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Days: 114.8
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Jul 12, 3:45 PM
Watching -/12 · Scored -
Mo Dao Zu Shi
Mo Dao Zu Shi
Jul 12, 4:17 AM
Watching -/15 · Scored -
Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru?
Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru?
Jul 12, 2:22 AM
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Days: 0.3
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Ijiranaide, Nagatoro-san
Ijiranaide, Nagatoro-san
Jul 11, 5:39 PM
Reading - · Scored -
Semete, Ano Yuki no You ni
Semete, Ano Yuki no You ni
Jul 7, 8:21 PM
Reading -/1 · Scored -
Love So Life
Love So Life
Jul 7, 8:21 PM
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Diztrus 10 hours ago

keeteezy Yesterday, 11:16 PM
Im that nigga!
Theres so many hot girls in anime I cannot bear to put em, maybe i will soon hmm for now its a special list
90% of users on mal are a bunch of clowns.
Llawliet_kun Yesterday, 9:11 PM
nm just being lazy and nothing to do
NexivSelecaf Yesterday, 4:39 PM
Yeah I can sorta tell that you're not as tech savvy as I am (which is a little ironic for someone of the Asian persuasion) since, yeah if you've got $500 to spend on a CPU, a 9900K wouldn't be a bad choice provided that you're going to actually do things that would saturate it's eight cores and sixteen threads, like Twitch streaming or content creation for YouTube. The 2080 Ti for around $1,200 would be the real envy of the build, but I mentioned which resolution and frame rate that I'm gunning for with the Asus monitor while you're giving me vague details. So it looks like you over payed buy several hundred if not by a thousand, but what's done is done, and it looks like you have a good three or four years until you'll "need" to upgrade.
Monarch-Reli Yesterday, 2:23 PM
Damn, you have given me a LOT to take into account. Okay, to be fair, maybe I should have known the place would be cheap. It was like 8 bucks and was from a place by the dentist I go to, yeah it was a chain "Pho 5UP"... oh god that name is dumb. But yeah, I wanted to really like it, I love different types of food, specifically Asian food, but maybe you're right and I did go to a bad place. I'm actually going to San Diego next time and instead of going to a small shop I should go to a more recognized place?

And yes! It was actually a combination. BUT OH GOD THE MEATBALLS HAVE GRISTLE?! I hate gristle, thing that stops me from eating chicken the most ah fuck. The noddles were decently thick yes. *Sigh* Maybe I should have done more research first.

Is it also true they pick their nose a lot? o-o I hate sounding racist but hey since you already confirmed one stereo, might as well ask another. My Grandmother SWEARS they do while picking food and is the main reason she wont eat it. I take everything she says with a grain of salt because she's a religious fanatic, but still.
deg Yesterday, 2:08 PM
you already commented on the thread lol
TheMariqua Yesterday, 7:09 AM
PantsuSenseiUwU Yesterday, 5:09 AM
reminder to myself to give seiya story fml too much to do this weekend i forgot :(
zesti Yesterday, 2:37 AM
ahahah ^^
deg Yesterday, 2:20 AM
also my primarily role in real life is our house dish washer lol so im out for now
deg Yesterday, 2:17 AM
nah nevermind that thread you got a real life waiting for you dude so you need less or no MAL lol go prepare already
deg Yesterday, 2:02 AM
lol you got a good market value then (i made a thread about that earlier) and i agree with your decision there give and take relationship is better if you can

and who is Tyler? lol

lol i agree with that but i tryhard to avoid direct insults like that since im an idiot myself
and really and ye i just notice like the other day that you are now a female lol
deg Yesterday, 1:53 AM
thats nice nepotism is look down upon but having connections really is important especially in the heavy competitive job market today

and nah its not really bullying its just like some misunderstood scenario that they think im trying be a supremacist lol im just super active on a lot of parts of the forums so i occassionaly got that so no big deal my huge post count says that i can manage that (its different in real life though)

and i know that meme lol
deg Yesterday, 1:31 AM
oh you have work thats good i thought your depression is like severe or disabiling already but ye you said you got friends in real life so your not socially dysfunctional

and no problem with the late reply no pressure

lol im feeling bad at the moment due to forums but nah it will go away in time
and thanks for that dude even though i can only say few words a lot of time lol sorry about that
keeteezy Yesterday, 12:12 AM
Shhhhhhhh Im full real!
My ethnicity is a real one!
My race: Im that nigga!