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Anime Stats
Days: 57.4
Mean Score: 7.50
  • Total Entries363
  • Rewatched0
  • Episodes3,703
Anime History Last Anime Updates
Isekai Cheat Magician
Isekai Cheat Magician
8 hours ago
Watching 7/12 · Scored 7
11 hours ago
Watching 6/25 · Scored -
Enen no Shouboutai
Enen no Shouboutai
Yesterday, 1:45 PM
Watching 7/24 · Scored 7
Manga Stats
Days: 2.2
Mean Score: 9.00
  • Total Entries2
  • Reread0
  • Chapters216
  • Volumes43
Manga History Last Manga Updates
Fruits Basket
Fruits Basket
Jul 7, 6:52 AM
Completed 136/136 · Scored 9
Jul 7, 6:52 AM
Completed 80/80 · Scored 9


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winniethewho Yesterday, 12:49 AM
Oof, I hope you had insect repellent with you ;;;

I would love to see a new Tokyo ghoul one day, something that isn't as messy as the first one. Seeing as how a lot of the viewers of Tokyo ghoul :re found it disappointing, I bet the author must've felt pretty upset about it, though he did mention how he was thankful to the staff for working on the anime, as he should be.

Hahaha, my tags are full of nonsense, but im glad you enjoy them!

Its okay! I've been a little busy too what with school starting again ;; I watch as much as I can afford to in my free time haha, so far I enjoy Black Mirror and The Office on Netflix, and I'm into Marvel movies too. When it comes to anime I prefer those with episodes too! But I like to watch them as they're airing, weekly, cause if not I can't resist the urge to binge watch lol, I just finished bingewatching all three seasons of Boku no hero academia and mannn have I lost sleep.
TheBlockernator Aug 19, 5:48 PM
Well, i honestly don't mind waiting a few months for a series to finish. Unless it's something that, like REALLY sticks out to me. Then i'll put it at the top of my list and leave it their until it's finished. Otherwise, it just goes into the bottomless pit known as my "To Watch" list.

But really, i don't have a tv provider. No Dish or Directv or anything. Just a Roku Stick. So i mostly watch anime in my free time. Some other YouTube videos, but i just don't really care for actual tv. So i do have enough free time to watch stuff.

My Plan to watch list? It's kind of a funny story. A bad habit i picked up in my early days was only submitting finished stuff to Mal. The only exception was Yu-Gi-Oh. I never really thought much about adding it to Mal. Just something i never considered. I just saved everything on a word document. The document had increased so much in word, that it took so long to start up because of the file size. Now, at the time, i used Kissanime to watch (I know, it's illegal but i don't use it anymore) and just logged everything on the document to that site, because it had a decent library and a good bookmark system. It took over 3 months to transfer the stuff from that document. By the time i finished, it had nearly 3000 shows. And i'm way too lazy to move all that stuff over again. Lol.

But yeah, i use a combination of that site (Just the bookmarks, i don't actually watch anything on it.) and Crunchyroll's queue. Crunchyroll is my main hub for anime.

Anyway, 7/10? It's about my average, most given score. I'm pretty generous with my scores and 7 is usually meaning it's above average for me. I personally rate shows based on how much i was invested in them and how much i'd want to rewatch them. For example, if i'm looking at the episode time or can't keep my focus on the show, i generally give it a low score.

And yeah, i have changed the scores of anime, like, months after watching them. Not often, but sometimes a show is really enticing to go back and watch again. If it had that effect on me, i feel i have to rate higher.
Viewed Aug 19, 1:48 PM
True if you got nothing just look over it and you'll eventually finish up what you always wanted to.

Hmmm, yeah hopefully I will like it! I've been binge watching 2000's stuff lately.

If watching or reading should never ever look at comment section. I was spoiled a tiny bit of the first season of Attack On Titan but managed to pick it back up a few years later along with Naruto... tho I don't mind that one that much since I wasn't really into it.

I was always thinking of starting up Jojo but I'm not sure D:<

How about you? Have you been spoiled of anything?
mewte Aug 18, 4:34 AM
Hmm , yeah it does seem like it's likely to get alot more complicated as i go into it. So when you say less concise , you mean it isnt straightforward ? Also why is it that you suggested i should get familiar with masculine and feminine words ? Any particular reason ? I was going through the dictionary , but i haven't figured out which of the words are masculine or feminine. A few of them have a "f "written at the end of the translated meaning , i wonder if that's how they're denoted; certainly not on the fast-track of becoming a legend anytime soon :P. Btw when how long has it been since you started learning english ?.

Besides that i was listening through a basic french "learn in 5 days " youtube video , since i am someone who picks sounds well , it was making me familiar with vowels , consonant, accents and a bit of verbs. So it was kinda strange but nice repeating the sounds out loudly , even though i think it was kinda disturbing the people around me. though it was more of a why than a how :). Mind if i ask what is it about the language that you've come to love over the years of speaking it ?. Also movies would be a good way to pick the language, so do know of any French movies ??.

Well i dont know about interesting , but its not something im quite used to just yet, people are in constant state of movement , you try to capture something and it doesn't stay the same the very next second , so it gets frustrating ,but your eyes slowly start seeing it as start and an end , then it gets easier. :).

Btw thanks for mentioning the game Osu , i quite enjoyed playing it; i havent quite play online/video games, so it was a new experience for me :)
TheBlockernator Aug 17, 7:28 PM
I'm doing good, thank you for asking. Well, i do watch seasonal anime if they appeal to me, but only after they've ended. I prefer to focus on just 1 or 2 shows at a time, mostly because sometimes they'll kind of run together for me in my head. Like, i'll look back at the 2 i watched then get kind of mixed up on what show that happened on. Maybe that's just me.

That, and being a late bloomer to this stuff, there's a ton of past anime i need to watch that are clogging up my list. I figure it's best to wait until it's finished airing so i can watch it all at once. It would take 3 weeks (assuming it's the customary 12 episodes) to watch what i could do in about 4 days.

I looked over your Mal, and we gave the exact same, or about the same scores to quite a few anime. Pretty cool.
-sohaib- Aug 14, 6:03 AM
bon courage
Viewed Aug 13, 9:55 PM
Dang, wish I was like that again. I wanna forget and watch all those amazing shows again D:
Seems, like we were the same when we both started, gotta get all those must see shows out of the way first.
Yeah, for sure the animation and pretty top notched for the most part.
Since I have been getting older, I have been adapting a more mature feeling for darker anime themes, but I'll never forget those happy and bright moments of all that fighting action.

I wish I got time to watch Kimetsu no Yaiba. I hear it's so damn good right now. I usually wait for the series to end before watching. I hate the feeling of waiting 1 week specially if it's like a big cliff hanger! @_@
-sohaib- Aug 13, 5:36 PM
hi, try clannad . the first season kinda booring , the second season :
winniethewho Aug 13, 8:33 AM
Ahhh that sounds amazing!!! I've seen pictures of Croatia from friends who've been there, and it looks straight up like it came out of a painting! How long's vacation? I hope you'll have lots of fun and plenty of rest~

Agreed, there are a ton of animes with so much potential like Tokyo Ghoul that just... messed up. Its such a pity cause the story itself was pretty good but the anime didn't live up to the hype. I even ended up dropping Tokyo Ghoul re: because at some point I just got confused.

Ufotable's animation is next level when it comes to action scenes, like its so quick yet smooth and overall just stunning. Ah if there's gonna be a second season, I gotta catch up real quick!! >< My favourite studio would actually be KyoAni, I've watched a lot of anime from their studio, and they're always impressive ;; The KyoAni incident was so heartbreaking but yes, I'm so glad they're not gonna let the studio crumble!

Thank you for the encouragement ;; My tags will live on even if some day I stop watching anime!!!!! (which I hope never happens haha)
Viewed Aug 12, 4:53 PM
Hello, there!

Do you remember the first shounen you've ever watched?
winniethewho Aug 12, 9:42 AM
I feel u, its summer all the time where I live so its always too hot outside for my taste.

All the animal forms in Fruits Basket are real cute too, they're really such lovable characters (especially Ayame haha). Its just a wholesome story in overall. I'm glad they remade the anime though, cause I would've totally missed out on the story if I'd chance upon the 2001 version. And the comparisons people make and post up are pretty amazing, its vaaaastly different.

OH I've heard a lot of good things about kimetsu no yaiba and how ufotable's animation is top notch as expected. I might just pick that one up c:

also thank you haha idek what tags are for, but I'm not good at writing reviews so I figured my tags could be like my mini-reviews.
xOniqiri Aug 11, 5:52 PM
How nice!! I see we both have similar taste when it comes to anime. Kimetsu no yaiba really is a masterpiece.
winniethewho Aug 11, 9:09 AM
I'm doing good! I hope your day's been going well too! I'd have to say this season I'm really enjoying Fruits Basket! I actually started off Fruits Basket thinking it was gonna be a pretty generic shoujo anime but the feels... my goodness, the feels are strong with this one ;; How about you, what are the animes you've been enjoying? c:
Jhelikaa123 Aug 10, 6:00 AM
yeah i know right, i watched the first 2 episode of the new fruits basket and it really is awesome ^_^
ShatteredAria Aug 7, 9:54 PM
If you loved Disney's Aladdin, I am quite sure that you'll like this more. Yes, it's very entertaining but if I may suggest, you should read the manga too for a better experience. :)