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winddevil1 6 hours ago
i see you're super busy ;o next time you can take a month to answer LOL

HAHAHA rip spoiler tag lol well i said it so you read cause you wanted =D also you don't care about the anime anyway =D

yep, too bad they didn't do any upskirts of ao-chan haha oh well, at least she got some scenes in the bath ;o

i don't think i'll change my opinion on yukana unless she was really bad now lol even then...
then again... i loved fuuka in the 1st 7 episodes and then i didnt like her in the end =D
eh tbh i don't really care about the pedo guy, but would still be fun if he got arrested lol

lol i was gonna watch yesterday 2 episodes of knights and magic in 1.5x speed but after 5 minutes i ended up putting it on normal cause the anime is already fast LOL also, 1st episode i only did 8 prints (yay)...2nd episode i did over 100...lol fuck my life

nope, her son is boring, let her tsundere him all she wants ;)

cause like people said in the forum, they probably wanted to do 2 seasons but ended up doing only one cause of bad sales? ...

in other anime i look away, but in dive it is ok...not sure why lol maybe because the anime is all about diving...also the action takes less than 1 second, so what if someone misses it? =D yep, who wants to be forever stuck with that guy who looks scary and barely says anything? =D

yep everyone knows you're crazy for hina logi lol stop making me want to go watch it too, i still have to finish season 1 and all the shit i have from this season <.<

btw check that =D https://myanimelist.net/featured/1944/The_Top_10_Cutest_Manga_Ever
dunkan85 Yesterday, 10:02 AM
So, uh... it took my until the very end of the season to realize that MAYBE, just MAYBE, it would be a smart idea to pre-write the order of my seasonals and then fill in the blanks when I get to writing about this so that I don't keep getting confused about where the fk I am in the order (which looks like this. Y'know, like what a normal person would consider 'obvious' xD)

Remind me to send in my nomination for every Nobel prize ever. I think I've earned it... :| xD
footmaster Sep 17, 9:55 AM
Yes. I did have Re:Creators and even Classroom of the Elite in my favorites before but I decided to remove them coz of the reason I mentioned before.
Oh. He is also my MAL friend. I only talked to him twice or thrice I think. First is of course during the time when he added me on MAL as well as in the other anime site. Second is me commenting about one of his profile pic before.
I think he has no particular criteria on scoring anime though. I think it's mostly based on his enjoyment and maybe that's the reason why he can easily give 1s to anime that he despised like Angel Beats! etc.

I see. That's the problem then.
You are close to finishing Monster and NagiAsu but you are disconnected to the anime and if you watch them now just for completion purposes, it will not be the same experience or vibe that you've felt compared to the time when you were watching the anime consistently before.
Yes I agree. For someone like you who watches a lot of seasonals, watching an offseason anime will be tough task.
As for me, I can at least watch one offseason at a time since I am only watching between 10 to 12 anime per season.

I guess I worded it too much that it sounds as a really negative comment about Re:Creators.
Yes. I am disappointed, not because it is bad... No, definitely not.
I am disappointed coz the anime's score from me stayed at 10 for a long time and then the Chamber Arc appears.
I felt that the execution of the Chamber Arc, which is supposedly be the most important and crucial arc of the anime, is ridiculously done.
The main problems that I have with the last episodes of this anime revolved around Altair, Setsuna, and Magane.
For Altair, they made her too OP and too emotional. Making her too OP means that it is merely impossible to defeat her without a certain "miracle".
How to execute the "miracle"?... then comes Magane. She is basically the deus ex machina character for Re:Creators.
If Altair is too OP, then Magane is in another dimension of ridiculousness. Her power is ridiculous that you can do or make everything possible from a lie. Also, we don't even know what happened to her after all of the characters except Meteora returned to their respective story worlds.
As for Setsuna, it was kinda expected that she will be the "secret weapon" against Altair because she is just unstoppable.
I'm happy that they didn't killed off Altair but putting Setsuna to settle the issue is just plot convenience for me. Well, the possibilty of her appearing in the scene makes sense because of Magane's ridiculous power, but since she came from the deus ex machina's powers then I can't completely accept it as good.

Some questions that I have for the anime that have not been answered:
-What happens when a character dies (like Mamika, Alicetaria, and Selesia) in the god's world (real world which is outside the story world)? What is the effect of those deaths to both the real and story world?
-Since Meteora stayed in the real world, it was mentioned that her powers will eventually disappear but there's a vague hypothesis that her materialization in the real world might be affected in the long run.
So will she gain aging just like any other real human be or will she be immortal and forever young? LOL!

With those questions unanswered and how the Chamber Arc ended, I was still satisfied with how Re:Creators ended. It was a good ending.

Re:Creators is still a favorite of mine for Spring 2017 season though. Well, you can see the score that I gave and it is enough proof that I really like it.
If the Chamber Arc was executed to my liking then the score might increase and possibly be a 10.
Because of how that arc ended, it decreased my enjoyment score and story score by a bit.

Nah. That yaoi alien (ZaShunina) is no way near the level of ridiculousness that is Altair. Hence, ZaShunina was even defeated in the final episode. LOL!
Altair never lost whatever they put up against her. They just literally called her mama (Setsuna) in order to fetch her home. XD
Magane was a useful character in story... but in a bad way. Like I said earlier, she is a deus ex machina character and I don't like those character types. Well, even if she is not that type, she still has an annoying personality.

I like the Nonoo (the cat girl) and also this girl in Sakurada Reset. I think her name is Mirai Minami.

Unfortunately, she only appeared on 2-3 episodes I think. Her most important appearance was in the filler episode.
Nope. I just listened to Sakurada Reset songs when I was watching the episodes.

I don't like Kei's character. He's basically OP in terms of smartness that he can beat a smart adult with arguments.
For a high school character in an almost real life setting, I find it ridiculously unbelievable.
He had absurd thinking skills which is the main reason I can't connect to him at all.

I do said before that Isekai Smartphone is a mediocre anime but it's actually one of my favorites this season. LOL!
It's a no-brainer anime that is quite relaxing to watch and I love the characters too (especially the girls).

Since I didn't bother to read the manga, I have least negative reactions than yours for Hajimete no Gal.
My main complaint for the anime is the noticeable terrible animation. NAZ should step up their game if they want to be a big time studio.

My favorite characters?
OK here is the list:

Yeah. I will have a really hard time scoring Sakura Quest when it ends next week.
Yes characters, pretty much the similarity between Shirobako and Sakura Quest and that's why they're compared to each other. Also, same studio (P.A. Works).
Like Re:Creators, I think Sakura Quest will be more enjoyable and better if it was just 1 cour. It felt it's dragged too long for me to be honest.

Ririko's expressionless and quiet character is a good balance with the other 4 expressive characters in Sakura Quest. And of course the episodes about her and the dragon is my favorite arc in the anime. XD

Exactly! KyoAni will never accept a work like that though.
Maybe if something like Lerche or Madhouse will make The Reflection then I might be inclined to watch it (coz both studios are good) but ended with disappointments as I heard the story was garbage too.
Good thing they didn't accept it and only a crappy studio like Deen, who made Sakamoto desu ga (pfffft! :3), made it.
swampert260 Sep 17, 2:20 AM
I've only recently watched that episode hahaha. that episode was pretty entertaining. it was nice to see Kurumi in a different light, although it's clearly not her xD
winddevil1 Sep 16, 4:04 AM
well in touken ranbu , last episode spoiler
[spoiler] the smaller guy (kunihiro) who is always with the main guy with long hair (Kane-san) started to want to save his old master (something that they can't do since it would change the story) and the main guy threaten him tat he would kill him if he needed lol ... i dont think that will happen but fuck...it was kinda...scary cliffhanger lol[/s]

you better feel shitty, you scrub <.< lmao

i have no idea what the problem with FAG (except this fag name...) would be, we have lots of fun moments, cute girls (specially in human form), some decent battles too, only thing i didnt like was the ending with them all leaving

i still didn't finish Hajimete but simply by having Yukana (my top 10 probably) and some of the other girls even if they aren't even close... it deserves at least 7, i wonder how it ends...
the guys are annoying...ok... i wonder if the fat guy was killed/jailed or something, please do it =D
the other girls are fun too...sometimes
the little girl was super ugly before but after the change she is pretty cute for me lol rip me, judging a girl by her style, such discrimination

yes i'm still using 1.5x , why would i not use it? i wanna finish the anime season before next starts after all...and if i'm not going to drop the boring anime then i just watch it faster...not that anything changes, other than me saying, wtf it ended already =D

Mina's panties are sexy as always lmao https://i.imgur.com/WVETqcw.png
and ya she is doing great now, but i never hated her darling stuff, i'll always like everything Kugimiya does (if i don't watch too much in one day tho....) i even repeated 20+ times her "shut up" scene from episode 7 LOOOL - https://i.imgur.com/RtIRr4i.jpg

lol some of these animes scores also start at like 6, but then they end up being great and i have to give 8-10 to it...
same thing with others...some started with 10 after 3 episodes...and then they end up with 6 (last season, Zero kara hajimeru, re:creators half season, clockwork planet and more)

fuck you, don't jinx her death <.< and it's not like it's the easiest thing to confess lol look at tsurezure children for example
like someone said, they probably were gonna make a 2 season anime but it didn't sell well...or something, so they are trying to end it with 12...and some of the other couples already had some stuff, ofc not as much
why disorganized? i mean both the couples are having a story, with some flashbacks and stuff, i don't feel like it is that disorganized

omg how did you do that? (i would have never thought about "dived" ... clap clap lmao)
yep dive is pretty nice after all, i don't even care if they are naked anymore lmao (usually when i see them naked i just look away from the screen...but on this is not so bad)
this episode tho, the guy kinda regret not practicing hard, then goes to practice at night instead of resting, then on the end he was all fucked up, rip olympic dream? LOL
hahaha the girl was like...well no one dares to take me away cause of this challenge, i'm doomed to stay with okitsu forever, muahahaha

FUCK CLIONE <.< it had some cute moments but that death was kinda retarded lmao , good thing i also watch that in 1.5x speed so i don't even care anymore, at least i found my lower score of the season, i need those too =D

well i've been watching the ones that i can finish without taking many screenshots... even konbini kareashi made me take a fuck ton of prints lol 147 to be exact (without counting the subtitles i also had to move there...)

that's a cute girl =O i wonder who that smile reminds me of...satanichia, astolfo, hikari from demi-chan...
footmaster Sep 15, 6:55 PM
The feeling is different if you watch an anime with a huge interval (months or years). Even though I know most of the events in FMA Brotherhood, I still want to know the minor details as these details are important for understanding the anime even better. Though it's kind of a pain to watch them again but it's OK since I like FMA Brotherhood when I first watched it.
The anime that I put in MAL are the ones that I've completed. There are a lot of anime that I almost finished like Full Metal Panic, Air Gear, Law of Ueki, etc. but I decided to not include them as I have not completed them and I missed some episodes in between. I might plan to watch Full Metal Panic since there's that announcement of a new series but for the others I don't think so.
Never scored a 1 yet. I think the lowest I've scored is 2 and that's only one anime. That's a shallow reason to score an anime though. It is definitely his fault since he had not watched the anime for a long time or did he even try to remember?

I don't know but you still have a lot under your CURRENTLY WATCHING list so you still have a lot to watch before those ON HOLD ones.

I still like Re:Creators but not the same degree anymore as it was last season. Also, I might remove Altair from my Waifu Gallery as she is not the same calm, badass, and mysterious character that I know anymore. The last episode gave me mixed emotions. It was good and bad at the same time.
Mysterious and Calm Altair in 1st cour > Emotional and too OP Altair in 2nd cour
Am I gonna miss Re:Creators? Maybe not unless they ended it in a good note.
Re:Creators could've been a better anime if it's 12 episodes only.

Yeah. Can't believe fall season is fast approaching. I have not even tried looking up on anime to watch next season yet since I quite enjoyed this season.

Well, Sakurada Reset was just a pick for the sake of adding volume to my watch list. I was not necessarily interested of it at all when it was announced and introduced.
Same here. My negatives toward the anime just overwhelms the tiny positives that it have. OP and ED are good though and maybe the only true positive point of that anime. Another one is I kinda like some of the girls (design-wise at least).

Maybe one big negative for me is that I can't really connect to the characters. If you can't connect to the characters (especially Kei), then expect that you can't immersed into the story. The characters are just bland for an almost real-life setting (removing the abilities in this story).
I like Kitkat but yeah it's not someting that will satisfy your hunger. XD
I was really eager for the final episode to be over coz I don't understand a single thing what's happening. I was checking the clock from time to time. XD
The final episode is still boring as ever that I have to take a nap before proceeding with the next anime to watch.

Indeed. A good ecchi anime should animate good ecchi scenes. Usually the animation is good for the first and last episode of an anime but Hajimete no Gal has consistently bad animation in all episodes.
Logic in ecchi anime is most of the time stupid so I usually turn my brain off for this kind of anime. XD
It seems that my first impression about the anime was spot on. I expected it to be terrible and it was terrible. I am still forgiving as I scored it a 5.
I still like Kashii though but she's far from my top favorites this season. I have so many characters that I really like this season.

I think the anime that are dear to you are Princess Principal and Gamers! right?
Though I don't really like Ange at all, I still think Princess Principal is a really good anime and I like the Princess (though Ange was the "real" princess). Very nice animation and very good characterization too.
Gamers! is an enjoyable anime. The misunderstanding theme is a on-or-off sometimes for me but it's most of the time really good. I felt that the misunderstandings are too much but regardless the characters are fun to watch. Depending on how they end will be a huge impact to the score that I'm going to give to this anime. I hope Pine Jam won't mess up with this anime.
And Aguri... she's just so so so so so so so so adorable. :3

Speaking of Gamers!.
The end card for this week's episode was made by Tsunako, who is my favorite illustrator.
She made the designs for Date A Live LN and games like Fairy Fencer and Hyperdimension Neptunia --- both that I have played. :D

Well, if someone will ask me if Sakurada Reset is worth to watch, then I will definitely say that there are far more better 2-cour anime than that sleeper. LOL! XD
Even if it will be 8+ on MAL, my opinion towards the anime will not change. I don't really like it.

Yes. Sakura Quest will be ending next week.
I have mixed emotions towards the anime.
It's an anime that I am bored (0% excitement) to start with but somehow enjoyed while watching it.
So yeah, that anime is always hard for me to start watching every week.
It's still good in my perspective but far from being great.
Compared to Shirobako, I enjoyed that one way way more than Sakura Quest.
I do really like Ririko though and mainly the reason why I still enjoy most of Sakura Quest.

R.I.P. Reflection.
That's an insane drop rate.
The hype at start was replaced with disappointments.
It was a bad decision for Stan Lee to collab with a studio like Studio Deen. LOL!
Never been a fan of their works at the slightest.
winddevil1 Sep 15, 4:50 PM
the ending of Konbini Kareshi left me kinda worried, if it ends badly i'll get really disappointed as i ended up enjoying this anime a lot more than i expected ...i'll even rate it an 8 if it ends nicely...i thought i was gonna rate it 5 a few weeks ago... please...

about jikan no shihaisha...meh...other than Mina, the episode kinda sucked hard... even at 1.5x the boys scenes still felt boring LOL i hate to say this but even dive! is 100x more interesting for me now HAHAHA

also i already know which anime is gonna be the last on my seasonal rating list ... clione no akari really sucked after episode 7...and even before that it wasn't that interesting...

gosh today really wasn't my day...not only my games sucked...but the animes i watched today all went badly in one way or another =(
Olem Sep 14, 7:25 PM
Lol... Welp.

Hmm... Everything but Symphogear, Kakegurui(just caught up on it), Quiz, New Game, Clione, and that's it, I think.

He didn't? I could've sworn he said something like that o_o Maybe you saying that just gave me a weird sense of deja vu with something else and my memory's getting mixed up.

Pffftttt. Yeah, right. I don't believe you :(

Don't all I have to do is completely ignore Moguro? Well, not ignore him since that'd be rude and he'd prolly screw me over due to that, but still, decline him instead? You ain't getting me, you dirty creepy, Moguro.

Huh? I said I didn't like the ED, I ddefinitely like the OP though. The ed was kinda eh for me. We are talking about the OP/ED, right?
Well, Clione is now next on the agenda after catching up on Kakegurui earlier today. I'll try watching it either... later tonight orrrr.... early tomorrow, before heading off to work. Then next would be... New Game after that. Definitely needa catch up on that. Not sure if I should "wait" for you with Symphogear or just finish it. Did you ever start it, btw? lol
Hmm? I've just been calling it NTRap. Looks stupid, but it's shorter and we both know what we're taliking about. And about it... Hmm... Not even sure I wanna start it, tbh lol I like yuri/shoujo-ai and all, but I don't like NTR at all. Been deciding against starting it.

I never knew it was that simple... So the reason they get NTR'd is actually because of magical dongs.

Momo, huh? I've no idea who that is and don't recall seeing her in the manga, but then again, I fell behind on it a little so maybe it's a little later.
I guess I'll have to look forward to that if you really like her that much o_o Poor, poor Hifumin

There's gonna be a Honeyworks anime? o_O I didn't even know that. Hey now, maybe you will have your girl in there? Maybe each episode will adapt a song each or two, maybe? Has there been any details on that?

Well... Basically, the NoWaYu part is still AD, then from WaSuYu and up is the new calender, which is 300 years after the events of NoWaYu.

Laaaaaaame. Well, honestly, not sure if I'm down to play 18if. SO they're having a colab event, huh? o_o That's pretty cool. If only you could take screenshots for me so I could see what you mean~

Hmm? Whatcha mean you hate the game mechanics? You're not a fan of rhythm games or something?
Have you played BangDream yet? My other friend was telling me about it recently, and he said there's been some covers of the songs which is what really got me interested in it. Check this out, check this out. He said there's even a cover in there of Only My Railgun. Cool, right? Well, there's others he said like The Everlasting Guilty Crown, and Sorairo Days from Gurren Laggan. There's probably more but those few songs were enough to get me intrested in it already, plus if the original songs are as nice-sounding as the anime, then that'll be pretty cool too.

I see, I see...
Which song? The new one/pv or the movie ver I linked? Well, either way, you're right, they're nice :P
Sonoko. No worries, it's not like you've watched it anyway.
Friggin pikachu

How unfortunate that you only watched 3-gatsu, huh? Wellllll, you know, you could always watch Yuuki Yuuna
Isn't Nov 25 in the middle of the season? It shouldn't hurt to pick it up, right? You did say that the next season has a lotta sequels and what not too, so you SHOULD have extra room in your schedules, right?

Hmm? Score changes? Sure, I guess? I still don't pay attention to those though LOL

No worries, I know your pain :( Remember those Eris images I linked you in the PM, the one I was excited about? I cropped, scaled and edited the images to look slightly nicer, but they denied my submissions, saying that they were low quality and/or duplicates... Even though they were two completed different images >_>

I'm gonna give you heads up though, I may end up just catching up on it in the next few days if you don't start it :P

You don't like Hifumin fanservice...? Blasphemy!
Wait, we got fanservice in BGHS? Hmm... Was it the very short beach scene earlier in the season? There was very little focus on it so I didn't even end up considering it fanservice at all lol good for you though, and your Anko love.
HinaLogi, huh? Still deciding on whether to watch the whole series completely, Luck&Logic included. I just don't feel right if I start off a spin-off that's based off a character in the main series lol
Hey man, you can't be lying like that. You really like that Dive fanservice, just admit it.
Oh right, I actually thought that too. The animations and art in smartphone is usually really weak, but the fanservice for the girls in the beach episode actually looked pretty nice.
Yae? Yae...? My boy.

Lol I actually would've thought Hajimete no Gal would be top ecchi for you. Guess I was wrong.
Ballroom and Quiz had some? THat sounds odd, tbh lol
Ep 9? Bruh, get good tastes. Magic genie dick was the epitome of fanservice.
Let's also not forget about this

No worries, today was tiring for me now :v Just got home about half an hour ago, decided to hop right on and type up my reply to you. Now Imma go relax for a little then catch up on Clione later.
winddevil1 Sep 14, 4:17 AM
touken ranbu is kinda fun tho =D those fights, and specially the ending of last episode, FUCK LOL i bet nothing bad will happen but still =D
too bad my trap (Minari) doesn't have any time apart from the 1 second when he was in the room with everyone <.<

i just go to the website and see what i feel like watching, then see how many episodes behind i am on that one, then watch =D

well, screw you giving 4/5s to frame arms girls, hajimete no gal, and others i rated 9+ LOL

how did you find it?
i also look bad, MINAIDE KUDASAI

nope, i'm literally the least confident person ever =D
but i like my anime scores, so you can compliment me on that all you want
footmaster Sep 13, 9:26 PM
Yes. I think FMA Brotherhood is really a masterpiece that I have to agree with a website like MAL who had rated it so high too. All of its aspects highly met my standards. Unlike Clannad, I watched 40+ episodes of FMA Brotherhood 7 years ago so I pretty much remembered 70% of the events.

I find it unfair to put either Re:Creators or You-zitsu in my favorites list when both have not even finished yet. So after it's completed shall I decide if I feel that I do really adore the anime after all. Even though both are my absolute favorites for their respective seasons, that is not an excuse for me to critically overlook them.
I just put FMA Brotherhood temporarily in my favorites list so there will be 10 anime in that list and I did enjoy the anime a lot but I felt that it's not a true favorite of mine.
Yeah somehow David Productions got no delays on releasing Sakurada Reset, which is good since I don't like to suffer any longer. XD

This week, 3 anime will end: Sakurada Reset, Hajimete no Gal, Re:Creators
Next week, I will have 4: Koi to Uso, Sakura Quest, Netsuzou TRap, Kakegurui
There are still a number of anime that have not specified the number of episodes they will have like Aho Girl, Isekai Shokudou, Isekai Smartphone, and You-zitsu. I still believe that all of these will end this season though.

Yeah. I have 140 episodes left. :P
The first 3 arcs will serve as a recollection of my thoughts about the anime when I first watched the original version centuries ago.
I somehow regretted that I didn't finish the original version as I still prefer the slow pace of that and I also like the animation style better than 2011's.
Well, since the 2011 version had more content than the original one, I have no choice but to choose the newer one.
I actually wanted to watch those 12-episode anime that I recently added but decided not to for now as I still have a tall mountain to climb. Those little ones can wait. The big ones are my top priority for now.
I believe I can finish Hunter x Hunter before the year ends without increasing the pace that I originally have.

I see. Sakurada Reset actually stayed at 5 to me for a very long time and then I just realized that I really don't like it. I don't hate it but I really don't like it. Giving it an enjoyment score of 3 made the score drop to a 5. XD
I am still amazed of those people who truly understands the anime though but I am not envious of them at all.
You are right. It feels actually good if you have both anime to love and to hate (or dislike). It balanced out your point of view.
It felt good when you finally free from the burden called Sakurada Reset. :P
Oh... I almost forgot. They still shamelessly do that KITKAT SELLOUT which infuriates me at the start of the episode. (^^^)

I don't really hate Hajimete no Gal but it's still a low-tier anime for me. I still enjoyed a number of its scenes and sometimes laughed too.
It could've been a 6 for me if the animation was a little bit decent. The anime has the worst animation I've watched for this season that even Skirt looked good when compared to it.
It seems that our scores are reversed for Hajimete no Gal and Sakurada Reset... but we do both agree that those are not really good anime to our perspective.

Well, with Hajimete no Gal and Sakurada Reset gone, I don't think the rest will get a score of 5 or less from me anymore as I like all of the remaining ones.

Yeah. Sakurada Reset at 7.09 after being underneath the 7.00 margin for a long long time. I guess people liked how it ended?
footmaster Sep 13, 5:20 PM
Hi there! It's been a while. How are you doing this past few weeks?

Yes, I have recently completed FMA Brotherhood and it was worthwhile. Have put it in my favorites "temporarily" as I have not yet thought of a 10th anime as my official favorite.
Now, I have a tougher task to take and that's Hunter x Hunter (2011) which has 148 episodes. OMG! With my current pace, I think I can finish the anime before the year ends... I hope so.

Dude. I have yet to watch Sakurada Reset. XD
But I will be watching it later and I can finally give it a "good" score. :P
I see that you finally finished it and scored it a 5. Was actually expecting you to score lower than that though. Maybe the last episode was OK I guess?
Also, Hajimete no Gal will be ending today too so I will have 2 "good" scores entered for today.
But yeah, after this day... all the half year worth of suffering will finally END!... and I hope I won't bump into something like this ever again.
Well, this experience is still bearable than the 1-year torture that I felt from Sousei no Omnyouji.

winddevil1 Sep 13, 1:06 PM
i was gonna say unhappy, but remembered AnneHappy sounds the same, might as well =D

my progress is going great, watching like 1/2 episodes per day LOL maybe i'll do good watching each anime after they end,
i had fun watching all 3 episodes of touken ranbu in a row and i wish i waited for 1/2 more episodes, last ep ending is killing me,
and i bet next week will be the same since it ends in 2 weeks... <.<

i guess i should watch the sakurada reset episodes that i'm missing tomorrow then =D (oh actually i only need 2 episodes to finish it, easy LOL)

yep it's fun complementing people that have 0 affinity with me =D specially someone who gives 1s to every anime i love =D
(can't even compliment someone for being cute on MAL since i don't know what they look like)
dunkan85 Sep 13, 12:53 PM
It's done! It's over! Miraculously, it somehow managed to find a way to get even WORSE with the last ep, but it's finally over! WOOO!
That said, this was definitely the best Wednesday in half a year... getting rid of SR AND Hajimete no Gal in one day?? Sure, fine by me =w=.
BTW, I had to watch 3 Episodes of SR and 1 of Hajimete no Gal on the same day... and I REALLY can't recommend doing that. One more and I probably would've said 'fk this. I choose death.' x.x
O wait, now I'm running out of anime to hate... I might actually have to ENJOY myself for the next few weeks... what blasphemy is this?? O.o :p
Also, of those 3 garbage-fires, Re:creators is probably the least terrible one. Sure, the characters are all awful, the 'action' is sleep-inducing and it had arguably the most insulting recap episode I've ever seen... but it at least had a nice idea for its setting, unlike these other two... things, lol.
winddevil1 Sep 12, 4:05 AM
nope, be AnneHappy (i didnt really watch it tho lol)

i wonder if anyone ever reads my comments even if i post them early =D
lols you're a relative to the grumpy cat? =D

lol you never use speed modifiers anyway =D
but for sakurada reset i always payed attention to it cause i was totally expecting to enjoy the 2nd half, since i thought the show had a lot of possibilities, 100x more than i think of youkai apartment now LOL kinda like i'm expecting to at least enjoy shoukoku no altair (since it looks cool and has a nice story) , unlike other stuff like (again) youkai apartment =D

well, about the hair, 1st you can't see my hair ;) but ya, i probably wouldn't think anything...
about the favorite list, even if your list is different from mine, i can still go and check the anime in common and see if you rated most of my 10s with high or low score,
cause i would never like a favorite list from other people if it only had stuff in it that i rated below 6 or stuff i never heard about... LOL
dunkan85 Sep 12, 1:14 AM
O shit, you're right, there's only one more episode before it ends. I thought'd it'd end next week... can't say I'm sad that I was wrong :p
I'm this behind on SR because, well... I'm lazy as hell, LOL, and only clean my room every 1.5 to 2 weeks, so I've just naturally fallen behind on the series (I find it nigh impossible to watch this show without something to do, so there's that ._-)...
Also, CMON internet. That video was PERFECT for an 'Ora Ora Ora' insert! Internet, I am disappoint. :P