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Playcool Apr 18, 8:38 AM
1 - I dont think Banana Fish was that show that you can say the writter made Ash suffer too much on purpose to make viewers care, that is was not a problem I had with the show.

2 - I believe I watched Code Geass S1 and S2 from April 4 to 10th in 2014, so 7 days to watch 50 episodes, definitly enjoyed it ALOT, if I had seen it while airing (almost impossible to), it may had take a bit of the impact.
Playcool Mar 19, 3:26 PM
1 - I dunno anything about the era it was written in, and I never judged or was triggered by shows punishing the MC to make us feel, and that is not how I judged Banana Fish. You will never see me even giving a shit to yaoi, so I dunno how trash is the yaoi, gay people or crazy female are into nowadays.
Rape in SAO is to disgust people for the action itself, I dont see a problem as long was it not used in excess, and SAO didnt use it that much, which people would disagree, of course if they compare it solely to japanese safe content.

2 - Well, JoJo started on the 80s, I m seeing your point.
I have to disagree, I dont need to see a MC going through tragedy to make me care alot, easy going and enjoyable MCs are also likeable.
Of course if it is a drama or action plot, if it is not SoL, there are to be some odds involved to get people into it, at least to a certain point.
It is more an yaoi, than K-On or other moe heavy female only plot series are yuri (excluding stuff like yuru yuri).

3 - Saving Dororo for much later, unlike most regulars here, I actually dont fancy airings, I dont like to wait, and I dont want to wait each week and digest each episode fully and be able to better go in deep about each episode, nah.
Content to watch outside airings is vast in quality and abundance, so I m fine with saving possible enjoyable airings for binge watches or watching at my leisure, much later, but I know the general idea of Dororo, and how unique it seems to be versus the trend, and improving vs the source material, so I m excited to evventually.
I didnt have a problem with Ash suffering, I had a problem that every single bad dude on the show wanted his ass, almost everyone that had a screentime of at least 1-2 minutes, talked, was not a generic scumbag follower whose voice you dont even hear, everyone of them wanted to rape him, that is my problem, there was no normal retarded enemy.
You can go ahead and check, I would wait, confident about it, even the fucking dude on the hospital was horny for him.
The narrative of the story... it seemed like it lost its focus at the end Banana Fish just felt like a side problem or something.
Lunallae Mar 16, 11:09 AM
Oh, my bad for misunderstanding. Wow... are you still feeling the effects of the accident? I'm sorry that that happened.
Playcool Mar 12, 6:04 AM
BTW, why are people fine with the abundance of villains trying to rape the MC, but whenever SAO mentions rape, people get triggered?
There is too much of that shit on Banana Fish, bro, it is getting ridiculous at this point.
Lunallae Feb 20, 1:42 PM
Oh no. What happened? I'm glad that the accident was minor but man that sounds like it was an awful time.
Playcool Feb 19, 10:04 AM
No, the yaoi does show subtely at points, whenever Eiji is acting like a sissy, a princess that needs to be saved.
For me it did show more than I would have liked, would honestly have been in sync with the series way more if it was all bromance.
I still have to finish it, but I m not expecting much to change, aside the ending, which many people like to spoil in the forums... all said, I m looking forward to how it will all unfold.
(and I m fucking glad the ship doesnt sail)
Lunallae Feb 8, 2:16 PM
Same; I've been pretty busy. I'm getting back into university so I'm definitely not going to be able to come online much. Oof, surgeries are never fun, but I'm glad to hear that it went well. Was it for your wrist? I remember you mentioning that you worked as an animator so I'm taking an educated shot in the dark.
Playcool Jan 31, 10:57 AM
I never realized there was even a shojo tag there... the series does a great job of covering that within the first impressions you have with it.

"Eiji IS pretty much filling in the Princess Peach role that any love interest would have in a shojo series."
Female Peach troupes arent that well viewed nowdays, having the same but on a male, it triggers me a bit honestly, but that is just by how I view myself as a man, and things I obviously dislike seeing other men doing.

I loved the pacing in the first 4 episodes, it felt great, but I had put it on hold and started to see again later on, to me, the pacing never felt as enjoyable again, somehow is was just not a thrilled as I was at the beggining, way before the whole yaoi thing hit me up.
Playcool Jan 18, 3:21 PM
"I was going to ask you what your fave genre is but there is no need to. Getting a pretty good idea from all of your conversations here."
And here I though you are pined down a specific genre on me xD

Seen till ep18, if that is his role, they failed executing it for me.
I think that for me to get confortable about an yaoi pair, both sides have to be far way from the stereotypical weakest character that cant do anything for itself.
It just triggers me and feels cringy watching a male acting like Princess Peach, while I will admit I would never be as much triggered if that was a female.
That maybe the root of my dislike for those scenes, I dont have any problem with Ash himself.

TBH when I started to watch Banana Fish it wasnt well know it was even going to include some yaoi vibes to it.
It just seemed like a dope adaptation from a classic action manga.
fromfairydust Jan 15, 1:28 PM
Yes please! I loved Banana Fish!
Playcool Jan 15, 9:55 AM
Sup, happy late new year yourself.

Oh, really, then tell me, what is my favorite genre? xD

Yeah, I honestly like Banana Fish so far, but I liked it more on the beggining, way more, I had to put it on hold since I wanted to marathon it when more eps were out, never again I liked BF as much as I did early on, if talking by ranting, IMO while it had some really nice moments, it is kinda overrated.
The plot is not managing to surprise me anymore, I enjoy Ash, but I dont see any appeal on Ash x Enji, since I dont think Enji is a really interesting or relatable character for me.
It is kinda cringy, Enji is behaving like a girl, I m not an homofobic, far from that, I enjoyed stuff like Secret of Brokeback Mountain, BUT Enji is far from a character I can consider interesting, I just dont dig seeing a male, being as whinny and needy as he is, almost no backbone to it.
I enjoy Ash as a character, but whenever he is with Enji, there are just some scenes I have to say, no, please NO!
If they had turned Enji is a more relatable and enjoying character, maybe things would have been a bit different, maybe.

So wait, you agree with its current manga rating? Same for anime I guess?
(main take awhile to reply back btw)
Lunallae Jan 14, 11:29 AM
Ah, sorry for such a slow reply. Happy New Year!

How's the new year been treating you so far?
AshiAshi Jan 8, 8:48 AM
I did copy the answer before deleting your message haha, so it's safely stored on my laptop. And if lately people have been telling you to post on their profiles, I can understand you chose to do that as a way to answer the question I posted in the forums. I'm ok with both ways, everyone's free to post on my profile or send me a PM, whichever they feel most comfortable with. Plus, no harm was done, fortunately, nothing got spoiled so it's all good (:
perfect10 Jan 8, 5:28 AM
Perfect still perfect.
perfect10 Jan 6, 10:04 PM
When people can't achieve something, they come to hate something.