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Days: 77.6
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Jujutsu Kaisen (TV)
Jujutsu Kaisen (TV)
4 hours ago
Watching 10/24 · Scored 9
100-man no Inochi no Ue ni Ore wa Tatteiru
100-man no Inochi no Ue ni Ore wa Tatteiru
8 hours ago
Watching 10/12 · Scored 7
Akudama Drive
Akudama Drive
Yesterday, 6:20 AM
Watching 9/12 · Scored 8
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Days: 2.2
Mean Score: 9.00
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  • Chapters216
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Fruits Basket
Fruits Basket
Jul 7, 2019 6:52 AM
Completed 136/136 · Scored 9
Jul 7, 2019 6:52 AM
Completed 80/80 · Scored 9


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funbar Dec 3, 6:16 PM
Yup! Just 1 more week .. for now. Who knows if they will delay it again :P. I recently upgraded my rig so I am definitely ready for it. Still don't have an RTX card since they're all out of stock, but I am staying hopeful for one soon. I also finally got to playing Outer Worlds lately and have been enjoying it more than I thought! This is on the PC, btw. I heard the Switch port was pretty bad, so haven't touched that at all. Here's to hoping it's not delayed any further!
funbar Nov 30, 2:16 PM
Are you planning on buying cyberpunk 2077 when it comes out? ^^
AddaeAkono Nov 17, 7:43 AM
Happy Birthday!!!
funbar Nov 16, 11:01 PM
Happy birthday! Hope you have a wonderful one ^^
AddaeAkono Oct 17, 11:04 AM
Thank You!!!
Mayron_Luctus Sep 30, 7:56 AM
Back in the day, there was no ranked mode in TF2, just pure chill on some servers. That's the main reason I stopped playing things like Overwatch... Just constant pressure and whining, blaming each other for lost match xD Screw that. Also dedicated servers with small communities are much more fun than just a matchmaking.

I'm not even sure about the Steam profile. Got mine on public and during those... 16 years I had like... 10 random invites? Everything else was planned, like with you or just adding each other after nice multiplayer sessions. Once a bot was trying to make me click some silly links... To sum it up, not much was happening for me. Maybe girls have more problems, not sure.

Yeah, I'm up for any coop. Always better than PvP for me. I have like 800 games on Steam, so maybe there will be few in common, lol.
I was playing Escape from Tarkov with some friends, a hardcore survival shooter, where you have to recognize your own people in team, because there is almost no HUD etc. Someone killed me and then I hear on voice "YEAH, I KILLED THE BASTARD"... it was me you imbecile. Fuck, sorry XD. Those were most memorable moments. In other games death does not matter much, so whatever :D

There is a very simple solution for waiting and time - DON'T wait :D Yeah I know, it's easy to say, but when you focus on the present stuff and push away the craving, life gets better. When you spend time waiting and hoping, life will be even shorter.

Mick and few others, there is a nice Doom radio on YouTube. Good for work :D
Mayron_Luctus Sep 25, 3:23 AM
Well, to make it is simple - a clickable Steam banner is on my profile, PSN also, so feel free to add me where you prefer :D I know from experience that simply writing someone on Steam's search tab may not be enough :>

I have no pressure at all when it comes to new anime. I want to focus on my current PTW list :D Demon Slayer sounds nice, but I will be strong and not add another thing!!! I've added Mushishi just yesterday... I'm such a weakling.

I have no idea if I can tickle a snake. One day I will find out :P I would to love to setup a terrarium even tomorrow, but money is always an issue with everything. We are all about numbers, if we like it or not...

It is also fun to play coop with player companions! Well, okay, randoms can be sometimes annoying, running away, doing solo things, but with the right people, experience is better than with AI :D It could be fun to fly around and explore together in Elite or No Man's Sky.

I think Bethesda is a big unknown... They have their own launcher and Fallout 76 was not released on Steam at launch. Now that Microsoft owns them, who knows... I think MS won't resign from the largest PC market aka Steam ;) As for PlayStation - this is a different story. Microsoft owns PC with Windows and Xbox, so they might block Bethesda games from coming to PS5 for example.

I want an RPG or MMO with Dr Stone setting :D Slowly rediscovering science and fight against nature, alone or with friends, in a group, village etc. When did right and enough engaging, this could be a dream game ;P

To power up the friday and weekend:
Mayron_Luctus Sep 21, 10:49 AM
Lol, okay, forget what I've said, you're not a demon lady, you're more soft than the rabbit XD (is this the day od my death?) The flat hamster is truly majestic though!

Oh I'm sure snakes also can get sick, like any other animal. I've heard about skin damage, typical bacterial infections, salmonella from a dirty food used to feed the rodents, sepsis...

I need to wait for the end of the month :) Running dry, so Boys have to wait.
I have started Nioh 2 finally. There is a lot of coop action with NPCs and people possible, so most missions are not that difficult, but the beginning can be harsh :D The setting is also similar to Tsushima, so no shifting of the mind is required, just ghosts, demons, monsters from japan myths. If you ever get it, we can play coop together or something :P By the way, wanna exchange PSN? Just an idea that came to the mind after mentioning coop.

I'm doing all of Tsushima missions, maybe I'll get platinum eventually, does not look that hard, just time consuming :D The feeling is great in my opinion and the island is beautiful :)
Microsoft bought Bethesda today for 7,5 billion and all the games + future ones will be available on Xbox Game Pass (for PC it works to). The ruthless war of next gen consoles is raging :P Bad news for Sony fans as there is a chance that Doom, Prey and other Bethesda related games will be MS exclusive.

Nah, you did not overhype Dr. Stone, I think it's great and I'm slowly noming through it. I love the idea of being "frozen" for almost 4000 years and rebuilding the old world as nature completely reclaimed everything. And Kohaku is hot! :D
Mayron_Luctus Sep 12, 2:09 PM
Forgot to add that Tsushima can be easy or painful, depends on the difficulty level you select. There is a special mode that makes even one sword slash lethal, so you need to be perfect with everything or just chill on easy, as there are zero achievements related to difficulty.
Mayron_Luctus Sep 11, 7:47 AM
Wow, this gallery looks like a mix of my mind and my art skills xD All I'm good at is abstraction or trying to recreate something I see before me. Better than nothing I guess :P

First Nioh wasn't really harder than Dark Souls, but I've heard that the second one takes no prisoners. I will see soon enough, maybe I will develop some new bad words while playing it, who knows...

It is great when the writer breakes your neck in a single swipe, as you discover that the main guy, who you liked for 20 o 50 episodes is the main evil force xD I'm after 4 episodes of Dr Stone and I really like... Tsukasa Shishio and his approach to the topic of pure world ;> Great show so far. I love the idea of being thrown 3700 years into the future as civilization died.
No, for now I haven't touched Boys 2, need to try it soon :D Yes, Homelander is an ass, but as I was watching Boys 1, I saw that, as expected, it is not entirely his fault...

I have this with games... I repeat myself "don't get hyped, don't buy it on release etc.", but sometimes I do it anyway xD Sometimes I'm disappointed, sometimes not. Like now I'm scared about Cyberpunk. Not sure what to expect in order to not overhype myself :P
I'm like never reading about the story before watching/playing. When I finish and there are still questions in my mind, I'll go and look on the net, but not before :P

My cat always prefers the box instead of the delivered product, But I doubt that snake will be happy about a box xD And I think the best toy for him could be alive dinner, like mice. If I get him a ball or something, I think he will try to eat it or something and boom, here goes the expensive vet visit xD

There are polish subtitles, of course, but when I go for that, It is usually on Netflix. For other "sources" I just prefer to stick with english.
The more I read about You and the rabbit, I imagine You as tiny demon queen with horns and red, glowing eyes. COME RABBIT, MOMMY HAS A BANANA, HAHAHHA!!!

Yeah, it was scary at first, like what would they tell me or think after years of silence? But it went well and I'll try to not lose contact anymore. Nothing is to be gained from isolation like this.
Mayron_Luctus Sep 8, 1:26 PM
I have just finished Control and both addons. Nice ride :D Took me around 30h. Cool adventure, no regrets. Get it someday! It is on Steam, Epic, Consoles ;> Now I can go back to Tsushima and finish that, next will be Nioh 2 :D Yes, looks like I like to suffer, lol. Played like 70h of first Nioh. Was annoying at times, but overall I liked the setting etc.

Found 65k Winamp skins by accident... I was using this on a daily basis, like 15 years ago. I even saw some of the skins I was using at the time :D This is great time machine, almost like an old photo album. Spent the whole evening browsing stupid skins for a software I can use mostly for some internet radio, assuming I will grab the file and not just listen via browser. 100% pure idiot.

Yeah, of course, it's not that I only like support characters, but perhaps it is easier for me to empathize with such characters. I was always a support, not a main... Even in my own life xD It is sad when you like the villain and know that he will lose eventually :C

There is so much good stuff around that I have no idea when I will just watch seasonal. I'm not tracking the new, just released or planned series. My PTW is growing even without it :> But I guess that time will come too. As for the long, full of fillers stuff, I want to watch Fairy Tail as well. Saw a bit of random shots from it and got interested.

Snake toys... Well damn! Never thought about that. I wonder, what kind of face the guy at shop will make if I ask about something like that... This is definitely a topic to research and experiment, maybe i can get him my cat's ball or something? :P Maybe you have some ideas for snake toys? Maybe he will just try to eat everything and it is better to NOT get him anything? lol

Well, my ex was not watching anime or playing games, so it was a bit painful at times. She told me I can play anything I want etc, but I felt that she was not impressed and maybe preferred that I do other things instead... If I were your bf, I would sneak close to you and ask what are you watching XD It can be fun to watch together.
The Boys 2, forgot about it! Need to grab the sub during next weekend :> As for anime, I just always go for english subs. Maybe it is less comfortable, but often decent ^^
Nichijou was amazing. Now I'm sad that I can't watch another episode. It was such a great mood booster for me. But I guess there are plenty other shows with some wicked humour in large doses! I have added Asobi Asobase to the list... No, you're not sorry, you're EVIL, like your avatar, lol. (please, stay evil)

BTW I have reestablished contact with some family members I haven't seen for over a decade. I was like super scared waiting for the phone call... Spent over 30 minutes on the phone, but It was great in the end. I can't even explain why it collapsed... things just happened I guess. What about You? Do you have several people you can count on?
Mayron_Luctus Sep 3, 12:30 PM Look at this! It brought a tear to my eye.
Mayron_Luctus Sep 3, 8:23 AM
Haha, this is indeed funny :o How is this even possible? You never talked about stuff like that? :D Or maybe he doesn't like anime and you hide it on purpose? :D
I kinda fell in love with ASUS ROG Zephyrus Duo 15, but for it's price I could get a new TV, console, powerful desktop PC and many games :P Only for rich weirdos... and I'm just a weirdo.
There are decent and well made desktop PC ready to buy, but usually it's more expensive than buying parts yourself and assembling. That was my main reason. Also I feel better knowing that each screw is... screwed by me. :P

Snake on a leash xDDD No I won't go that far, I wanted to say that you can get him out, keep in hands, let him look around the room etc xD There is process of getting him comfortable in the new environment and around a human, just like with any other animal. Need to go slowly.

To be honest, I prefer to watch everything, fillers included. Sometimes they may present something interesting about a support character etc. Story shouldn't be only about the action and main path :D

Parallel dimensions? Wow, I need to watch all of it someday then! ;_; So much stuff. It's hard to be a noob, lol

Yes, Sakamoto is amazing xD But I think you can tell, that for some reason, I'm like never after the "main" characters. Ebisu in Dorohedoro is like a background clown in many scenes, not even talking much xD Saten in Railgun doesn't even have special power etc. Does that mean that I see gold in the mud? xD
Mayron_Luctus Sep 3, 1:18 AM
Sounds good! Will start Dr. Stone soon, weekend most likely.

I think it was Fate/Zero, but I'm not 100% certain. Will have to rewatch all of it one day :P What is the correct order of watching these? Simply by release date?
One Piece is crazy long, like 1000 episodes? Started in 1999 ;o Years ago I've watched like 80 episodes and stopped. There was many cool moments, yes, but also super long scenes and fillers, just like original Dragon Ball Z, where the whole episode is just transformation xD

Depends, Snek like this can get like 1,5m, As for terrarium - 100x80x60cm or something like this should be enough. And you actually need to lock the cover, because he can just get out xD Usually they are lazy, but really depends on what kind of snake you have. You can also take him out for a "walk" sometimes xD No problems with that.

Mick fucked up apparently, did not meat deadlines and Bethesda worker was mixing music in Doom Eternal, not Mick, so they both blamed each other and most likely won't cooperate in the future. I recommend Andrew Hulshult for example :D

I was building my own PCs for the last 20 years or so. It's not hard, especially now, when most things are compatible anyway. 20 years ago it was a mess and you had to experiment sometimes :P
Due to shitty situation and lack of money, I will probably go for something mid-tier next year... or a PS5, lol. If you ever need an advice about assembling PC for a specific budget, feel free to ask, I often track new stuff.
What about your BF? Is he playing games as well?
Mayron_Luctus Sep 1, 11:29 AM
Yeah, Remedy... They also made Max Payne 1 and 2. Good job across the board. It's kinda hard to say what Control is about, i'm not even in the middle of it. Anyway - a secret agency, items of power, setting is a mix of 70's and 80's maybe, special abilities, confidential documents, building that changes shape and psychodelic videos... Also Poets of the Fall provided some of the music again ;) 3rd person action, where you have to fight people taken over by something called Hiss, navigate, gather stuff, upgrade your... living gun.
New Doom would be cool... It's probably just a matter of time, always ready for some more rip and tear. Too bad the music won't be written by Mick again, as he parted ways with publisher.
Have you seen the new RTX 3090? xD For the price of GPU only, I can essemble a high tier PC right now.

Deer!! Yes, I cried during it. Also bribing a policeman then knocking him out - priceless. Basically all the school scenes are also awesome, like bringing oil and wrench for Nano. Kinda sad that I'm already on ep 18... I don't want this to end so quickly ;P

Snek food? small mice usually ;c You can either get alive one or just frozen. Ball Python can have phases of non-eating, like 3-6 months without anything. Just the way he is. The most challenging is terrarium i guess. Part of it should be at around 30C with 50% humidity, part should be colder. Also at least two hiding spaces and a small pool with water xD Definitely a challenge for a noob like me.
Years ago I had aquarium, so it's not like completely new, to assemble a "living space", but still ;D

I've watched only one series of Fate, but liked it very much. I saw there is more than one, but at the moment I don't want more PTW :D
I have decided that Dr Stone will be next one to watch. However it will take few more days I guess. For example, today I wasn't watching anything yet. Kinda dull mood, just listening to music and thinking...