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Vanitas no Karte
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Domestic na Kanojo
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Ore dake Haireru Kakushi Dungeon: Kossori Kitaete Sekai Saikyou
Ore dake Haireru Kakushi Dungeon: Kossori Kitaete Sekai Saikyou
Jul 18, 9:00 AM
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Jaku-Chara Tomozaki-kun
Jaku-Chara Tomozaki-kun
Jun 13, 7:18 AM
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simone_eatsdirt Jul 29, 11:13 PM
You have pretty specific taste in women, huh?
Don't fret it, an odd niche but I love reaction pictures, haha.

Mn, yeah, I've mentioned it before as well. Something about watching anime while it's airing, just, sounds so unappealing for whatever reason. Unless I either
A) Liked original manga/LN/Game (et cetera.)
or B) Am watching it with a friend
Just not for me, unfortunately.
Plus, 'don't have the commitment to keep watching on a near-weekly basis.

1.) Uh oh, I getcha. Would be lying if I said that didn’t hit pretty deep. Yup. I’ve recommended anime maybe, once or twice? The first few episodes are heart failure, panic attack inducing. Words cannot describe just how awkward it feels when the other person doesn't like or drops the show you recommended. Especially beforehand when they ask you about it so you hype it up and keep badgering the first couple episodes onto ‘em.
“Oh you’re gonna love this!”
*they give it a 4*
puts your whole day askew seeing them upset over something you got them to watch.
But come on, you’ve had friends drop you over that? Geez! No offence buddy, but think you need some new friends.
(ps. Does ‘buddy|bud’ or ‘mate’ piss you off at all? I mean it in an endearing sorta way but it’s a major pet peeve of 90% of the people I know.)

FWIW: I’m halfway through episode two writing this, I’ve reread what you said over and over again and goddamn my heart is racing for the episode to just end already - congrats my friend, you’ve absolutely peaked my interest. (<- Peak not pique.)

- Yeah, sure. I’d like that a lot actually. I’ve got my plate pretty full at the moment, needless to say but that’d be great to get from you in the future.
In fact, our tastes seem to overlap a fair amount.

3.) Somewhat. I was more so referring to both the motifs of blue vs crimson|red as well the moon in general. But specifically the two together, if memory serves right, think Twilight does it too. Hah.
Certainly. But personally, I find that’s a matter of writing and skill. The weirdest things in our reality can make total sense in another world; there just needs to be a level of authenticity and pattern either told to the viewer directly (<) or put in such a way that can be picked up easily through characters or the world building in general.
In Fairy Tail for example, magic is a totally normal occurrence while ghosts aren’t considered real. Meanwhile Death Parade has plenty ‘a dead people without an ounce of magic.
Point is, a story or setting can be as wacky as all hell as long there’s a level of consistency throughout.
But I don’t think that’s what you meant, exactly.
Unorthodox as in, confusing and obscure? A show that’s so far and few inbetween and so out of the loop that it’s difficult to pick up on?

4.) Steampunk! Dude I love you! Yes! That’s what I was thinking of, the name was so on the tip of my tongue for like that last six hours! (whoops, didn’t I also promise to get back to you in six hours..?)
But yeah, that kinda setting’s amazing, like seriously great. But being as common and popular as it is and always has been, many stories only latch it on to their writing as a gimmick. And it’s a goddamn shame they do! To choose such an interesting concept and not even use it to its full potential. Makes you wonder why some even bother in the first place.
Setting is key in any story whether it be anime, manga, a game or novel, and I wish more writers would give it more attention. Figuring out how it interacts with the characters and story, how the characters interact with it, even just utilizing it to get the atmosphere and energy right - it’s stuff like that that turns a good story to a great one.

5.) You are possibly, just a little too easy to please.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
In any case, I've watched up to episode Three! While I had promised four, unfortunately, don’t think I’ll be able to watch everything as well write a decent reply for each - sorry! ‘^^
Now I was kidding about the college thesis but I did end up having a lot more to say than expected x_x I'll try to have everything as clear as possible so hope the formatting's not awfully tedious to have to go through.
- Extremely sorry in advance: Wrote most of this stuff out while watching the episode so do excuse me if half this message is just a lot of nonsensical rambling followed by more filler '^^ A lot of pauses means you'll be waiting a little longer for this reply; hope it's no burden.
Also arbitrarily decided to write notes for episode two and never again.

Phew, that should cover everything for now! (Still trying to catch my breath from that, kiss, holy shit.) I paused like fifty times in an episode so it took a monumental amount of time to get through and after all, I had promised to get back to you on the same night so sorry about the tardiness!
Seriously, thanks for the rec, it was a lot of fun:) As my points with episodes 1-3 get more irrelevant as the message progresses, just pick and choose what you wanna reply to and so on. I wrote a fair bit more than anticipated so once again, hope length isn't a burden, please just let me know if you prefer shorter messages :P

Edit: Finished episode four.. oh boy.
simone_eatsdirt Jul 29, 8:54 AM
Oh what wouldn't I do for you, Hiru. Give me exactly six hours, I'll watch everything and write you a college thesis about each episode.

Haha, well, I'll be watching it sooner or later anyway but feel free to.
- Yeah, I don't watch or care for airing anime whatsoever. Speaking of, you've said you don't care much for vampires or seasonals - what compelled you to watch?

Five things:
1.) You like it. I'll always take recs from friends no matter what it is; it'd be totally cool to be able to see what you like so much about it. After all, truth be told, I hardly know you or your tastes on any sort of deeper level.

2.) Vampires.

3.) Ding ding ding - right on the money: yes the synopsis! Mentioning something as mysterious and the 'blue' and 'crimson' moon. It's a very common troupe, especially in the genre, yes , but how could I not be drawn in by curiosity? Secondly, simple thing as I like common tropes and cliches. In the sense that seeing how Vanitas interprets and puts a spin on an otherwise done to death train of thought.

4.) Related to 3, it clearly has a somewhat vintage, old Europe kind of aesthetic going on; man oh man, you know I just adore that kind of thing. 'The Case Study of Vanitas' is also a very interesting name.

5.) Vampires.
simone_eatsdirt Jul 29, 6:38 AM
Sorry for the late reply: See, I was gonna reply once I watched all the episodes that had come out at the time but needless to say, never did get around to it :')
Plus having it still be airing, think I'll just wait 'fore all the episodes to come out first. But thanks for the rec, man! Seriously, it looks great and I doubt I would've found out about it without you :P

Ah glad you don't mind, a wave of relief really '^^
simone_eatsdirt Jul 21, 10:19 AM
Hey lucky you: you get two back to back: Happy July, my friend! (And you’ll probably get a third one as well, cause let’s be real, I’m abysmal at replying..)
ps. Please excuse my stupidity, but how do you make the words smaller?

Aw come on, you seriously didn't have to! Thank you very much, I totally owe you one, please don't let me forget :')
But I'm sure the mods hate you now >_> You must really love that Hii-Chan of yours to have your entire internet persona based around her. Then again, a good like, 75% of you bio's just pictures of her.

Aha! I don't know how to swim either! Or skate, or ride a bike, or fish. -You know, now that I think about it, I lack a lotta basic skills.
Hm, you have any hobbies or skills you'd like to pick up or indulge in sometime?

AC"s don't bite

You ever try sticking your fingers in the fan while the ac's on? Yeah, run that by me one more time.

- Well, no. During a heat wave you're usually instructed to close windows and blinds. The windows are open to let wind pass and therefore not let you suffocate in your own house. There's no point in opening the windows on a dry or excessive humid day :P
And no, having someone breath on me isn't my idea of a good time. Whatever floats your boat man, but, that's, a little weird. Plus doesn't the house smell funny with the AC on? Or no, that probably has to do more so with the lack of an air purifier.

Huh, I'd never considered the concept of vampires kissing. Good on you: asking the real questions. You think it'd hurt as well? Guess it depends on the depiction. Plenty of vampires have their fangs sticking out from under their lips, which in retrospect seems awfully inefficient; anyways, can't imagine kissing your vampire wife would be much of a hassle if your fangs were actually inside your mouth or those funky retractable ones.
- Here's a short story while we're on the subject: in seventh grade I read Dracula for a school project, assuming you haven't looked through it yourself, the book's split up into sections with the first half being an exert from the protagonist, Jonathan Harker's diary when he happens to stay at Count Dracula's 'castle(?)' In any case, I was convinced it was legit and Drac was really, truly real. The weeks of sleeplessness, ah, it's embarrassing to admit.
(As I'm writing this, just realized why the hotel Transylvania guy's name's Johnny. Speaking of, did you see that it's getting *another* film?)

Aw how come? You're seriously missing out on the total coolness (hotness?) of vampires.
But now that you've mentioned it, why do vampires have a full set of teeth? They only need the fangs; not like they're eating anything :/

You know the anime Owari no Seraph? For whatever reason you really remind me of it.

Yeah no, for sure. Offending people when I first meet them is always my biggest fear. First impression, y'know? But thinking about this way, guess that friendship wouldn't really last if I really would jut end up offending them eventually.. People get upset over the simplest things nowadays. And, that's fine, if something offends you or makes you uncomfortable to any extent, then so be it. That's your human right. But why feel the need to get everyone involved? "Just because something offends you doesn't mean you're right."
Secondly it's really sad seeing crowds get riled up over a raunchy joke - that' the point of it being a joke. It's not serious! Whoever said it doesn't mean it!
Haha, a while back a buncha people on Twitter were trying to 'cancel' Eminem for his edgier lyrics. Ah.
^ Speaking of Em, it's important to separate the 'art' from the 'artist.' You can absolutely enjoy someone's talent but not love them as a person and vice versa. Wish more people accepted that.

Thanks. But still let me know if anything is a miss, of course.

Alright enough rambling!
--> Oh! I just love getting dressed up. But only for specific parties and venues. It'd be pretty embarrassing getting all done to get groceries or something, haha. Plus it gets mad awkward when people on the street glance at you when you're walking into the building or getting into a car.
But just for street clothes: Tshirts and jeans.
A) Jeans look good in everything
B) No one can judge you for wearing for something as simple as a pair of jeans

But long sleeves I can't stand. We already had the sweater discussion, but those aside, full sleeves are awful. Don't know how you wear them. Maybe if you're wearing a shorter shirt on top of another one but even then. Eh.

Hah, you really think so? Like that it's specifically 'two months later.' Oniisuki's just so incredibly stupid I can't help but love it. Don't listen to the top reviews! Trust me, I don't have bad taste they just... they're feeble minds simply cannot comprehend the level of intelligence and brain power it takes to properly appreciate such a genius anime to have blessed the human race.
- But in all seriousness: yeah, it's just bloody bizarre.
There's like four beach episodes, at some point, all the character develop a BL addiction, the big brother has a depressive episode every other minute... think you get the gist

Now then, how about you? Got any shows that are so bad they're good? :P

Now reverse isekai are fun as hell - it's always hilarious seeing these op fantasy characters fumbling around our seemingly easy world. But the shtick certainly does wear thin eventually.
If you say so. To be fair I haven't watched much isekai, I'll try to give the genre another try.

Yeah, unfortunately most anime only exist to promote the original source material. It's a shame seeing a manga, movie, light novel or visual novel you love get any kind of anime adaptation just for it to totally fall through the cracks. I watched a fair bit of Saiyuuki 'fore reading the later parts of Reload. So. Much. Filler.
- Tate no Yuuha, huh? Why not, I'll give it a watch (or read I assume) as soon as possible '^^

Mhm, felt that too. Funny thing is, right after you told me that, found out that both Fairy Tail and Adventure Groove Rave were written by the same author. Not quite sure if that's a good thing or not yet. Seems you like Fairy Tail (which makes a lot of sense actually. Seems like your kinda thing.) On the contrary I dropped it pretty early on. Not that it was bad or anything but if the anime was going to stay at a similar pace to what I was seeing for another near *two hundred* episodes, there was no way I could have ever finished it. So if I were just gonna drop it at some point anyway, why waste my time watching something I probably wouldn't even like?
Anyways, like I said, there were definitely parts of Fairy Tail I did like so if Groove Rave's just essentially Fairy Tail but in another setting, might actually end up loving it, y'know?
In any case, haven't actually started it yet so we'll have to see :')

"Every Saiyuuki fan I know"

Well I know two, including you and me..
In all serious though, I know three. You, me and another friend on here. (Okay well, granted, she hasn't replied to me in over a month and it just kinda looks like he doesn't want to associate with me whatsoever, but ""friend"" - she loves me! I just know it! ..aha...) Think I met her from stalking old Saiyuuki forum threads.
Wanna learn both the simplest way to find other fans of a series you love? Go on the anime/manga's page then click 'stats.' Bam! Now just message the people who gave it a good rating and hope they're not bots.
Yes, just as creepy as it sounds.

"Fangirl writing" the kindest compliment I've ever gotten. Thank you Hiru for blessing me in this way.

Oh, Kougaji hadn't even crossed my mind. Love the guy but he's oddly forgettable. Incredibly pretty design however, love his neck rings and piercings.

Now then, just gotta ask! What're your favourite manga panels? (or scenes if the anime's more up your alley.)
These bad boys right here still gives me shivers:

Oh come on, why'd I regret it? If anything you will; I'm way too chatty. The fact that you've managed to deal with me for this long is the biggest surprise outta this whole thing. Please do tell me if the length is ever a burden.
Yeah, it's been a while since we've gotten a real long series. Mostly been twelve to twenty-five episodes per anime with Gensoumaden being the only proper outlier at fifty. Part of me does hope it's a little longer. Considering that they're essentially revisiting the Even a Worm arc, it'll be great to see it actually done right this time around. Reload Gunlock wasn't awful, not even bad per se, but it's always been strange how much they've changed the story. And man, the filler in that one's bad. Just random bits and pieces of each episode that add up.
Hope it'll at least give Hazel some of the justice he deserves.
Considering the teaser trailer dropped January of this year, when do you think it'll air? Perhaps Summer or Fall of next year?

One more question what'do you think of the redesigns every series? With directors being switched out, everything's in a different art style, let alone unique one considering more try to replicate the manga: Goku always gets the bad end of the stick, I think. He looked pretty damn good in the original series but ever since, just downhill from there, man.

Not much to say for Genjou or Hakkai but hot damn, Gojyo's the complete opposite: he only gets better with time!

But you know, never noticed how [dare I say] stupid his clothes looked 'fore he got the more iconic jeans/tank/jacket combo.

- Really? Didn't think you'd be in that, haha. But that's really cool to hear nonetheless. Have you ever swam competitively or just for fun?
Summer's a godforsaken, awful season. Winter's not fun either, but you get the little perks like snow, ice skating, sledding, hot chocolate et cetera. Plus, nothing beats a warm night at home with a movie and snacks when it's all yucky and freezing outside. In the summer? Man, it's just hot. The sun's nice, I guess. That is 'til you get a third degree headache and cry all day :/
Going outside for something as mindless as errands become more of a chore than they already are, and sports and out activities are no fun when you get sticky before the game even starts -_-

Life hack: if you set the bar low enough, any and every day becomes a productive one.

Ah, so the vast world of wikias. Never again Hiru, never again. Back when I was still reading X, made the grave mistake of searching up one of the characters. Of course the wikipedia page for them showed up and what'do you know? He died! Repeat another x10 times cause Simone just never learns her lesson: anyways, everyone like, dies or something. I never did get around to finishing the Manga but the anime's sitting in an infinite purgatory, just sorta stewing, knowing deep down it'll be 'On Hold' forever, never to be finished.. ah.

But the reaction video hack's pretty handy actually; smart too. Might just give it a shot sometime!

Three years ago? Well I'll bite, you ever find out who they were married to? :P

And thanks, means a lot coming from you :)
For now though, take care and hope to hear from you soon.
(If you ever do remember please don't forget to tell me..!)

Oh and, are your favourites in order by any chance? Noticed Himari was but third on your list
simone_eatsdirt Jul 20, 12:47 PM
Just wanted to give you a heads up that I'll reply to you in the next day or two. In case you were about to give up on me.
(Ps. hope you didn't mind me tagging you in that one forum game.)
winddevil1 Jul 6, 4:34 PM
no Noelle in favorites? disappointed :v
Shishou_23 Jun 19, 3:38 PM
In my case, it’s really the experimental work. We’re working with an old lab setup that is not really tailored for our project’s objectives, so we’re kinda cheating it to make it work. We’re also missing parts in the setup. So there are a lot of technical hurdles in the work. Professors have also been frustrating to work with. I just wish I can find a job and drop all of this or maybe transfer. Been thinking about it for a while tbh. If things are so slow, then maybe writing a thesis is not for me. I’m having this uncertainty sometimes.

Idk if darker than shuumatsu (sukasuka) but kinda up there.
Shishou_23 Jun 19, 12:37 PM
Studies going slow. By studies, I mean my thesis. It’s been quite frustrating.
Watch 86! I’m interested in seeing your overall thoughts. I love the LN and the anime, and then I saw it on your list. Yeah it can be sad sometimes. Hehe, totally not trying to get you watch sad and depressing stuff.
simone_eatsdirt Jun 8, 2:06 PM
Hey Hiru, happy June!
Lemme tell you, I've sat down to write this email a total five times now. I swear it's like some curse - computer ended up crashing every single time.
Decided to keep on a word PDF this time round so I could actually get it to you :’)
For my sake, I’ll keep a counter of everytime the pc either froze or crashed whilst writing this.

But first question’s first! Why’d you change your handle? I like Hiii-chan too, it’s totally cute; or perhaps that’s just because it’s what I’ve always known you as.
Guessing it’s kind of like a nickname? Hiru --> HiiChan.

How cold do you keep your air conditioner? I’ve got friends you’ve got it down to twelve or fifteen - now don’t get me wrong, I hate the heat, but in a house? No way, I can barely keep it at twenty degrees.. at the lowest >_>
But no, I don’t like using the air conditioner. Maybe when it’s super hot, thirty-five+ I’d say, but it’s sort of like an insane fear; I think I’ll legit suffocate if I have the AC on for long enough. Opening windows and doors feel less, suffocate-y; air circulation, y’know?
- Mhm, I’ve heard about closing windows and blinds during a heat wave. Does that also work during heat in general? (‘Heat doesn't work in that context, but ‘sunny days’ just didn’t have the same flow.)
Crash Counter:I

Vampire? Well yeah, haha. Though can’t say my dad’s the biggest fan of it =P

Okay, what do you think Hiru: Is being a vampire a handicap or a super power?
- Can’t leave the house ‘cept at night
- Can’t eat food
- Allergic to garlic and silver

- Sexy

--> Personally, I’d prefer a nice dry room as opposed to the sweaty (and somehow, wet(?) bedroom.)

I think that’s a good way to think about it
Crash Counter:II
But in the same sense, weather’s an easy topic to talk about, especially with people whom you don’t know very well.
A lotta things in life aren’t worth fussing over, but come on, it’s fun, don’t you think? Not for serious conversations of course, but mutual hatred’s great!

Speaking of, what kinda clothes do you like? T-shirts, coats, long sleeves.. That kinda thing.

I’ve been watching a fair bit of OniiSuki and DN Angel with a friend.
Now, I wouldn't call either ‘good’ but everything else on my watching list is basically on hold at this point.
OniiSuki, watched it as a joke. Gross out brother-sister ecchi with a silly ‘lookin art style - that kinda show. But funny enough, I’m kinda starting to dig it!
BUT before you unfriend me, let me elaborate: the show only got good after best girl Kondou was introduced. Everyone else is basically insufferable. And to be fair, I only even got this far simply ‘cus I wasn’t watching it alone. It fun to laugh at how stupid things are with friends ‘^^

A real shame, huh? I love the concept of Isekai, I think it can bring about some of the most exciting and funny stories - you could even put a neat little spin on everything and instead make it some deep, dramatic piece about a person’s emotions. Hell you could turn the whole genre into some kind of distraught allegory! But nah, every Isekai I’ve experimented with turns out the same old, same old. At least nine outta ten times the first episodes fun with the MC ending up somewhere random and having a huge freakout (that sounds, kinda bad now that I write it out >_>)
Mn, maybe one day.

There’s this one anime, Adventure Groove Rave, I only just found a week or two ago max, and oh my I’ve never been so excited to start something. I just know I’m gonna like it! Plus I get all frisky when I start thinking about it haha
Though I think I’d like to finish something off my on hold list first :P But then again, I’m also nervous it’ll end up being a total let down and I’m getting all proactive for nothing.

I wonder if it's popular among females.
Hm, I do wonder..

But I agree. I’d say Saiyuki, at least the original manga set/Gensoumaiden Saiyuki, are both fairly popular in the west - and especially in the mid 2000’s, early 2010’s. There’s a whole buncha shows that were huge hits here but hardly spoken of in Japan, and vice versa.
But I think Reload and Blast are more popular in Japan. On MAL and Anilist you’ll notice how quickly the series falls in popularity
(Saiyuki - Popularity: #863
Saiyuki Gaiden: #1477
Saiyuki Reload: #1928
Saiyuki Reload Blast: #4013)

But I still see plenty of fanart and fanfiction for the ladder two and even Ibun in Chinese and Japanese sources.

Every Saiyuki fan I know, hell even me, has such a soft spot for Sanzo. The way he deals with grief and chooses to express himself is something I can see so many people being able to relate to. When it comes down to it, he really is just some guy struggling with his past and trying to live his life. I love how he can simultaneously be so haughty and confident while somehow retaining so much sensitivity and being just as equally dubious.
In a strange way, he’s very grounded and one of the most ‘human’ characters I can think of.
I adore everyone else around, of course I do, but in relatability, the rest of furious four seem a tad more fanciful in comparison.

Ah, you reminded me of that anime list I keep forgetting to update. Mhm, I’ve watched every series aside from the 1999 OVAs (which I can’t find anywhere.. sucks really. Manga on the other hand, I still needa catch up on Reload Blast.
(Just you watch, I’ll go on a bit of a spree and add everything on my list tonight.)

I think my favourite characters would have to be Gojyo and Yaone. Can’t really give you a reason as to why - I’ve just always had such an affinity for the two. Both, totally underrated in my opinion.
Hazel’s cool too! I wouldn’t call him a ‘major antagonist’ per se, but he’s too much fun to read about. Especially that cat-and-mouse type relationship he has with Gojyo and Hakkai’s such an interesting dynamic haha
Though I’ve always found it odd how much the anime changed his backstory.

- Yeah! Swear, I think my heart skipped a beat when I saw the listing. Still gotta look into it though! I’ve got no idea when the first episode’ll air. Thanks to the lovely pandemic, I’m sure it’ll be delayed some way or another haha
Eleven or fifty, it hardly makes a difference. Now I did really like the cut-throat episodic feel of the original anime as well as reload, but Reload Gunlock and Reload Blast focussing on a certain arc or specific set of chapters was also nice as well, giving both shows and sturdy grounded feel as opposed to how childish the former could seem at times.
I’m not one for seasonal anime but man, I’m really excited - when and if it comes out, we should seriously discuss it episode-by-episode sometime.

Stuff I didn’t know where else to fit:
- Track’s a compulsory thing that comes with physed, least where I live. Though it usually depends on the school. - Go to some random high school you’ve never heard of, compete in some races, and *bam* done for the year.
I love sports, running, exercise in general but truth be told, I could care less whether or not I do it regularly. Sounds a little juxtaposing huh?
How about you? Got anything you wanted to or can’t do this year? Or perhaps you play sports?

- You’ve sent me on a bit of a Saiyuki kick, spree, whatever you wanna call it. Don’t get me wrong, ‘series has always been dear to me but you know how long it’s been since I last read Reload? Gotta thank you a bunch for that, it’s crazy to think I’d almost forgotten how much fun Kazuya’s writing style is, not to mention how much fun all the guys are (wanna take a shot everytime I say ‘fun?’)
Sanzo’s, a lot funnier than I remember ^_^

- Stop? No way! I love hearing you go on about whatever (again, not sarcasm.) Seriously, it’s fun reading your emails. And wouldn’t I just be the biggest hypocrite for poking fun at someone rambling? Just check out whatever the hell I was going on about with Sanzo ^ I don’t even know where that came outta! Haha.

> That should wrap it all up, hope to hear from you soon, Hiru!

> Please excuse any grammar or spelling mistakes. There’s bound to be at least a couple I missed
Shishou_23 Jun 8, 1:22 PM
Hey. Sorry I didn’t reply to your last message in April. My schedule has been thrown off badly which is ironic considering our last exchange lol. Also, I see you started 86. Are you liking it?
simone_eatsdirt May 18, 8:23 AM
Morning Hiii-chan, didn't mean to keep you waiting so long. Suppose it was my turn to hibernate as well =b

Well now that summer's hitting, it's turned more into an issue of how radically hot I am trying to sleep at night but always, without fail, wake up absolutely freezing in the morning. Plus I wanna keep my blinds down overnight so you know, the sun doesn't wake me up too early the morning, but my room's basically a too-hot suffocation dorm without the window open
Hey speaking of, how's the weather in your area? You like the heat?

Even outside? Don't get that awkward weather point mid-season where it's too chilly to just wear a t-shirt but not cold enough to have a jacket? Don't get me wrong, I can't stand sweaters either but they're just about made for that sorta weather.
- Mhm, never ever. Though the other night I did stay up 'til four making mothers' day cards if that counts. Personally I consider it an all-nighter if you stay up past six.
I do like video games, we've just having a couple relationship issues as late. Don't feel like replaying anything but I haven't found anything new to get into either. I started TWEWY a couple days ago, that seems quite promising.
Ouch, it's been months and yet I'm still searching for such an anime to quench that eternal thirst somewhere in a cold, unfeeling heart. But hey! On the flippity flip, have you been watching anything good?
--> Got a dream game? As in, a game you'd really really love to play but haven't gotten around to yet?

God, I hate naps. They're like the worst kind of scam: I wake up tenfold grouchy, tired and clinically depressed. But I don't think I've ever been tired enough to not be able to not pay attention to something. Maybe when I used to do track..?
(New english question: In the context to 'pay attention to' would you say 'payed attention' or 'paid attention?')
> But you have a cat? :3

You know, it's seriously crazy that we both like Saiyuki. I get that feeling whenever I get chance to chat with someone who shares any sort of interest of mine. I don't think I've ever told you before but you're way cool and I love speaking with you.
In any case, what'd you think of Zeroin? I should pay more attention to this sorta thing, I had no idea they were even gonna cover the Even a Worm arc. Not exactly sure how I feel about all these disjointed series' coming out, especially with the fluctuating cast but from the trailer alone, I'm *really* digging the animation style this time 'round.
I mean, the art in Reload Blast was cool too, especially with Gojyo's redesign: he looks a lot better but I just couldn't get attached to it funnily enough. At least fire looked pretty epic

Oh? Is that so? Yeah, I understand how that feels. I think everyone must feel that way about their life at some point but it still really sucks the energy outta you, huh?

I'm well. It's been a slow month. I'm somewhat upset at myself for not being better but that feeling gets pacified every now and again.
Got way too much homework to catch up on tonight but science and geo are always a drag x_x
Now enough about me, how have you been as of late? It's been a while since we last spoke, huh? Hope things have been getting better on your end. =) <3

Ps. What's you name? Or nickname actually; I'm not quite sure what to call you *_*
winddevil1 Apr 13, 7:44 AM
lol does that even matter?

maybe those are "trending" videos that everyone gets?

on that note, i keep finding my account on google everytime i search for something related to anime, as i have thousands of gifs/pictures haha
winddevil1 Apr 12, 2:59 PM
even tho you won't watch it for 6 months
yes, sorry for being an idiot :v

sorry for being lazy, please discipline me :D
winddevil1 Apr 12, 11:13 AM
reserving this post to whatever i have to say about 86, come back later :v

ep 1 (finished)

ep 2, finished


ep 4







Neeko-tan Apr 12, 11:10 AM
Oh i see, did you get it from a friend or something? Or why was it free :)

Yeah i have heard much about Komi-san before i started reading it. But since i read or atleast have seen many popular ones i usually dont go for the big titles anymore and i try to find hidden gems :D But this one actually looked interesting so i started reading and i found it quite enjoyable.

What novel did you read?

Black Clover is good. I have had it on "on hold" for a while put i plan on watching it someday again :)

Do you watch any anime from this season?

Yeah it is :D Is is from any specific character that you like? :)