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izumaa Oct 13, 1:21 PM
Yeah, that's usually always on my mind. That online friends are temporary, and at some point, they'll be gone. Tho, by keeping that in mind, if a 'friendship' is starting to drift, i'm usually the one who impulsively leaves, or tries to cut ties. I do this as a sense of, hmm, idk if "control" is the right word cuz that almost sounds manipulative, but i don't think that's my intent. Usually I try to be the one to leave so i can move on quicker. Being left is more painful than the one who leaves, typically. So ig it's just selfish.

Small talk is draining to me simply cuz it's all so meaningless. It's a lot of effort as is for me to want to talk to anyone, and "wasting" my time on redundant topics gets tiring. Often feels like i'm recycling old conversations. If small talk can even be chalked up to that.

Hope your days have been treating you well :)
Took a bit for this reply, been busy-ish.
izumaa Oct 6, 11:24 AM
I definitely don't consider myself to be a nice person, and tbh it was mostly curiosity over concern.
And yep, the internet is a iffy thing. I try not to get too attached to anyone online cuz they'll vanish...tho i tend to be the one who vanishes vs. the one who gets left behind but meh, something i'm working on.
Yeah, i enjoy talking to people, i mean, obv, otherwise i wouldn't, but replies can be draining at times, especially if it's small talk.

It probably will :) It was fun.
I decided mostly cuz i had a friend who convinced me to build one vs getting a prebuilt, and i suckered into it.
So that combined with the fact i've always wanted a gaming PC, just cuz it's convenient. Tho i don't even play that many games...could've gone a lot cheaper but whatever.
izumaa Oct 4, 12:56 PM
Tbh the damn virus. Was kinda curious if everyone i was in contact, and on good terms with, was okay.
It seems mostly everyone is, tho a few have been offline since before i even came back so no way for me to contact them.
So now i'm just kinda back, not overly active, and i tend to still fall behind on replies.

My Uncle did help me with the building process, but it was also his first time building one. But he'd been using gaming pcs for years and knew how to swap out parts etc, just never from the ground up. Usually if you're able to pick ur parts and what not, it'll always be better than a prebuilt. So i'll always make sure i'm able to do that, and i'd never go to like a store and buy a full PC off the shelf. There are a lot of companies, such as NZXTbld that will build a 'custom' PC for you, with i think like an additional $250-$300 charge. Which yeah, that's a lot of money to be saved but christ it was too stressful putting the sucker together for me to wanna do it again.

ghostcarnist Oct 2, 6:56 PM
thanks appreciate it!
Starchaser Oct 2, 5:30 PM
Ah, gotcha. If I can suggest one though, it'd be Watchmen. What novels are you reading now?

Hehe, just wanted to know. You remember what it was or the wrestler(s)?
Oh, I see. Yeah, that's true. As a kid there's that daily environment of school so we're constantly exposed to friends there, but then we're no longer surrounded by a group of same-age peers who happen to be in a similar life stage. But yeah, in that time and on the plus side, you know better what we like and want in someone we can call a friend.

I see you've been (re)watching Psycho Pass, what are your thoughts on it?

I'll share this song with you.

Gosh, that was the graduation song lol.

"Being grown up isn't half as fun as growing up
These are the best days of our lives
The only thing that matters is just following your heart
And eventually you'll finally get it right"

^But the chorus/those lyrics really stand out
Sad Oct 2, 11:22 AM
LiIIy Oct 2, 5:47 AM
Hey there.
Knowing how I am I do my best to stay on subject and not have my heart racing. You're fine oniichan, went to bed early to have an overcharged battery now. <3
Hayley_N_Haydet Oct 1, 5:35 PM
First time (I make sure to indicate whether or not a particular viewing is a re-watch). Found it after looking for the highest rated horror anime on MAL. I wasn't really in the mood for brutal medieval violence, but the premise was intriguing enough. I wanted to re-watch Shiki, but my bias for new experiences prevailed yet again.

I've been taking notes here and there; I'll give you my thoughts maybe next week~

Why not indeed...we may have never exchanged so much as a single word throughout our entire lives had it not been for this site :D
izumaa Oct 1, 9:17 AM
thanks :)

I went in completely blind. I mean, i knew how to use computers, but didn't know what parts were in them, or how they functioned.
So i had to learn all the terminology and what parts i need to have a fully functional computer. And yes exactly! I do recommend people build their first, and then decide from there if they want to ever do it again.
Maybe a bit of a stretch but some people do build computers as a hobby. Bloody expensive one but i could see how it'd be fun.
Could even do it as a little part time job thingy, just building pcs for people who buy the parts etc and charging like a $100 service fee
izumaa Sep 28, 1:23 PM
I do wish i'd had said bye to people who had nothing to do with my little hiatus, ex. You and some other people, but I panic when i get involved in petty drama, and when it comes to the internet, i just really dont have the energy to put up with it and will just run. That's about all their was to that :x

That's fantastic to hear. At least someone is having a good year, amidst the chaos. And i bet that new chapter will be great.

I did! It was....stressful. Needless to say, I don't think I'll ever build one again, just because i'm quite lazy, and it wasn't really fun enough for me to want to go through the process again. But i educated myself a fair bit on computer parts, and i could replace/upgrade things on my own in the future, so that's a huge plus. A lot of people describe computer building as Legos for adults, but hell, when the Legos are as expensive as they are, the sheer terror that came with shoving these suckers together was too much xD
izumaa Sep 28, 1:09 PM
Yeah my apologies xd, but i kinda left the site and only came back recently-ish, like in late July or somethin'.

Ayy i'm glad things are going alright for u recently. What an absolutely mess of year tho.

And i've been, alive I suppose. Things could be better, could be worse.
Outside of constant paranoia thanks to this god damned virus, and a few other factors weighing me down, i've been good.
Built a PC in December 2019, and that's been quite fun! Bit spendy but hell, worth it thus far.
izumaa Sep 28, 10:49 AM
yo, it's been a full year, uh, i'm going to scrap our last convo and ask how you've been :x
Micchiru Sep 26, 6:56 PM
hellooo (^▽^)
n7ah Sep 26, 10:21 AM
Same here. Hopefully there's an OVA it's still hard to say goodbye to this series
Sharpoint Sep 26, 8:33 AM
I really hope all goes well for you, I really do