that a lot!!! I was just talking to Lumi and telling her that I was proud of you and Karina because you both keep making amazing profiles!! :)
Krain Nov 25, 3:19 AM
Awww thanks Thomas <3 The time you said that you had a new one in your backlog just inspired me to create a new one again :'))
And ik I'm crazy since it hasn't been even a day but I'm already bored of it, LMAO xDDD
AHHHHHH glad you liked the song! I actually found it through my magnificent recommendation feed on yt again xDDD Ever since I can't stop listening to it, it's so breathy!
LMAO you know it xDDDDD I cannot have enough of it so I had to move xDD I had no other choice. I even got my own boat now and I'm sailing across the canals of Neo-Venezia ;))
AutumnWaterbird Nov 24, 3:15 PM
I keep missing appending this edit to my comments because I'm stupid, so it's going to be its own comment dangit:

quote/Nice job reworking your profile btw! (I forgot that yesterday, it was so late ^^" sorry.) Who is that character? I don't recognise her :o/unquote
AutumnWaterbird Nov 24, 2:56 PM
No, I'm not vegetarian, but I can go without meat. Nevertheless, I couldn't imagine going completely without it ^^" My sister is vegetarian, but she's really picky with which vegetables she likes, so to annoy her, I tell her that I'm more vegetarian than her because I like more vegetables xD
I should have rephrased that. I know how to cook pasta theoretically, but knowing myself, I'd probably still find a number of ways to screw it up is what I meant :P
Oh wow, thanks Gordon! Gordon Ramsay is a legend xD
Also, yeah, I took note of the oil-thing myself. It just doesn't make sense, right? xD
Oh, thanks for the compliment HAHAHA xDD

Okay, cool, thanks. When was the abridged series made? I've heard of it for ages, so to me it just kind of seems like it's always been there ^^"
Oh, are they that expensive? :o I really didn't concern myself with those cards back then because I'd never known what Yugioh was xD And Pokémon cards were more common anyway. Those were probably hella expensive too, though.