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Days: 67.6
Mean Score: 7.85
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Fruits Basket 2nd Season
Fruits Basket 2nd Season
11 hours ago
Completed 25/25 · Scored 10
Fruits Basket: The Final
Fruits Basket: The Final
Yesterday, 12:41 PM
Plan to Watch · Scored -
Mirai Arise
Mirai Arise
Sep 15, 9:50 PM
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Days: 10.6
Mean Score: 8.20
  • Total Entries81
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  • Chapters1,115
  • Volumes186
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Juujika no Rokunin
Juujika no Rokunin
Aug 18, 9:34 AM
Plan to Read · Scored -
Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun
Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun
Jan 22, 7:55 PM
Plan to Read · Scored -
Fruits Basket
Fruits Basket
Jul 13, 2019 8:29 PM
Re-reading 48/136 · Scored 10


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EarlxSweatshirt Aug 6, 11:41 PM
I understand what you're saying, and you're right. But until just about every person on this planet is on the same page(which I don't see happening ever), I won't get involved in anything that doesn't personally affect me.

Yea, I wouldn't like going through childhood in these times lol. I don't see myself going back to work until everything returns to normal, if it ever does...
EarlxSweatshirt Aug 4, 1:38 PM
I usually don't bother with things that I can't change or control. Waste of energy most of the time. Basically, I'm an asshole lol

Yea, he's more realistic than some of the others. You gotta have faith xD

Agreed. Me either. My nephews and nieces mom will most likely send them all back to school, just so she can get them out of her house smh. Sad tbh. My grandmother also can't use a remote correctly and she's in her 60s. Either technology isn't for everyone or some people are too lazy and don't care to learn.
EarlxSweatshirt Aug 3, 1:05 AM
Okay and I don't mind :D I don't take many things seriously so no worries here xD

I believe so. Most people seem to have enjoyed it for what it was, setting everything up. I agree and respect that about his character, but I don't agree with how he acts when he gets desperate. Or his decision making at times. I'll finish them, soon... someday xD I haven't dropped anything yet, so...XD

Yea, hopefully they don't have to shut everything down again. Okay and that's great. Good luck! I can already imagine lol. One of my older cousins doesn't know how to use a remote to a TV. Even after being shown multiple times lol.
EarlxSweatshirt Jul 31, 10:12 PM
I don't mind lol. I've chatted with you on here for more than half a decade so why not xD If you wanna add me, my name on there is Cameron Diggs. Saginaw, MI two black guys in the profile pic (me and my dad) xD

I heard the same about Tower of God. Hopefully they make another season. It was, especially if you can relate to Subaru. I don't really care for him much, but that episode made me appreciate his character a little more. Okay, I will, after I finish Nana and Versailles :D

Masks are a requirement at all times just about, in our state. How is that different from where you originally were, is it like a promotion, or just a different department and work?
EarlxSweatshirt Jul 31, 9:08 AM
XD I have a Facebook(messenger), but I rarely use it lol. Just to keep up to date on certain events and things, and also to sometimes share random shit xD

I finished Tower of God. It was a decent series. Nothing groundbreaking, but still solid. ReZero 2nd season has been pretty good so far. Haven't seen the other 2 yet, but Beastars is on my plan to watch list.

I am, hopefully you are as well :D
Natsuh Jul 31, 6:28 AM
Well its awsome keep it up! :)
Natsuh Jul 30, 7:34 PM
np i totally agree with it :)
Natsuh Jul 29, 6:00 PM
nice review on Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii
section9necrosis Jun 30, 11:57 AM
thanks for accceptin the friend request
EarlxSweatshirt Jun 2, 2:16 PM
That sucks XD Tower of God is a decent show so far, though I've only seen up to ep 6. Haven't been able to watch much else with all the shit that's going on lol

Yea, this year got off to a terrible start smh. And it doesn't seem like it's going to be getting better anytime soon...
section9necrosis Jun 1, 10:28 AM
i absolutely love psychology students who see anime, but Y JOSEI, i mean y do u wanna see every JOSEI anime

(inner voice- freudian FANBOII activated: lets see how he does it)
EarlxSweatshirt May 19, 11:23 PM
I used to love playing the sims. I had the PS2 version. I only have 2 to keep up with this season xD Tower of God and Ahiru no Sora.

I ended up quitting on the 12th of this month. We weren't getting hazard pay anytime soon and some people sitting at home, safe were/are making about twice as much as I was. So I said fuck it and quit xD Stay safe and be smart and careful when you go back.

Michigan is flooded at the moment, near my area, so I'm up seeing what's going on.
EarlxSweatshirt May 9, 11:43 AM
Me too xD

Been hearing a lot about that game. Is it good? Still haven't watched past those first couple of episodes of Nana or Versailles. I'll let you know when I jump back into both series tho.

Yea, glad the pandemic seems to be slowing down. Hopefully it keeps going in that direction. I normally don't leave the house often, but having most businesses shut down or limited has been inconvenient for me too. You stay safe too :)
Lele_Leostration Apr 29, 7:11 AM
Yeah, I’m lazy tooXD I’m the kind who can’t jump straight into a new series that got suggested by someone.. but since everyone is saying how good HxH is, I will watch it at some point. The thing is it has so many episodes to watch..but if i like it, the more episode the better I guess. Also planning to get my hands on JoJo since it’s getting memed and talked about a lot recently.
AurafullAlex Apr 29, 2:54 AM
Well Leeds in in the west Yorkshire country of the Yorkshire region. This places Yorkshire in the north east of the country only nelow the furthest north east region that borders with scotland.

Of yeah of course lol! I need to put alot more time into that lol.

The UK even has a similar obesity rate at around 25% of the population lol. I have not tried any of the 5 food eating chalenges that my city has though, but I am still debating on that. Several are very hot so that scares me since one involve having to where laytex gloves just to eat 5 spicy chicken legs lol. I cso like spicy food but I am scared of how scipy that 1 could end up being. (Also no, I am not over wieght myself but I do have a good appetite and occsationally time myself on sentible food potions lol).

Also what you make of Linkin park as an American?

Well I hope we get on well enough with each other as countries lol.