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Ballroom e Youkoso
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Kino no Tabi: The Beautiful World
Kino no Tabi: The Beautiful World
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Satsuriku no Tenshi
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Ao Haru Ride
Oct 3, 10:35 PM
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Aug 23, 11:57 AM
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Oyasumi Punpun
Oyasumi Punpun
Mar 7, 3:03 PM
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EarlxSweatshirt Yesterday, 2:53 PM
Same here. If they're going to adapt something from an original source, the main goal should be to either copy it exactly, or make it better than the original. Instead they usually decide to rush through the content in order to get to the "more interesting" parts of the story. While losing some of the things that made those parts so interesting.

Is that the friend who refuses to watch Welcome to the Ballroom?
EarlxSweatshirt Oct 13, 2:50 AM
lol no worries. Yeah, and in Tokyo Ghoul's case, they really fucked up. Especially with them announcing to adapt the sequel manga next year after butchering the original.

Okay good, stop being lazy then xD jk
EarlxSweatshirt Oct 11, 2:10 PM
What can you do. Unfortunately, everyone doesn't like the same things... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I was talking about Kekkai Sensen when I mentioned the staff change xD (I haven't started the 2nd season of Better Call Saul yet).

Well, if you do decide to take the more complicated route, the "BBCode Help" link should be useful (unless you already understand how it works). Good luck :)
EarlxSweatshirt Oct 11, 1:29 AM
I can believe it.

Did they give you a legit reason why, or are they just being stubborn? I see the staff was changed for the 2nd season. Maybe that'll fix some of the issues the 1st season had.

Once you get the hang of it, its pretty easy to do. But I know what you mean. Patience is definitely required lol.
EarlxSweatshirt Oct 10, 2:13 PM
Okay, I finished the 1st season last night, so I'll be starting the 2nd season soon. And eventually the 3rd season.

I've been hearing about that series a bit since it started airing. Both are already on my plan to watch list. Hopefully the 2nd season of Kekkai Sensen doesn't have the same production issues the 1st had (with the finale being delayed by an entire season).

XD I had to get a link for the pic I wanted to use and a link for the original season of each anime, then put it all in order. It took a few days to get it done correctly lol.
EarlxSweatshirt Oct 10, 12:51 PM

I'm liking it. Especially since it focuses on my 2 favorite characters from Breaking Bad. It almost feels like I'm still watching Breaking Bad instead of a spin-off. Which is something most spin-offs try, but fail to accomplish. Also, after finishing the 9th episode, I started to understand why you hate Chuck so much. He's an asshole.

That's good. I'm still trying to ease back into it myself lol
EarlxSweatshirt Oct 9, 10:15 PM
Still a great TV show regardless.

I never expected Walt to do something like that tbh. I've seen the first 8 episodes. I'm going to finish up the 1st season tonight.

You have your Top 30 then xD
EarlxSweatshirt Oct 5, 10:39 PM
I just would've preferred for them to confirm his death before the series ended, since he was the most important character. I hate open endings. I feel like that's taking the easy way out when it comes to ending a story. But I understand your point about how they handled Jesse's character. Season 2 was my fav, but most of my favorite episodes came from season 5.

That's true. Walt didn't want to kill unless it was absolutely necessary. Heisenberg on the other hand tho...xD I recently watched the 6th episode. They revealed some of Mike's past with his son.

Start with 10 and go from there, whenever you get around to it of course. I need to update mine, I'm missing a few (Code Geass, Gintama, D.Gray-man, etc.)
EarlxSweatshirt Oct 3, 6:30 PM
I agree that Walt should've died. He accomplished what he had set out to do since the very first episode. My problem was that it seemed like he didn't die. His death wasn't confirmed in my opinion. Also, what happened to Jesse? Did he get caught by the police on his way outta there? Did he get into a car accident shortly after getting away? Or did he make it to someplace safe...? Those were my only 2 issues with how the ending of the series was handled. Yeah, Him finally admitting the truth was one of my favorite moments in the series (Hank confronting Walt about him being Heisenberg was as well).

Me too. Even Walt knew he fucked up once he realized what he had just done. I've seen the first 2 episodes of Better Call Saul so far. Chuck doesn't seem all that bad, yet lol.
EarlxSweatshirt Oct 2, 6:43 PM
That's true. I just finished Breaking Bad a few days ago. Apart from the ending, the series was great. Definitely one of the better American TV shows out there. I just felt like they needed an epilogue to wrap the series up (Unless that's Better Call Saul's purpose...?) instead of giving a somewhat open ending. Mike (another character that didn't need to die xD) and Saul were my favorite characters. Also, I started watching Better Call Saul. I should be caught up before the 4th season starts next year.
EarlxSweatshirt Sep 24, 7:25 AM
My favorite setting would be western/old western, though I'd like just about anything if I feel it's done correctly.

I agree. His best chance to get out would've been with Jane. Even Walt admitted that right before the night of Jane's death would've been a perfect time for him to die from cancer. Therefore he could've let Jesse go and they all could've moved on. But Walt just had to get greedy. They're not rocks, they're MINERALS!!! XD Who is it? Was he also in Breaking Bad?

All the major characters are written very well. Which is why I can't bring myself to hate any of them. Because they are so believable.
EarlxSweatshirt Sep 23, 10:39 AM
I'll probably do that some time in the future, if the opportunity to watch them all back-to-back ever presents itself. It's not high on my priority list of things to watch though.

I see. I just finished watching the 2nd episode of the 4th season (episode 35). Can't help but to feel bad for Jessie at this point, with all the bullshit he's been through. I like Hank and can see where he's coming from. He's frustrated and needs some space. Marie could at least give him that since she got what she wanted with him coming home from the hospital. Yeah, Saul is an amazing character. Definitely my current fav.

There's only 2 times so far where I disliked a character's decision. 1. Walt letting Jane die, and 2. Skylar cheating on Walt. I understand why these decisions were made. But I still don't think that Jane needed to die. And even if Skylar felt cheating was the best way to get Walt to agree on a divorce, you should never cheat on someone you're involved with, under any circumstance. That's just foul on her part.
EarlxSweatshirt Sep 21, 9:23 AM
It's alright, I guess. I never really cared much for it myself. Hufflepuff? That's one of the schools or groups or something right? Then that explains why I haven't seen her before lol. Wow, she looks exactly like Beth from TWD (didn't see anything about her being a pornstar tho xD).

I just finished the 29th episode hours ago, so I'm more than halfway through the 3rd season now. Hank is in the hospital recovering after his shootout with Tuco's cousins. Saul may end up being my favorite character. He saved Jesse and Walt on multiple occasions.
EarlxSweatshirt Sep 17, 3:51 AM
I've only seen the first 3 Harry Potter movies iirc, and that was more than a decade ago. So I barely remember any of the characters tbh. I'll let you know if I end up hating her too then lol. Alright, will do :)

Okay, thanks. I'll definitely be watching that after I finish Breaking Bad then. And yeah, the crazy mf that Hank killed while searching for Walt, after he had went missing.
EarlxSweatshirt Sep 16, 2:33 AM
Haha yeah that bitch. I like Carol too. Her, Maggie, and Michonne are the only decent female characters in the entire series. Yea, the movies were pretty good, so that's good to hear.

I can't decide on a fav character just yet (only 15 episodes in), so I'll just say I like them all equally, for now xD So what is the Better Call Saul series? His character was just introduced on the most recent episode I watched. Is it a spin-off? Or a sequel...?