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Golden Kamuy 3rd Season
Golden Kamuy 3rd Season
Jul 15, 7:48 AM
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Naruto: Shippuuden
Naruto: Shippuuden
Jul 14, 2:02 AM
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Kimetsu no Yaiba
Jul 14, 12:59 AM
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Utsuro no Hako to Zero no Maria
Utsuro no Hako to Zero no Maria
11 hours ago
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Spy x Family
Spy x Family
Jul 15, 8:44 PM
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Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai: Tensai-tachi no Renai Zunousen
Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai: Tensai-tachi no Renai Zunousen
Jul 15, 8:29 PM
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Wano_Cypress Jul 13, 5:57 AM
Dude chill... I'm not trying to take her from you!!! She's all yours I swear! O_o

Seriously though I won't allow anyone but me to touch Mikasa! She's all mine!!!
Wano_Cypress Jul 12, 10:42 PM
I know, I know... shes cute!!! The middle picture where she tried eating the meat and everyone tied her up is probably my favorite Sasha moment.
Wano_Cypress Jul 12, 10:03 PM
Haha, I'm not hating on Sasha. I like her character as well.
Wano_Cypress Jul 12, 8:20 PM
I'm sorry for not replying about Dororo, I didn't really have much to say.

Umm I liked Dororo for the most part... I rated it a 10 for a while until about halfway through when things slowed down and the second OP started (which I didn't like at all). I though the bit with the sharks were ridiculous. I didn't think an Anime about retrieving body parts by slaying demons could reach such levels of ridiculousness. Over all the Dororo was good for the most part but fell off after the Mio part.

Honestly if someone were to bite the dust I definitely would have pictured it being Sasha. I mean what notable accomplishment has she done in all of the 59 episodes to come out? I can't think of one except maybe in season 2 where she saves the little girl but does that really amount to the accomplishments of anyone else. Well Conny is also terrible. I'm on the Armin side of things, I'm not gonna explain why here because I did so already but he's my choice on the matter.
Wano_Cypress Jul 12, 11:01 AM
You never replied to my last message, maybe you didn't have a reply. No worries if you didn't.
Blinele Jul 8, 9:20 AM
I was the same at first with Baka to test, I didn't understand those chibi avatars but then I just went with the flow and really enjoyed it. I loved the absurd humor of the series. When the protagonists challenge class A and it seems they are going to win but then the "leader" (I don't remember the names xD) happens to be as stupid as the rest of the class. Then they get boxes instead of tables... I want to watch it again hahaha

Btw, where is that gif from? Because the actress seems familiar, but I don't remember where I saw her n_nU

OK, so now this is a competition...

Some were 12 and most were 24. I admit watching two anime with 70+ episodes is quite impressive. Oh! I also watched Kimi ni Todoke and Lovely Complex during that binge watching period and though I liked more the second Kimi ni Todoke was nice too. I watched Ore Monogatari while it was airing. I like the way you choose anime haha
I know this is much less than 800 episodes, but I watched until the straw hats leave Water 7 in order to fight the CP9 (which are like 300 episodes) in two weeks. While I was in high school. I mean, not while I was literally there. I watched One Piece in the afternoons xD This is just an anecdote but I never thought I would watch One Piece. My mum never let me watching it because they were always screaming (which is actually true), but this day I turned on the TV and it was running. I didn't know what was happening but I laughed a lot and that's how I decided to begin watching One Piece. If you want to know, the episode I caught was this where Usopp makes a big big firework. I just searched for it and it's episode 134, in case you're curious.

That's what normally happens with this kind of story. I hate what the author has done to Norman. He was my favourite at the beginning and I've been sure he was alive since the first moment, but now he's the "villain". I would rather he wasn't alive. I don't like he doesn't listen to reason and he just wants to kill the demons. That's not the Norman I used to ship with Emma :( I don't ship them anymore. We'll see which new promise Emma makes.

Speaking about toilets, your normal everyday conversation hahaha Although 70% of my conversations with my friends end up in us wanting to burn something, so I'm used to weird conversations.
Actually, I'm not sure what you mean by "butt button" D: I'm a little dense today, I guess so you'll have to inform me xD

I'm sure I've dropped too many shows too early and I might have liked them if I would continue but it's just that I don't feel motivated to watch/read something I'm not really enjoying. Last anime I dropped was Sakurasou no Pet. I only watched two or three episodes but I felt like slapping almost everyone, including the girl protagonist and I couldn't go on the show.

Then I got the opposite case, where an anime begins great but somewhere it goes off the course and it starts going downhill, but I continue watching it hoping it will improve and retake the right way, some plot twist or something, even though deep inside I know it won't happen.

I thought it was too easy. They beat the demon king and took the curse off too easily. It that would have been the actual ending I would have been disappointed. I suspected it wasn't the end because last year, on July or August, I read the author said it was going to finish in "around a year" so I think it will last 10 more episodes (more or less, I don't know xD)
Zeldoris deserves a happy ending too. I mean, he's a bad guy, but he wants to be with his love (I don't remember her name) and he helped Meliodas gathering the ten commandments because he promised him he'd help him! Another issue I can't remember if it's solved is Arthur's. Is he dead? Is he sleeping? I remember he stabbed himself with the sword, but did he die or Merlin put him to sleep while she found a cure?
To be honest, I had forgotten about Escanor until you mentioned him xD He's got his powers back, but he will die afterwards :( He's not in my top5 of favourite characters but I don't want him to die either!
And resuming Ban and Elaine's topic... GIVE BAN HIS IMMORTALITY AGAIN!! Maybe he will steal half immortality from Elaine so they both are half immortals?? (?) (I like to create stupid theories that will never happen)

I never understood why they come back to life and go the past so they can begin again? Nonsense
It's like Anohana. It is the saddest anime I've ever watched and it has a logical plot (leaving aside the fact that the girl is a ghost).

Have you read last chapter? I don't know what you're waiting for if you haven't xD
I loved the moment Yona was jealous but Hak didn't get it because he didn't understand what type of love she was talking about, but then he got enlighted.
I need them to be honest to each other. I need THAT moment when they start officially dating. I need them TO KISS.

"Anymore news on when or how long the next season of Haikyuu will be?" Uhm... I think there is a special of some kind on September, but there is no offical realease date yet or anything, so... no xD

I liked Kaguya more than I expected! I will read the manga at some point, I think. "It did miss stuff here and there" Yes, that's common. It would be too long if they put everything, although I'm sure no fan would complain xD
So... what do you think about the ending of tate no yuusha? Personally, I did not like that last episode. Can't see the reason they invented that. Or that kiss... total fanservice? I would have stopped after Bitch's punishment.

Oh!! I haven't watched Bakuman but I've got it on my plan to watch list. Do you recommend it?
I'm watching Kimetsu no Yaiba and Fruits Basket (but I have to catch up xD) And from this new season I'm watching Dr Stone, Danmachi 2, Enen no Shouboutai and Arifureta.
Choco22 Jul 2, 5:41 AM
LMAO "manga district and the boulder of patience" i cant xD...i watched that video 3 times already, its hilarious....hey if you "survived" as an anime only so far you may as well stay one until the end (in other words, suffer one more year xD)...and i think you miss interpreted because i never stated when "something" will happen...except when i told you that one of your favorites would look like a pirate (thats Hange now) but the guy in the video is right..the manga gets crazier with the introduction of civilization and a bunch of new characters...just a minor spoiler, there´s even a flashback that shows the backstory of Reiner and the others from his group (Annie and Berthold) that i find really interesting.
Wano_Cypress Jul 1, 8:24 AM
Girls, I assume you're either referring to Hange, Mikasa, Sasha, and/or Historia! Who's your favorite? Mikasa is AoT waifu. I'm honestly glad we finally recieved some concrete answers. The Basment reveal was honestly a little underwhelming but impactful all the same. I guess the constant waiting and teases got me hyped thinking it was gonna be this extravagant reveal. I can't be upset though since it was never implied it was gonna something huge. Knowing how the titans got created was some much needed information. I had a feeling the titans were created using humans from almost the start. Learning what happened to Grisha's sister was sad because she didn't want to go past the gate, she was sweet. Am I the only one who wished Mikasa had another amazing moment this season? If memory serves me right I don't remember Mikasa getting an awesome action scene. She took the back seat to the back seat this season. I don't know...
Wano_Cypress Jul 1, 7:26 AM
What'd you think about Attack on Titan Season 3 Pt. 2?
mymarie Jun 30, 8:25 PM
Choco22 Jun 30, 6:28 PM
True, instead of a fight, Levi vs Zeke was a total slaughter...i agree about Irwin...although i like Armin (the Shikamaru from AOT) i think that Irwin would be more useful...especially considering that i know what happens in the rest of the story, not gonna spoil anything but after seeing how Armin uses his Titan i wonder how would Irwin used it and if his version would be more effective.
Season 3 just ended and they are annoucing Season 4 as the Final Season...i find that weird considering that the manga is still ongoing and its montly...its true that in the manga they are pretty much in the final battle but there´s still a few things to solve...hope that they dont rush the ending..or maybe Season 4 will be split into 2 cours like Season 3 was (maybe 3 cours would be better).

World trigger huh?? really good anime and im now caught up with the manga...really hope they bring the anime back ´cause i really enjoyed it..there were a few complaints about the animation while it was airing..its made by Toei so no surprises but i really liked it...the only annoying thing about World Trigger is that its one of those shows were the MC is useless most of the time...Kuga should be the MC (or Jin xD)
About Hitman Reborn, im the one who recommended it right?.....sorry xD (while it also took me a bit to get into it i did enjoy the 2 final arcs, oh well...we dont always like the same stuff xD).

LOL, for me is out of context but that image (spoiler tag) its hilarious xD
Thats kind of the reason why i like Kenja no Mago...i do agree with people that say that its in a way average and generic but it has a good mixture of everything....nice comedy, cool fights and it even manage to have a sympathetic of the episodes was focused on his backstory...lets say something happen to him similar to what happen with Naofumi from Shield Hero (nice guy, wrongly accused of something) but unlike Naofumi this one went full Dark side....but because this is apparently one of those cases where im in the minority what i recommend is to watch the first episode and then this one i dont think that you even need the 3 episode rule, the first episode does give you a good idea about what type of series is going to be.

"You lost Luffy’s hat :O My sister accidentally bent one of Zoro’s swords (she has a Zoro). What is up with deforming One Piece figures. They were made to hurt us. "
Ever since my last comment i manage to break my Goku figurine too....i guess im not meant to have figurines xD..this one fell previously from the top of the stairs and it was ok, this time it fell from my desk and one of Goku´s arms broke...IM CURSED..SEND AN EXORCIST!!!!

"Like in the last episode of Monster everyone was out in the rain, and the next episode NO ONE had a cold. Can you believe, anime + rain = instantly bed ridden with a fever. This author must be insane. " the type of person to get a cold in rainy days EVEN IF I DONT GO OUTSIDE..its like the weather automatically gives me a cold even if i dont leave the animes they can almost drown in the rain and their health is still 5 stars...why dont we have this plot convenience in real life???

Well you probably realised by now that Polnareff is still alive...althoug i still think he is going to die ´cause his body is actually pleased that there were still more twists ´i thought that the 3 spoilers that i got were gonna ruin this for me but i didnt knew about Polnareff appearing or Narancia dying ...who knows whats more to come....Polnareff and Bruno are probably gonna die for good at the end im assuming...will Giorno, Mista and Trish be the only survivors or will we have more deaths..??..hope not...Mista is my favorite and Giorno and Trish seem that they can become a couple if they both live in the end...Part 3 have 3 deaths from the main group (Abdul, Kakyoin and the dog), PArt 4 didnt really have any..some Stand users were killed in Morioh but from the main group all lived...Part 5 already killed Abachio and Narancia, with Bucciarati possibly dying at the end..3 out 7 (besides Giorno, Trish and Mista im including Fugo) plus Polnareff came back to die to so..its enough, no more deaths please xD...i still dont understand why did Polnareff never tried to contact Jotaro...or vice versa.

So far no annoucenement for season 2 of Shield Hero...i really hope they dont cancel this one...Naofumi will have his own country apparently and more people working with him...and surprise surprise..there are more heroes from others worlds and it seems thay they will have to kill each other to protect their respective sucks that besides Naofumi the other 3 suck (it got to the point where it was frustating to watch them be useless)....about SLUT she will apparently stay as a "background villain" or something like that...but definitely a Team Rocket kind of villain now xD.

Recently a youtube channel that i follow (the Normies, they focused in doing reaction videos) started a gaming channel and Gears of War is one of the games that they stream...i liked the visuals, but if were to play one of those 2 i think that Nier Automata sounds more fun.

Yep it would make more sense if the new Hawkeye is the actual Kate Bishop from the comics instead of his daughter..maybe that scene was just a tease about the fact that a Female Hawkeye is coming...
Next Target: Spider Man: Far From gonna find you, and im gonna watch you...and then at the end of July there´s Comic Con when they will finally annouce their Phase 4 plans...cant wait.

Its that time again....New Anime Season is upon us:
So far there´s only 4 shows that i will definitely watch:
Debuts of Dr.Stone, Vinland Saga and Fire Force (never read the first 2 but they are popular as hell so i have to xD)..i did read a few chapters of Fire Force and its really cool...then i fell behind on the manga and put it on Hold...the 4º series is the sequel to Dungeon.

This 4 i will watch the first episode and then decide:
Kanata no Astra - synopsis seems interesting and the first episode is 40 minutes long..Re:Zero and Shield Hero taught me that when the first episode is longer...good stuff is coming...lets see.
Lord El-Melloi II Sei no Jikenbo: Rail Zeppelin Grace Note - apparently this is a spinoff of Fate a fan of the Fate franchise i have to check it xD.
Naka no Hito Genome - a friend recomended this one...apparently is somekind of survival game
Bem - synopsis got me interested

Aside from this the rest didnt really bring any bells besides Accelerator..but i still need to catch up with 2 seasons of Index and 2 of Railgun...i´ll eventually watch it.

Blinele Jun 26, 2:52 PM
Yup, you're there looking at the screen with poker face but screaming on the inside. Why isn't there an option of auto save?? Specially with the looong messages with gifs!
I don't even remember what we were talking about xD I should re-read the conversation, or the two last messages at least D:

Oh! So that's the reason of the picture hahaha Celebrating the manga caught up the anime! (normally it happens the other way round xD)
Yes, I watched it some years ago and I enjoyed it pretty much! But I found the end of the second season a bit disappointing... she just leaves and that's it? I guess there's an explanation and we'll know now the manga arrived at that part!!
You watched Baka to Test??!! I watched it some years ago too and reaaaaaally loved it!! Couldn't stop laughing x) It totally deserves a third season.

Only 6 in two months? I got to watch like 35 in three months! That was my top as anime watcher and I don't think I will ever beat that record xD
I caught up with Neverland like two weeks ago. I didn't like Yugo and Lucas died, but they were there to die, clearly. I even had an episode of anger when I knew Yugo's name because everybody had Spanish or English names (one of them is Pepe!! PEPE!!!) and he is named Yugo?? Not even Hugo, which is a very cool name!! OUTRAGE!! I know it sounds silly but I was expecting a very cool name and I got disappointed :(

About Grand Blue yes, I'm enjoying it a lot! I demand a second season! I need to see the chapters when they go to the festival in the all girls' university and they get thrown out. Or Iori's sister, or Iori's coworker (I don't remember her name)... I'm around chapter 40, so I will catch up soon.

Ah! I think I began the anime when it was airing, but I only watched like one or two episodes. Don't know why I didn't go on x)
Blinele Jun 25, 7:18 AM
Oh boy... I know the feeling, so I'll forgive you! It happened to me once I think? The laptop froze and it didn't respond no matter what, so I had to restart it and type the message again D:

Which series did you watch?? I'll gamble and say you watched Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai (for your avatar xD)
I have been reading Yakusoku and Grand Blue (I told you I'd read it eventually), but I'm not up to date yet D:
Blinele Jun 24, 9:06 AM
Hey hey!! I was taking a stroll through MAL and I thought about dropping me over here ^^

It's been a while since we last talk, innit? How have you been??
Wano_Cypress Jun 17, 3:56 PM
Hey! So, you can either wait until the series wraps up (which I wouldn't blame you for) or you can tell me now. So now that the series is coming to a close (or has ended if you chose to answer upon completion) what are your thoughts on Dororo?

PS: I'm gonna wait until the final episode to give my piece!