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Kougyoku Ren (練紅玉)

Age: 17, 18, 22 (currently)
Height: 163 cm
Likes: dressing up
Weakness: making friends
Birth place: Kou Empire

Kougyoku Ren is the Kou Empire's eighth Princess. Kougyoku is a Dungeon Capturer and owner of the Djinn, Vinea.

Kougyoku is a very willful person. She tends to act childish, but she can become serious if the situation calls for it. Even though she puts up such a willful front, she is actually a very lonely person and wants friends. She doesn't want to do everything ordered by the Kou Empire but is scared to disobey the orders.

Her name means "red jewel".

(Source: Magi Wikia)

Voice Actors
Hanazawa, Kana
Lee, Yong Sin
Buckland, Kira
Kramer, Kerstin
Forest, Nayéli

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