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Ryuuou no Oshigoto!
Ryuuou no Oshigoto!
Feb 19, 8:31 PM
Watching 7/12 · Scored -
Basilisk: Ouka Ninpouchou
Basilisk: Ouka Ninpouchou
Feb 19, 8:31 PM
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Slow Start
Slow Start
Feb 19, 8:31 PM
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Feb 4, 3:07 PM
On-Hold 2/14 · Scored 8
Masamune-kun no Revenge
Masamune-kun no Revenge
Jan 7, 9:05 PM
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Shoukoku no Altair
Shoukoku no Altair
Jan 7, 9:04 PM
Reading 101/? · Scored 8


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AobaSuzukaze Yesterday, 6:37 PM
Good thing I could tell your favorite seasonal list is a troll. I knew it was lie. No way would shows you've barely or never talked about be there. You don't need to respond to the other messages yet, but feel free to respond to this for whatever reason. I don't have a good reason tot ell you, but the list is a good source of laughter, if you were going for that.

I know you're on so you cannot hide from me. I'll find you!
Bajar Yesterday, 4:27 PM
Yes i love Akira she is so beautiful and she has a pure love. She's a great character she has regrets and stuff too like related to running which adds depth to her character.
Bajar Yesterday, 4:13 PM
Wow I failed you. You probably use that list to find out who's your real friend and who's a faker >_<

Well I did say the list was weird. But idk maybe u started watching VE and Pop Team Epic and started liking them? Wait does this list being a troll mean that you dont like Akira from Koi? OK you are now my enemy *raises fists*

What is your avatar anyway? Is that Umaru? Is that a troll too?
AobaSuzukaze Yesterday, 3:52 PM
Ok. I'd prefer to finish the discussion tonight, but I cannot force you to type out your thoughts faster, nor can I make you think about it, now, when you may be calming down. Anyway, it's not like it's an issue that preventing me from focusing while I'm studying, but I hope you're not just trying to avoid saying something again. Hear from you later/tomorrow.
winddevil1 Yesterday, 2:39 PM
wow episode 7 was quite the emotional episode lol

i actually loved the episode, and yes, while the confession was a little forced (or not) ... everything in that episode was pretty nice =D

your post tho, you need to see the doctor, all that hate is not normal haha then again Totoro-chan is your bae, so ofc you are like her LOL

yes rip red Ai, you're just a warmup and like all us mere mortals, you should bow to the queen ... Zero-Two <3 (NIPPAAAAA)
dunkan85 Yesterday, 1:40 PM
(Reply to this message)
4. Feb said:
funny how i like gakuen babysitters not for the kids but for every

Yeah, Gakuen Babysitters has some really good Characters, lol. Granted, not all of them are as amazing as, say, Kamitani or Kirin, but even the side-side characters are interesting enough to care about :D.
As you might remember, I quite liked Fukumenkei Noise, so you won't get my agreement there. xD.

Well. There's the thing. 'relaxing' and 'boring' are REALLY close together, lol. What one person finds to be relaxing, another might consider a sleeping-aid. As for me, I quite enjoy the 'nothing serious ever happens' atmosphere in anime like Slow Start or Yuru Camp △. Not to mention that I really, really like all of the characters, most of all obviously Kanna Kamuri. Actually, talking about that... I looked into it a bit and it seems like it's actually a coincidence that Kamuri is basically the same character as Kanna, LOL. Slow Start began serialization merely one month after Maid Dragon, so there's no way in hell that the mangaka managed to do that on purpose. That's a fking amazing coincidence though, lol.
*ahem* Where was I?? O right. In contrast to that, Takunomi. doesn't interest me at all... because for one, I have literally ZERO interest in alcohol. The only two instances in the last 3-fking-years in which I consumed anything alcoholic were half a glass of sparkling wine on New Year's and a small glass to celebrate a friend's 18th birthday. So needless to say, a show that focuses around that is gonna have an impossible task trying to get my approval, lol. And secondly, it came after Osake wa Fuufu... and Osake wa Fuufu was fking adorable and basically found a way to still make me give a shit, despite alcohol. Takunomi. meanwhile only has... more alcohol. Yippie. Not to mention that I'm just about sure that most of the girls in that anime should've been in the hospital for alcohol-poisoning AT LEAST once by this point, LOL.

Actually... I don't think I brought up JoJo that time. Not because I COULDN'T, because believe me, I can find a way to shoehorn JoJo into any conversation, but rather because I've been trying to get him to watch it for over half a year now, lol, so I have to refrain from spoiling anything xD.
'unintended brainwashing' Uh... yeah, sure. Unintentional. You got it. *cough*
'i hope i get brainwashed into liking it' ... ... ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9RAbYECBpVA
Wait... you're telling me that there's someone for whom Bill Gates ISN'T god?? BLASPHEMY!

Y'know, Hundred was just an odd fking case. AT THE TIME, I called it the most generic anime possible (I know, that seems hilariously quaint in a post Isekai Smartphone and Death March world, but AT THE TIME, it was fairly accurate, lol.) and then suddenly, it fking silenced me and everyone that was still forcing themselves through it with that last episode. Simply said, yes, it WAS because, for I believe the 3rd-fking-time in Harem history, it managed to actually get a satisfying pairing going at the end... and even with what I would say was the only half-way decently written character in the entire anime, lol. GRANTED, she was the most poorly concealed trap I've ever fking seen (seriously, I don't know a single person who didn't IMMEDIATELY know that she was a girl from the first second on.), but despite that and basically being a Poor Man's Version of Subaru from Mayo Chiki, she was a decent character.
Even after 2 years, I still have no fking clue whether I like or hate Hundred, all things considered, lol.
AobaSuzukaze Yesterday, 1:31 PM
I will get my reaction pictures ready later. I'm in the mood for it, right now, but they will come, even though I'm sure you saw most of them, at some point.

I just want to ask something, though, related to the other stuff we're talking about. Now that we've both given our side basically 2 times, already, do you finally feel like it's not irritating you to no end, anymore? I don't know how irritating it felt, but this has been the second time you let it out, probably in a little more detail than the first time, for each topic. I know this isn't something I should be worrying about the day before I have two tests, but I don't want it continuing and eventually becoming worse. It seems like our messages have been very back and fourth lately between someone being irritated and having non-argument messages. I'm still thinking that something else is going on besides just getting mad at what's said here. I cannot force you to share real life problems, though, if my assumption is at all correct, though, but I'm here if you need someone to talk to about something. I know I said it before, but I just don't think what's said here is the sole issue.
Bajar Yesterday, 1:04 PM
Ryuuou Oshigoto and Pop Team Epic is in your Top 5 for this season? wow that's surprising. I'm an ep behind on Ryuuou but I liked when the lolis were stepping on him!
AobaSuzukaze Yesterday, 7:33 AM
Sorry. I did like them more. I looked at my notifications around when I got into work, so I wasn't ready to respond better yet. That's why I'm going to find a nice reaction shot/gif later if not more than one.

I'll just respond, now. I want to send to pictures in return; it's not because I feel a debt.

I guess I could watch Takunomi, although I passed it up because it didn't sound like something I'd like, in my opinion. "I don't know that I'll start it, until after my second test tomorrow, though. "

Personally, I don't see them as a waste. No, you're not expecting much from a 30 second anime, but you're not generally looking for them either. If you come across one and decide to watch it, I'd say add, score, and at least show that even that 30 seconds may have been a waste of your time. I'm not someone who's going to hide something I've seen, no matter how short or stupid it is. The same thing with ads. Every once in a while you may find one and watch it. They're not things you go out of your way to look for, but you may still see them. I think I watched two. One for some show that looked it could be ok, but it never got a full series, and one for the wi u and 3ds smash that I found last night, which wasn't bad, but I think they could've showed off the game better, especially since smash brothers is a big franchise. If you're looking for ads, specifically, that's a problem, but coming across a few, I don't see as a bad thing. Same thing with picture dramas. Most of them not being good, doesn't mean every one isn't god. There can be an exception. Anyway, those were watched just to complete all the code geass entries, at the time. They ended up being required for a challenge later too, so at least I already saw them before I was doing the challenge.

It may your personal organism, but I feel like you're not going to lie about something stupid and crappy entering the organism. Fast food and junk food may not be good for you, but if you like it, I doubt you'd lie about eating it. Personally, I don't see it like I'm trying to consume a bunch of junk. I'd watch more serious I expect to hate, in that case. Plus, my mean score is still positive. I'm not someone with under a 5 that rates almost everything 4 and lower, not that I don't rate lower. I don't think you not finding it pleasant is saying much at all. A little offense, but you do just complain like this, when someone doesn't follow some of your standards, so you not liking it alone isn't saying much. Your opinion is certainly valid, but it's not the only one.

Do I really have to say this again? I'm more proud that I skipped parts of those shows than I would if I watched every bit. I'd respect every person who watched them more, if they did the same. If they weren't very dumb and very skippable, I wouldn't have done it. I wouldn't fast forward or skip through something like Parasyte, but champloo, Lain, One Punch man, are a completely different story, since you can skip a lot of content and still know what's happening. For me, I'm not really lying to myself because I consider seeing the beginning and end to be enough, when the middle content is just pointless. I don't care what most people think while looking at my list, so they can consider it whatever they want, and it's not to going to make me less proud that wasted less of my time on those shows. I doubt I'll care alter. I'd rather add anything I watch to the list than selectively not add not entries, for what I consider dumb reasons. Not adding Pokemon to my list when I know I've never seen a lot of episodes in order, or when I don't remember the series that I did the episodes orderly, is a good reason to me. Same thing applies to Yugioh Gx, but not adding something because of its length is just dumb to me. If it's not to you, than don't add it, but that's not me. Anyway, I'm not trying to anger you,and I feel like I've said basically all this a few months ago, and the same goes for you; I don't think we're going anywhere; fyi, defending your side doesn't mean you're doing it to make someone angry (Ik you're generally joking, though, when you say most of my responses are to try and anger you).

Honestly, I thought we were done with all these issues, but you brought up again. I guess something triggered it, or because I'm not following your way concerning them, it continued to bug you and you ignored it for a while, as you said.

That last part can be taken the wrong way easily. I knew what I meant, but still.
AobaSuzukaze Yesterday, 6:51 AM
Very nice. I love these.

I'm assuming everything ok, than. Now, I owe two people pictures in return! :). What currently airing show would you like the pictures to be from?

Reaction shot coming later.
winddevil1 Yesterday, 4:18 AM
hurdle of the week = slow start =p

ofc you don't like her, she was in my top 10 of the year, so for you she must be a big hate =D

at least you know 02 is the queen, i award you with a hot soup to the face (thig gif hurts my heart lol)

oops i meant, a medal and a sticker

oh come on lmao even in episode 1 it was mentioned <.<

i know you love Satanichia but you don't need to use the same picture 2 times :v
dunkan85 Yesterday, 2:35 AM
... If the big plot-twist is that, after railing on me for putting Overlord in spot 20, you yourself ALSO put it there, then by god, I'll be so fking done with everything, LOL.

Aye-o, saw it. Haven't seen TM 8.0 myself yet (though I could've sworn it was on my PTW-list for a long time, but I guess not O.o), but heyho. Good for 'im, sounds like he found his TgK :D.

... It was difficult trying to decipher what that man was saying through his beyond broken English, so I sincerely HOPE I'm wrong about this. Did that moron seriously deny the holocaust on the basis that 'there's no way Nazi's could've killed 6 million Jews' AND on top of that managed to put the fault with the Jews?? Holy fking shit. That's... an almost impressive level of blind, retarded racism O.o. Not even Donald Dump has managed to be stupid and racist enough to say that the Holocaust never happened yet. Granted, there's a very real chance that that idiot doesn't even know what the Holocaust is/was, but still.
Really, firing him and distancing themselves from that garbage he said is the only actually correct choice... because let's play with the thought that they DIDN'T fire him for a second. For one, the studio could've kissed its reputation goodbye. No-one would ever want to give them work (rightfully so), because no one (equally rightfully) would (or at least SHOULD) be proud to say 'hey, let's let our anime be made by that studio that knowingly defended a stupid racist', lol. And secondly, even IF they managed to get someone to give them something to make after that, I don't think the employee-moral would be very high. Because I don't know about you, but if I knew that my boss was a nationalistic, holocaust-denying racist, I would NOT be able to take any pride in my work and would probably look for the first opportunity to quit there, lol. So yeah, both from an ethical and business-focused standpoint, I can only say that Signal MD made the only really acceptable decision there.
But hey, maybe the idiot could find work again at some point. Once someone green-lights a 3rd season of GATE, his opinions would fit right in again >.>.

I like how you manage to keep finding profiles of people where after looking around for like 5 seconds, I already know that I don't ever want anything to do with them, LOL.

In other news, the Hajimete no Gal OVA got subs fina--- uh... finally. And what a surprise, no one could've seen this coming! :^)

Edit: Also, wait. Huh?? I fking KNOW you changed your profile picture while I was asleep... but somehow, it just turned back to how it was before. How did you do that O.O
Edited Edit: Nvm, it's back to the new one now. What the shit is going on with your profile?? LOL
UsagiOtaku Feb 19, 9:28 PM
Man, I wasn't ready for a reply today lol. I feel very loved. I should've gone to bed a few hours ago, so I'm gonna reply later.
Imouto is satisfied though. Good job :)
UsagiOtaku Feb 19, 8:44 PM
"read that, maybe you'll like it":
It makes me tempted to watch Slow Start, but it's still not enough to bring me in. I have seen people talking about that episode in a yuri Discord server that I'm always checking up on. I thought it was pretty interesting.

I'm doing fine. I'll remember to search those if I'm feeling bad tho.

I take every opportunity possible to allow you to see my witty remarks as your imouto.

"Hotaru is from dagashi kashi come on.": Wow. Hmph, what's that supposed to mean? I feel like you're trying to say something mean about the anime that Hotaru is from lol. I'm guessing that you don't know Haru and Eruna. I already introduced Eruna to you, so this time I'll show you a little bit about Haru. Yeah, you know exactly where I'm coming from with my characters. It's great that it's able to reveal something about me. I didn't even notice that connection between each of my characters. It just comes to show how genuine my interest in hard-working characters is. That's pretty interesting. I'm still getting to know which characters you're interested in, so it's going to take me a while before I'm able to immediately pinpoint which characters you'd fall in love with. If I'm determined enough I'm sure that'd I'd be able to suck you into watching a non-seasonal too. Hmmm, I'll find something eventually. Why did I know exactly who you were talking about when you said "that girl in ramen koizuki :D" lol. Ouch, I'm hurt for some reason. Ai is special to me, I'm just saying that if she'd fall under a category it'd be that one. Each of my favorite characters has a charm that separates them from the rest. That was just me making an effort to find something that each of my characters has in common. It's not like I'm automatically attracted to a character that falls under an archetype. It makes me feel bad to be the first person to categorize characters like they're items or something lol. I need to make sure that I read what I type so you don't get triggered. There are some good tsunderes. I've completely given up on our tsundere fight thingy. You win.

Good, I thought that I'd have to make a list of a whole bunch of characters XD. So we're just gonna do recent characters? If I find someone that I like from the season, I'll be sure to voice my love for them. Right now my attraction is set on Nadeshiko from Yuru Camp. I still want to share some other characters, so you'll still be seeing other characters for a while. I can't wait to run across something that you like then lol. I really don't mind the nagging when it comes to you telling me to savor the episodes and stuff like that.

Gasp! Wouldn't you want to share your characters with other people? ;-;
Hmmmmmm!! I feel like someone is very unsatisfied with what I've named our character exchange thing lol. YOU can name it then. Okay, I'll try to participate.

I can't believe you lost all hope in me. Cry, cry. "Moving on" lol.
"Considering that your favorite mangas are mostly yuris, i'd say, not a chance for adaptation of all of them hah." Fight me.

Yeah, that's why I'm going to finish Kaijuu Girls all in one go. I'm actually only watching it because the first season felt really unfinished. I'm not really interested in it. I feel bad for giving it a 5, but I know that's how it's going to turn out because it's hard for it to leave an impression when it only has 3 minutes to strut its power. It basically just consists of girls changing into superheroes and saving their world from evil.
"...cause its a reminder that you need to stop watching this anime and go fullfill your dreams": You're so mushy. It's sweet though. I grant you with the nickname "Bucket Full Of Emotions". You're welcome <3
I might feel the same way when I finally decide to watch Imouto.

You make the pranking seem deadly lol. I think it's a really cute romance.

I'm actually pretty happy that you praised me. I deserve more.
What's so crazy about re-reading Gamers? lol It doesn't sound too bad to me >,<
So much happiness! Thanks for the Netjuu ending!!

Btw, what's up with the profile change? I liked the way it was coming along.
I miss your obsession with Wake Up Girls ;-;

winddevil1 Feb 19, 2:49 PM
wtf is that link lmfao

Hikari =D do you even like her? lol

i wonder who even commented on my profile lol
"the one with the sharper nails win, that's killing nails!"