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Overlord II
Overlord II
Jan 16, 1:11 PM
Watching 2/13 · Scored -
Märchen Mädchen
Märchen Mädchen
Jan 16, 5:58 AM
Watching 1/10 · Scored -
Nanatsu no Taizai: Imashime no Fukkatsu
Nanatsu no Taizai: Imashime no Fukkatsu
Jan 15, 11:32 AM
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Rokudou no Onna-tachi
Rokudou no Onna-tachi
Dec 27, 2017 8:03 AM
Reading 73/? · Scored -
Nanatsu no Taizai
Nanatsu no Taizai
Dec 26, 2017 12:38 PM
Reading 248/? · Scored -
Ijiranaide, Nagatoro-san
Ijiranaide, Nagatoro-san
Dec 26, 2017 8:41 AM
Reading 5/? · Scored -


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Hirugiku Apr 20, 4:45 PM
pffffffffffft,waiting be like

very cool gif tho :D
TohkaShido Apr 8, 1:51 AM
TohkaShido Mar 29, 11:25 PM
TohkaShido Mar 27, 12:59 AM
- the First spirit of Date a Live has a total of 3 angels

- this is the image of the spirit

GlennMagusHarvey Mar 26, 10:01 PM
I don't remember if I've asked you before, but where did you get your forum avatar (Nanoha)?
Hirugiku Mar 23, 9:08 AM
HIGH SCORE GIRL ADAPTAION. YAaaay im so happy <3333 our dreams came true brother T_T ITS ANIMATED
TohkaShido Mar 12, 12:50 AM
TohkaShido Mar 3, 8:55 PM
>First Spirit of Date a live

> Astral Dress : Deus Type

> Weapon : Ain Soph Aur ( Flower Type )
TohkaShido Mar 2, 10:41 PM
TohkaShido Feb 26, 9:15 PM
TohkaShido Feb 26, 9:07 PM
They Finally meet each other again after 30 years of being seperated from each other )

Now──let’s commence the beginning of the end of the war (date).

“Long time no see, I finally got to meet you──Shin.” ( Shin is the nickname used by the
first spirit )

To the Spirit of Origin who finally appeared, the Spirits challenge her to a battle in order to stop her,

but against that overwhelming power, they collapse one by one……Then, Shido himself confronts the main culprit.
TohkaShido Feb 26, 9:07 PM

Hirugiku Feb 26, 2:48 PM

yes yes yes yes yes YES YES
fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinally you are back om y goooooood.
DUUUde do you know how nervewrecking you made me these past couple of weeks (basically after a week of you not showing up since it was the most days i havent seen you on mal) I was thinking of so many thhings that could've happened, well after 3 weeks the most likely one was RIP. Ofcourse i'm not reading news and i dont even think i know where to read, but the title would be something like that >>>>> A man who just bought a car got into a huge debt with a local yakuza after 2 months of debt, yakuza got tired of him not paying and it resulted in a slaughter>>>>
Or maybe the least iconic one that wouldnt even be on the news. Know which one? and also revolves around cars? right ACCIDENTS
You are starting to understand where im going with this?

SO you were jsut busy with the work or what happened? you cant actually just leave it at "was super busy" how is that a reply? dont you care for me or my feelnigs? Last week i was thinking along the lines of i hope he is alright, as long as he is not dead and will come back i will be super happy. Well since you came back and if nothing serious like accident happened then im mad lol. Then im mad that you just ignored mal and didnt at least mention that you are alive, lol you dont even need to message me if you dont want to, just come online, and i'll see everything for myself :v I already kinda accepted that you dont add anything to your list for like forever and you give me and everyone else the impression that you are inactive :v

Psss, psss *wink* as hirugiku whispered "i didnt really accept it, please come back into updating your mal so its easier to stalk you LOL"

I dunno if i got this correct but are you implying that not having a computer affected you not coming online at least once you know there is that wonderful thing that peole invented that you use to play bang dream and that amazingly devious thing can access online? and there is even myanimelist app (crazy i know)

Btw thanks to you i realized how nervwrecking and frustrating and very emotional to worry for someone else especially when you cant do anything and there is complete and full unknowingness in the air. I dont even know if i can compare it to something else, dont think i can even compare it to waiting for your test answer if you applied to the most famous place in the world and anxious if you passed. Thats different because you approximately know how you did since you took the test. But i guess its similar, since answers come in a month LOOOL.
But anyway just knowing what you are up to or whether you are even alive was the most challenging feeling i came across. Also i dont think i ever worried for anyone in my life as i did for you lol. Again because of this uncertainty feeling that i had. ALso i know how challenging your life was and even in past messages i could see from your tone or vibe of your messages? that you are having a hard freaking time :v While i wanted and want to do something for you , its not like there is anything i can do. Its maybe the most important part of your life, trying to cope with challenges. And i cant be there for you all the time so you have to cope with them and overcome them by yourself. To be strong, so ofcourse i cant interfere with your growing process. But i can always support you when its emotionally rough.

So what i was thinking is that you might've not dealt with it and collapsed under pressure and difficulties and gave up on life lol (however you interpret it) but i was mostly considering the accident possibility lol.
But lets see what you reply, i want a full answer, to the point of descirbing every single day, every single minute in that month period lol. (im not kididng) ALso tell me what your thoughts and thought process was.

Also screw your car, ever since you got that piece of junk that i will never approve, ever that time i stopped seeing you often lol and then you completely disappeared. WEll you are back, but then for how long? what are the chances you are gonna disappear in a month again but this time for a year lol.

Now it brings me to another point, if nothing serious happened and it was just regular days so what if, what if... you were offended because of me, i hurt you and then you lost all motivation to go to mal. Also you knew the quiz could happen any time so you not checking it despite you wanting to participate in it proves that whatever happened must be greater than the desire to participate in the quiz.Me hurting you probably isnt the only thing, but it probably accumulated with other things like maybe real life stuff and maybe you are losing interest in animes as well.

Anyway from now on you are telling me how i offended you. If i say or do something you dont like, you tell me, instead of keeping it in yourself or ragequiting in rabbit and then it accumulates with other things and other thins and then it all explodes and that results from you not going to mal again :v
I was thinking about it from time to time(believe me you are not the only thing i think about in my life but since you are pretty important and im attached to you, you are in that important things folder that i have in my head lol) i was thinking that i know what might've offended you, i wont mention those right now tho, since i dont know if you even were offended in the first place lol. But if you were, then im not upset anymore for you not going on mal, its a good reason lol.

Well anyway im realllllllllllllly relieved that you are fine but most importantly that you are back. Depending on your message, it will tell me what to think of all this, cause now im really confused what to think of all this.
Also another reminder for you to finally update your list and change your picture you usually change it from time to time, loooli think its time lol. ALso it will make me think that you grew and changed with a new image representing a new and more improved you and that'll make me happy :<

But please do tell me, as someone who only wasnt logged in at mal for 2 days max i wannnnnna know. I WANNA KnOW so badly how does it feel, hoooow does it actually feel to come back to mal after a month, where do you go first? how many notifications did you have? 30? 40? what did you check when you came back? probably my profile lol and didnt even comment on my changes you little ................
How is eclair? :D what do you think of my favorite animes and characters of the season? pretty good right

You probably checked something else but you wont tell me since its too embarassing lol.

Then im not sure why you started talking about computer only, was it the most recent thing that you thought you need to mention? i dont mind but of all things to only mention that you got a new pc is kinda odd. Its like you only told me 10% if you know what i mean. Was kinda confused what you were saying to since im not very good with computers, i bought an already ready one btw, since its too bothertsome and requires some skill or at least a little bit of knowledge to built your own one which i dont possess. And i think prebuilt one is pretty good depending on where you buy... there are pretty goood ones online. Anyway its beyond me how it took you THATTTT long to buy a new pc, even though you bought a freaking car lol. that i still dont agree with :v but i already talked about it.

"Whatcha been up to"
behold the most generic question in existence.... The better one would be like " wow you put sanzo first and hina is now second wtf is wrong with you" there you go a better one if you want to act nice and still ask how someone is doing. When you message your distinct relative that you didnt talk to in million years, you dont start with "hehe - he-ehe-ehe-ehe, how you doing bruh?" or something with that nature. You ask something new that you saw about him. Like even if he changed his profile pic, you can ask him why is that.
Basically you ask a question that makes you look interested in what the other person is up to, makes you look nice, and when you say well what you said :D its kinda like a rhetoric question, people are so used to it being a rhetoric question that when someone asks them it ,it feels so generic that they dont want to reply and furthermore they think the person asking this just tries to act nice and doenst care about them.
I know its not the case for you, and i know you legitimately wanted to knwo how am i doing(at least i hope so :v) but other people dont always know the intention behind those words.

Anyway not sure whether its suitable to mention anything relatable to me in here, kinda doesnt fit the mood since we are on your topic for now and i still dont know what happened to you :D
WEll i can tell a lot happened to me i had lots of changes (well as always, i constnatly try to change and even when i dont try to, i still change) whenever some new idea comes up and i start to understand something new, that might completely change everything i believed in before therefore totally changing me . WEll i can tell you that i view some things differently :D while i watch animes nowadays for example, i think of different things than before (at least i think so) i cant confirm or anything since im not keeping tracks of it anywhere :v Also one important thing is that i cant watch slice of life or cgdcts anymore, i cant view them like i did before, im more with stale face now than with a doki doki face that i had before . So i think i need to stop watching them at all :v i literally was watichng the best slice of life anime with girls only and i didnt manage to think in a way other fans think of it, my eyes are just not sparkling like they did before.... on contrast tho im now loving action and interesting stuff with stories more than ever. And it gives me thoughts it never did before.
So yeah thats big changes honestly, and there is one more thing but i wont tell you this, since its too private, i first need to confirm what kind of person you are, since i havent seen you for ages, even before this month you werent very active so i cant actually say i could tell what's happening to you.

Also lots of anime news happened like new seasons and stuff, well, im sure its a talk for next time. Cause who talks about animes lately on mal right??? right? im right, right? its just personal talks nowadays x___x

Also i will tell you about my class. So my semester started last month and in that month i only seen my professor ONCE, thats right :D only once and that was at the beginning when he forced us to introduce :D
I didnt go to 3 classes myself, and then there were 2 holidays and 2 more days he canceled, thats 7 in total. Now i finally saw him again :D so he passed attendance sheet, i looked up to my name and there was just white space and no X or anything. I maniacally grabbed my pan and put 3 checkmarks like it was the last day to sign up to a trip to Mars LOL, i was desperate heh. That means i have no absences smiley face
But anyway what can i say when a professor comes to a first class and starts telling how this class is useless, that we dont need to go to classes, attendance is not important, how there will be only one thing that affects our grade and thats the final exam LOL and final exam only covers the last part of the class (like last month if i understood him correctly) no papers, nothing. Also he was talking how he hates treating college like a higshchool and that everyone is grown up and can do what they want LOL. Needless to say after that the class that was full, shrunk by 75% LMAOOOO.
Also we were watching wonderful youtubiiiii videos today :D heh what a nice class smiley face.

btw guess what reminded of you today? http://mangakakalot.com/chapter/beatless_dystopia/chapter_6.1 look at the chapter's name :D

My other news mostly include animes and seasonals but again who even talks about animes these days :D

In any way... dont disappear again :D
TohkaShido Feb 21, 11:39 PM
Hirugiku Feb 21, 9:33 AM
already a month huh

on the other hand i realized why Maria's foster mother lost her legs(its when she tried to protect her and parts of a building fell on her legs. Im talknig about symphogear season 2 ep 1