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Days: 194.9
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Sakura Quest
Sakura Quest
Yesterday, 10:54 PM
Watching 8/25 · Scored 6
Aikatsu Stars!
Aikatsu Stars!
Yesterday, 2:11 AM
Watching 57/? · Scored 8
Little Witch Academia (TV)
Little Witch Academia (TV)
Yesterday, 1:47 AM
Watching 20/25 · Scored 7
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Fushigi Yuugi
Fushigi Yuugi
May 12, 9:28 AM
Plan to Read · Scored -
Ikoku Meiro no Croisée
Ikoku Meiro no Croisée
May 9, 12:53 AM
Plan to Read · Scored -
Black Clover
Black Clover
May 9, 12:45 AM
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Pullman May 19, 2:57 PM
Thanks for the compliment, I appreciate it :)
But don't change your opinion once you stumble upon one of my shitposts xD
I put care and thought in a lot of my posts, but definitely not into all of them. I depends a lot on my mood or how motivated/tired I am.
Slowpoke_ May 18, 11:15 PM
I miss it so much sometimes. I watched the first few episodes of the Dream Academy or whatever and man it turned me off haha
Slowpoke_ May 17, 1:37 PM
You make me want to catch up on Aikatsu now. I only left off on first season of Aikatsu though. Its gonna take awhile to catch up haha
Yaboku May 12, 6:38 AM
Thank you!
Cartox May 10, 11:12 AM
Hello Chandela, long time no speak.
Thank you very much for the birthday wishes, this is greatly appreciated!
Well, I had some piano exams and stuff today so it was a bit stressful, but I'm starting to enjoy this day more at the moment.
I hope you're doing well.
hayami6364 May 2, 3:19 PM
Hahahaha that's nice ~

laCloud Apr 29, 7:33 AM
Hey Chandela boy if t'was in the great land of Oz you'd be one year older to being an old grumpy bastard, so I'm wishing you from the future a happy b'day man, hope you enjoy your night
hayami6364 Apr 28, 8:12 AM
Hi ~
Nice to meet ya ^^
Hei Apr 8, 3:12 PM
Also yeah i really do have the same feeling lol. This whole year sans Rakugo seems kinda underwhelimg so far tbh
Hei Apr 8, 3:09 PM
Yes for the love of god please do. Katanagatari is so fucking masterful. The payoff is absolutely transquisitic.
Hei Apr 1, 5:03 AM
LOL i hope so. At the very least I'm hoping Pierrot learns from the flaws of Naruto and strives towards correcting them.

Also, LOL yeah my best friend (Emmanuel) actually watched some of the GOATs before me (NGE, TTGL)

Fun fact 77% of the anime i've ever seen is this decade ; and 98.1% of the anime i've ever seen is this millennia. Source: MALGRAPH.

Although this year i've made more of a concerted effort to watch some of the Classics/GOATs???

I've watched NGE, Gungrave, School Days, Hellsing Ultimate, Katanagatari, etc since the start of the year.

And yeah from what i'm told by credible sources - if you enjoy manga, then that's probably the place to go for Claymore. I don't read, so its not really fair for me. But i'm giving you the objective opinion of the good people i know who have consumed both. If you were planning on both, i'd say watch the anime first - cause then the manga will pick up past where the anime leaves off (since the manga is finished).

That being said the Anime is good, i would argue very good. The biggest problem is that it literally leaves off like smack in the middle of the source material, so it feels really incomplete LOL

Also if you haven't seen Katanagatari by the love of God himself PLEASE FUCKING WATCH IT. God bless it, its undisputedly one of the best series i've ever seen. I think it came in for me #15 on my all time list. That being said its a very elitist show. Very artsy, heavy, heavy dialogue, very unconventional, with lots of metaphors/symobolism - but holy shit is it worth it.
Hei Mar 30, 4:09 PM
Nah I get you, I guess anything above 52 eps could be considered "long running" but i would consider FMAB on the absolute fringe of that. Surely it isn't it hundreds of eps lol

And yeah like i said someone needs to pick up Boruto with me haha. We've been following this franchise for over a decade so might as well keep it going .

If you have 152 eps left of shippuuden you should be getting to the good stuff. Where Obito is revealed as Tobi, and the great ninja war really starts to pick up. (granted its marred in unprecedented amounts of filler - the canaan at least retains enjoyability).

I don't care much for the classic shows achievement simply for the fact that I continue to watch as much anime as i can - indiscriminate of genre or length or year of origin, cause eventually all the achievements will be achieved if i keep going at my current rate.

Yeah i definitely recommend Claymore - one of the better shounen of all time. Absolutely needs a Claymore:Sisterhood, because Claymore literally left off in the middle of the source material lmao.

Damn yeah I was gonna get into Pripara, but iirc its too many episodes/series. It would be too much of an investment.
Hei Mar 27, 11:26 PM
LOL i wouldn't consider Brotherhood "long running." Yeah its' 64 episodes but believe it or not i watched the entire series in 2 days. I'm one of maybe 10% of the community that prefers the original FMA to FMAB. I could go deep into detail for why that's the case, but i'm more than happy to have that discussion with you after you finish Brotherhood.

As for Shippuuden i strangely feel the same kinda way. Just glad that' its finally come to an end, and you better pick up Boruto LMFAO. I'm gonna need SOMEONE to share my pain. ;-;

Also, why would you want a Yu Yu Remake? lmao it ended perfectly. I'd prefer a Claymore Sisterhood ;]
Hei Mar 23, 8:28 PM
Haha Jimmykudo is a legacy mate <3

Long running shows have never really been my preference. Once I saw what FMA was able to do in 51 episodes, that was kinda my unofficial benchmark for how long anime should be. IT was always if FMA can tell a comprehensive, complete, thoroughly engaging story in 51 episodes with a lot of depth, then there's very minimal reason it should be much longer. As such that's why FMA has only been displaced by Steins;Gate on my all time list ;]

And the bet was in my favour. If i won , i would have got $100. It was high risk, high reward bet, and i was winning it the entire time up until i didnt anymore. Regardless seeing bleach is probably an unfortunate necessity for most Anime fans. So whatever.

LOL yeah my process has been to watch anime the way i always have, and the malgraph achievements will all come naturally. :) Nothing i've watched has been influenced by those in any way ;]

Honestly Shippuuden is a real mixed bag. Some of its canaan is really engaging, and some of the characters are genuinely greatly written. Unfortunately it handcuffs itself with worthless filler , poor animation, etc. Objectively its probably a 5/10, but i give it the extra point for the plethora of cool characters.

Boruto is canaan, its' not officially written by the same mangaka as naruto, but based on the reports i've been told, he has discussed Boruto over with the current mangaka and publically stated to consider any material in Boruto to be canaan.

Non the less its obviously within the same universe as naruto, its the same franchise, so, I'm always gonna watch it. Ironically the same guy who directed bleach and yu yu hakusho is on plot to direct it.
Hei Mar 23, 3:14 PM
LOL all these long running shows. I avoid them like the plague. Only reason i got caught up in Detective Conan - is cause its where my identity Jimmykudo3000 is literally derived from.

Only reason i got caught up in Naruto was cause in 2009 my old dorm mate (same guy who recommended Code Geass) told me Naruto was amazing and he had it in his top 5 all time with Death Note, Code Geass, and FMA. I took his word for it, and its one of the biggest mistakes of my anime career.

Only reason I'm watching Bleach is because I lost a bet (i.e. Falcons winning the Super Bowl)

Yes I realise I have more excuses than most Law Journals don't judge me ;___;

I'm sticking by my promise that i'll never watch One Piece, Gintama and Gundam. (at least not until all the GOATs are cleared out anyway) so probably looking at another decade or two....

And yeah in honour of naruto ending i switched all my top favourite characters to my top 10 naruto characters ;-;

Here's the full list if you're interested

1 Uchiha Obito
2 Uchiha Itachi
3 Nagato (Pein)
4 Gaara
5 Uchiha Sasuke
6 Hatake Kakashi
7 Might Gai
8 Hyuga Hinata
9 Hyuga Neji
10 Sasori
11 Konan
12 Namikaze Minato
13 Tobirama Senju
14 Uchiha Madara
15 Zabuza
16 Haku
17 Hidan
18 Nara Shikamaru
19 Jiraiya
20 Darui