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Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
Sep 18, 10:44 PM
Re-watching 1/27 · Scored -
Sep 18, 9:41 PM
Re-watching 24/24 · Scored 8
Mononoke Hime
Mononoke Hime
Aug 22, 10:30 PM
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Midori no Hibi
Midori no Hibi
Jun 27, 8:28 AM
Completed 86/86 · Scored 10
Tokyo Ghoul
Tokyo Ghoul
Jun 19, 3:47 AM
Completed 144/144 · Scored 9
Apr 22, 12:19 AM
Completed 383/383 · Scored 10


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AlreadyNight Sep 4, 3:22 PM
That's true haha. Well you're like the 3rd or 4th I met here, so I decided to leave a trace where it happened with that comment.

BTW, cool pics in your bio. Do you do boxing?
RAVl Aug 25, 8:50 PM
love your pfp, inuyasha is one of my faves as well.
your signature is beautiful!
23feanor Aug 25, 1:24 PM
Was just reading the Romance shows thread. I wouldn't mind some suggestions for romance shows please, when you can spare a minute. I added Nana and Bloom Into You after reading the thread but am sure there's more good romance out there. Like: Spice & Wolf, Ah My Goddess, Domestic Girlfriend (I know it's "trashy" drama but I had a fling with my teacher so hits home for me), Chuunybiou (love that two people who both view the world differently come together), Monogatari series (the realistic & developed relationships in this show is amazing), O Maidens of a Savage Season (am really enjoying this atm), Kimi No Na Wa & Why The Hell Are You Here Teacher (again I know this one's trashy but the I enjoyed the interwoven aspects of all the relationships). Dislike: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzimiya (I don't like limp MC who take forever to admit their feelings and then only do so reluctantly). Thanks ^_^
AlreadyNight Aug 22, 5:00 AM
Yo, it's so rare to find a fellow extrovert around this place.
Kuriko-san Aug 2, 1:09 PM
Sorry fo such late reply...

My favourite Skullgirls character is actually Eliza. However I like to play for Ms Fortune as well. They are both my favourites ^-^

And I’m not sure what did you mean by playing. AWC or Skullgirls?
shinrinyoku Jul 21, 3:52 AM
thanks :)
shinrinyoku Jul 20, 5:01 AM
you have a beautiful signature :3
PantsuSenseiUwU Jul 11, 2:52 AM
Yeah I love it, I got travel and spend all dating eating, napping and sparring
I was alow belt because I never did forms I was there to kick ass that's it
I've had over 20 fights in TKD with many knock-outs and mercys
My instructor really took training me serious because I was very serious
I was also doing JiuJitsu during this time and running cross country
I was in tip top shape, I just didn't lift weights yet
Wrestling on the other hand
I lost every match I was ever in
My coach put me on varsity because they didn;t have someone at that weight class they wanted to cultivate me into a great wrestler
Losing every match and getting murdered was not fun
I was then put in a chicken wing by a team mate that tore my rotator cuff 1 year of PT and it was never the same
We were supposed to hold it at the middle of the back
my hand reached my head
I think he was upset that I took his place on varsity considering I was smaller but stronger than him
He's in prison now so it was definitely that
Dude I fell so many times because I tried kicking too high but eventually you learn your limit
If I can find a less than 10 second mercy clip I have, I'll post it for ya
The falls during those kicks happened a lot but we kept at it and I was a 5'7 guy sparring with a 6'8 man kicking him in the face (my buddies dad ahahah)
Oh yeah for sure
I wasn't trying to curb stop the guy
Just get him back for sucker punching me and busting my lip
as soon as he did that, my friend tackled him to the ground punching him in the side of the face and I was standing above him throwing hay makers
that's why I don't go out and get DRUNK
alcohol makes me aggressive
being bullied in elementary school and tired of being this skinny asian kid
I still have records for weight lifted per pound at my high school
My vertical was tied with the number 1 star basket ball player
All the sports dudes tried to recruit me for sports but I just liked having a nice body and people not fucking with me anymore
He would have been slept if I just hit him with a spinning hook kick. Didn't want to kill him though
Martial arts was something I;ve always been interested in because of all those old martial art movies
MMA I was really into as well
Just made me feel alpha af being a 5'7 asian male
PantsuSenseiUwU Jul 11, 2:08 AM
only boxed one time and it was outside the bar last year
sucker punched, split lip
my knuckles were very bloody afterward and since he sucker punched, you know my boys stepped in
his boys watched so you can imagine what happened to him
not my proudest moment but don't fuck with me BRUH
PantsuSenseiUwU Jul 9, 8:36 AM
LOL BRO that was high school. I don't weight lift anymore. I hit the gym only every so often. My gym membership is just there to drain my bank account and make me think I'll get back into it.
Im probably 160 pounds right now and couldn't even squat half that.
Last Year I was 210 eating and lifting everything. Just an excuse to be super fat and smoke pot lol
Lifting weights in HS was to not get beat up and to make friends. I didn't really do sports so that's how I made friends with athletes and popular kids. Being this super strong smol boi that didn't play sports. All the seniors would try to recruit me and I finally caved and did track and wrestling.
TKD was the safer option because I could throw kicks and stay at a distance
I did compete for TKD. Beat the shit out of everyone
Found out it was because my teacher didn't want us advancing so quick so we wouldn't leave his school
He was a great teacher but a greedy bastard.
He charged so much but he let us practice on the weekends for free. The weekends were for people who wanted to compete and spar
I have a few medals. The one time I won a trophy. My best bud knocked out my cousin in a non knock out tourney
He got disqualified and his dad cussed out the judges so they gave him the first place trophy for getting DQ
I ended up getting First Place, guess what I got A FUCKING MEDAL
So that trophy is sitting at my buddies dad's house in a box somewhere. SICK
PantsuSenseiUwU Jul 9, 7:54 AM
I was ready to joke around with a few RP lines with you (few lines is the most I can do with people on the interwebs)
I'll be on there more now that I know it's not just counting threads
Instead of Boxing I took up TKD and JiuJitsu instead. Figured I'd learn techniques using my superior body parts. Being a boxer is still something I want to be, maybe near future :D
HighSchool Stats
175 pounds
(everyone makes fun of my deadlift being lower than my squats but they can't even hit two plates ROFL)
See why I took up TaeKwonDo over boxing? TKD also felt like the safer option if I needed to get into a fight
I'm definitely a lively person. IRL and online. I'm just taking my time adjusting because I'm still fairly new on the forums
can't go full IRL me cause that's too much for people to handle
PantsuSenseiUwU Jul 9, 5:39 AM
I want to marry you for Kaori, Onizuka, My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU but you are not ecchi enough for me :(
i was like why did ... change their gender lol
also bro you'd beat my ass,
I'm also a guy I don't want to jebait someone who actually posts a selfie
seems the female in profile works though :D
Chaet Jul 8, 8:34 AM
i didn't think it was boring, i just don't judging anime without fully completely them
thanks for the explanation, i actually didn't know what making it right meant
;-; i'm happy it's about friendship, but i was expecting little of romance, but anyway, i will watch it again, i do feel like watching it now xd
thank you so much
Chaet Jul 8, 7:48 AM
just didn't feel like watching it, no other reason
i dropped it a year ago actually -o-, watched its first episode three times now, but still no progress
anyway, thanks for recommending it, i don't drop anime because they are bad or anything, i had them on-hold for a year or two, so they ended up in the dropped list
will try watching it again today, will see if i can complete it
Kuriko-san Jul 4, 2:26 PM
I really need to get back to Oxygen xD.

I’m not playing competitively in fighting games. I’m too bad in them, haha. I got into fighting games mostly because my friends were into them, so I was playing with them. Only recently I picked up Skullgirls by myself. It’s very combo based so it takes time for me to learn it. I have already 10h on a Steam counter and I didn’t touch yet the tutorial chapters about combos for specific characters. And I spend most of this time doing tutorial xD

I’m still an adept ^-^

Hm, never heard of this anime but sure it sounds fun. I will check it out when I will have time (or put it in AWC2019). Thank you for recommendation.
That reminds me... I’m also interested in this anime based on LoL