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Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
Feb 6, 9:05 PM
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Darling in the FranXX
Darling in the FranXX
Feb 3, 10:24 AM
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Feb 3, 10:00 AM
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Piano no Mori
Piano no Mori
Dec 31, 2017 7:50 PM
Plan to Read · Scored -
Oct 21, 2017 7:37 AM
Completed 31/31 · Scored 8
Ao Haru Ride
Ao Haru Ride
Oct 3, 2017 10:35 PM
Completed 53/53 · Scored 7


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Berzerkie 9 hours ago
Seating chart ?? Damn, last time I had that I was like 12. And I'm glad my school doesnt have people who think that they are better just because they parents their income is higher, ofcourse we have some who think they are, but those guys always get beat up in the end.
Berzerkie Feb 18, 9:46 AM
Mehh, we have several groups in the class, mine is always in the back, basically eating, and just talking with each other quietly so that the teachers dont hear us. Then you have the 'good' students in front, no offense, but they are autistic af. Then we have a girl group who is always talking WAY to loud, but the male teachers never say a word to them. etc etc xD
ChristopherKClaw Feb 18, 5:34 AM
Yeah, I mean, there's literally no perfect show, and on top of that everyone has totally different ideas of what's good. Like, there's no such thing as 'good' or 'bad characters, only different types of characters and our reaction to them. Thanks for appreciating my review despite our differing feelings on the show. I believe that the truest fan is someone who isn't worried that their passion for a show will waver simply by reading criticism of it.
EarlxSweatshirt Feb 17, 11:00 AM
I agree. Sasuke is what you'd get if you combined Kurapika and Killua. But sadly, he's not even half as interesting as either of them. Well, HxH isn't over yet, so it might not be fair to compare him to Hohenheim in that way until the entire story is finished up (if it ever does lol). I highly doubt we've seen the last of Ging.

Me too :D It's never too late lol.

As long as you're not completely against watching it without at least trying out a couple of episodes then that's fine. You'll probably watch it someday, when the timing is right.
Berzerkie Feb 16, 1:31 PM
Pretty much lmao, I mean yeah its not always the teachers their fault, but it starts with them.
Berzerkie Feb 14, 9:22 AM
Thats when we get our phones, and just chill and complain to other teachers about this certain teacher. Pretty much xD
EarlxSweatshirt Feb 13, 11:10 AM
Same here. And the unfortunate thing about that is that the manga is currently in an arc based around Kurapika again (finally). The one character we should've got to see more of. Hopefully they animate the entire story if the mangaka ever manages to finish it. He's just a different type of father. You got you fathers who care, your fathers who don't care (like Shou Tucker), and your fathers who care, but from a distance (like Hohenheim and Ging).

Cupcakes are good, as long as they're vanilla. I like watching basketball (NBA), but I also used to play it a lot when I was younger.

Because its the the best piece of entertainment EVER!!!! But in all seriousness, its the complete limited edition blu-ray box set. Pretty much everything related to the series is in it (OVAs, Movies, Drama CDs, Soundtrack, Commentary, etc.) And it was made in Japan, for the people of Japan, since some of it isn't translated or subtitled. But that just gives me another reason to learn Japanese xD If there was anything on this earth I'd happily spend 700 bucks on, it'd be TTGL. It's still the greatest thing I've ever witnessed, entertainment-wise.
EarlxSweatshirt Feb 10, 7:22 AM
Me too, I just feel like the Yorknew City arc is what made Hunter x Hunter stand out from the other shounen series. Shou Tucker was a terrible father, but I can't bring myself to say the same about Ging. If it wasn't for him and his decisions, there would't be a HxH. And Gon actually learned and grew a lot while searching for his father. I can't say what Ging did was wrong.

That sucks, but that's life for ya, or her I should say xD

Nothing will erase what has already happened. That's why the only option is to move on.

I haven't had one in over three years lol, and I hope so. I usually only watch the Super Bowl, so I don't have much interest in the NFL myself.

I ordered a 700$ Blu-Ray box set for my favorite anime series (Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann) on Amazon a few days ago. I can't wait until it gets here. It's supposed to arrive today/night.
Berzerkie Feb 9, 7:20 AM
I know right! But yeah, eventually I learned more from fellow students than a teacher actually. Since we always worked together. Even the teachers said so, you learn more from others than a book or even a teacher. He's just there to be there for you lmao.
Berzerkie Feb 8, 6:23 AM
Hahahaha yeah I understand. I failed classes where I had awful teachers aswell. I remember having a teacher where everytime we had a question, he would answer: Just look in your book?. And if we told him we still couldnt figure it out, he would literally open the book, and read what the book said. No explanation given.
Berzerkie Feb 7, 3:10 AM
I mean, I like it tho. But its just mentally hard. But I guess I will get used to it. As for being more of a hands person, nahhhhh. Hate it to do things with my hands. Back in the day, we had Technic class, and jesus christ I dont even know how many times I failed that. Building some random bird house, like why do I need to know that. But when it got to maths and stuff, I would be the fastest to understand and solve things.
EarlxSweatshirt Feb 6, 4:34 PM
Thanks for sharing that video. I learned a lot about the English dubbing process and now have a bit more hope for the future of English dubs. The best arc in my opinion is the Yorknew City arc. I enjoyed every second of it. It's probably my all time favorite arc in all of anime. 2nd for me would be the Chimera Ant arc, and the 13th Hunter Chairman Election arc would be 3rd.

Yeah, and if I was her, I'd probably be looking for a new job lol.

True, but that's life. Just gotta learn to move on as best as you can.

lol no, but I wish I did. An ice cream cake would've been a great birthday gift. Oh well. They'll be back in the Super Bowl next year. When he retires, I'll probably lose all interest in the Patriots and NFL.
Berzerkie Feb 6, 4:04 AM
Yeah, but my career. Idk its like kinda hard. But you learn if fast. But the actual job you will get with it. Its exhausting. You will sit on your computer the entire day. Being busy with different kind of invoices and stuff. I dont mind sitting and watching anime for 8 hours, but working for 8 hours long like that. It gives you a huge headache.
Berzerkie Feb 5, 12:43 PM
Sounds good to me tbh. I wouldnt even know how much I would earn annually with my future job. If I dont choose to study further and go with what I will finish next year.
EarlxSweatshirt Feb 4, 2:14 PM
Okay, I'll look at it when I get a chance. *2nd best arc of the series. xD

Yeah you can. They give you 40 hours of scheduled and unscheduled vacation time. And plus they allow you to be absent a certain amount of times as long as you don't surpass 17 points. That's one of the reasons why your job isn't secure until you get your 90 days in.

I wouldn't say I had a great family. I do have a great mom though. But I guess you could say it had something to do with my parents separating when I was 10, and my only sibling being killed when I was 12. It was around that time when I stopped caring about school too.

Right, I'm glad I was able to turn 24 at home, and not at work. Nope. I'm going for Tom Brady and the Patriots. That's the only NFL team I can watch. And I've been a fan of Tom Brady for about 10 years now.