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Blank_X Jan 15, 4:54 AM
Yup, it sure has been a while. Lol, that scene was great. Did you get the context as to why Touma was in hospital and what Misaki was doing there? How far have you read?

Yeah, I heard about Mental Out spin off. Kamachi sure is trying super hard to make her a main character in the series, lmao. She has basically become one of the main female leads in the main series and now is getting her own spin off. I wonder about the timeline of the spin off too. It'd be great if it will pick up where Astral Buddy left off but if it doesn't, it will just make the timeline even more compact. Tbh, I also want Kumokawa Seria to be a part of that spin off. She is similar to Misaki in various ways and they're kinda like rivals.

Gunha is a really good character. It's a sad thing about Kamachi that he introduces way too many interesting characters in the story but doesn't write much about them. Well, the series is nowhere near end, I hope we see Touma-Gunha combi once again. Their fight against Mikoto in Railgun was super good.
Blank_X Oct 25, 2020 5:53 AM
Touma and Misaki's interactions are enjoyable to read but a bit painful as well especially if you're a Misaki fan. I just want him to call her by her name atleast once. He always forgets about her and she has to introduce herself every single time. She once told Index that she's envious of her because Index held a position that might have been hers if things hadn't gone wrong.
Yes, she bit his chest. Touma was in hospital as always, she visited him wearing a nurse uniform but Aogami was also in the same room so Touma hid her under her bedsheet. And our horny queen didn't let that chance slip by xD.

Kuroko is on GT3 cover, the last time she was on cover was OT8, so I'm really looking forward to this one. Kamachi said in the afterword of GT2 that one flaw of using Misaki in the story a lot is that it doesn't leave Kuroko any room to appear and he has to find some way to let them coexist.

I find Meltdowner's power the least interesting out of all the 7 Level 5s. I remember someone telling her that she has a model like figure but I don't know whether she was actually one or not. But Dark Matter is really interesting especially after what happened in NT. Yeah, Yumiya vs Frenda was really good. It is one of my favourite fights in Toaru anime.

The name of the short story written by Ryogo is "Toaru Jihanki no Fanfare". You'll find it on Baka-tsuki. And you'll read more about Gunha in Index SS2. You can read it even now. It doesn't have any connection with the current timeline of the story. It just introduces many important characters in the story like Kumokawa Seria, Ollerus, Misaka Tabigake (Mikoto's Dad), who travels around the world to find its flaws and correct them.

Tsuchimikado is such a great character. It's unfortunate that he gets overshadowed by other important characters. And it's also unfortunate that we don't get much of him in NT. He appeared in only 1 or 2 volumes at most.

Index presence is even more forced in NT. You'll find her in only 6 or 7 volumes. I don't know why she is written like this despite being the most knowledgeable person in the magic world. And now I can't imagine her being useful even in GT.

Touma isn't the kind of character who'd worry about things like revenge. Maybe that's why he didn't use those ideas in Index.
Junko is cute. Index is cute in "Nichijou" manga. I can't call her cute in the LN lol.
Blank_X Oct 20, 2020 10:33 AM
Oh, is that so? I haven't heard anything about Dark Matter. It'd be great if we get a proper manga series of it. Yeah, we need a Mental Out spinoff, Kamachi said in the afterword of NT11 that she is kinda difficult to use because of the psychological battles and all, but he pulled it off anyway lol.
I think using Meltdowner and Dark Matter in a single spinoff might be possible. I mean, they both work in the dark side of Academy City and we know almost nothing about their past and personal lives.
Gunha is great xD. I really love the short story written by Narita Ryogo. Have you read it? He introduced a new character (which is pretty unusual since he is not the original author of the series) but the best part of that is Railgun vs Guts! It's great!

Yeah, you can read NT11 out of order only if you skip some parts of epilogue. The epilogue is a direct continuation of the previous arc which is a really major arc of NT so it will spoil you for sure. Let me know when you're about to read it, I'll tell you what to skip in the epilogue.

I really want Junko to see how her Queen behaves whenever she is with Touma xD. She flirts way too much with Touma lmao. Since you're okay with spoilers let me share some of the dialogues with you, of course I won't mention who said what but it's obvious once you read it xD.

Yeah, Angel Fall is good. I didn't notice how strong Kanzaki was until this volume. It was really engaging. But the first Toaru arc that really kept me engaged was Academy City Invasion arc (OT13). Man, the experience was really thrilling. I started that volume before going to bed but it was so interesting that I couldn't sleep and finished it in a single sitting lol.
Index in novels is not as annoying as she is in the anime but she is a useless character imo. And the irony is that, she is not even listed as the main character in NT, even though the name of the series is "Index".

Oh, you like writing? That's great. I can't write anything lol. Even though I have some ideas, I can't put them into words.
I want to read Heavy Object but I'm not into mecha, so I'm a bit reluctant. The only mecha LN I'm reading is 86 and it's super good.
I can't say about Heavy Object but he might have used some of those ideas in Apocalypse Witch. It is a revenge story and he said in the afterword that he occasionally gets the urge to write a revenge story. Index and this have many similarities though, like Apocalypse Witch is also a mixture of magic and science, the MC too has a unique and unexplainable power and also has a silver haired girl who sticks with him 24x7.
I don't know about Mental Stinger being a discarded concept for Queen but if it's true, it's really interesting because this is what actually happened in the story. You'll read more about her in Biohacker.

Intellectual Village is a good read. Do give it a try. It's supernatural, mystery.
Blank_X Oct 16, 2020 2:53 AM
Ah, no worries.
Yes, I like Accelerator spin-off the least. If I have to rank the spin-offs, it'd be Railgun>Astral Buddy>Dark Matter>Accelerator. Idol is in a league of its own xD. The only thing I don't like about Dark Matter is that it's too short, only 4 chapters. You're on OT4 right? It'll be a while until you reach the Mental Out then, and don't read Biohacker before NT11, you'll ruin your experience xD. Even though Biohacker is a direct prequel of NT11, you're supposed to read it after NT11. And lol, you're okay with spoilers? And here I can do anything to avoid spoilers.
Tbh, I was expecting Junko to be a strict character, someone who can rein Misaki the Queen in. But her character turned out to be completely opposite and I surprisingly really like that. You can expect her to appear once in a while in Index now that Misaki has become an important character even in the main series.

Lol, Kamachi is an android. The facts that you said were mentioned in a book written by the editor of Index. He takes a break from writing by writing something else xD. That's why he has story for everything. But even though he is like this, not all of his works are as interesting as Index imo. Other than Toaru, I've read two of his works. One of them is "Zashiki Warashi of the Intellectual Village" which I really like. It is really different from his other works. But there's an ongoing series called "Apocalypse Witch" which is like a downgraded version of Index. It's different from Index yet similar in many ways. It's like something he has written while experimenting something and published it as it is.

Yes, the response was pretty bad. The director even received threats from the fans of Index after Index III, which is imo a deplorable thing to do, but this might cause JC Staff to do the needful and make Index even better than Railgun. Before the redesign I want them to rewrite Touma's character lol. He looks like a generic anime protagonist. He is so much better in the LN but in anime he is like a stubborn and ally of justice kinda character.
Blank_X Oct 12, 2020 2:19 AM
Exactly! Battle Royal and WW3 were really good. In fact, these two and British Royal Family arc were the main reason why I started LN. Lol, I still remember how confused I was while watching those episodes. I was trying to enjoy the show but didn't know why they were fighting, why coup d'etat and WW3 happened. Yes I agree, anime original arcs in Railgun are boring.

I'm reading Accelerator now, I'd been waiting for it to end. I finished idol manga a week ago, and to be honest I enjoyed it even more than Accelerator xD. Yes! I too fell in love with Shokuhou after reading Mental Out Arc in NT11, you must've heard of it. NT11, Astral Buddy and Biohacker SS are interrelated. And just like you said, all these stories are written by the same guy, but the best thing about that is, he was only 16 when Index OT1 came out and later completed OT2 in just 17 days and said he had plots completed up to volume 9 lmao.

Well the staff responsible for Index is different from that of Railgun, and it was the producer of Index III who decided to cram 9 volumes into a single season. And the director is also infamous for not listening to advice of author and other team members. I hope any new adaptation does not suffer the same fate as Index III.
Blank_X Oct 11, 2020 2:55 AM
Continuing our conversation from the Railgun thread, if you don't mind. I don't want that thread to get flooded with posts unrelated to the topic.
Railgun T is a perfect adaptation of Toaru series. I can see why people are getting into this franchise after watching Railgun T. I got into this series after watching Index III. I was really interested in the worldbuilding in Toaruverse but Index III was so bad and a train wreck as you said that I didn't get a thing. Now I'm waiting for GT3 which is coming out next month.
RebelPanda Jan 11, 2019 9:20 PM
Thank you for the friend request, I'm so glad to hear you connected with my review of Bloom Into You.