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Kyuuketsuki Sugu Shinu
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Kyou kara Maou!
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Ganbare Douki-chan
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Fruits Basket
Jul 7, 2019 6:52 AM
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Jul 7, 2019 6:52 AM
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Hornsby 40 minutes ago
Glad you're okay. ^_^

I don't watch that much anymore. You could say that I ran outta fuel. Anime these days don't appeal to me tbh. Everything looks generic, boring and a rehash of something I've already watched. Take '86' for an example. I mean Iron-Blooded Orphans did the same story ages ago, but better.
People simp on that show simply because the main character is kinda cute. The only anime I watched this year that was decent and unique, might be 'Odd Taxi'. Even its name shows that it's an odd one among all these piles. Two anime that I'm actually anticipated to watch are 'Part 6: Stone Ocean' and 'Chainsaw Man'. But simply because I'm familiar with their manga and I love both of 'em.
I'm not at all hyped for the 'Attack on Titan' final season. The manga ending was garbage af. I'm gonna equate it to the 8th season of 'Game of Thrones'. I was equally stupid and pathetic. If they come up with an original ending for the series, then I'll watch.

Hehe, you could say that. Though I uninstalled Skyrim earlier. It's the 'Mass Effect Legendary Edition' which caused the demise this time around. The poor thing was heating up so badly, to boil water or something. I also dream to buy a PS5. But the damn thing is rarer than gems in this world. I'm saving my money to buy a powerful gaming laptop next year. Desktop PCs don't work for me. I travel from my home to the hostel, then to work and back again. Laptops are the only solution.

I too had my two shots of vaccine. First one was terrible. I had a fever the entire day. Second one was okay. Jeez, I'm hoping your bf is ready for whatever coming his way, lol.

I can't end this without mentioning 'Arcane'. I've never been this obsessed with a show lately. It was phenomenal. I loved it so much. From well-written characters to god-tier animation and breathtaking soundtrack. This might be a hot take, but I believe 'Arcane' was way better than any anime I've seen for a couple of years. If it was there on MAL, I'd definitely put it in my Top 10 Favs. Have you watched 'Arcane'? Please do it, if you haven't, it's a masterpiece.

Hekshi Nov 27, 2:05 AM
probably a last moment thing cuz it felt too rushed for me and it didnt make any sense tbh lol

yeah new games with new characters would be fun to watch, as long as they dont have the same mc cuz yeah it would be repetitive as u said (plus im sick of him lol one season of him as an mc is enough lol) oh nooo i hope not lmao the beauty of this series was its realism. reviving s1 characters would ruin their deaths for me tbh lol

exactly!! lmaoo children shouldnt be watching this show to begin with wth lol same thing here with kids being obsessed with la casa de papel lol parents shouldnt let their kids watch these netflix series tbh lol

ikrr ousama is surprisingly full of twists i love it<3 i wouldnt have thought that Apeas would betray daida while the snake dude would be the one who truly cared abt him :oo
TheBlockernator Nov 25, 3:41 PM
I was a little worried it'd come off as an info dump. But it's my favorite series, so i could write about it for hours if i wanted too. I think we all have a series that we're super passionate about. Do you have one?

Anyway, i hope you enjoy it. (Oh, and thanks for advice on the fan letter!)
funbar Nov 25, 12:02 PM
Missed your birthday this year, so happy belated birthday to you! Hope you've been well!
Mayron_Luctus Nov 25, 10:03 AM
Haha, well... Skyrim Anniversary is just a DLC to the Special Edition. SE had this thing called Creation Hub, where premium mods were sold for cash. This DLC is basically everything from that hub at lower price. You are basically asked if you want to download all Creation Hub..creations after starting :P Base game wasn't changed much, if at all. If there was a hole in texture somewhere, a place where you got stuck or a fuckin' flying rabbit walking on trees, you will probably find it here as well. Because why bother with fixes like that, pfff.
Creation Hub has a lot of new hardware, some houses to claim, quests also. It's not terrible, but I guess old Skyrim with 1300 mods will easily beat it for 0€ :D

I just got myself the Triple Package, three Dark Pictures titles for lower price. So I can download House of Ashes and be ready. Are the other ones also with coop? :D Anyway, you can just poke me on Steam, when you have a day with some free time!

No, I have not seen Squid Game yet, but I think there is always some kind of possibility to expand. With the popularity it generated, lack of second season would be some kind of miracle. Of course, they may also destroy it in the process :)
Lily_1337_p3d0 Nov 23, 7:03 PM
aoa means age of attraction~
AddaeAkono Nov 18, 7:18 AM
Happy Belated Birthday!!!
Hornsby Nov 15, 7:45 PM
Hi, it's been so long since we talked. (I just have to post something to see our conversation, lol.) Jeez, it was Feb last year. Before the pandemic. We've been not talking since then?? Damn. Since you didn't remove me from your list, I guess you have no hard feelings whatsoever. Hehe ;)
Anyways, accept my humble apologies.

How have you been? Safe and sound during all these pandemics? Did it help to binge-watch any shows/manga you've been holding off? I've started watching/reading One Piece and now I'm up-to-date. I read so much during these times. Lost track of it actually. Watched a lot too. Now I'm kinda exhausted. I don't find new shows appealing. I burned up my fuel for taste; you could say that.

And I got a proper job now. Earning salaries each month. Not much, but at least it's a beginning, right? Been busy with work lately. Don't have much time to do anything else. My PC broke up with me. She's pissed off at me for "utilising" beyond her capabilities. (Okay, that's a bad joke.)
I can't play games in it anymore. I don't have a console, so, much of my gaming sessions are on a halt.

But good news, I've bought an actual physical copy of one of my favourite manga, MSG Thunderbolt. Two, in fact. (Vol. 8 & 9; I've already read till 7.)
I bought it from my earning. Felt good though. But I'm hopeful about the future. I need to get better positions in my life. There're so many things I want to achieve.

Care to share about your experiences during this 'hiatus'? :)
Nice to restart our conversation. Wanna continue this again if you're willing. Once again I beg your pardon for leaving without notice. :)
TheBlockernator Nov 15, 6:18 PM
If this is the one you're referring to (, then that's correct. It's the very first attempt at an anime of the series. Before the actual card game was a part of the plot, the series revolved around other games in it's first chapters. This series follows those earlier chapters before the card game came out. It was made by a different studio then the more famous series, so some things are a little different. Mostly the voice cast and artstyle, the tone's also slightly darker. But it's still pretty enjoyable.

Duel Monsters is the one that's 224 episodes and the more famous of the 2. It takes place where the first one left off but it doesn't make a ton of references to it, it's a little more self contained. The details that are necessary to the plot get flashback treatment. LIke, Yugi's friends, in the first series we see how they became friends as part of the natural story progression. But in Duel Monsters, they're already friends when the series starts. We don't see how they meet until a flashback later in the series.

I do recommend watching it first because there's some more development with the characters here that's not in Duel Monsters. SOme of the main cast get reduced to more of a cheerleader role there, but in the first series, they do get some development.(Sorry if all this sounded like a ramble)

Sorry, i can't really comment on Gilgamesh, i haven't seen it. But i think it's a good fit based on your description, it is nice seeing her do very well and even get close to winning, but the endings of the matches are also frustrating.

I believe she left due to contract disputes or pay. I saw an interview with her, she said the company doing the dub just wasn't lucrative enough to pay the bills. She got a better offer from another company. That company was based in California and the old one was in New York. She said she even offered to do her roles remotely, but they just replaced her. I think the company ended up blacklisting her because in the nearly 20 years since then, they haven't invited her back for anything or even mentioned her. It makes me kind of sad too, she was my favorite VA but i'm glad she was able to make it work. She's been in quite a few famous series since :)

Honestly, i just post whatever comes to mind, especially in the casual forum. I've been on reddit for years and posted in the anime forums, i motly repost things i've seen or posted on there over the years that i think about.

I might do that, i've never really written a fan letter before, so i wouldn't know what to do. I worry about crossing the line from big fan to obsessed stalker. I actually have never cared about talking to celebrities. She's the first. I hope she does feel that way, she seems really nice in her interviews, i think. Nobody has said a bad word about her.
Mayron_Luctus Nov 14, 8:51 AM
Mystery is the best... It makes me going every day. What, where and why? A mysterious people, shows, characters, events :D All the excitement about games is about the unknown, a promise of adventure. What will happen tomorrow in our lives? Well, probably nothing XD BUT we can still expect, wait, observe, hope. There is, however, also the feeling of emptiness for me when all mysteries are solved/shown. That is why I love shows, where the ending is not unequivocal, leaving space to think, imagine, create scenarios.

Nah, don't promise. You don't have to make your profile better for me :D Make it awesome for yourself. You are my best MAL friend, so wanted to be fair and honest :D Just because I found other layout better to read, does not mean you have to agree! :> By the way, I've noticed two more awards on my Steam profile. Is this from you? :)

I went mad and returned to Skyrim on 10th anniversary. It is still fun to explore and do all the side activities and locations. Probably my favourite TES due to music, setting and places. I have allied with vampires and now I'm helping them :D Screw humanity. Let's kill them all as a flying vampire lord. I saw there is also a working coop mod, but rather buggy and unstable. Shame. Speaking of coop, I will soon get the House of Ashes, so we can try it if you fancy ;)
Hekshi Nov 14, 12:43 AM
personally i hope there wont be a second season. that ending (while i didnt like it) was enough :/ but ofc netflix is gonna milk the heck outta this show lol
i was hoping to see a brand new series from the same writer but eh :/ maybe if s2 is about his brother and how he got to where he is now that might be interesting 🤔 wbu? if theres a 2nd season what do u hope the story would be about?

ousama ranking, ikrrr! things turned dark in the recent episode i honestly wasnt expecting that but i liked it. truuuue all the characters got really vague and ambiguous motives. one episode i would think this character is plotting something against bojji, and then next episode theyre on bojji’s side and im like :ooo
that ending of ep4 got me hating that character so much lol but this anime so interesting and fun to watch indeed :D
TheBlockernator Nov 12, 2:11 PM
I'm not sure how much detail i should go into, Have you seen Yugioh? I'll keep it brief.

I think the biggest problem is the show doesn't know what to do with her. She gets a decent amount of "extra" scenes not in the manga and some cool filler moments.

But as for canon stuff, she gets the shaft a lot. She's claimed to be a strong duelist in the series, but the only time we ever actually see her duel, it's her losing. All her victories are off screen and the only time we actually see her compete is when a hero or villain needs to look good.

She tends to get very close to winning and usually only loses in very stupid ways.

Then in her last few episodes, she's put into a coma and that serves as motivation for a hero to rescue her and beat the villain. I see it as an insult because she's an empowered, strong, independent female and is reduced to a damsel in distress. That's the last thing she really does.

She's back in a filler arc. But it completely undoes a lot of her development in the previous episodes. ANd that's pretty much it, there's so much with her and her arc that never gets resolved. She gets a lot of crap put on her and never gets to redeem herself.

That's it for canon but there's something in the dub as well. In her last arc, the dub replaces her VA with one who doesn't fit the character at all. With the new voice and going back on the development, it's barely the same character.

I'm a little biased because her old voice was iconic and the original VA is one of my favorites in the industry. She's also my personal idol and a main reaso for me pursuing VA work as a career. If you want to read more about that, i posted about it a couple months back.
TheBlockernator Nov 11, 12:55 PM
I watched it today, it was more frustrating to watch then sad or scary. She's one of those characters who got screwed up by bad writing moe then anything else.
Hekshi Nov 7, 2:44 AM
ooh same! I guess we were lucky to watch it before we get disappointed w the super high expectations that comes w overhyped shows like this lmao (and before the spoilers get everywhere lol)

you're right i never seen a battle royal series where the characters can leave if they want either 🤔 usually theyre trapped and forced to survive but here they basically signed up for it (twice too) which shows how shitty their lives are as u said. their desperation for money is basically what forced them to play and those who arranged for this game exploited this perfectly which is sad but unfortunately realistic

ikrrr i liked how the characters were written. their struggles felt real the whole time, i sympathized with some characters and resented few others. i really appreciate how realistic this show is Its been a while since i enjoyed watching a Netflix series like this. plus that plot twist at the end i sooo didnt see it coming (even tho i should've cuz hints were everywhere loll) i like it when a show surprises me like that lol

yeah we'll probably have different viewing experience now that its so overhyped we might not enjoy it as much as we did the first time lol

oooo you started Ousama Ranking!! :D how is it?? i see u gave a 9 too <3<3
Mayron_Luctus Nov 6, 12:18 PM
Yes, Ousama feels like a fairly tale, indeed. I felt like I'm diving into some kind of Ghibli creation. Can't wait for more episodes, very promising and a cool main character! Komi-san is amazing and kinda sad at the same time. I can imagine such problems IRL, but it never has such positive vibes :( It was never that bad for me, but I had some super-introvert, painful times, where misunderstanding and lack of communication resulted in me... hurting myself and others.

86 is a blast. I saw first season just recently, cried few times as well ;=; This one feels even stronger due to their break and chance for the future. I'm after 4th episode and I sense some great disaster soon. It is also sad that you can't really think of anything else after experiencing the dread of war. Death of your comrades, the pain, frustration. You become an empty shell, capable of one thing. Like... made only for that one purpose.

Yes, Persona 5 OST is great <3 I think I like Chie the most for overall personality and then Yukiko for her sense of humour :D To be fair, I've only played the games. Never saw the anime adaptations. Maybe I'll give it a try someday.

The Steam Deck with 512GB SSD drive is like 675€. Not sure if I will be able to collect this much in time. But yeah, I will aim to get one, sooner or later :D Being an adult is a pain. Imagine getting back to times, when the whole paycheck was used to fool around or saved to build a PC after only few months :) Now all the taxes, living etc is sucking me dry.

I simply love the background of your list! However, the previous one was easier to read ^^' (crap, now it looks like I'm a super stalker xD)