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MeiAckeele Apr 16, 12:18 PM
Black Clover anime ending is a big part of the reason I started it again now, for the precise reason I could just watch it whenever I wanted ;P But I definitely agree and still think Asta is annoying af at the start and it was super cliché. But already knowing that going in made it more tolerable and not having to wait a week helped a lot xD So how far away did the anime season end from where the manga is currently? Im at 150 of 170 now so I am almost there.

So did it go for the realistic type of ending rather than happy shounen ending and that’s why it’s getting the 50/50 reactions? It was never gonna be loved by everyone, but given the ride AoT has provided I will most likely enjoy it unless it completely bombs. And since I have already lost Sasha what do I have to lose *sad laughing while internally screaming*. There haven’t really been any endings that stick out to me now that I think about it in recent years. Besides the bad ones of course xD I don’t know if Im looking forward to it or dreading that there will be no more.
I know Levi has always been in your top 10 but Eren too? Is this a recent addition because of the ending? AoT has such good characters, I really am scared and maybe Ill be able to handle this delay till the final season just thinking ‘they are alive as long as I haven’t watched it yet.’

I wont deny the loud dudes that always wanna fight do have cool moments. But I cant really pin point what I like about some and not others, I think Inosuke has also had some pretty funny moments as opposed to Bakugo. But then Mereoleona hasn’t really been ‘funny’ yet I still like her :/ Who are your favourites in Black Clover btw? Im finding a common theme with Black Clover and Bleach being im a sucker for the captains. Yami, Mereoleona, Charlotte, Fuegoleon and Julius are pretty much my favourites in order and they all captains xD

I have not seen the Hobbit yet unfortunately. We watched them on Netflix and Hobbit wasn’t on it >.> But as expected I knew pretty much all the major plot points, but there were still some minor things I didn’t know and yet still some of the battles were sick to see. Golem was a lot more fun to watch in the movies, Legolas and Gimli’s rivalry was also more entertaining. There was still a lot I could get out of it despite having played the games first ^.^

I haven’t actually heard of Mashle: Magic and Muscles. And it being in on your list with Solo Leveling and Chainsaw Man very much has me curious now. Ill need to check it out.

So in reality, this remake of Shaman King is just Tao Ren’s trial. Now you just gonna be judging him each episode like ‘are you really deserving of number 1’ ;P So do you think it holds up now for someone that has seen a bunch of anime? I am considering watching it, but I am wondering if it is like Dragonball where I never really watched Dragonball as one of my first animes. So now I probably wouldn’t really like it without the nostalgia after having seen so much. YuYuHakusho is one I never got around to either, and the old animation doesn’t help >.< Everytime I consider it, I look at Hunter x Hunter and go ‘actually nevermind.’

I watched the first 3 episodes of Vivy and honestly loved it. So far Vivy has definitely given off the best first impression this season for me. I watched purely based on the fact it was made by WIT, but now you telling me it’s the Re:Zero author too?!?! Hell yeah.
None of the other new series have really jumped out at me like Vivy, but then it seems like I am watching the same as you but less. Maybe Ill give Shadows:House a try since I do also like Slice of Life and supernatural. I haven’t really started anything you haven’t mentioned besides sequels like Moriarty.

Hmmm honestly I don’t know how to feel about One Piece. This arc with Oden I thought was just another filler for ages until Whitebeard and Roger came into play xD Some of the events following specific characters I enjoy and some I find annoying. Like the episodes following Zoro and Momosuke’s sister I like. But then Nami and Shinobu I sigh haha. I do very much enjoy the animation but I am also still anxiously waiting for the WHOLE CREW TO COME TOGETHER AGAIN GOD DAMN IT!!! But then that isn’t the adaptation but the story ;P I remember you mentioning how Oda is planning something big but like, it has been so long. I just want my crew reunited man >.<
MeiAckeele Apr 11, 5:20 AM
I asked my friend about Black Clover again and was lie ‘did I say that….’ So yeah, his information probably isn’t too reliable xD But it seems he was right about Hero Academia at least haha. Speaking of Black Clover though, I decided to give it a second go. I remember pondering with you whether I would or not, and I did. I started from the start and have doubled where I initially dropped it and I love it now ^.^ I just finished the whole elf invasion arc and now the black bulls are off to prove Asta/Nero’s innocence and it has gotten way better. To be fair I started enjoying it before the initial point I dropped it even. It is definitely the type of series that is way more fun to binge then watch weekly. I remember getting annoyed that the fight with the beast man from the third eye lasted like months and now I can watch it all in one night ;P
My sister even owns some of the Before the Fall manga, so I do know of its existence but I haven’t read any yet. But if it doesn’t get an adaptation I will. Everything AoT related I wanted to leave to the anime, cause I even love the OVAs that aren’t part of the main series. I will read what doesn’t get an anime though.

Blood of Zeus I believe will be getting a second season this year (and it definitely needs one). While watching it though I did think it would be the type of series you would enjoy if you have time. As much as I am excited for season 2 though I am way more hyped for Castelvania 4 though ;P

So with AoT I gotta stick to my stubborn stance and proclaim I will remain faithful to the anime! It will be hard, it will be very hard >.< I am very much the impatient type, but I am even more stubborn and I swear I would stick to the anime and I intend to go through with it ;P So is there anyway you can give your thoughts on the ending without spoiling it or is that too dangerous.
But I cant believe the amount of things they left up in the air, I get this isn’t technically a season finale since its ‘part 1’…. But like…. CMON. Cant see a Levi on the ground and his arm twitch’s. Or the pregnant titan dropping Zeke off somewhere. Like… this wait is gonna suck ;_;

So your Choco’s Corner of Re:Zero answers was helpful :D Thanks, like I must have missed the part where Puck’s contract was supressing her memories. But there were still some iffy bits for me. Such as the sanctuary being made to protect half human half beast people. I get that, but I felt like there was more to it that I didn’t understand. Like on the surface level that was why they made the sanctuary but there was like an underground or hidden reason that went over my head. Or was I just leading myself to believe something that wasn’t there >.<
”the thing about Re:Zero is that everytime it answers something it also brings more questions”
I do love these types of shows, that is why Higurashi will always be one of my favourites. (Now when I say that I mean the first 2 seasons, I treat everything after that just spin offs to see more of the characters including the just finished season and the coming one.) But I guess in this case it wasn’t enough to trump the AoT juggernaut this season haha.
I figured you would like Garfiel, I thought if I shit talked enough you would come to his defence ;P He is the Bakugo of Re:Zero and I know you like Bakugo. While watching Black Clover now it got me thinking actually, I usually don’t like the type of guys that are always angry and wanting to fight like Bakugo and Garfiel… yet Mereoleona is one of my favourites from Black Clover. And she is basically the same :/ Maybe I just don’t like that trait in guys but do in girls. But then I like Inosuke in Demon Slayer so I don’t know xD

I don’t plan to read JKaisen. Its on the list of big name shounen that I will stick to anime only cause it is successful enough that will probably all get animated and the animation is great. Ill read it if it doesn’t get a full length adaptation but I doubt that’ll happen.
Useless Miwa gives me Sasha vibes too ;_;

Like WandaVision I have heard only good things, damn Marvel :D And also like WV I still haven’t started it. After the star wars marathon I moved onto Black Clover and my family still haven’t started WV so who knows when we will start. But funnily enough after I told you about having not seen Lord of the Rings, my family asks ‘Hey wanna watch the trilogy’ so now I FINALLY have seen it. So WandaVision and F&WS aren’t a lost cause yet.

” hey defeated the Demon King and Meliodas got back to his seemed like he was the only bad guy left but there are still 12 more episodes and a movie”

Haha, yep. Around this time is when I first started saying ‘it feels like its ending’. There are still some loose ends that need to be tied up so it was understandable it still some chapters to go. And there is a moment that legit feels like a straight up ending…. BUT then it keeps going xD

Idk about there being more crazy characters in future diary. In general they were all pretty nuts but I would put Uryuu Minene second only to maybe Yuno…. But I still like Minene more :D
For guys like I mentioned early im not a fan of the ‘brute force, I wanna fight everything’ characters… but Idk if I really have a type I do like. My favourite type are the mysterious ones that everyone relies on but you don’t actually see them do anything for a while. Like they are the easy going chill dudes you would think is a push over but everyone respects for some reason and you dont actually see their power till later. That is why Urahara Kisuke is my all time favourite dude, and another perfect example is Xerxes Break from Pandora Hearts but I don’t think you would know him. In that sense Satoru Gojou from JKaisen is really my type of guy and he would be my favourite if I didn’t like Miwa more. But I cant think of too many other instances of this sort of character.

Ofc Chainsaw Man is on your radar, for good reason. Sounds like you don’t need convincing but it is one of my newly top 10 series and I don’t change my favourites often. Funnily enough the last time I changed my favourites was when I added Solo Leveling ^.^ So you wont need convincing for that either. But Solo Leveling is easily the series I look forward to updates weekly the most. It takes a bit for the momentum to build at the start but rn every chapter is hype af. Definitely be keen for Chainsaw Man and Solo Leveling whenever that is.

Shaman King literally all I know is that a character from it has been your #1 ever since I added you and that has me curious ;P Besides that I have absolutely no knowledge about it.
Sequel wise im watching Hero Academia, Megalo Box, Zombieland Saga and Yuukoku no Moriarty.
Of the ones recommended to you I have had the exact same ones recommened to me except Subarashiki Kono Sekai The Animation. 86, Tokyo Revengers, Fumetsu no Anata e Ive heard good things and will give a try. Besides them honestly I hadn’t really looked into anything else. Really the only one outside of the ones Ive previously mentioned that I was thinking about was Vivy: Fluorite Eye's Song and that’s purely because it was animated by WIT. I know you aren’t much for studios but surely even you know they did AoT (until the final season) and Vinland Saga so their presence alone makes me interested in this. Although I haven’t started it yet and I see there are multiple episodes out already.
Would you recommend any of those ones you started? Ive got a rather smaller list than I usually have for other seasons. But then maybe that is a good thing and gives me more time to catch up on black clover ;P
Yixxing Apr 4, 3:27 PM
olha... é da maneira que treino o meu japones enferrujado xD
Yixxing Apr 4, 10:03 AM
serio? Eu vi kenshin lá e tinha em ingles
Yixxing Apr 2, 11:21 AM
Eu vou ver agora, tambem vejo no gogo xD
é sacar um vpnzinho e ver tmb na japonesa depois xD

eu espero que sim, esperei anos por isto *-*
Yixxing Apr 1, 8:24 AM
Sim, mal posso esperar, ainda nao encontro em nenhum sitio traduzido :/
Vai ter 52 episodios tho... espero que de para adaptar bem visto que o manga tem quase 290 capitulos.
Eu reli o manga todo enquanto esperava e por acaso a partir de certa altura fica bem diferente do anime, até acabam de maneira diferente. Mas é normal visto que o anime comecou em 2001 e acabou em 2002 e o manga foi de 1998 a 2004.

Mas estou com muito hype
Yixxing Apr 1, 6:45 AM
Ren Tao no top muito bem :o
( e desculpa chatear so gosto de ver fas de SK em PT)
MeiAckeele Mar 29, 12:28 AM
WTF PLACE IS THAT TO END A SEASON!?!?!?! If that were an episode cliff hanger fine but now I gotta wait till next year!!!!! I dont even know if Levi is ok what the actual **********************! Jean be hinting at that Eren isnt just being a straight up dick which gives me hope about his character at least. And Yelena popping one into the skull of the dude that be shit talking Sasha may be the most satisfying moment this season. But I cant think of a worse cliff hanger I have ever had to endure as a season finale from any series I have seen.
MeiAckeele Mar 24, 11:16 PM
Oh so Gleipnir is already finishing? I heard from a friend that Black Clover and Hero Academia are in their final arcs, AoT is finishing in April and Horimiya just ended last week. Damn a lot of things are ending ;_; But I still intend on reading Gleipnir, maybe it’ll be good to wait until it does completely end then I can just binge it. Can you tell me when it ends?
This star wars marathon we have been on has been pretty time consuming but fun hey :D But since its temporally done until the new ones come out, I just watched all of Blood of Zeus on Netflix (not that long, only 8 episodes). But if you haven’t seen it, it has a Castlevania feel of a more mature/violent cartoon of human struggle against demons. I would still definitely say I like castlevania more but I think you would like Blood of Zeus…. If you are looking for something.
If you are looking for my insight I would definitely vote on Tower of God over J.Kaisen ;P But you were probably expecting that and still riding the J.Kaisen hype so you do you haha.

Bro what is Dark Yeagar doing!?!?! Like, wtf Eren. I am here praying he doing a Lelouch where he is intentionally pushing away his closest friends at the climax of the series to keep them safe from the chaos he about to drop. Cause if he is just straight up being a dick to Mikasa in Armin now, you cant be that cold outta nowhere after 3 seasons of being bff’s. In saying that and how furious I am at Eren right now, I found this image pretty god damn hilarious
And fuck, the ending of that last episode :O Because it is Attack on Titan I am still genuinely worried for Levi cause he doesn’t have plot armour, he is just simply bad ass. And that is why I love AoT. If Gabi was in the exact same situation I am sure a bird would fall out of the sky randomly and happen to block the explosion or some shit….. fuck Gabi >.> How does this only have 1 episode left though, any more news on a sequel move/season?
The AoT spoilers out there are actually the worst, it should be considered a war crime to use panel scenes as display pictures or blatantly just say what happens. Like, wtf… I may possibly hate people like that more than Gabi (still pretty close though).

Haha well it is hard to compare a series you have already read to something completely new. Since for me AoT and Re0 are both new, I definitely have AoT higher. I will also say that with Re0 I have loved each season except there is always a ‘but’. Like season 1 I loved the first 3/4 BUT wasn’t a fan of the whale arc. Season 2 Part 1 I loved Echidna’s introduction BUT it did essentially feel like a setup season since the major stuff would be in Part 2. And now with the conclusion of Season 2 Part 2, I loved the emotion and reveals of points like Emilia’s past and such, but I found it a bit too confusing and some episodes concentrated on characters I don’t really care to much for. Like I have expressed im not a fan of Garfiel so episodes he heavily influenced were a bit annoying. And while I like when a series is not straight forward (my favourite genre is horror/mystery), there are still things I think I am supposed to get by now that I still don’t really. Like why Echidna is a vegetable (but by Roswal’s conversation at the end of the last episode sounds like she not dead :D ), why puck left/came back/left again, still not entirely sure why the sanctuary was established in the first place, why Roswal was attacking his mansion. I do have a basic understanding of all these, like Roswal’s attacks were to motivate Subaru… but why? And there is still more stuff like the witch stuff and Satella. Is Satella like the accumulation of all the Emilia’s from timelines where Subaru died and she went insane? Some of my questions may come up later which I am fine with, but some of them were probably already answered and I just didn’t entirely get. I have more but I think I have already made this section too long (Im sorry).
Another problem I have is I know the meme is Subaru suffering, but really he gets out of each arc with the best possible outcome. Like he hasn’t lost anyone yet, the closest loss he has had is Rem being a vegetable…. But we all know that isn’t gonna last. This is probably coming from a place that loves Elsa and hates Garfiel, but I would have loved to see Elsa kill Garfiel and Subaru decide if this timeline is worth continuing and ultimately sacrifice someone to get his happy ending. They were close with Ram but of course even she is fine and I wasn’t even really worried. I still want the thrill of ‘is that person dead dead or will Subaru reset’ and not ‘oh that person died, this timeline is definitely resetting.’ Anyway I do still love Re0 by the way, these are just my nit picks.

So Toudou is your favourite in JKaisen, not a Gojou simp like the rest… respect ;P I on the other hand do very much like Gojou, but he isn’t my favourite either. Can you guess mine? After you make your guess, here is the result

God damn that is way more star wars content then I would have ever guessed :O I don’t know if I will keep up with all of them, some like Andor and Rangers of the New Republic I am leave for a bit to hear if they are good. But ones like Obi-Wan Kenobi and Mandalorian S3 you know I will be on top of :D

How was the start of Falcon and Winter Soldier? Despite my family showing interest in WanderVision there has been no attempt to start it yet >.> Falcon and Winter Soldier I was more interested in from the start since I really like Winter Soldier, but I guess I should wait and see if they wanna see that with me too.

Wow that really sucks to hear, surprised you haven’t converted to the Nanatsu manga ;P Yeah I really do love the story until the end, except for the end dragging on for a bit. Maybe the season will end where I originally thought the manga would end… and then the movie will be all the stuff that stretched it out xD Really wonder why they cheaped out on the anime though, season 1 and 2 were great… a real shame.

So I have a confirmed death of a favourite from each of my big sequels, and now Echidna is lingering in Limbo… and while people try to be discrete from what I am hearing and seeing in the anime I really have low expectations of Hange surviving (obviously don’t confirm that). Why are all my favourites doomed. You know the crazy chick doesn’t have to die. The only series I can think of that doesn’t kill the psychotic evil girl is Future Diary. Uryuu Minene was like the most blood thirsy of everyone in the death game, and she was the only survivor besides the main character. If I were to ever write a series you know she will survive.
And while I know you don’t watch slime, it had the best reaction to the death. Like I mentioned, the mains you don’t really worry about in slime usually. So when the protagonist found out about her death… well Ill just say right now he is literally going on a 10000+ killing spree. He initially had one of those ‘don’t kill people’ policy that MC’s in shounens always have, but now he is going on a freaking rampage and I love it. Im still waiting for Nicolo to shank Gabi with a broken wine bottle.

Im glad you liked Jobless, so now Ill give you another big name suggestion you will probably watch anyway cause it will be hyped up. But Chainsaw man should be amazing. It is currently my favourite manga waiting to receive an adaption and it will be made by the studio that is currently doing JKaisen and AoT so you know they wont cheap out on a Nanatsu S3 adaption. Chainsaw man I liked a lot, would definitely recommend.
Speaking of series to come (despite Chainsaw Man not being in the next batch of seasonals), what do you intend on watching next season?
MeiAckeele Mar 7, 4:07 AM
Wasn’t Gleipnir only just further than the anime? Nana had double the amount of chapters left so I think there is enough content for a season 2, its just a question of if it will actually get it or not.
So have you been on a kinda reading hiatus because of work or have you been reading something else besides tower of god?

Oh you bet I watched Gigguk’s AoT in 9 minutes, I don’t miss any of his videos ;P I wish he did more Anime in minutes, he has only done 5 from memory? AoT, Re:Zero, Sao, Tokyo Ghoul and Darling in the FranxX (I didn’t look this up, so I have either impressed myself or embarrassed myself xD ).
I’ve heard a lot of speculation about AoT getting a movie rather than another season, but that is just speculation.
So of the recent episodes I honestly don’t know how to feel. I get Eren’s changes from what he has been through and have even said how I like this Eren more…. But bombing Zachery!?!?! And essentially turning Mikasa and Armin against him, wtf are you doing bro. I get why the scouts imprisoned him, I get the riots from the public and some scouts for wanting to release him… but fuck I feel bombing their leader was a bit too far. And I am very worried about where the relationship between Eren and his friends is going, if he is willing to kill their leader… I will retract my statement about liking this new Eren if he ends up killing any of them.
Ok so after episode 13, not gonna lie Im pretty pissed. One of the reasons I love AoT is because I never felt like it had plot armour. Yes I was never particularly worried about Eren, but that was cause the enemies objective was to always capture him. The normal titans didnt pose much of a threat to him after he became a shifter... and then I was always worried about every other character. I realise this is coming from someone with a pretty big 'murder Gabi' boner ;P but dear lord I feel her plot armour is getting to the point it actually irritates me. People are actively trying to kill her so much and they are always missing, hesitating cause she a kid or she is being saved by someone else. Her not getting shot when she ran into deadman's land in episode 1, not getting crushed by debris at the declaration of war, Jean missing her on the blimp, now flaco taking the wine glass and Mikasa stopping the blonde girls stab!!!!! Its forgivable to a point to establish her rage and suffering but omg. Sorry if Im ranting a bit here but all this convenience just makes me feel so sure she is gonna survive to the end and that is what REALLY pisses me off.... last of us 2 all over again. And in making that comparison I just realised how similar those names are, Gabi and Abby. May be spelt different but the 'G' is the only difference in pronunciation. Dont think I can ever like a name like that again xD

I haven’t watched Neverland since the ‘revelation’ Norman is alive. I went camping for a week and got even further behind on all my shows and catching up on neverland is a lower priority compared to all the others ;P So is it essentially going back to the manga now but just skipped Goldy Pond?
Oh Rudeus in Jobless is 100% a perv, but I am fine with it. He may have the mind of an adult, but he is a kid now. It would be weird if he was trying to get with people his mental age instead xD As you said it is also fiction, and Im not gonna get mad over any ‘political’ issues over fiction. Ill get mad if something like my Favourite character gets shot in a blimp by a kamikaze kid >.< But idc about anything that would be considered ‘offensive’ in real life if its fiction. Im actually really surprised about the end of episode 8 as I thought what is happening now would be the season finale. Since it has a confirmed season 2 I thought this season would end on the cliff hanger of what is about to happen. I don’t think it skipped anything, but I thought this season would be the build up to this event and the next season would start it… I have miscalculated and now Im not sure where the season will end :/
Its funny cause whenever a friend asks me what my favourite of the season is I will answer like Horimiya or Jobless and they will be like ‘oh it isn’t AoT’. Im trying to answer in the sense of ‘besides AoT this is my favourite’… cause how could AoT not be my favourite xD This is a really good season though and for me the stand outs I look forward to each week (besides AoT and Re0 ;P ) are Horimiya, Jobless, Slime and Wonder Egg Priority.

You are blowing my mind wtf :O Rex in Live Action and Obi Wan/Asohka series. Wtf!?!?! I am really behind the news, I was only aware of Bad Batch and Boba Fett ^.^ I would guess Rex would be in Asohka’s if anything.
I finished Rebels and my opinion didn’t really change from my last comment. By the end there were moments I did enjoy and im glad I watched it, like Kanan’s death I think was done really well. But I just didn’t really connect with any characters, like before Kanan’s death and they were like confessing to each other…. I just laughed to myself cause I was like ‘lol, I thought they were already married.’ I can remember more names of random clones from clone wars than I can of the main cast from rebels >.< Im not trying to shit on the show, I just think I paid attention more with clone wars and my have unintentionally day dreamed more through rebels :/
Oh I have watched Mandalorian, Asohka’s appearance in that is what reminded me to revisit Clone Wars :D Unless you are suggesting a rewatch it again haha. Star Wars wise I think I am up to date on almost everything you listed last time besides Fallen Order which I haven’t gotten around to get because Persona 5 Strikers just came out so Fallen Order has been pushed back a bit xD Have you started it yet?

Oh you know me, and you know I love my messed up ^.^ So how was WandaVision as a whole? Does it end or does it leave it open for another season? We still haven’t started it yet, always fun trying to watch a series as a family when someone is always doing something.

I heard there was avatar news but nothing specific. Do you know if its like Last Airbender Book 4, Legend of Korra Book 5, Rise of Kiyoshi, something completely new?!?! I am very excited about this, just as we theorising about Avatar stuff before too ^.^

Oh and this was something I kept meaning to ask but kept forgetting. How is this season of Nanatsu, I haven’t started it yet. Did they decide they actually wanna animate this one or are they sticking with the powerpoint presentation?

This season is god damn brutal. We been saying how this season of anime is great, which it is.... but it be killing all my favourite characters holy crap. In the big sequels AoT, Re0 and Slime I have pretty much 2 favourite characters. This season alone, 1 of my 2 favourites has been killed in each of them. Its like the cost for a good season of anime is 1 waifu sacrifice from each big name >.< Slime hadnt killed anyone, it was the type of show you didnt really fear for the characters and enjoyed it for different aspects, then it goes a drops a bombshell by murdering my second favourite character. You know how much I love my crazy bitches and now Elsa goes and gets crushed when she coulda won the fight but her sister fucked it. Plus I dont like Garfiel and am annoyed he thinks he won when Elsa totally had him!! And obviously you know this is the gonna be the reality that continues so good bye the antagonist of my favourite arc in season 1 ;_; (Btw Echidna is my favourite in Re0 and Elsa is second). And you already know about Sasha. Sasha is still by far the biggest loss but im still sad about these other 2 :( So yeah, I just needed to vent >.>
MeiAckeele Feb 21, 10:49 PM
I figured just retiring or whatever would be the reason all the original team was gone but wasn’t sure if it was covered or brought up in conversation that I just missed. It woulda been cool if most of the original team was there then we would at least somewhat know them when they get confronted in season 3.

So I didn’t end up sticking to my plan and have started reading T.Nana. Im just conintuing from the anime ending and only just started but looking at the chapter count it looks like there is already enough content for a season 2 >.< Literally only just though, the anime ended on chapter 28 and there are 58 out so mathematically we got enough for another season with 2 chapters left over ;P (I know that’s not how it realistically works… but still you would think there probably is enough for another season.)
I wouldn’t read Jujutsu Kaisen. Just like Demon Slayer and Hero Academia im happy for this to be a shounen I stick to as anime only as most of the enjoyment I get out of them is from the gorgeous animation.
What are you up to in Tower of God? Apparently Ive been told it might be finally getting off of hiatus soon.

I would love to theorise about this ‘bitter sweet ending’ with you but…. Yeah you know why I cant xD
I do hate on Gabi but it honestly isn’t just cause of the Sasha incident. She is supposed to be reflecting early Eren right? I never really liked early Eren >.> Before this final season started I had my favourites section as my top 10 Attack on Titan characters and Eren didn’t even make my top 10. I really like this current Eren but Gabi is just the early Eren I didn’t even really like… but then she also killed Sasha -_- Plus what was she hoping to actually achieve, she was so mad she just went on a suicide mission where realistically she would accomplish nothing and die. Which I could understand if that is what happened, but now instead she kills my favourite character and I bet she will just escape.
I do appreciate how much love Sasha is being given though and especially from Connie. I liked Connie but I always saw him as just an accessory to Sasha, like he would just be there to add to her shenanigans. And he is 100% acknowledging that by calling her his twin and seeing how hard this is hitting him ;_; That episode last week with there terrified expressions at calling eachother idiots xD

Being honest I wasn’t a fan of Goldy Pond not because I thought it was bad. In any other series I would actually really like that kinda survival game. But I liked Neverland for the mind games in the orphanage with Mum, and when you weren’t sure if Yuugo was good or not. Goldy Pond was kinda the sign post signalling it is no longer a mind games horror/mystery and more of a survival/death game. I like my survival death games, I was just disappointed at the turn the series took. Lewis coming back at the end and being good for absolutely no reason also has tainted my view on him as a character and I get annoyed thinking about him now >.< I haven’t seen the latest episode cause Im still behind on some series so I cant comment on more of the changes the anime has made yet but it seems like no matter Neverland will just never stick the landing ;P

You’re speaking as someone in a relationship for 4 years, im speaking as someone not in a relationship… we can both agree cheating is fucked xD As much as I like Jojo’s, of all the 5 parts I have seen the one thing that bothers me most is that part 4 is based on Joseph’s love child. Don’t get me wrong I like Josuke, but I hate thinking that that part only happened cause Joseph (my favourite jojo btw) cheated on his wife.
I was actually dreading seeing episode 4 of Jobless knowing that it was gonna happen. After seeing it again it wasn’t as bad I remember in the sense it doesn’t last long and is resolved in a rather civilised way. But I did really enjoy the happy childhood we get to see here instead of the cliché ‘my parents are dead.’ And even if they go back to being happy, cheating is not something I get over easily >.> As someone not in a relationship I can’t fathom doing something that could jeopardise it.
But other than that this is a great series and potentially my favourite of this season (besides AoT of course). And it already has a confirmed season 2 which is so good.
Hearing Dio in other anime is always hilarious. He is a great voice actor but once you get a role like Dio that is memed this hard, you cant hear him as anyone else :D

I have finished Clone Wars aswell now and I absolutely loved the ending. Here I am preparing for Rex to die cause I haven’t seen him in anything else, and he is one of the only clone troopers to survive :) And that ending was so emotional, no dialogue for like 5 minutes with Asohka burying her men with her facepaint on their helmets and then a vader cameo. I really like what they did with the clones and had some really stand out so Im actually sad at their deaths, like seeing Jesse’s helmet in the center of the graveyard at the end hit hard.
I still don’t know how I feel about Maul, at the end of clone wars I liked him but he felt like he changed again. At his initial revival like I originally said he was just a trash talking gamer that spout bull shit while fighting, now he is like all philosophical and calm and cunning and Idk what this dudes angle is xD I didn’t like Asohka at first either but I definitely do now. Although Obi Wan has always been my favourite from star wars and now Rex is up there too.
I wasn’t planning on watching Rebels at first but after clone wars I decided to give it a shot and honestly im not really a fan. Im about halfway through season 3 now and the only parts I really like are the cameos from clones wars like Rex/Asohka/Maul/Vader. I don’t particularly care for the new cast and it kinda just feels more childish if you know what I mean? I don’t hate it and Ill definitely finish it but compared to clone wars it feels like a step down in my opinion. What do you think?
And now I am very keen for Bad Batch cause I quite liked there short appearance in Clone Wars and I was stoked that not only Rex lived but Echo too. Of those recruits I remember when I initially stopped that Fives was the only survivor. Now I find out Fives dies and Echo is the only survivor (Rip Fives, his death was so sad knowing he was right but that since order 66 still happens he is doomed… but his sacrifice is what ends up saving Rex).
No I actually haven’t been watching WandaVision… honestly I didn’t intend on watching it cause while I love the MCU Wander and Vision were pretty meh characters to me and the whole black and white aesthetic to mimic olden tv didn’t appeal to me. But then I have only heard good things and how great it is and my family wanna give it a try so we probably will end up watching it. But since it might be a family thing that also might mean we will be slow to catch up >.>
MeiAckeele Feb 8, 2:39 AM
Unfortunately I don’t have any friends playing avengers :/ Too bad too since I got the PS5 and could get the spiderman DLC. You got a PS5?

Su Mucheng has slowly kinda gotten development throughout both seasons and the movie so maybe she wont be a main in 3 but they will just focus on the team in general ;P BTW this is something I was wondering that idk if I missed or just wasn’t addressed. But what did happen to the original team in the movie, cause they aren’t the team shown in season 1 and 2 and who they will be going against in 3 right?

Just as an example, that face can accurately dictate who my favourite cell in cells at work is.

Yes I am definitely considering reading Nana. I already have a bit of a list of what I want to read and right now it is Sweet Home. I’ve added Nana to that list so if it doesn’t get an adaptation by the time I get around to it I will read it. What about you?

I can understand where your worry is coming from, and I obviously cant speak on how much it has left to conclude… but just given how good it has been I don’t think it would end badly. Like in my experience of bad manga endings it is usually a slow burn of just going downhill until it crashes. It isn’t usually great until 3 chapters before hand and then suddenly tanks.
“Don’t worry… no one else will die in AOT”…. As I am writing this response after watching Sasha’s funeral ;_; Oh MAN am I sad. When Sasha was introduced this season, she be killing people near Gabi as Gabi stares her down and picks up a gun. Foreshadowing I was EXTREMELY aware of and just praying it was my mind overreacting. Then episode 8 be called ‘assassination bullet’ as Gabi talking about ‘that girl that killed the guards’…. Then she chancing down the blimp with the gun as Sasha be sitting next to the door. Then she gets the ‘I love you guys’ hug from Connie and Im just counting all these death flags on my fingers while reaching for a pillow to cover my eyes and just praying that nothing bad happens. AHHHHHHH I love AoT cause it doesn’t fuck around like 99% of other shounen, but man in that blimp filled with people it had to be SASHA that Gabi shot. And whats worse is that she is most likely gonna get away with this ’SUICIDE’ mission. Sighhhhhhhhh, the only solace I find in this is that the characters actually care. Is Sasha was treated like just another casualty I woulda been 100x more pissed than I already am. But Mikasa sprints into the room as soon as she heard, drastically giving CPR then being all sad at her tomb stone last episode. Even the new solemn and cold Eren clearly cared.
I do still have Hange, but Im not gonna be happy that I still have one cause I still lost one :( Although if I do lose Hange as well I don’t know if I will be able to recover.

So what do you think about the P.Neverland going on an anime only route? Tbh Im not really mad cause it is changing just before I started losing interest in P.Neverland. I would have liked the meeting with Yuugo and him trying to get rid of them to still have happened, but still I am not that bothered. I am interested to see what direction it is going in now.

So the thing about the Cyberpunk patch is that it fixed my problem, but the fix only applied at an earlier point in the game than I was. So I had to load a save 5 hours back and replay everything to the same point but this time the character will be there :/ So that is annoying.
I do plan to watch Lord of the Rings, but you know how it is ;P Knowing the entire plot of something does make it difficult to watch cause you feel like you already know everything. Like it took me ages to watch Death Note cause I knew L died. But then when I finally did I still loved it. So I am sure when I actually watch LotR I will discover new things and love it, but since I just know so much it is lower on the priority list.

I am actually enjoying Healer a lot not gonna lie. A revenge story where the good guy is acting like the bad guy but is still technically the good guy cause you don’t feel bad for the bad guys at all after seeing what they did to the good guy >.< (enjoy that sentence).
Jobless is refreshing cause basically everything we are seeing now is like the flashback you would get in any other series that would be painfully slowly fragmented over the entire story. I also really liked the family dynamic (despite the cheating part). It is also really building up how he becomes overpowered instead of just starting that way. I mean, he is born overpowered but he actually has to train and learn how to use his broken abilities and at this point he can still be taken out by average people who are just older and stronger.
Hmmm, trying to get me to watch a sport one huh xD Idk, they usually really aren’t for me. But ‘funny as hell’ has somewhat piqued my interest. Im also giving One Outs a try atm that people say you can enjoy even if you aren’t into sport anime. So I may be willing to give it a go. But I also am watching so many series atm I am falling behind a bit. Once I catch up on everything I will try the first episode.

I just finished season 4 of clone wars so I think I am basically at where I was when I stopped. If you are finished what did you think? So far I think my only real complaint is actually what I am up to right now. Darth Maul has just come back, and while I am fine with him surviving I feel like his character has changed. From what I remember (cause its been a while), didn’t Darth Maul like not talk at all in the movie. My impression was he was the silent/impatient type, but in the last episode I watched he was talking mad trash while fighting Obi Wan anytime that clashed light sabers >.>
Apart from that I have been really enjoying it. And you saying the last episodes connect to the ‘order 66’ moment has got me hella excited.
I don’t think I will catch up on all of those, but I have some. I have the Fallen Order game that I haven’t played yet but intend to soon actually. I’m playing the new horror game ‘The Medium’ right now and was thinking Fallen Order next.
MeiAckeele Feb 1, 5:56 AM
Well.... I am depressed and I'm sure you know why
MeiAckeele Jan 23, 6:25 AM
Nah the Marvel Avengers game was a roller coaster of whether I would get it or not. At first, like with all TV/Movie games I was just not gonna get it. Then I saw gameplay and it looked cool, then I heard a bunch of bad stuff and that the player count dropped 96% or something crazy like that. Ive seen some streamer play some missions and I think Ill leave that one as just watching others rather than playing. Does that mean you played it?

You know, I never actually thought of combining elements :O And now that you mention it I cant believe I never thought of it. They always evolving elements like earth to metal. But combining them, and that is such a common thing in games and I never even considered it xD That would be so cool, you got me excited now >.<

Im not really a E-Sports fan either, I play League of Legends and I like to watch highlights of tournaments but never really the full actual tournament. I would definitely like to see Su Mucheng become more of a main character, but I don’t like how much Tang Rou was sidelined… she was basically not in the second season at all. Make Su main but don’t sacrifice Tang Rou and Boss ;P

But ofc my favourite was the most psycho :D A classic give away of who is usually my favourite character is this face
When they got that hint of crazy in their eye, have one hand on the face and say ‘ara ara’… you can just assume they are my favourite. This isn’t always the case ofc, I can like other characters more based on personality/their actions etc…. but that face gives them a massive advantage xD
The mind games weren’t to the same level of L and Kira, but the similarities were definitely there and it made for a fun and unique anime.
My favourites tend to be the series that feel most different/unique. Like Jujutsu Kaisen is fun and easy to watch, episodes feel like they go by quickly and there isn’t much to dislike. But because it also kinda feels just like ‘another shounen’… I don’t think I even considered it to be my favourite of the season despite still liking it a lot. Whereas Akudama Drive and Nana definitely borrowed elements from other series and comparisons can be made, but they still were ultimately very different unlike Jujutsu which you could just say is the 2020 version of Demon Slayer ;P

I obviously try to steer clear of AoT related stuff on the internet, but a lot of opinions I have heard is this is on track to being one of the best endings in recent years for manga. This ofc could just be AoT fanboys and since I actively try to avoid news I am not getting a good sample size. I doubt it’s going the GoT route at least from what I have heard. I didn’t read Haikyuu or Food Wars but I have heard similar opinions to how you feel being the more common opinions. Neverland I honestly didn’t like at all. What this season of the anime covers I think is gonna be the last of what I enjoy about Neverland. Ill probably stop watching after this season, it just went downhill for me from Lewis’s little death game.
After that last episode of AoT, once again I am thrilled to see my girl Sasha in action. But ofc Gabi sees Sasha shoot someone, then she stares her down and picks up a gun… meaning what I can only see as foreshadowing for Gabi killing Sasha and Im sweating buckets >.< Levi and Mikasa ofc get Badass entrances and AoT I think is the only show recently that always has me dying to see the next one with anticipation but also I don’t wanna see it and live in blissful ignorance with my favourites all alive and well >.<

I do remember playing a Harry Potter game vividly at my friends place. But I have no idea which one it was, and I barely remember anything about it. I do remember having fun but at that age Im pretty sure I found absolutely every game fun so ;P The trailer for this one does look cool though and if it doesn’t follow the movies like you say that’ll be even better.
Cyberpunk Ive had a lot of fun with, and apparently the patch I need literally came out today, whether it actually fixes my problem or not though is an entirely different matter.
Speaking of games from a known franchise though, the game that made me want a console in the first place was Lord of the Rings: Return of the King. I used to go to a friends place solely to play that game, I absolutely loved it and still remember it well. Im gonna tell you something that a lot of people are shocked by… I haven’t seen the LotR movies. BUT, I do know everything that happens because I loved the games ;P Actually watching the movies has been something I have always intended to do but haven’t, but if anyone ever wanted to talk about the LotR I already know everything from the games.

So I have the exact same sequels as you except im not watching Dr Stone >.> But then I also got Slime, Non Non Biyori and Yuru Camp. NNB and YC are chill Slice of Life series so I didn’t expect you to have seen them haha.
Of the new shows Im not watching the volleyball or Sk8 series as Im sure you are not surprised. I am watching 5 Isekai series though >.< Re:Zero, Redo of a Healer, So I am a Spider, Slime and Mushoku Tensei (shortened to Jobless). So Re:Zero, Slime, Spider, Jobless and Healer. Healer is supposed to be more messed up then Goblin Slayer and so far after the first 2 episodes I completely agree. It’s a revenge story except the MC is psychotic and he has already raped one product of his revenge so yeah…. The frist episode makes you hate this chick and then the 2nd he... gets her back I guess, like if Malty from Shield Hero got it alot worse then her name being changed to Bitch. Pretty fucked up and I am down for some trash like this once and a while. Jobless is one I have actually read and I recommended it to you when I read it. Im pretty sure I described it as one that didn’t have me on cliff hangers or anything each episode, and that it was just a fun and different thing to read. An Isekai where he actually is reborn as a child but with his knowledge as a man makes for some interesting comedy like using his ‘child innocence’ to get away with things he normally wouldn’t like planning on walking in on his parents haha. As the story progresses more significant things come along but for the most part it is more slow paced then other isekai but also feels more real (despite the unrealistic premise of an isekai in the first place.) Since you are watching him grow up and become OP, rather than just automatically already being OP the moment he is reincarnated. Anyway it is one I have read and recommend cause I to do quite like it, but it is slower paced so idk how you will feel about it. Spider Ive just heard good things and decided to give it a chance.
Im watching Kemono Jihen as well, and the only other one you didn’t mention that I am watching is Horimiya. Another Slice of Life I don’t expect you to watch but it is another I read that I really enjoy.

And brining up Santa Ada Wong then denying me this is sight is possibly the most evil thing you could have done to start off the year -_-
Oh and btw, you still watching Clone Wars? I finally started getting into it again, when I first watched it I think i saw 3 seasons.... but I started from the start again anyway and am halfway through season 2. Just like I remember Captain Rex is my favourite :D Some episodes I remember really clearly and others its like watching it for the first time again. But I am quite enjoying this and fully expect to finish it this time. I think I only stopped watching it cause I caught up to date at the time, and then just never continued when the next season released. Maybe cause that is around the time i got into anime or something ;P
-shoyo- Jan 17, 5:09 AM
Ur welcome!😄 Yep 😉