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Days: 98.3
Mean Score: 7.07
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Rokka no Yuusha
Rokka no Yuusha
8 hours ago
Completed 12/12 · Scored 10
Hisone to Maso-tan
Hisone to Maso-tan
May 20, 12:42 PM
Dropped 6/? · Scored -
Dorei-ku The Animation
Dorei-ku The Animation
May 20, 12:42 PM
Watching 6/? · Scored 8
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Days: 23.9
Mean Score: 8.25
  • Total Entries79
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  • Chapters4,298
  • Volumes215
Manga History Last Manga Updates
Apr 30, 8:58 PM
Reading 108/? · Scored 10
Apr 29, 8:03 PM
Completed 204/204 · Scored -
Koi to Uso
Koi to Uso
Apr 24, 7:54 PM
Reading 161/? · Scored 8


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dasprn 8 hours ago
Come on dude you gotta keep up
dasprn 9 hours ago
Good luck on hanging there XD
dasprn 9 hours ago
Well try reading with the songs from Fuuka on the background and it really hits off well. I do it all the time to create the mood.
dasprn 10 hours ago
Started yesterday until I finished it XD
dasprn 10 hours ago
Yep sorry I just put it there recently. I just came to love the music and the plot altogether.
winddevil1 Yesterday, 2:26 PM
lol you're actually making me not want to even check it , smiley face :)
winddevil1 Yesterday, 1:52 PM
i'm already giving it a chance, now it's up to it to be good enough lol
the last isekais (except the food ones) all got me kinda bored but...i have no idea :v
winddevil1 Yesterday, 12:35 PM
i meant the other ramen, the one you love but don't finish LOL there are assassins and shit :v
winddevil1 Yesterday, 12:02 PM
i watched the video after the comments mentioned him, i only recently checked his videos and he is kind of fun to watch sometimes lol

oh...so if i delete you, will you delete all my 400+ comments? :v

i wonder if this one could be as fun to watch as ramen - https://myanimelist.net/anime/36649/Banana_Fish
winddevil1 Yesterday, 11:15 AM
LOL most people watching that video came from his video, but i'll pretend you were not one of them :v

so where is ta07 answer? :v
winddevil1 Yesterday, 10:52 AM
his answer was "i already sent a reply to his profile" ... even if i can't find it :v

why are you watching pewdiepie? wtf are you doing with your life? :v
winddevil1 Yesterday, 7:01 AM
my god, "M-san" is so lame that i wanna quit the anime cause of him... geez LOL
too bad Llenn and the other cute 6 girls will probably make me finish it :v
dunkan85 May 20, 7:26 PM
Well, to be fair, Stark is a man with a lot on his plate, so I wouldn't blame him for not noticing something like... that. Hell, I watch/read considerably less than him at the same time and still sometimes completely overlook obvious shit because I'm too busy having a brain hemorrhage, lol. And seeing as how Basilisk (yes, it took me a fking second to figure that out, thanks for noticing :v) apparently isn't exactly the new coming of Christ, I feel like throwing insults at him over it is a bit much :v (unless 2nd guy's comment was just bad banter, in which case I shall shut my mouth xD)

Here's the thing: like with the other favorites-lists, I have a rule of only having one entry per franchise, which is why I've never included Dekomori into my top-10. Now, obviously this kinda looks like I'm talking out of my arse, given that all THREE lists in which it's possible have 'duplicates'... But with the exception of Chuunibyou (which...cmon, lol), I DID try to keep to that. But first Araki's legendary story-telling made me break that rule for Part 7... and with the last few arcs so far, Umino Chika's fking masterful characters made it impossible for me NOT to include 3 of them at once. Hell, for like 5 seconds I even seriously toyed with the idea of putting Nikaidou in spot 2, which should more than tell you what caliber we're moving on here. As for Rei and Hina... I very much don't want to say anything even remotely connected to spoilers, so I can't tell you why this happened... but basically, if Araki managed to be displayed in the fking Louvre, then Umino Chika's works should be the officially recognized guidebooks for any- and everyone planning to write a character-driven story across the damn world.
Also, you better fking believe that Nico is staying in my top-10 come hell or high water. I'll sooner say something positive about the characters in MSS than willingly remove him from my list. This guy's in my list for good :v.
And why didn't you tell me about this? Now I have to catch up with like 200 episodes of that anime. And knowing my luck, it'll all be for him to say one fking sentence again, like in IDOLM@STER :v
winddevil1 May 20, 4:39 PM
ya it seems she doesn't appear much, already got spoiled on steins gate stuff just because of your dumb cpr link, thanks a lot lol

"stark got rekt"
not only i have no fucking idea what they are talking about, but more than half the time stark says random stuff that doesn't happen, because he watches it on stream, which means that he not only doesn't understand some of the stuff they say, but he also can't go back and rewatch the scene lol

why would you want to know anything about that girl? fucking lolicon lmao
not that you can just right click and search google for image

wtf does the op/ed has to do with the "no ty"? ...

Ayaka is not the same as Aika... i saw Ayaka on the characters list but i didn't find Aika LOL

except Arifureta probably isn't about people dying/reviving 100 times in 24 episodes LOL

i didn't watch Franxx or Re:zero because of the waifu wars... i watched Re:zero because on the 3rd week i saw Emilia picture on facebook and thought i had to watch it just to see if i would like her, since she was super pretty lol and while i like Ichigo, i watch franxx mostly for 02 lol

i watched the preview you sent to someone, i think Ayumu, about the girl screaming tasukete :v
all i read is that the mc only focus on one girl, so it won't exactly be an harem lol
dasprn May 20, 1:31 PM