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footmaster 5 hours ago
Yeah. One day late. :( I was quite eager to watch Classroom of the Elite first but I can't since I want to watch the least favorite first before the most favorite. And for this day, I gotta have to watch Sakurada Reset first before anything else. Well, I did manage to survive another Sakurada Reset episode and also got to watch the latest episodes of Sakura Quest and Netsuzou TRap, but I ran out of energy to watch Hajimete no Gal and Youkoso so I rested for 6 hours before watching those two. LOL!

I still don't know the meaning behind those quotes and what significance there is to for their respective episodes. But later on, we might be able to have a clear picture for each one of those. I think the third episode's quote, which was shown at the end of the second episode, was the longest so far.

Yes. I love the art style of both the anime and the LN. Even the manga that I've skimmed a few days ago was really TOP QUALITY too. I kinda want to read the manga of it --- since it's much easier for me than LN (lazy reader problems LOL) ---- but unfortunately, only about 5 or 6 chapters were translated so far. It's a shame. :(

The name says it all. Lots of ecchi and he even have Kurumi in his favorite characters. XD Quality taste.

Oh, so there is a "roof" scene with Kushida huh.
Well, the anime can't adapt everything in its original source so that's one of the unfortunate scenes ignored. :(

The smartphone in Isekai Smartphone is no way near the quality of how Youkoso's smartphone looks LOL.

Yeah. Somehow got a resemblance to Assassination Classroom with how the school system works but I don't remember anything from Assassination Classroom about promotion though (as much as I remembered). The students in Assassination Classroom remained in Class E (the lowest class) even though they beat Class A and the other classes a number of times.
Man, hearing these "skips" just makes me depress but it can't be helped. :(

The blackmail was PERFECT! I honestly wasn't expecting it to be a blackmail to begin with though.
Discipline by brute force... That's sad. :(
Suzune really looks up to her brother... just like a typical imouto would do but the onii-chan is a bad guy. Who would do such a thing as that to your sister?

He mentioned piano and caligraphy first when he was talking to the student president.
Then with Suzune, he mentioned piano and tea ceremony. LOL!
The only one consistent in his last two statements was the PIANO.
I hope we get to see him with the piano though.

Yeah, he is a silent badass. I just really like MCs who don't want to shine despite being a badass.
So far, he is still expressionless and really calm like he really doesn't care much around him. I look forward to see his facial expression changes especially if he's angry. :D

I hope those skip scenes about Horikita being in Class D and even with Ayanokouji will be inserted in the future episodes. I just hope so since I think this info is really vital for an anime-only watcher.

Yeah. Pretty much that's the case as to how the student president knows about Ayanokouji.

I forgot to ask you about those 50s too but good that you've explained it. No wonder he increased his score so he will still be in the average level.

Again, another "skip" issue... It's depressing. :(
So the delinquent was cheating? That's interesting but I wonder if the school knows about it and how will it affect their points.
We didn't know yet how the school exactly "merits" or "penalizes" the students through their points though since they said it was confidential. :/
I hope the next episode or so will reveal how Sudo got a high score though coz Horikita and company were trying to get them into the study group so that no one will drag them down.

I see. I hope they will mention how students in each class though and the names too. :)

Hahaha. Of course, I always have attraction to small cute character which looks menacing. Last season, I have one of that same trait too --- Tsukuyo --- also a white-haired flat-chested character LOL! --- what a coincidence. XD

----she got nice thigh highs too. ;)

Though Suzune is my favorite so far after two episodes, it might change after I see her in action or some of the other characters too but she is the one I look forward to the most.

Hahaha. I would laugh if someone will call her tsundere though. XD I will not correct them but just laugh at them and ask them why they classify her as a tsundere.
Yeah, she is definitely a tsun tsun character so far.
If yours was Kushida, mine will be Horikita. Good thing she was one of the main characters of this story coz I really like seeing her everytime. :D

I'm gonna catch'em all quality GIFs for this anime for sure. :D

So far, the only 500 x 281 pixels GIF that I found is this. LOL!

Of course, I noticed the PS Vita one even if it only lasts for less than 5 seconds. XD

Phew! I thought I was the only one with the opinion. Yeah, for a studio like Lerche to have mediocre OP and ED is really upsetting. All of the anime that I've watched from them have really good and catchy OSTs.
Yeah. I've noticed those ridiculous words in multiple languages. I don't know what they mean coz I don't understand the languages shown. :(

Hahaha. Dropping Youkoso coz of Kushida? Well, that's new but a stupid reason.
Why would someone hate her in the first episode? The OPPAI is enough for you to stay. :D
Oh, I think I've mentioned this to you before... that I quite have a gist of an idea of what Kushida is from people shoving me SPOILERS accidentally!
Before the anime even aired, I heard Kushida was being compared to Yui of Oregairu coz they share both cheerful/friendly personality and also both have good amount of oppai but Kushida had it better.
But then... spoilers (not only pics but words ZzZzZzZ)... she is not really comparable to Yui anymore.
Anyway, I want to confirm it with my own two eyes from this anime as to what she really is.

Hahaha. Don't you worry about Hajimete no Gal and Gamers. I will talk about those 2 later after I have finished watching the 2nd episode of Gamers!

I just wanted to lash out my thoughts of Youkoso first coz for obvious reasons that it's one of my favorites this season.

As for the long message that you've sent before, I am taking my time to write my thoughts there so I won't miss anything significant. LOL!
dunkan85 8 hours ago
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FIi9LvokLxU&feature=youtu.be HOLY shit, that has to be the single worst running cycle I've ever seen. I think Hajimete no Gal's budget consisted of a ping-pong ball and a bit of spoiled milk...
footmaster 8 hours ago
Finally got the time and mood to watch episode 2 of Classroom of the Elite! :)

First, I've noticed that this anime starts with quotes. Very unordinary way to start and I like it.

Episode 1: What is evil? Whatever springs from weakness.
Episode 2: It takes a great talent and skill to conceal one's talent and skill.

So right off the bat, we get to see lots of OPPAI shots from our oppai babe herself. What a great way to start an episode with fanservice. :v
Guess you are drooling when you are watching that scene. LOL!
Oh, not only the pool scene but we get to see her with just a towel too.
So your satisfaction of Kushida goodness for this episode is off the roof I guess. :D

Anyway, I do agree that the smartphones do look cooler than our real ones.
Also, Horikita replies so fast with text messages despite being quite short. She has speedy fingers.

So Horikita's 91k got chopped down to 88k after treating Ayanokouji with an expensive lunch (maybe she spent some aside from that). So her goal is to get into Class 1-A and she said she wanted to catch up to her Onii-chan.
Didn't expect to see her like that when she was with her brother though. I always thought she is a cold-hearted girl at all times but when it comes to her brother, she is as soft as cotton.
And what was his brother gonna do with his palm looking like that? Was he going to do a powerful palm-pushed to the stomach?

Meanwhile, I have not expect that Ayanokouji will be that skillful in terms of fighting. Even the student council president, who is also good with it (I don't expect this either LOL), can't graze him.
Since he said to Horikita Suzune that he hadn't indulge himself to sports before (I hope it's true?), so it means he had undergone some martial arts training to be that good.

Yes, the quote that Suzune's brother said: You've mistaken isolation for independence. --- that was a nice line. :)
So basically, Horikita Suzune got to Class D was because of her point of view about others despite being a very smart girl.

The student council president also noticed how Ayanokouji rigged his test results. So does that mean, he was being monitored by him since the beginning?

I wanted to point out how they also put the scores as well as the points at the end of the episode. I hope they will put those points regularly at the end of the episode so we can monitor how each of them are doing?
So the important scores I see are:
Chemistry - Suzune 100, Kushida 85, Ayanokouji 65
English - Suzune ?, Kushida ?, Ayanokouji 70

I wonder how they fare on the other subjects like Math. Why Suzune's name is missing in English? Does that mean she got a lower score?

OK. So Sudo, the delinquent, was not that bad at all. He scored 65 in Chemistry. I wonder if he studied on his own or have a study group.

So the blonde girl in ponytail waas Karuizawa Kei. She also got really high scores on both subjects. She is a "main" character according to MAL but she was not even in the cover. LOL! And the other characters like Ichinose and the white-haired girl, which are in the cover, are just supporting. :v
So is Karuizawa Kei a significant character to this story? She was shown in this episode a couple of times but never got a spot light yet or even a convo with the other main cast.
I kinda want to know who Wang Mei-yu is but she was not in the character list for this anime "yet". That name is totally Chinese. :v

I would like to ask how many students are there in Class 1-D?

So the white-haired cutie and Halter are from Class 1-A. Halter is pretty smart but he really looks old for a typical "student". LOL!
Looks like these two, aside from the student president, are the antagonist of this story?
Well, I kinda want to see more of the white-haired girl though coz she looks "interesting".

So after 2 episodes, I feel that I really like Horikita Suzune's character among all of them. Design-wise ---- she's really good.
Now that I realize it, this episode shows a little bit more of her difference to Oregairu's Yukino.
Suzune is much colder to everyone else except to her brother.

As for Ayanokouji, he is a "secret badass". He is an interesting MC behind the boring appearance that he is showing (which I still think is a facade LOL).

Oh. I almost forgot. Unfortunately, the OP and ED were not really remarkable for a very good anime like this. Both were fine but as compared to the other songs, they didn't stand out.

Looking forward to next week's episode.
This anime keeps getting interesting and I hope it continues to be. :)
TakamiKaribuchi Today, 8:05 AM
I didn't even notice that you like In Another World With My Smartphone so much. I really liked it from the start. It's quite funny, had really good music, and has fun characters. It had a bit of a twist on the transportation to the world too. Touya wasn't transported randomly after some silly event like in Konosuba, but he also didn't just randomly get sucked into the world or trapped there like No Game No Life and SAO.
dunkan85 Yesterday, 5:12 AM
Man... you really love Ballroom e Youkoso, huh?? I mean, I can't blame ya... I'm also enjoying it already, and I'm really not the target audience, I think xD.
That said, I haven't listened too in-depth to this season's OSTs yet. I've already figured out three OPs I really love (Aho Girl, Kakegurui and Fate/Apocrypha), but I always need a bit to figure out which ones I love, lol.

Unlike you, I never rewatched Nijiiro Days (btw, it's still set at 'rewatching' in your list... you might wanna edit that xD), so I obviously don't remember too many details from back when it came out... but Anna was actually my favorite female MC, lol. As such, I don't remember those episodes as boring... but the fact that her relationship went nowhere at the end was just really disappointing for me. Especially considering that it was the MAIN relationship of the series ._-.

Interesting, Haikyuu is one of the only sports anime I'm actually considering to watch, lol. It's obviously considered one of the best sports anime out there... and a friend of mine (Y'know, the one who recommended Skip Beat! to me... and the one who made me watch Kuzu no Honkai (which will never be forgiven! :p)) loves it as well, so my plan was that if I ever felt the desire to watch a sports anime, I'd watch either that or Ping Pong: The Animation... guess that plan just got shifted a bit further back xD. But hey, now I've got a third sports anime for the day when feel the strange need to suddenly watch something from that genre, lol.
'You never know what can get into your favorites list' Yeah, most definitely. In fact, of all the anime in my top-10, Ookami to Koushinryou was the only one where I knew it was gonna end up in my favorites before I even watched it, lol. With everything else, I just got really pleasant surprises :D.
Ah, the Gundam series... I feel like that could become one of the few Mecha anime I could enjoy, but that entire franchise is the only one I know that's even more convoluted than the Fate/ series... not to mention that there's like.. what, 400 episodes?? With how ridiculously bad at I am at watching really long series (it took me 1 1/2 years to finish all ~320 Episodes of Gintama... and that's despite me loving (almost) all of Gintama ._-), I don't think I'll ever actually get to immerse myself in that series, lol.

Mhhh, that does sound interesting. Guess I do have to give Id-0 a chance someday. I haven't added it to my PTW-list just yet (welp. That has changed :p), but I'll try to get it into my next 5-queue. That said, even then it might get some time to get to it... I'm currently watching Shoukoujo Sara, an anime from 1985 (making it the oldest anime I've ever seen, 3 years older than Tonari no Totoro)... and not only is that one 46 episodes long, I'm also really slow at getting through them, because I'm just awful at doing what I plan to do, LOL.
So, the seiyuus of the least interesting JoJo and the Dio from the Phantom Blood movie that was apparently so godawful that it never saw the light of day and was never released on DVD, after even Hirohiko Araki, the JoJo mangaka himself, said that he hated the movie (making its MAL-rating one giant joke)... well, it's still somewhat JoJo-related, so it's good enough for me xD.

I mean... watching something that was something I would never watch under normal circumstances was how I discovered JoJo and the entire Old-era Shounen Sub-genre... and I don't think I have to explain much about the results of that trip xD. But I can understand that doing an expedition like that can just make things worse... especially considering that Code Geass IS a series that relies heavily on the viewer being able to follow the twists and turns in the story (though even the smartest person wouldn't be capable of understanding wtf Suzaku was doing half the time... whatever that guy had instead of a brain, it sure didn't let him make smart decisions >.>)
One way of getting something to rewatch, if you don't have series you're willing to watch over and over (like in my case, Sakura Trick (9rewatches), Mayo Chiki (now 7 rewatches) or Chuunibyou (6)), then you can always just to to your completed-list, order it by score (with 10 at the top), pick a random number (either ask someone for a number between 1 and X or use random.org :D) and then re-watch that anime if you gave it a 9 or higher. That should do the trick :D.

O wait. People can see the title of the pic that I uploaded. Wow... I've been using postimg for over a year now, and I never noticed that... whoops. But yeah, that's the name under which I saved the pic on my PC... when I have pics that aren't screenshots, I tend to just give them random names that are either a nonsensical line of letters... or type in whatever the fk's the first thing I can think of, lol... and in that case I had this particular little line stuck in my head for some reason https://youtu.be/K4oWFeAmlfE?t=1m24s … BL2 is really one of the only video games out there with actually good voice acting, lol.

Yeah... when I originally uploaded that pic, I didn't highlight those scores, but then I looked at it for about a minute and realized, that if someone didn't look at the scores I gave them, they might think that I enjoyed KnH and want to point out that it still has a good score (it's sadly still in the top 1k after all ._-. Though the fact that it dropped there from its ~7.99 rating is quite pleasing ^-^)... and if there's one thing I don't want, it's that anyone thinks for even a second that I liked KnH, lol. So I decided to add those two highlights :D.
'For the first time anime felt complete.' That's the advantage of Original anime... since they don't adapt an ongoing Manga/LN, they don't have to keep an open end (or even worse: think up an alternative end. Akuma no Riddle tried that... and it has one of the worst endings I've ever seen x.x) and the story-writers can instead cook up an amazing finish. Kinda makes for an interesting dynamic where Original anime are either some of the absolute best in their genres (Code Geass, Tsuki ga Kirei, Cowboy Bebop) if they play their cards right or end up being absolutely putrid if the story-writers are either drunk during work or are taking VERY long lunch breaks (Hand Shakers, Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid).

Yup, Isshuukan friends. is an amazing anime... Hazuki Maccha really knows how to write lovable characters =w=. That's why she's my favorite Mangaka, lol. (Yes, even above Hirohiko Araki).
Also, with appreciation-pages I run in the stupid issue that I'm REALLY bad at making something aesthetically pleasing... and to make matters even worse, I'm also a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to things like that, meaning that I'd need to invest a LOT of time to make something I'm even remotely alright with. To give ya an example: most people would probably need 20 minutes, 30 tops for the Anime-list frame I've made for my list. However, it took me a bit over two hours to get everything done in a way that I found acceptable (searching for the pictures, cropping, correct placement... all that jazz). And even then, I'm pretty sure that it only looks correctly on my screen, since I use MAL at a 90% zoom instead of 100 (don't ask why... it's just more comfortable to me for some reason, lol). So yeah, doing something that's actually work- and time intensive would probably result in me giving up after 1-2 weeks of failed attempts xD. That said, I will have to do something at some point... Guess I should add 'revamp profile page' to my to-do list for... at least this year I'd say, lol.
'i made her a character of the season on my profile' Yeah, I've noticed that you change your profile quite a bit... every 3rd to 4th time I go onto it there's something new xD. It's quite interesting to witness :D.
OreImo... a favorite anime of mine... o HELL no xD. Literally the only reason season 2 of that anime has 3/10 points instead of 1/10 is because of Kuroneko. The anime itself was an absolute disaster, but she's an amazing character. As for Nisekoi... well, the first season was pretty good for a Harem, I'll have to give it that. The second season was just a complete filler though. So while it's overall a fairly alright anime, it's definitely miles away from my favorites :D.

Sakurada Reset is, in essence, an anime that thinks it's making a lot of clever points, all the while completely ignoring the shit it's been putting out. If you've ever had to deal with grade-schoolers or kindergarten children, SR's way of including 'smart' topics might seem eerily familiar, lol. When a kid learns a new word or phrase they often then proceed to just throw that word out at every opportunity (either to prove how smart it is... or because it just likes that word. Fked if I know which one's more regular, lol)... and SR's approach to including thought-experiments like Isaac Asimov's three laws of Robotics or the Box-A and Box-B thing or phrases like McGuffin is very similar to that. They first just name-drop the topic in question, which in and of itself isn't a big deal yet, but they then also proceed to just name down everything that the term in question is supposed to stand for (E.G. blatantly listing up the three laws of Robotics, without any relation to any context). While an anime can get away with a name-drop alone, when it just expects that the viewer will know what the hell its talking about, then proceeding to needlessly explain it without it having much relevance, just makes it seem less like the anime actually knows what it's talking about and makes it seem more like the writers just opened up the Wikipedia article, speed-read through everything and then threw it into the story.
That said, there is one thing where they took a different, but evenly stupid and bad approach: The term of 'McGuffin' itself. Now, I have to admit, while I did know what that term means for about 2-3 years now, I never knew where it actually came from until I looked it up myself a couple of minutes ago (lol), so I may not be the most ideal person to talk about this. HOWEVER, SR's way of including this term was slightly different and I want to address that for a bit as well. With the term McGuffin, they didn't waste toooo much time needlessly explaining stuff (or if they did, I forgot about it. It's one of the two xD), but instead opted for the 'overuse' approach (and again, if you've ever dealt with young kids... :D). For some stupid reason, one which I couldn't possibly fathom, they decided to literally call their plot-device McGuffin. A move that I would expect from a self-aware comedy anime like Gintama or Nyaruko-san, but not an anime that at least PRETENDS to try to tell a serious story. It just feel ridiculously out of place, not to mention that, after hearing it used half a billion damn times, I've discovered that 'McGuffin' is a word that sounds simply awful when overused ._-.
And even ignoring those fundamental issues I have with SR, there's still a huge pile of annoyances and issues I have with the anime, which just add up to make almost every part of it unenjoyable. From how what little actual story we have is presented in the most boring way imaginable, to how they keep fking up their super-powers after (and this is the one thing I DO have to praise them for) doing a decent job at cooking up some rather interesting and relatively unique super-powers for some characters (not all, mind you. There's still things like Telepathy. But not EVERY super-power needs to be unique and situational, so I'm willing to still let that slide). Just taken alone, either of these two things (the insulting way of being 'smart' & the pile of minor/medium problems) would be enough to make me go into the unrecommended-area for an anime (aka. 6/10 and lower), but SR just casually has both of those, which is almost impressive in how bad that is, lol.
Btw, among the guys in my friend-list who watch SR, you're the only one who's still actually following it...
and I really can't blame anyone for dropping it. Honestly, the only reasons I'm not dropping it are a) I, as you know, hate dropping anime and b) want to see if this anime ever gets at least somewhat good... though it certainly doesn't seem that way atm ._-.

Yeah... This might sound hypocritical coming from me, who I love CGDCT anime and 'X with Lolis' anime (Pricess Principal 'Joker Game with Lolis', Ro-Kyu-Bu 'Kuroke no Basket with Lolis' or Tenshi no 3P! 'Show by Rock with Lolis, wait Show by Rock also had quasi-Lolis, nvm forget it' :p), but I really feel like people need to be a bit more willing to step outside of their comfort zone in that regard... not everything HAS to get Loli-fied or feature extensive fanservice. I've already seen what can happen if a studio feels like it has to put fanservice in to 'support' the main series. And I don't mean Hinako Note here (though that would be a valid nomination), I mean the Hai to Gensou no Grimgar special. The main series of Grimgar is what I'd consider the single most realistic Isekai anime ever created, showing the struggles of a group of low-level misfits, struggling with them having to kill other creatures, trying to scrape by with the money they got from killing Goblins and just trying their hardest to survive and live. It was an amazing anime with the only reason it having a 8/10 being that it, once again, had a cliffhanger ending. Now, enter the Special episode, aired roughly half-way through the main series. Instead of making it about one of their expeditions or giving you more inside into their daily life, they decided to pull a fast one and make it a 'male characters try to peek on girls bathing' episode. I have never felt so insulted by a special episode. Not only was it as out of place at it could be, it also COMPLETELY destroyed the characters of all but one male character (that being Ranta. And in his case it's only because he's the guy who I'd believe doing that. He was the one character I could not get myself to like x.x) by turning the nuanced, struggling and likable guys into perverts... Even Moguzo, a guy for whom 'peeking on girls' is about as unlikely a thing to do as you can think. On MAL, he's described as (and it's a really good summary of what he's like) 'It is shown that Moguzo loves to cook. He is the one who usually cooks and prepares the food for the party. He also has a habit of carving wood. This act helps him relax.' That special was the worst I've ever seen and honestly, even the 3/10 I've given it is almost too good a score x.x. However, that was the day when I fully realized that when a studio bends over backwards to please 'fans' through fanservice, 99 times out of 100, it's going to end in disaster.
Well, I MAY have gotten a bit off-track here (:p), but my main point is, that I feel like viewers should be a bit more willing to meet an anime half-way. Because if an anime sacrifices quality in favor of fanservice, it results in something bad for everyone.

Quick insert: I thought EMS was... eh. It would've been a 7/10 for me, but the ending was just terrible. It's a lot better than OreImo 2 however, for whatever that's worth xD.

The thing you have to think about when looking at Stark's ratings is that he uses the 5/10 scale instead of the 7/10 scale we use, meaning that what's a 7 (something that's alright, but not outstanding in any particular way) for us, is a 5 for him... and then the difference between the two scales kind of mellows out from 5 to 1 or 10, so for example: a 6 for the 7/10 scale is a 4 in the 5/10 one, 4 would be a 3 and 2 is where it's the same again (so 2=2) and, counterversely, an 8/10 is a 6-7 and a 9 is an 8 or low 9. Honestly speaking, I actually like the 5/10 scale more, because the problem I've run into many many times with the 7/10 scale already is that I a) have way too many available low ratings (4-2 points are basically just different levels of 'godawful' for me) while b) having too few available upper ratings (resulting in me having 43% 8/10 ratings, lol). So while I'll never re-vamp my scale to the 5/10 one, I do have to say that I think it's the 'better' scale if you're trying to accurately display what you thought of a certain anime. However, I have to say that I personally also just dislike the 10-point scale as a whole, lol. I've always much preferred the 100-point scale (it's just so much more flexible)

'you should totally force me to watch something next time ' B-B-But I DID tell you to watch it ;-;. But alright, since that's what you want: I'll now say 'Watch Made in Abyss, Tsurezure Children and Kakegurui' in every message from now on until you finally do :3.
Btw: Watch Made in Abyss, Tsurezure Children and Kakegurui! They're all really, really good.

Why is Suka-Suka this amazing, huh?? Honestly, a big part of that might just be because when it began airing, I thought I'd end up dropping it (as I thought they'd result to just killing off kids for cheap feels)... but I was really just positively surprised by how well-crafted the story was and by just how likable every single character was. Hell, even the derpy General, Willem's boss, who I initially considered rather uninteresting, somehow managed to become a likable and useful character later on (more specifically, when he went ahead and repaired the ship's engine. He managed to show that he's not just all talk in that instance).
Also, I just loved Ctholly and Willem as characters. As I've said in my last message, some of that is my personal bias, as they're almost the exact same as Ikki and Stella from Rakudai Kishi (in looks and character. Though Ikki was even more awesome than Willem, lol), however, it still doesn't change the fact that they're both amazing people. From the key moments, like how they both put the well-being of each other over their own or how good both of them were at taking care of the children, to little things like when Ctholly went ahead and convinced a group of soldiers to clean the recreation-room or how Willem decided to make cake for every single child, just so that Ctholly wouldn't feel strange when he offered her some. The dynamic between those two was just so good =w=.
And even ignoring the characters, the story had some really 'nice' points as well. As a prime example, when they revealed where the monsters were coming from and how all this shit had come to be, I legit said there, thinking 'Holy. Shit.'. Not only did that twist explain quite a few things (like, for example 'where the hell did all the humans go??'), it was also a twist that I had not expected like that AND one that they didn't just hand you, instead giving you the frame-work and letting the viewer (and Willem) figure it out themselves. I will always, always praise anime that expect the viewer to bring along a couple braincells. God knows, there are rather few of those out there ._-.
So yeah, those are the core reasons for why I think Suka-Suka is this amazing... obviously, there're also the minor things like the visuals being fking beautiful or the OP ending up as one of my favorites of last season (Dearest Drop from Suka-Suka, Don't from Warau Salesman & Floria from Natsume 6. Those OPs were so good imo =w=)
Btw, I've kinda noticed a trend there... whenever an anime really surprises me and becomes a seasonal-favorite of mine out of nowhere, it usually turns out to be something by Satelight, lol. First they did MomoKuri in early '16, which was the most adorable romance anime of last year, then they did Nanbaka ('nuff said xD)... and then came Suka-Suka. Those guys are really stepping up their game.

I mean... I've already learned long ago that being too optimistic only opens you up to getting disappointed easily, lol. I personally consider it a more worthwhile mind-set to always expect the worst. That way, it's tough to get disappointed, but it's really easy to be positively surprised, lol.
Also, yeah, 8.40 seems to be where TgK's fated spot is... since you sent that message, it didn't budge an inch, neither increasing nor decreasing its score. And I'm honestly really fine with that spot, considering that that puts it within the top-30 Romance anime on MAL and right between the first and second season of Ookami to Koushinryou (an anime I've been using as my go-to choice as example of how to mix storytelling and romance for about 1 1/2 years now, lol). I rarely say this, but good job, MAL community ^-^.

Don't blame me for those analogies, blame this guy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ckGMP5OxnLg . I've been watching ZP-reviews for over two years now... and at some point the analogies just leaked into my speech pattern, lol.
'Isnt that only your opinion that all shonens are boring? and poorly executed?' Well... yeah. All of this is, obviously, just my opinion. Pretty much the second someone uses subjective terms like 'good' 'bad' or 'boring/exciting', it becomes their opinion. That also why I consider the term 'objective review' the most retarded term created by mankind, lol.
One of my key gripes with most modern-era shounen (I'll get to that term in a minute, don't worry) is how the progression seems very 'seen one, seen all' for most and how enemies tend to just be pathetically formulaic. The majority of shounen you'll see follow a basic formula of meet strong enemy -> get shit kicked out of you -> BS powerup -> defeat enemy -> meet even stronger enemy -> repeat. It's a formula that's as popular as it is flawed. Not only does that make every encounter predictable as hell, it also makes the author have this really shitty obligation to make every enemy more ridiculously and unbelievably strong than the previous one. And at this point, I'd like to let Araki himself take over, because he figured that stuff out in 19-fking-95. You'd think that by now, more Mangaka realized that problem, but it's somehow gotten even worse O.o

Now, to be fair, that's not an issue that only modern-era Shounen face, but I feel like it's gotten more prevalent than ever. Maybe there's a bit of a 'grass on the other side' thing going on here, but when it comes to the Shounen genre in particular, I much prefer the old-era styles.
Btw, yes, FMA is a Shounen and really, really amazing (Also, FMA:B was the first anime I ever watched... so that happened xD). That said, it's also not a modern-era one, but rather comes from the time-zone I consider the twilight zone. Let me explain:
Shounen as a genre, I've come to learn, has had 2 1/2 eras up until now. The old-era, starting... somewhere (the earliest I know of is Golgo 13 from the late 60's) and ending in the late 90's, the modern-era, starting in the mid-2000's and obviously still going on... and then there's the twilight zone, which I'd consider to be the things from the late 90's until the early 2000's. The old-era Shounen were hyper manly, masculine-filled shows like Hokuto no Ken, JoJo, Ashita no Joe or Hajime no Ippo, while modern-era ones are too abundant to name, but the most prominent names are things like BnHA, Fairy Tail, Ao no Exorcist or Soul Eater.
And then there's the twilight zone. During that time frame, Shounen manga transitioned between the two previous two styles... and depending on which one you look at, you'll find more traces of either the old or the new style. Gyakkyou Burai Kaiji, for example, came out in '99 and has a LOT of the things that define the old-era (chiseled characters, 'manly' (note: quotation marks.) themes like gambling, a very dark atmosphere), but already shows the first signs of the modern era (namely the fact that Kaiji is quite susceptible to crying (though it works in his setting... I would like to see what kind of human could go through the shit Kaiji was put through without becoming a crying mess)). FMA, on the other hand, began in 2001... and is basically the exact middle between the two styles. On the one hand, it did some of the things modern-era Shounen tend to do (mainly the style of comedy and the two MCs), but it also still kept many of the features of old-era ones intact (like Alphonse's physical appearance (I.E. Giant metal armor) or Lieutenant Armstrong, who looks as if he had escaped straight from Hokuto no Ken or one of the earlier JoJo-parts xD). Not to mention that it's the ONLY example I know of of a story that managed to pull off a resurrection-story without completely ruining itself, simply because it dedicated its entire story to that topic, lol.
Also, two of the 'big three' began serialization and started growing during that time-period (Naruto and Bleach. Both started in '99) and later went on to be the founding fathers of the modern-era style.
So yeah, that's basically my stance on the Shounen genre: generally speaking, I dislike the modern style, love the old style... and the Twilight zone is the weird area where some really good things (Kaiji, FMA) came out, but which also has to take responsibility for being the thing where many of the ideas of modern-era shounen come from.
Also, the reason I still watch modern-era Shounen is basically the same as to why I still watch Harems, even though almost all of them suck (imo, obviously): Occasionally, there is one that's actually fairly decent. BnHA would be an example of one I think is 'fairly decent', but I still think its MAL-rating is just absurd. Another example would be the manga Black Clover, which I was recently half-forced to read (yes, the person from the beginning of the message... :P). And I have to say, even though it has many of the flaws I hate, it's still one of the few Shounen I actually enjoy. If the upcoming anime weren't made by fking Pierrot, I'd probably even look forward to it, lol.

For an Ecchi/Harem, Saekano is RELATIVELY conservative when it comes to fanservice... but yeah, there's still too much of it. There's just something inherently wrong about a situation where a confrontational or serious dialog is accompanied by fanservice imo. It just makes the atmosphere jump all over the place like a hyperactive kid on a sugar-overdose.
Episodes 8-10... O right, there was that whole graduation business. Eh. By that point, the series had already mostly lost me, so I'm not sure whether or not I should be the one to judge that part, but I thought it to be kinda... meh. My main issue with it was probably the fact that I couldn't get myself to really care much about any of the characters besides Kato (who I still have to point out as a really unique character. I don't think I've ever come across a character who one could compare her to), which just made that part mind-numbingly boring. Especially considering that within the first seconds, I knew that the two girls in question would find some way or another to stay in the group... which obviously completely killed any tension whatsoever, lol.

Yup, the MC of Re:Creators somehow found a way to be even less likable. It's basically impossible for me to say why, as the arc in question reveals his past and where the Military Princess came from, but basically: it turned out that he was the kind of person who basically couldn't stand having a friend of his become successful. It was an absolute disaster of a character-building arc.

Well, I feel like our respective stances on Fukumenkei noise are slightly similar to BnHA, just reversed xD. However, I do agree that Momo was a moron. He had reasons for acting the way he did... but they weren't exactly the best reasons AND they still don't excuse the shit he pulled. So yeah, I can agree with that sentiment :D. That said, I absolutely LOVED the songs with Canary being one of my favorite in-anime songs (meaning songs that anime-bands sung) out there. I've listened to it many a times already... and it just doesn't get unenjoyable for me =w=.

Btw, o hey, you're right. You watched Love kome... I didn't even notice that until now. My condolences, lol. Every time I saw a new episode, I sighed in defeat... and if it hadn't been a short anime, there's no way I would've lasted past episode... maybe 4, lol.

3 anime of this season with a 4 or lower, huuuh... well, since I saw this thing here

, I don't know what the third one is anymore (as NTR woulda been my guess)... but I'll go ahead and guess that the other two are Battle Girl High School and that quasi-Hentai short anime (fked if I know why those are getting popular nowadays... I don't remember ANYONE asking for that O.o)

No, that page is, in fact, the Anilinkz comment section... or, more appropriately, that pic came directly from the disqus site itself (the chat-service Anilinkz uses). I hate commenting and stuff, but I've been a regular in the Anilinkz comment-section for a bit over 2 years now already, lol ( https://disqus.com/by/dunkan85/ ). Also, I have this name basically everywhere, lol. Forums, games, anything. And before you ask: no, there's no real story behind that name xD. I've just gotten that name randomly by some site once ~6-7 years ago... and stuck with it ever since, LOL.
Also, I don't think any of the characters I hated are ones you loved, no worries... Albus from Zero no Hajimeru […], Megumi from EMS and Marie from Clockwork Planet, with a dishonorable mention for Momo from Fukumenkei Noise. Those were the four characters I just couldn't get myself to like whatsoever, lol.

Btw, Warau Salesman being predictable is something I can only 50% agree with. The fact that all of the victims were going to get their shit ruined was basically guaranteed, so I can completely agree with that being predictable (though there was still the case with the mother who ended up becoming an idol... which is still my favorite case in the entire series, lol), HOWEVER, I always tried to figure out how exactly each and every one of them would end up... and at that point, it really became unpredictable for the most part. There were a couple cases where it was obvious as hell (E.G the one with the scientist whom Moguro gave his own lab and team. I figured that one out the second they layed out the basic frame-work of that case, lol), but in many cases, I only fully knew what was going to happen shortly before Moguro 'DON''d them to hell xD.

Well, 0.2 points would be a different story, lol. At that point, I wouldn't complain about it... but 0.02 is just so ridiculously little that it's just triggering xD. But yeah, Haine deserves a relatively high score like this... that anime was really really good =w=.

…I think I also stumbled across that club once in the past. I might be wrong, but it really feels that way, lol. That said, it really might be useful. I don't think I'll ever participate in anything in that club (because, well... fk interacting with people xD), but the score-changes might be pretty interesting to follow with how precise they are :D.

O yeah, season two of LoveKome... KillMe. Lol. I'll never understand what kind of person greenlights sequels for stuff like that >.>

'Im quite certain Hajimete no gal is gonna be really bad.' Hah. Hah. Haaaaaah. Well. You were right x.x. Holy SHIT, that was a godawful first episode x.x. I'd honestly be surprised if I manage to finish this one without dropping it.

Yup, Xebec being the one to animate USY is something that's really surprising, even now. Normally, the go-to studio for space anime is Sunrise, but for some reason, Xebec thought 'Hey, let's reboot a highly influential series from the seventies... what could go wrong' and, miraculously enough, they managed to make it an absolutely amazing anime. I think they really realized that USY was something they could not fuck up under ANY circumstances, because otherwise, they would basically have to just give up making anime entirely (since the original USY is still widely considered a classic and one of the founding fathers of good story-telling in anime).
And yes, it's a very thought-provoking anime, constantly dealing with what's 'right' and how there's no 'good' or 'bad' in most wars (except WWII, but you get the point xD). Most noteworthy is the fact that by the end, it's really impossible to say whether the aliens or the humans are the 'good' guys and I really like anime that deal with moral gray-zones like this. Also, the two episodes of the sequel that we have so far (it's set three years after 2199... and is named 'Uchuu Senkan Yamato 2202'. What an amazing sense of naming xD) seem to dive even deeper into that topic... I love that anime =w=.
That said, it does have phases of moral relief. For example, the Yamato has a MASSIVE front-cannon that I call the Vanguard-Cannon (the name the anime gives it is boring as shit, so I borrowed the name from the Sunrider VNs, lol.)... and whenever they fire that thing, ooo boy. It's just so ridiculously satisfying whenever they use it =w=. (see the massive hole in the front of the ship?? Yeah, that's the cannon. The blast it fires can fk up entire continents, IIRC

Yeah, I don't blame you for not knowing that I love Yuri anime... it's a genre that almost never gets anything, so it's really hard to express one's love for that genre. There's only like 2-3 Yuri anime every year... and sadly, someone decided that one of those would almost always have to be terrible (E.G. Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid from Fall '15. Holy shit, that anime was atrocious x.x. It's honestly a wonder that I managed to watch it completely without dropping it (though I did say 'go fk yourselves' to the specials. No way in hell am I wasting any more time on that show))

Fking King JJ xD. I didn't like him as a character, but I have to say that his Ice-skating song was amazing. I have to respect the sheer Narcissism required to skate to a song that's legit just about how amazing you are, LOL.

'I dunno about Kakegurui' *ahem, ahem* Watch Made in Abyss, Tsurezure Children and Kakegurui! :P

Btw, you've probably realized it yourself by now... but Koi to Uso isn't really like KnH in the slightest (which is why I don't really understand the recommended section under it, but heyho).

(I've already talked about GAMERS! (:p), so I won't make the same points again :D)

Well, I mean... you DID give out more 4's, but you also gave 3 10/10s, while I gave 1 (which is still the most 10/10's I've ever given for seasonals, lol.), so I think that in the end, that kind of balances itself out :D.
'Also im curious just looking at that summer list which anime im gonna cry to' in that case, you might want to give Youkai Apartment a shot. They definitely brought some onion-ninjas along already for episode 3, lol. (That said, I did once again realize that my priorities might be a bit odd... because for me, the saddest part of that episode was when I heard how the dog died ;-;)

O YOU FKER! I wanted to post EXACTLY THAT video the second I read 'Shocking truth'! Damn you xD. Stop being a step ahead of me :P. Btw, Chaika is amazing... I should really re-watch that anime at some point. I feel like I'd go from 8/10 to 9/10 for the series if I did... (Also, did you edit that video in in post or am I just blind?? Because I could swear that the first time I read the message, that link wasn't there yet... xD)

Mh... I've never watched anything One Piece related and the song's not exactly my type of music, so I don't really feel the same as you do about that song, sorray ;-;.
Yup, the DOOM soundtrack is quite something. It's one of the many reason I consider DOOM to be one of only two actually good shooters... in every single thing in that game, you really feel that ID-software's only priority when making that game was 'How can we make it as fun as possible', which, honestly, is the most important thing about a game, so I obviously love it, lol. From a logical standpoint, things like the fact that chainsawing Demons replenishes your Ammo while Melee-killing them gives you health as well as your weapons having no reload (except for the Super-shotgun) doesn't make much sense, but all of those things are AMAZING when it comes to making a game fun. It's really no wonder that most people (even Yahtzee, the most cynical and critical reviewer I know of) consider it to be the best game of last year... Hell, just the fact that someone like me, who HATES shooters, really loves the game is probably already enough of a recommendation, lol.

Yup, I've went ahead and joined that club :D. I don't think I'll ever participate in the chat or anything of the sorts (just like with the other club :D), but I'll definitely participate in the votes whenever I can and remember to. That said, I think I'll skip the current vote... I haven't seen NTR and hate the second Re;Creators OP, so there's no real point in voting for me, LOL.
Lightniing Jul 18, 9:27 PM
Thanks for Koi to Uso anime. I will watch it and it seems very good. I'll give you my opinion about this anime. :3
Lightniing Jul 18, 8:26 PM
Knights and Magic is passing on my TV. I watched a bit an episode and it was very good. I will watch it and enjoy it for sure. I'm liking mecha animes and I hope I'll keep watching them

I like watching animes likes Orange, Ano Hi Mita Hana or Kuzu no Honkai also. If you have recommendations for me, It would be very good. :3

Yuki-chan18 Jul 17, 4:23 PM
Yes obviously it's my point of view ;) I just found it average (not really bed but also not so good) ahah everybody has his own tastes ^^
Oh great thanks 😊
Lightniing Jul 17, 2:09 PM
Yeah, I looked a bit Hajimete no gal and it seems very good and funny also xD
I will watch it and enjoy it for sure! Btw, Jigoku Shoujo is an awesome anime and I liked it so much. I'm waiting for this anime come out subbed in my language to watch it :3

I'm currently watching animes on Rutube. I like watching mecha animes when there is drama and many fight in the story. I planned to watch some mecha animes during this summer holidays then I'll select them well and appreciate.

Yuki-chan18 Jul 17, 8:54 AM
Graphics, characters and everything was fine... but in my opinion the plot was really slow and boring... nothing much happened (obviously this is my point of view:) ) I really like romance, comedy, school life genres... but this anime... ahahahah I didn't like it ^^'

Ps sorry for the late reply :(
SakurasouBusters Jul 16, 10:34 PM
Heyyyyyy!!!! Sorry for late reply! I have ben pretty busy with college stuff! But i can reply quicker now! :)
But yep! I Most definitely have Tsuki ga Kirei in my favorites now! It was such a fantastic anime and romance and im sad its over now!!:)
Well i wouldnt say that i stopped watching it, i have really enjoyed what i have seen so far, ive just taken a quick break from it now with the season still being pretty new! Trust me i plan on finishing the final four episodes :)
But wow! I am glad to hear that the final four episodes were the best! I do agree that the anime is super underrated though! Though its to be expected, MAL Hates pretty much any Mecha that isnt one of the main franchises! Which is a shame for a Mecha Lover like me!

But anyway, how are you? :)
Lightniing Jul 16, 3:10 PM
Ohayoo !! I'm fine, I'm keeping watching Gundam Seed Destiny. I watch mechas but I can't say that I like them a lot. I'm trying to like and integrate mecha genre in my favorite animes xD. So, I would like to watch airing animes but my anime sites are blocked or some animes are licensed in my country. It's a bit hard to watch animes in my native language. Wassap ? :D

I took a look about Id-0 and it looks very interesting. I would like to watch it :3
I''ll put it in my PTW and watch it when I'll find this anime in a french site. Code Geass was very very cool like anime. I can't wait for the next season which will be airing in the future.

The opening you shared to me is very good and introduce the anime well. I will give it a try when I could download this anime :3

I would like to watch airing animes like Fate/Apocrypha or Shingeki no Bahamut. I think I'll start them and wait each week to watch the episodes xD.

Which airing animes do you like the more?
DragonSlayer_19 Jul 16, 2:34 PM
I was just so frustrated man. My grade in a midterm took a hit due to uncontrollable circumstances at uni coupled with some health issues. I was beyond angry at my state, but eventually I reminded myself that I need to be patient and try to pull through. Something to Heal my soul would be an option
Yuki-chan18 Jul 16, 2:30 PM
ahahah that's right :D also Oda and Chuuya ^^
mmmm I wasn't really interested in Balroom e youkoso ahahah ^^'
I watched the first episode of Youkoso Jitsuryoku, it seems quite nice :)

yup this season is great :D
DragonSlayer_19 Jul 16, 12:11 PM
Maybe in summer vacation .
I've been having to deal with too much recently that I wasn't feeling well at all emotionally/mentally and physically . I'm trying to be patient, and hopefully I'll be able to pull through.