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MeiAckeele Sep 15, 6:06 PM
Well your edit did come in time so I didnt get Kanata spoiled ^.^ (thanks) Yeah work has been hectic recently and Gears 5 came out so I have been getting a bit behind in weekly airing series. I am pretty much 1 episode behind on everything except Demon Slayer and Fire Force atm. Hopefully things will calm down this week and I will catch up on everything.

So is that the first time you have seen that image of Gintama ending or have I shown you before? (Or you may have found it yourself) But yeah I really enjoy those images too, they are so cool but sad at the same time. I still cant even imagine one of these for One Piece ending... mainly cause I cant imagine One Piece ending xD For me the only series there that I watched end is Gintama. Bleach, AssCkass and Naruto I started after they already ended. Toriko and Kuroko I havent seen yet.
I feel like they should definitely win this match so that the story can progress to the away mission, but I am interested in how they will use Hyuse this time since he was saving some abilities he didnt use before. And like you mentioned Chika is gonna use normal bullets so I am keen for this match :) I honestly hope Mikumo's role isnt big tbh, I just want him tucked away somewhere while the other 3 carry him haha.

Yeah, I can only imagine how Toei is butchering it since I have not read the manga at all.... but at the same time I am enjoying the anime alot so the manga would have to be like God Tier for it too be 'so much better'. Alot of ppl bring up the pacing as the main argument which I totally understand, but beside that and filler, does the anime really mess anything else up?

Ouch, watching that airing woulda SUCKED. I saw that little part at the end and immediately googled the episode the filler arc ended and continued xD Then watched the arc after the fight so it was barely an inconvenience ;P Taking months to get back to the fight... I can only imagine what you went through haha. The only thing I can compare it to is me having to wait almost 2 years to see Zoro and Robin again, my 2 favourites in One Piece. Since I have never been up to date on a series that is playing a long filler arc. Naruto and Bleach since I could skip filler and come back (or just skip all together) I didnt really hate what Pierrot did, but I can understand why others do. Black Clover and Tokyo Ghoul I can 100% agree. Tokyo Ghoul just hurt my soul, I didnt even care to read the manga after watching the anime. But I had no internet on a camping trip where I new I would be board and a friend lent me his physical copies of TG so I was bored enough that I tried it and absolutely loved the manga. How could Pierrot butcher something that was so good.
Damn you seem to accidentally spoil alot of things >.< I havent spilt something badly for myself in a while actually. The biggest examples I have are L's death in Death Note which put me off Death Note for a while. I cant even think of any recent ones though.
Now i dont hate Rem, I just preferred her psycho personality. So I am not exactly happy she wont be in it that much but at the same time I am not upset like I am sure a bunch of ppl will be haha.

And I am considering playuing Borderlands 3 even though I havent played 1 or 2.... the curse continues >.> But I havent yet and I am not convinced I will yet so that is still up in the air. I am still very much occupied with Gears 5 at the moment. I played Pokemon Pearl back when it came out but havent really played any pokemons since. Are you gonna play this new one?

I started watching Life is Stranve before I got into anime so I didnt get any Steins Gate vibes... maybe that coulda kept me interested. I might give it a go again but I honestly doubt it with all the new games coming out.

With all the references to comics you make I was wondering did you or do you read any of the comics? And have you got any updated news on Spiderman cause I havent kept track since the conflict began. I was never into spiderman as much as others but I do definitely like him and would much rather him stay. Cause those scenarios you listed suck >.< I watched some joke videos on how these scanarios will go and while the videos were pretty funny the actual movies that will come from this I imagine wont be :( Basically the type of videos I have seen have been along these lines .

Yeah the story part of Dr Stone is good, I do like the concept behind the world. But Senku may have dropped off on his 'catch phrases' but they definitely arent completely gone as he is still saying them in the manga which really hurts when I try to say i like him haha. But I do like Gen and Chrome, I dont particularly love them but if I had to choose favourite characters it would probably be those 2. I never really got into Minecraft actually so again I never really thought about that comparison... I wonder if that has an influence on its popularity now that you bring it up xD
That Throkell vs Thorfin fight was sick, WIT is definitely handling this adaption well. And yeah, Kenpachi like characters are fun to watch... not caring about taking sides or anything besides having a good fight. Ive never seen someone so said about winning a fight ^.^ He even lost 2 fingers and didnt so much as flinch.
Just like with the clone reveal at first I thought the 'reveal' was obvious, when they were luring a trap for beanie boy I thought it was obvious blondy was actually the traitor... but then when he answered why pink hair was special I loved the reason why. Like I was actually getting teary from the backstory with the princess. Gave me feels. So for me there seems to be a pattern of the initial 'reveal' being lacklustre but then they go into more detail which totally changes my first impression.

That actually makes me pretty sad, knowing that the crew isnt even together in the manga yet makes me realise how many more months I have to wait for a reunion :( Im sure when it happens it will be worth it, but as of right now im saddddddddd. Was the fight with Hawkins really only a few pages. I mean I feel I should be surprised but I am not really. When I think of how long Zoro was standing there deflecting nails >.< While it is noticeable I think this is one of those things where it is probably worse for manga readers knowing the differences. Cause while I can pick up on mements being stretched I still wouldnt have realised that whole episode was only a few pages. Like how with Golden Kamuy as anime only you would have no idea they skipped the bear apocalypse arc (if i hadnt told you). Not knowing you wouldnt have a problem, but after reading it you are slightly disappointed.

And thanks for the happy birthday :) Gears 5 came out for my birthday and I couldnt have asked for anything else <3

Hey you aernt the only one that forgets there own birthday... sometimes it isnt until someone else says 'Happy Birthday' that I go 'oh yeah, thats right im older now.'

And our waiting paid off... not only is there a Shield Hero second season but a third season too :O WHAT?!?!
GAARA_88 Sep 8, 5:20 AM
Wow 9 à season 2 de pokemon BW? Finalmente alguém que gostou dessa geração ahahhaha
MeiAckeele Aug 29, 10:19 PM
I will put this at the start rather than the end but once again you got me at a time where I am at work with nothing to do ;P The last 3 days I have been hella busy (like 14 hours days) but we just completed a milestone and today is really chill so once again I am able to get a quick response in. Its just a coincidence though so dont worry, you could say I am making up for that one time I was really late by responding in under a week twice in a row ^.^.

Yeah good ol' David Productions have been busy making Fire Force beautiful >.< I am not aware of any of there other current/future projects though... is there alot?

The first I actually ever heard of World Trigger was from an art piece when Gintama was ending... I may have shown it too you
I knew everyone in this pitcure except Kuga. And once I found out who it was.. based on the fact the MC is who is standing there for each respective series I thought for sure Kuga was the main character xD You know the mc is shit when he is replaced shounen art work. Oh it was definitely annoying when Chika could have ended it but her fear of shooting stuffed it up. Thats why i didnt like her at first, but that changed when I found out why. If it was the typical 'I saw someone get shot so now i cant shoot people' or just anything generic like that my opinion wouldnt have changed. Even though that is understandable it is also cliche and boring, not wanting to shoot not cause you sympathise with the victim... but cause you just dont wanna be judged by others >.< I like that.

Attack On Titan I didnt watch until all of season 1 was out, so that cliff hanger just made me watch the next episode immediately ;P But even then a cliff hanger isnt so much the decider for me. I just spent 10 minutes trying to think of a good reason but I shot them all down myself. I was gonna say 'i just cant imagine the manga being better than the anime' and use AoT as an example, but then I am anime only with One Piece and everyone says the manga is better xD There really isnt a defining reason. Some I just do and some I just dont.
So if you hadnt heard about the studio change you wouldnt have converted to the manga with Haikyuu? Studio changes can be scary, but sometimes you dont even notice. Gintama I started watching really late, like the 6th season was airing and by the time I caught up I saw the 6th season was a different studio. Then I looked up the history and realised the studio had actually changed by like the 3rd season and I just had absolutely no idea ;P

I guess I just really liked the first arc with the bowel hunter and then what was gonna happen with Emilia and being candidate to the next ruler that the whale arc just felt like a distraction. Like I saw it not as bad, but like ramming a filler inside a good arc like Naruto and Bleach. Bleach I liked the zanpakuto arc, but it was shoved in the middle of Ulquiorra and Ichigo's fight which sucked and I guess that is how I saw the whale arc... difference being with bleach it was filler so you could just skip it and come back later but Re:Zero it is cannon and intended to be watched that way which I didnt like. And with Rem I see what you mean, but it isnt the shift in mood that I didnt like which is explainable.. I just dont like her current self. I love my psycho girls *wink* Jabami, Esdeath... I could right a whole list of crazy girls that are like my favourite of the series and I liked crazy Rem. I just found her kinda boring when she mellowed out and it didnt help that the internet loved it. Butthis is really just focusing on the few things I didnt like about the series, overall I did love Re Zero and look forward to the next season, they are just the reasons why it isnt my favourite isekai and I prefer Konosuba and Overlord.

It really is odd, but I swear it isnt the norm for me to do this. It is just a complete coincidence that the games we have brought up are all ones I have started part way through. I cant think of a single other example when I have done it haha. And in the case of Devil may Cry I never intended to play any of them, but my sister's friend lent it to her. She played it and then said to me 'hey you should play this, you dont need to know anything about the others.' So no, I didnt pay for it haha. God of War and Final Fantasy I did pay for but I made definitely sure they could be played as stand alone games before buying them. The only really strange one that even I cant explain is why I bought Resident Evil 6. I had done no research or anything I have been trying to understand myself what exactly was going through my head when I got it.... I really dont know but heck, im glad I did it xD
Life is strange I started watching someone play but honestly wasnt that impressed after the first episode and stopped. i didnt give it much of a chance so I cant really comment on the game besides it didnt have a start that grabbed me haha. Detroit Become Human I watched someone play for a time but didnt finish. Cant really say why tbh.. I just didnt. But right now I am watching someone play Man of Medan... and as a big fan of Until Dawn I am very excited for this one.

These what if episodes sound cool, but I dont watch much regular tv now since I dont have much free time at home now so I just watch anime when I can. So I am worried I wont get around to it since I never watched any of the marvel series, but I guess we will see. And I have never heard of moon knight, not even from the cartoons i used to watch. But has got me super excited is that I read on some random article somewhere that Jackie Chan might be in that asian based marvel mvoie. Is that true or am i just reading bs >.>
And yeah as bad as i am with Marvel news it would be pretty impossible to miss this blow out over spiderman being removed from the mcu. Especially after the bombshell FFH dropped. That would just be so sad ;_; We can only hope

Its good if you can find it enoyable, and maybe the anime will finish at a good spot. I would just l;ike to remind you that I did find Dr Stone ok at the start, even recommended it to some of my friends. But eventually I just stopped paying attention cause it got so boring. But maybe the anime will only adapt the alright stuff or will find a way to make it more interesting. That 'you just acquired' is basically how every chapter ends haha. So that is a pretty easy way to follow how long a chapter goes in the anime.
I watched the episode and I am very excited to see Thorkell ^.^ I wasnt gonna say anything about his personality but really that few lines he said at the end of the episode says it all haha. If you would rather not no anything dont click on the button, but I was just gonna compare his personailty to another character.
I found it pretty obvious the girl was gonna be a clone after the girl was like 'i wonder if she is my sister' and found it pretty annoying how they were beating around the bush about the reveal. But then I was actually very surprised that it wasnt just the little girl but everyone, that was actually quite the shock and a good plot twist. Now I am wondering what is up with pink hair as she doesnt seem a clone like the rest. At first I was questioning why the parents had that 'we gotta give up on our kids meeting' in earlier episodes but its cause pink hairs mum isnt in on it.
Yeah Lord El is getting better now :) And I do like the opening... but I still like Vinland, Accelerator and Fire Force more :P

I havent thought about that actually, it is very obvious that Wano is Japan haha but I havent considered how the others represented a different country. I dont mind how the anime is slower too much, when I could binge watch it wasnt a problem at all. Now that I am up to date it is more of an issue but I am still just enjoying what I get and I honestly do prefer being able to look forward to it each week rather than have big breaks between seasons like with BnHA. Dont get me wrong the breaks make it so when BnHA is out it is awesome, but I just like having OP every single week without having to worry about breaks besides the odd week or so. I watch the opening everytime but without knowing anything I havent really picked up on any spoilers since I both dont think about it too much and also remember how what happens in the opening does not mean it will happen in the series. Like Eren killing titans in his human form during the season 1 opening for example xD The only thing that I might consider a spoiler is that Kaido's fruit lets him turn into a dragon? But even then I am not 100% sure on that as it may just be a metaphor to his strength. But I am so happy Zoro and Luffy are together again and I cant wait for the whole crew to be reunited. And for the little girl to find out Luffy is Ace's brother GOD DAMN IT!!!!
kawaiidesune8 Aug 20, 1:35 PM
Hii ^-^
De nada :3
Blinele Aug 17, 8:04 AM
Neither I am a fan of the title, but I don't think they'll change it. The third season wasn't "Haikyuu Season 3", remember? I'd also rather the traditional title.
Then you should start reading it, because it is HILARIOUS! It gets much funnier than season 1. The chapters are a bit long, but they seem much shorter.
Then it's set! Mission Grand Slap here we go!! xD

"there´s a strong change that this one is not the original one" But at the beginning of this arc the "real" twice gets totally beaten up and that's when he realizes he's the original because doesn't disappear, so he's the original, no?
At first I thought this manga would be more laid back, One Piece style where no one dies even if a bomb explodes roght next to them, but then Eri's arc and Nighteye's death came... Now this arc with all that drama about everybody's pasts... I start to think that you might be right and Endeavour might die. I don't want to, though. It also could be the trigger for another quirk of Deku. Btw I want to know more about that and Hawk's infiltration! I don't think the author will come back to that yet, however. He likes watching us suffering!!
Yeah, I wonder it too. Maybe they'll just put a message before de episode warning that it can hurt the sensibilities of some people? They did that in Bungou, but I think that was on the manga only xD

In this sense yes, that was better than Homecoming. Maybe we were too hyped because of Endgame?? I liked the moment when Peter makes his own suit and the way Happy looks at him implying he's the new Iron Man.
Oh, right. Spiderman is not Disney's yet xD I hope you're right and we get Spiderman 3 on 2021.
"they are apparently deciding between Spider Man Home Run and Spider Man Homeless for the title" We just need to wait until Tom Holland makes a spoiler on Instagram and reveals the title ahead time, as he did with Endgame. Although he won't be revealed the title until it is made public or he will be said a fake title as he was said the funeral scene was a wedding, so he didn't spoiler anything.

I'm not too excited with none, mainly because I don't know most of them.
Black Widow - ok, I will go to the cinema to watch this 100%
Eternals - for some reason they remind me of the inhumans. I don't even know who they are or come from but the name reminds me of them. Don't know if I'll go to the theatre, maybe yes. I'll make up my mind as more info about it is being aired.
Shang-Chi - uhm... This is the one which draws less my attention. I think I'll watch the movie but afterwards.
Doctor Strange 2 - okay, this yes. I'm looking forward to see how they do this. Even though I'm not a fan of horror movies AT ALL.
Thor 4 - I don't really like the idea Jane Foster will be the next owner of the Mjolnir. I think they should leave the original Avengers aside... just like they've ended Iron Man and Captain America's.

As for the TV shows... I'm pretty sure I won't watch any of them. Maybe What if...? and WandaVision, if any. I read Loki's show will be about what happened after he ran away with the Tesseract, so I don't know how it could connect with Thor 4. Anyway, Marvel doesn't make crossovers between the series and movies, so no problem if I don't watch every single show xD Imagine what would have happened if Daisy and Yo-yo came up during the battle of Infinity War.

"MAL doesnt annouce when your friends birthdays is" uhm... actually it does xD in home page (not your profile's), on the right, under "my statistics". I don't have such a magnificent memory as to remind every single birthday xD
MeiAckeele Aug 12, 2:15 AM
I am more inclined to wait for the anime of Jojo's aswell, but at the same time I dont want to wait as long as the gap between part 4 and 5. I already read all of OPM from where season 2 ended. I actually started from the end of season 1 and just skimmed through the content of season 2 to see why people were complaining and tbh I dont get it. While I was more skimming thanin depth reading it seemed very faithful to me. But yeah with Jojo's the only thing I know about part 6 is aswell the MC being Jotaro's daughter. Know absolutely nothing else, we going in blind xD
I quite enjoyed the last 2 episodes, I watched some videos that explored the meaning behind the last 2 episodes and I quite enjoy the theories behind them.

I didnt care much for Chika at first, but I quite enjoyed her reason behind why she couldnt shoot ppl. Not because she is a little bitch cause she thinks no matter what ppl will be disappointed in her (relateable). That made me like her more, Mikumo though is just boring, and non of his reasoning or development have really changed that fact yet. Really I dont so much want him to get the mc treatment as to just actually make him a side character and have Kuga the MC. Before I started WT iI did actually think Kuga was the mc as he was the only character I knew. I surprised to find out this glasses kid was the mc instead of him.

Yeah sometimes I give series a chance for a sequel and sometimes I read them straight away, there is no real reason behind why I do with some and not others. Shield Hero is one I will wait aswell, but not years. I will give it some months to come up with an announcement before I read it probably. I love the concept of ReZero and the MC and most things. When I started ReZero it was my favourite airing show at the time for ages, there were only 2 things that hurt it for me being the whale arc and rem. I did not really care for the whale arc and I dont like how Rem went from repetitively killing his ass to falling in love with him. The hype behind Rem didnt really help either. Besides these 2 things ReZero could have been my favourite aswell. Its funny you bring up Isekai Quartet when Konosuba is one of the Isekai in it xD But Konosuba isnt chibii and its hilarious. If Grand Blue is the funniest manga I have read, Konosuba is one of if not the funniest anime I have watched. But its hard to recommend comedies since its very subjective and if you dont find it funny it will be painfully boring. But if you do ever wanna try a comedy, I recommend Konosuba :)

I heard Hitsugaya from Bleach was another character that was being added that interested me aswell. A shame you dont like it though :/ I probably wont ever end up playing it unless a friend gets it, which doesnt look like its happening and with what you are saying that doesnt particularly bother me. A game I did just finish playing was Devil May Cry 5. Again, jumping into a series on its last instalment before playing any of the prequels >.< But I played the whole game in 1 sitting and it was pretty fun... but now I am just waiting for Gears of War 5 on September 6th, today I even applied to have the day off that day ^.^

I think that credit scene would deny that Fury is a skrull. Cause the Fury on the ship wouldnt need any reason to pretend to be Fury there. And yeah the one on Earth is good so.... im pretty sure we are safe in that regard.

Wow thanks for the nice summary there :) Appreciate it <3 That 'what if' series makes me think of the Futurama episodes about the 'what if' machine. So the ones you put episodes beside, are they still part of the MCU? Cause I have not watched any marvel series, just the movies. And what happens to Loki I would think would be important to the movies. You dont know how happy I was to read something related to Hawkeye *inner girl squeal* Phase 4 hasnt even started yet and they are already planning Phase 5.... yikes. Goes to show how much planning really goes into this.

So what is the anime of Dr Stone up to now?
Askelad isnt your typical 'bad for the sake of being bad' which is why he is a good antagonist ;P But I really enjoyed this revenge story where the mc and the target of his revenge are basically together the whole time. Something I likedabout 91 Days too, however in that case he was undercover. But just imagining what they are going through while in the presence of the object of their hatred.
Opening wise Vinland Saga is definitely my favourite, after that i would agree with Fire Force but I also really like the accelerator opening . Fire Force and Kimetsu no Yaba I am absolutely loving the animation for atm. Both of which I see the plot as alright, not bad but nothing too amazing. But the studio's are doing 1 hell of an adaption for both.
Well it would suck if the only reason we are watching Arifuret doesnt come to pass.... would really suck.
I wonder if every episode they are gonna make it out like a different person is the traitor only for it to be no one or someone completely random >.< I still havent let the trap off the hook (I was in stitches when after messaging you about the trap, it turns out to be a literal trap being neither boy or girl haha).
That last episode of Lord El has actually got me hella hyped for the next episode. A mystery along the lines of who stole the only remnant to possibly summon the bad ass himself Rider has got me alot more interested than these pretty random mysteries so far.

Oh I remembered for a while I have wanted to talk One Piece. I actually am a big fan of this animation change they made for this particular arc. What do you think? And this is the first time I have seen Zoro and Robin in 2 years <3 And I am so happy Zoro and Luffy have finally reunited. But as much as I love Luffy, one thing that is super frustrating me is how he is not telling the little girl he is Ace's brother. Like.... ARGH I just want him to tell her, it hurts so much. But yeah I am also pretty pumped for the movie, in that preview seeing Luffy, Boa, Smoker, Sabo and Law all teaming up. Boa is my favourite Warlord, Smoker my favourite navy marine and Law my favourite pirate outside the Straw Hats, so that team up is legendary for me xD

I sir match your 3 day reply ;P (Like you this is a rare occurance, I just happened to be stuck waiting at work for hours on something)
MeiAckeele Aug 4, 7:33 PM
I wonder if the anime will finish before the manga (like how even though FMA Brotherhood was a remake that was faithful to the manga it still ended before the manga did) or if the manga will end soon and then be closely followed by the anime. Regardless of who got the collosal titan i am interested to see how it will be used on the 'good' side. I have said I would rather Irwin but either way now that Eren isnt alone I cant wait to see how they will use that dynamic like how reiner and bertolt worked together. Speaking of waiting on the anime or reading the manga, what are you gonna do with Jojo's now that part 5 has ended? I am still deciding if I will wait for part 6 or start reading it.

I am now up to date on the world trigger manga :) I was really surprised it was still on the ranked wars, after the anime I thought for sure the manga would be up to the away mission. NOt that I have a problem with the ranked games, I really like them and Hyuse being introduced on their team the last game was sick. I just really thought they would have left already xD
And yeah I agree, like everyone in world trigger is more interesting than the MC, as much as I like the ranked wars another reason I am excited for the away mission is im hoping squads like Arashyama and other cool rank a squads will be more main.

So how did you find jojo's part 5 in the end? I thought Diavolo was gonna somehow get outta what Gio did since there were 2 episodes left, but I actually really like the fact he didnt make some bs comeback and that the last 2 episodes were like saying 'everything coulda been avoided if.....' but at the same time Bruno would have died regardless and the boss would have continue to live. So essentially part 5 only happened because Mista chose to temporarily save Bruno resulting in Narancia and Abbacchio dying aswell since they never would have met Gio otherwise. Something that wasnt exactly necessary but I quite liked, and Mista and Trish survived ^.^ Im very happy my favourite survived this part, and it looks like Gio did become the new boss in the end I think? Now I am quite interested in knowing what became of Fugp.

Yeah, the way Shield Hero ended does makeme think there will be another season, if not would you continue the manga? Speaking of Isekai's is ReZero your favourite? Im always stuck between Overlord and Konosuba on which is my favourite.... which im pretty sure you havent seen one and dont particularly like the other haha. Have you tried konsuba? Not trying to get you to watch it but am just curious, it is basically a parody isekai by essentially making fun of other isekai. I find it hilarious

No actually i never did play jump force. Those types of fighting games I usually find I like for a little while and then just stop playing. So I dont usually buy them but rather play with a friend if they bought it, and since none of my friends got it i havent played it. So you didnt find it that good, how come? I really wanna play as the bleach characters in particular if I ever did play it.

Yes I have no seen SPiderman FFH and I liked it more than I thought I would. I knew nothing about Mysterio from the comics or cartoons or anything, so apart from knowing he was a bad guy straight away since it was pretty obvious I didnt know anything else about him. I love how they brought the same actor that played that head journalist from the original trilogy to make that after credit announcement xD But I was really surprised by that, turning spiderman into a bad guy while also revealing his identity :O Was totally surprised. And the second end credits scene, does that basically deny the Nick Fury is a Skrull theory? At first it looked like it confirmed the theory, but then when you see him chilling on the skrull ship. Like what would be the point of a fake looking like him there.

I actually dont know anything new about the phase 4 announcements besides what you told me last time ;P Some of these new ones you are mentioning I am sleptical about cause I have never heard of them and part of the fun of these movies is seeing those cartonn characters I loved getting bad assified on the big screen, but like you mentioned I knew nothign about guardians of the galaxy and that turned out great so I will remain open minded.

Feel free to say anything about both Dr Stone and Vinland Saga since you cant spoil them for me. Dr Stone I found more disappointing then bad. Like you said the characters dont seem to react like you think the would to the situation they are put in. And I absolutely loved the idea of since they were petrified all life around them evolved. But apart from those lions the stupidly strong guy punches you never really see anything about wildlife again. If you are enjoying it that is good, but I also find the scientists lines can be so childish for someone as smart as him like that '10 billion percent sure' thing just hurts me everytime he says it haha. Keep me updated on how the anime is doing, I am curious as to whether this is the type of series that is just more fun to watch then read, but then since I didnt like what i read im not motivated to watch >.<
Well it woould be really hard to hide the death of thors since you could also probably figure it out by the fact it is a revenge based series and Askelad is a main character (the guy tasked with killing thors). But Thors was bad ass af and the anime did an awesome job of capturing that, and I really like Askelad as the antagonist. But yeah Im excited for you to meet Thorkell ^.^ I really like the opening too, I noticed it is by the same ppl that did a Banana Fish Opening or ending, when I heard the song it made me think of banana fish.
Fire Force I am loving the animation. I didnt think much of the plot at first (im getting more into it now) but at first I was still looking forward to episodes pureply based on the camera angles and cinematography. The camera cuts and angles remind me of Monogatari so much, how in a conversation the camera will keep changing angles and they will add just random stuff in there (like in the last episode when the chick slapped a guy they traded the slap animation for an onion being cut). That is the type of stuff monogatari does and a reason I love it. But yeah it is really unfortunate that this aired during KyoAni scenario ;_; I hope it doesnt get censored and the KyoAni can recover.

Arifureta seems like it could be cool but it is just moving so fast. So much is compacted into 1 episode, not making it confusing but just unnatural. Like yeah he turned insane way too quickly. I pretty much feel how you do, feels rushed but I want to see how his reunion of his team goes.
Yeah, I am a fan of sci fi so I am enjoying Kanata despite the plot armour. In regards to the traitor I think there either the pink haired trap or no one at all. I mean in the last episode the emo kid pulled a gun making it seem like him but this sorta thing is almost always a fake out >.> And I suspect pink hair cause he already had his helmet on when the circle absorbed him when Kanata had to tell everyone else to put theres on after pinky was already teleported.
Lord El Idk how I feel about, definitely a different vibe to the other fate seasons which I am fine with. But at the same time I find myself getting a bit bored. Bored is a harsh word, idk I just find myself thinking about different things while watching it sometimes and then go 'wait shit, i should be paying attention.' I do like seeing Waver growing up and how the war effected him, but at the same time some of these situations he has been put in havent been all to interesting. Some have, but some have been meh.
I think the only difference in our airing shows is im watching accelerator and you are watching Dr Stone. So close >.< Accelerator has had a much better start compared to index III btw. Something really messed up in an episode that I didnt expect that I am sure you would like too ;P The arc this seson will focus on has got me interested and is not as confusing to follow as index III was. So I am glad it seems to be back on track and not repeating their mistakes. So when you can you should definitely catch up :)

Blinele Jul 23, 8:41 AM
YAAAY I'm forgiven for now!!

I think "shin" means something like "new". In Japan there were some train stations with a name X (named or not after the city it was built in), but for some reason a new station was built so it got the name "Shin-X", which would mean something like "the new X". So my guess is that "shin series" means "the new series".
I caught up with Grand Blue and I really wish a second season. I don't know if you read it. It is too good, really. Can't stop laughing. So... should I begin warming up my hand for Grand Slap?
Actually I pointed out it wasn't yaoi because I knew there are a lot of fanmade haikyuu yaoi out there xD I don't particularly like yaoi but if the fangirls like to ship them... let them be xD

But... if the real Twice dies, wouldn't the copies die too?
"plot twist, Dabi kills Endeavor and then Todoroki has to avenge him..." Well... it isn't a plot twist if it's what everybody expects to happen xD It would add darkness to the series, for sure. Still, I don't want Endeavour to die :(
We got to know Shigaraki's past. So sad! I didn't like his family. Maybe his mother. Tbh the only one I felt sad for was the dog, he was a good boy who just wanted to cheer him up :(
"Btw what did Hawks did to Best Jeanist??" Uhm... I didn't understand that either. I wasn't very clear. I guess we'll know it someday... in a very far away future...

She'd better do a good job with F.Beast. They confirmed 5 movies, but if the third movie is a failure there won't be even a fourth. And we all know Rowling is an expert coming up with plot twists. I totally hope she makes up a good one.

"he wants to retire, wants his family safe" yes, but he always comes back to action xD His family didn't want him to go on missions either, but did he care? no... so, how's he supposed to stop his daughter?
"the only reason i can see this happening is if he dies" maybe that's the plot of the series hahaha
"they cant make movies for everyone xD" They can... and they should xD
I watched Far from Home last week and I've been since then with the song from the cartoons in my head. Yeah, those cartoons from the 60s'.
About the movie... It's not bad, I liked it but I liked more Homecoming. It is true that it came after Endgame, the bar was too high. Everything has to be said. The first post-credit scene let me in shock! Now everybody would know his identity and he would be a criminal who killed Mysterio. Can't wait for the third movie and it hasn't been announced in the SDCC... So, we'll have to wait until 2022 at least. I suffer.

So... what do you think about Marvel's new projects? I'm not too excited with the movies, to tell the truth. Apart from Black Widow the others are a bit meh. I'm more excited about the fantastic 4 movie they said they are working on than the rest xD And about the series... I don't know if I'll watch any. In any case Loki's or what if...?

I'm watching Dr. Stone and Enen no Shouboutai, plus the ones which continue from last season. I began Danmachi but I couldn't remember anything about S1 so I postponed it until I rewatch it xD

By the way... I wanted to say this yesterday but I had a busy day and was unable to grab the laptop, so I say it today
MeiAckeele Jul 14, 8:10 PM
I can understand why people like Armin, but I guess his initial wimpy nature put me off him. I dont dislike him by any means, but if comparing him to Shikamaru, I much prefer Shikamaru's cool demeanor than Armin's terrified one. It is definitely justifiable, but I like Shikamaru and Erwin alot more than Armin. I am very excited to see how Armin uses his Titan though, waiting for next year is going to be so difficult >.<
Well a friend told me there was an annoucement saying AoT would end next year. Did you hear the same thing? That would be good cause then the anime wouldnt be an original ending, but at the same time I will be very sad to see it end, my gateway anime finishing ;_;
I found that manga spoof from an AoT scene hilarious and watched a good 3 times aswell xD I will definitely keep to anime only, but it is gonna be very hard to wait. After all 'We suffered worse with the wait for s2.'

Yeah I quite enjoyed the World Trigger anime, and it ended in such a shitty place >.> so I plan on continuing it from where the anime ended as my next manga... and then probably one punch man after that. There are some anime (like AoT) where I am committed to the anime, but OPM I recon I will read now. If they brought the WT anime back I would put off reading it and just keep watching it but unfortunately I very much doubt that will happen :( And I completely agree, in fact of the main 3 I only care about Kuga, dont really care for glasses or sniper girl (which is rare cause normally I love snipers). But Kuga and alot of the side characters I quite like, my favourites would probably be Arashiyama squad. I thought at firt they were gonna be just like a 'poster' squad, you know just there ofr the looks and actually be useless, but I was pretty happy when they turned out to be really good aswell.
Nah dw about Hitman. Im not too sure you were the one that recommended actually :/ And even if you were, you win some you lose some. I pretty much like all long running shounen's so there was a good chance I would like. Unfortunately I just dont care about a single character or the story, and I need at least one of them to really enjoy a show. Even just good characters can carry a shitty story for me *cough* Fairy Tail *cough*

So even after Kenja no Mago has finished you still think it is good? If so Ill watch it now that its finished. I am looking for stuff to watch besides airing shows atm. Ill give the first episode a shot like you said, but usually my tainted mindset makes it very hard to start a series and not finish it >.<

"IM CURSED..SEND AN EXORCIST"... sends a figure of a exorcist for you to break xD The first exorcist I think of is Allen Walker from D.Gray-man but obviously you wouldnt want a figure of that. If your curse were to be lifted and you did want a figure, who do you want the most? Just curious. For the longest time mine was Aqua from Konosuba but I finally got one of her from a convention I went to recently, idk who I want most now. I do know of some like Hange/Sasha and Bleach characters but there are like no figures of them :( So of actual figures that exist idk.

When Narancia was talking about what he wanted to do after this was over I thinking 'thats a death flag'. And while he did die, I was shocked at how quickly and sudden it was. Like I was expecting him to die cause of that flag, but very next scene is already dead without like a slow mo self sacrifice or last words or anything. Just straight up dead, leave it to Jojo to set up a death flag and still make it surprising >.< Seems like Bruno is confirmed dead now leaving just Mista and Trish. Mista is my favourite too and I am very happy he is the last one standing of the original group..... I just hope it stays that way. Part 4 had some deaths like the Hair Salon chick and the fat midget that imploded but their significance was alot smaller than the bigger deaths of part 3 and 5. It doesnt necessarily need deaths for tension though, part 4 still had me very worried about characters like Kishibe who I thought was gonna die by Kira at the end. But yeah, there have been enough in Part so ill second that. NO MORE DEATHS PLEASE.

This is just speculation but I do think Shield Hero has good chances, seemed to be received well even after competing with slime. Not often 2 hyped Isekai come out at the same time. I need to stress that hyped part cause tonnes of isekai come out all the time ;P With those other heros I wanna know why Glass who they fought in the second wave could only appear during the wave, but then the other 2 which we just met could be there before the wave even came. There is still more I really wanna know and if the unfortunate fate awaits that it doesnt get a sequel I will definitely keep reading it.

Oh yeah definitely, I love Gears of War as a franchise.... so if you were gonna play 1 I would definitely suggest Nier as it is an amazing stand alone game. Gears you would have to play them all as it is one big story. But yeah, Gears, RE and Nier are definitely the biggest games that I follow. God of War I want to add but I feel it would be sacrilege to say so if I havent played the first 3 >.< So I will stick with Gears, RE and Nier for now haha.
EDIT: Btw I found this pretty funny and just wanted to share with you while I remember. This is like my get hyped song . While I was fighting the Valkyrie queen in God of War I had this playing on loop trying to kill that bitch. That song came on yesterday while I was doing something and I found it hilarious that I now associate that song more with God of War than Gurren Lagan xD That 1 fight took me SO long but I also think it is the most satisfying boss fight I have done in any game.

I still havent seen the new spiderman yet, which is very strange cause I usually watch Marvel Movies straight away. I cant tell you why I havent yet... I just havent :/ I imagine you have, how does it hold up against other Marvel Movies for you?

How are you liking Dr Stone so far? Im not gonna watch it, I really dont like where it is right now in the manga. But I know most people like it and I am in the minority here, but I still love the concept and the start is good. I just feel like later on it just wastes the ideas it built. Vinland Saga is living up the manga so far though, it has had a great start and I actually forgot that my favourite character appeared briefly in the first episode. I wont give any reasons but if you watch the first minute again where Thors is tearing shit up, my favourite character in Vinland Saga is Thorkell, the blond dude that talks to him before he goes on a rampage.
Fire Force the animation is sick, but I cant stop making jokes with my sister about the concept. 'Dont you just hate when you are on the train to work and then spontaneously combust.' And it seems to be happening like everyday, like wow. I wanna meet that one guy who is just desensitised to it and is sitting in a classroom and be like 'Miss, johnny blew up again.' Im still interested in the series and wanna keep watching, but I just ant stop making fun of it xD
I also started Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou. It is one I really liked the settup the MC was put in, wanna see where it goes with the so called 'hero' that betrayed him and such. But then the execution of exposition was pretty bad, like he was just talking to himself for so long just so we could understand stuff and it seemed very unnatural. Basically the opposite of 'show, don't tell'. And I know he was ina life or death situation but it seemed like he went insane way to quickly. Anyway though I am stilll interested and want to keep watching for now.
Kanata no Astra is one I interested in watching cause I very much like my sci-fi series. However it is already giving off alot of 'no one is ever gonna die' vibes. Only 2 episodes in so its hard to judge, I could be completely wrong but that is just what I got from the first 2 episodes. That is where I like darker sci-fi like Knights of Sidonia. But even if no one dies I did quite like the first 2 episodes and am looking forward to the next ones.
Lord El watched that prequel episode months ago and quite enjoyed it so I am going to watch it aswell. Always keen to watch more concerning the fate series. Although I doubt anything will top Zero, UBW and Heaven's Feel.
Naka no Hito Genome and Bem I hadnt heard, let me know what you think about them.

Index III was a pretty big disappointment mainly just cause it was hella confusing, Accelerator though had a pretty good start. Nothing super impressive but not disappointing at least. Hope it builds up everyones favourite Toaru Anti Hero. Even with that first episode though im not sure where it is in the timeline. Someone brought up how his bullet injury from Touma is still healing making me think this is right after he recovered from losing to Touma, but im not 100% sure yet.
MeiAckeele Jul 1, 7:09 PM
I dont know if you baited me or I just miss interpreted your comments.... but I was 99% sure I was losing Sasha or Hange this season. If you baited me then, well played -_- But I am SOOOOOOOO relieved they both made it through this season. Now I have this conflict
Blinele Jun 20, 8:36 AM
I was expecting you to say three weeks or one month, not three months xDD Anyway, I've just lasted two weeks and a half NOW YOU HAVE TO FORGIVE ME!!

"Speaking on Haikyuu i dont remember if we talked about this already" Yeah, we did. I remember telling you it right when it became TT. I'm not searching the conversation, so I hope it was really you who I said it to.
The name is weird, really. They should do as in working!! and go adding a new exclamation after every new season. So now the anime would be Haikyu!!!!! and by the end of the story it would be Haikyuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
" i guess that with this we´ll have to cancel mission Slapkyuu" We don't need to throw all the training away. We just have to keep it and use it for the fifth season. Or change or focus of hatred. We could slap... for a second season of Grand Blue. And the mission would be... Grand Slap! So we can go on slapping random people on the streets!
Btw! I found a spin-off of Haikyuu (nothing weird or yaoi, I swear xD). It's about the everyday of the other teams. There are no entry in MAL yet because it's just begun (it's only 4 chapters right now). It's Haikyuu-bu in case you want to take a look.

Twice happened to be more useful than expected! Totally, he's a one man army. I love when he goes telling the copies that they are copies, when he himself is a copy (who knows where the original one is). We still don't know anything about Dabi's past. I even doubt the author will give us such information this easily. "unless the author decides to fools us all and he´s not connected with him at all" That's too obvious they are related. They even have the same eye colour. The question is what happened in the past? Did Endeavour abandon him? Did they think he was dead because of his "flaw"? Why no one in the family talk about him? So many questions and so few answers... T_T

Yes, you're right and I agree. But she was the one who said the McGonagall's year of birth and Dumbledore's subject so she knows about that information. Then, I don't understand why she goes against what she herself said. It would be different if the screenwriters were people who had nothing to do with Rowling, but the screenwrither is herself!! That's what pisses me off the most. It's like she forgot all of that... Anyway, I never understood why Fred and George never said anything about Peter Pettigrew despite having the map.
I still think Credence isn't a Dumbledore and everything is a plot of Grindelwald for... something, I don't know xD

Hawkeye will not have his own movie... but he should! People deserve to know how he became Hakweye! He will have a series (as well as Loki) but it's not the same! It feels like he's downgraded... I mean, Loki is dead in the movies, so it's ok to make a series about him, but Clinton isn't dead. Actually, we should get a movie about Ronin, not a series about a new Hawkeye! I think the new Hawkeye will be his daughter, because we saw him teaching her how to use the bow, and she was good (even though it was clear the girl had never taken a bow before).
I'd rather Far from Home would happen before Infinity War and the last scene was them in the bus, but I'm no director so I can't say a word xD
"having Spidey and Pool in the same movie would be amazing" Toootally. I'm not a great fan of Deadpool but that would rule! I imagine deadpool trying to corrupt the innocent Peter Parker and Tony Stark trying to protect his precious child, but... Iron Man's no longer there...

"this could have being the season finale and i would be happy" That should have been the finale. I mean what's the point of that last few episodes?
I'm trying to catch up on this season, but I don't think I will do it before the summer season begins xD
MeiAckeele Jun 18, 5:26 AM
This season has been absolutely amazing so far of AoT. Levi has just had so many damn awesome moments and I wouldn’t even call that a fight. Like Roy vs Lust, that was just a spectacular beat down. The only thing I would say Im upset about so far is Armin being picked over Erwin. Something that doesn’t hurt the series as in the end it was Erwin’s decision and I can see both sides of the argument, but I personally like Erwin way more than Armin and think he is more vital. But then I was really happy Levi and Hange agree, but ultimately it was Erwin himself that stopped Levi which I can respect. That reveal that Gresha’s first wife ate his second, holy shit as she was being brought out on the wall I just had one of those ‘Wait a minute, don’t tell me she is the Mama eating titan.’ You know, those revelations you have like a minute before the reveal. Dude I love Attack on Titan xD And actually at episode 6 I didn’t know who the ‘pirate’ was. At first I thought it was Sasha after she got KO’d by the roof tiles, thought there may be in eye injury in there. But then next episode Hange has the bandage over her eye and that is when I realised ;P But man after what you told me, I thought Sasha’s chances of survival dropped to 0. Telling me Im gonna lose a favourite, then saying one is a pirate. So if Hange is a pirate, and Mikase is pretty safe… Sasha ;_; I thought she wasn’t gonna make it back to base, but then they teleported there instead of traveling which I was honestly relieved about >.< I just want more flashback episodes, flashbacks = safe Sasha….

Honestly I don’t, my sister and I are really only watching it out of pure obligation now. No series has taken us this long to get into it unfortunately. Which is why it is taking SOOO long. Oh I am not trying to get you into D.Gray-man and Gintama again, just using them as an example (although I got into DGM WAY faster than hitman). I am actually looking for more series with high episode counts cause I really enjoy watching a tonne of episodes of a series and knowing there is still plenty more. Infact I just finished Monster and World Trigger and 1 of the reasons (among others) I started them was cause they were over 70 episodes. I marathoned them cause I was on break from work but now I have started again ;_; But yeah, I will probably finish Hitman just cause we are so far into it, but I think I am beyond the point where I should be liking it >.>

Yeah, I knew it would be something simple like that, but you know even if it’s a small thing like which do you like more…. If I don’t know I just cant help thinking and it gets out of hand xD I guess another reason was I personally have AoT a lot higher than MHA and was just wondering where you stand. I am far more into dark / horror themes, just not a lot are in my favourites cause there aren’t that many good ones. AoT is DEFINITELY a good one so I have it way higher, nothing against MHA and I don’t read the manga of either so I am only just basing off their animes. I guess I like the themes, characters and tension that comes with AoT more.

The scene you just described reminds me of Charlotte, where the first half of the series is just school stuff with some supernatural mixed in…. then BAM the MC’s sister is almost shanked by a crazy 10 year old but instead gets crushed by a building and the next episode the MC is completely depressed roaming the streets stabbing mobsters with Dango sticks. I love spontaneous twists like that. Madoka does exactly that, first 2 episodes just looks like a cutesy magical girl series… then episode 3 my favourite character gets decapitated. Sora no Otoshimono is one of my favourite manga ever (struggle so hard to put it in my top 10, but I just cant replace it with any that are already there >.<) But the first 7/8’s of the story is pure ecchi comedy (like the start of prison school) that just really made me laugh. I even used a screenshot from a page as my MAL picture for a while cause it was so stupid but made me laugh so much.
And then in the last 1/8 of the series pretty much half the cast gets massacred and it turns super serious…. But I still absolutely loved it. Like it goes from the type of stuff I just showd you, to this
Changes like that can be so cool if done right, if not they can really throw off a fan base haha. But in all the examples I mentioned I think they are done really well. SO yeah I went off on a massive tangent there but if you think Kenja no Mago I will probably definitely give it a go. But since I have waited this long anyway ill probably just wait till its done so I can watch it all at once or whenever I want.

Oh figures definitely ruin your wallet, I can assure you of that haha. But I find it worth it, I cant help thinking when I look at other stuff comparing the price to how many figures I could get with that. And when you start thinking like that, I see spending my money on other stuff a waste…. That may seem really bad but hey, I love collecting them and everyone has their hobbies. You lost Luffy’s hat :O My sister accidentally bent one of Zoro’s swords (she has a Zoro). What is up with deforming One Piece figures. They were made to hurt us.
Yeah I really enjoyed Monster, I had read 20th Century Boys a while ago which is by the same author and this guy writes the least manga manga I have read haha. 20th CB and Monster do not really feel like anime/manga but they are still so good. Like in the last episode of Monster everyone was out in the rain, and the next episode NO ONE had a cold. Can you believe, anime + rain = instantly bed ridden with a fever. This author must be insane.

I have not seen the most recent episode of Jojo’s yet, but damn it is pretty much confirmed Buccarati has been a ‘zombie’ this whole time which is pretty sad. And I firstly couldn’t believe Polnarif was in it, and not I cant believe they killed him…. The only survivor of Part 3 that wasn’t a Jojo ☹ This might sound silly since you have 1 episode more knowledge than me as I right this but I really want to know what he did with the arrow. At first I thought him and Silver Chariot were gonna like merge or something which woulda been pretty cool haha. I watch Jojo with my Brother and AoT with my sister, so those 2 I almost am always a couple days behind cause I gotta be free at the same time as my siblings (which sucks cause those 2 are like my favourite airing shows), everything else I pretty much watch the day they come out.

From what I have heard these last shield hero episodes are basically prepping for the next arc which makes it pretty likely there will be another season (not confirmed but heavily speculated from manga readers) since 21 was basically the end of that arc. So starting a new arc and finishing would be extremely shitty. But this is exactly what Slime did and it got a season 2 announced with its last episode, so there is a good chance. I am so happy with what happened to BITCH and TRASH. The whole trial was just sooooooooo satisfying. Everyone getting to see all the shit she did, ahhhhhhh I loved it haha. I wonder if SLUT will ever be seen as a real threat again or if she will be lurking in the background doing shit that is really just comedic now like Team Rocket in Pokemon ;P

I was pretty confident you would at least recognise Nier Automata, it was massive in 2017 and either game of the year or close too. That is how I found out about God of War as I had never heard of it before (including the other 3 games) until it became game of the year in 2018. Nier is an awesome game that I would definitely recommend, some of the funnest fighting mechanics and a really good story. Gears of War I love its multiplayer. Has the typical game types every game has like team death match, king of the hill etc….. but the way you move around and fight each other is completely different to any other game I have played. Don’t need to watch the whole thing but just to give you an idea of what I mean. Pretty much everyone runs around with shotguns and it is all about bouncing off walls and dodging everyone else to get in close. I also really enjoy the story and gore ;P God of War (the one I played) was really good and I can see why it was game of the year, I cant wait for the next one.

True, the whole start of End Game was him training his daughter wasn’t it. But at the same time if he is retiring to be with his family, doesn’t it kinda defeat the purpose if his daughter moves out to go do the same stuff xD I did not recognise the kid from Iron Man 3 at all, I just looked at him like ‘who the hell are you.’ Honestly had no idea until I watched some videos afterward where they explained that. The little draw backs to previous movies is always great in MCU, just little details you can miss that don’t hurt if you do but are so cool if you pick up on ^.^

MeiAckeele May 20, 11:40 PM
I was gonna do an edit on the last comment but then you may not even know its there. Obviously dont actually answer this but is this why Mikasa is pissed at Levi in that preview.... Cause he let Erwin and the recruits run to their deaths!?!?! Or does even worse stuff go down causing Mikasa to be pissed........ And this is severely looking like Erwin is gonna die which sucks cause I really like him ;_; But there is still a shred of hope since it didnt look like the rock got him in a lethal location (I hope). And this is doing exactly what the last part did with Hanje, have something big happen to her (when she got shot) and then not address for a couple episodes leaving me hanging if she is alright or not >.< ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh *screams internally*
Blinele May 20, 6:47 AM
"I DIDNT...I WAS EXPECTING YOU TO REPLY RIGHT AWAY.....YOU HAVE FAILED MEEEEE!!!!! (sometimes i like to be a bit dramatic xD)"

NOOOOOOOOOOOOO FORGIVE MEEEEEEEE T_T *begs dramatically for forgiveness*

Well, Karasuno seemed to have the upper-hand at the beginning of the set but the others are coming back. Damn new little giant's team, they're good!
"Tsukki telling Kageyama to not run away was funny as hell" Yeah! and the captain telling Asahi he wasn't going to cheer him up and then Asahi and Suga telling him why did he say that xD

"maybe his role will be after the match in some interaction with the players or something like that..." yeah, I thought the same. If he does nothing besides rooting for them I will totally be disappointed.

This arc is totally something we needed but didn't know we needed. We got to know more about the vampire girl's past, but now she's almost dying! I really hope she won't die because otherwise I will kill someone! I never thought I would say that about a villain, but eventually you become attached to them x)
Now it's Dabi's turn! I hope to get a flashback about his past too and confirm he's Endeavour's lost child! Do you think we'll get a piece of his past so soon?

"Albus being a Slytherin i think it fits with the ending of Deathly Hallows" That's true but I don't know if I like it...
"but if they ever turn this into a movie they have to change some things and one of them is definitely Voldemort not having a daughter...they can pretend that she was his apprentice or Bellatrix apprentice or something...but not his daughter please xD" Agree xD That would be so nonsense! During a lot of time Rowling said Voldemort couldn't love anyone because he was conceived through a love potion, and now he has a daughter with Bellatrix! Oh come on!

"that alone i think would be enough to make people want to watch it if Dan, Rupert, Bonnie, Tom and Emma came back to play their characters again" I just hope if that finally happen, the stylists do a better job than in the last scene of the deathly hallows, because that characterization was incredibly weird D:
Yes, some people was too dramatic about it, but it's true that she messed some things up, as McGonagall being a teacher when she supposedly was born years later. I think that was what annoyed me the most.

Yes, Tony died T_T He spent the movie saying he didn't want to travel in time because of his daughter, and eventually he dies... Poor Peter now :(
I don't know why but I always thought Black Widow's movie was a precuel. Maybe I read something. Anyway, I wasn't expecting her death either. I'd rather Hawkeye to die instead, but he had a family and I bet he will have his own film as Ronin. Natasha didn't even have a proper funeral!! They just said two sentences and that's it!
The Russo brothers confirmed Steve was Peggy's children, so he didn't create a new timeline. I don't know if you realised, but there's a huge plot hole. Spiderman and Ned disappeared in Infinity War, ok... but did everybody in Peter's class disappear? because in Far from Home all Peter's friends still are 17. They better explain it in the film!

I have planned to watch a few shows, but I am not in the mood still... I really want to but I get bored some minutes later. I want to begin Bungou, Fruits Basket, Kimetsu no Yaiba, YU-NO, and One Punch Man. I don't think I will watch AoT by now, I already read the manga so I know what's going to happen. Maybe in the future I will.
Right now I'm reading Tate no Yuusha because I refused waiting another week to know what will happen to the poor shield hero xD I'm so impatient! I already did that with some shows as Yakusoku or MHA. I want to know what will happen and I want it now!
MeiAckeele May 19, 11:07 PM
I understand what you mean with Black Clover, it just really depends if I can find the motivation to get there…. 2 years later and Im still trying to get there with Hitman Reborn xD I know you were in the same predicament with Gintama and D.Gray-man, and while I agree I think in the end they did get to that ‘interesting’ stage faster. Not that I am trying to convince you (cause I know I have already tried ;P ) But yeah, even knowing it has a good point, it can be really hard to get there.

I have not seen the attack on titan that came out today yet just cause I watch it with my sister and she has been out all day. But the first 3 episodes have been so good, I really love this series. And now that I am thinking about it I really wanna ask you something. I have been thinking about it for ageeeeeeeeeeeeeees but I always forget to bring it up. I notice that in your favourites that AoT is higher than Hero Academia in your anime, but then Hero Academia is higher than AoT in your manga. I have always thought stuff like: ‘Does he like mha more than aot but aot just has a better adaptation. Does he like aot more than mha just aot manga doesn’t have as good art. Does he like mha more than aot as a whole, but like the specific season 2 arc of aot more than the specific season 3 arc of mha. Does he not think any of these things and there positions are really interchangeable cause they are so close together in his opinion.’ Dude… I know I am massively overthinking this >.< But I just keep forgetting to ask and my thoughts build up haha. So can you put my mind at ease, is there a reason?

The way you describe Kenja no Mago it actually sounds interesting. But Its just the fact I literally don’t here about it anywhere else is the only reason I haven’t started it yet. When it comes to Isekai I usually only watch the ones that become a big deal over the internet like Slime and Shield Hero were when they started. I have not heard anything about Kenja no Mago besides from you. But you do make it sound interesting. Atm I finally decided to watch Monster (been on my PTW for ages and that latest Gigguk video finally inspired me to start a ‘classic’ I have been putting off ;P ) I am about half way through it, if you still feel the same way about Kenja no Mago after I finish monster I may give it a go.

NOT MY YUMEKO. You see how she is in that pose with her hand held out, since I have her right next to my monitor if I am playing a game and get really annoyed, I put my finger in her hand to calm me down xD Sounds SUPER weird I know, but it works cause I would never get mad enough to break her. You got any figures? I got a TONE when I went to Japan, I only used to have a few pretty cheap ones… then I went to Japan and found SOOOO many cheap ones there that would be expensive here. And now the collection has begun.

Well especially after that last episode, Buccurati seems 100% zombie. But now after what you said, is it actually Vampire? Because of Dio? But I still don’t know how that came to be, so Giorno turned him into a vampire when trying to heal a body that is already dead? IS THAT IT? Since he cant heal what is dead he has never tried,. But he was so desparate in Buccurati’s case that he created a vampire? IDK?!?! Looks like I am going to find out soon though, seems like they are finally leaning towards answering the that mystery. I still have issues with Kira and Dio as well, but my issues are why they are essentially 1v1 instead of teamv1…. But at the same time the 1v1 were bad ass af and I don’t have a problem with the fight itself, could have just given better reasons why it was a 1v1.

Yeah so I was not surprised at all the bow and sword were still alive, but honestly I am really liking how shield still wont trust them. In most series its just like ‘even though you have done all this shit, now that you realise you were wrong I forgive you.’ While forgiveness is essential, it has always been frustrating how they just straight up get over it. You may have already seen it but this sums it up very well . So I like that even thougthey realise they done goofed, shield hero is still saying screw you ^.^ We can all pray that Myne has that coming to her, this doesn’t seem like a death anime so I doubt she will die, but I am realy hoping she at least gets some super embarrassing punishment. But hey, death isn’t completely off the table just cause there have been no significant deaths yet.

Oh in the library it is definitely easier to kill the zombies first. But not on the hardest difficulties, I swear zombies DO NOT DIE on hard. So that library puzzle was an absolute pain in the ass. We actually found in some cases its easier to shoot off their legs, so they are still alive but a lot easier to manoeuvre around when they are crawling. But then they are also harder to see and if you forget about them they can give you a major heart attack xD
That actually really surprises me. I would have understood not playing them, but I thought for sure you would know what they are. Surely you would recognise girls in black dresses with white hair and a black visor over their eyes with giant swords bigger then themselves

Or giant beefy/muscly men sporting chainsaws melded into their guns cutting and shooting their way through underground aliens? Gears of war 5 is coming out this year, and besides the numbered game (1-4) there have been others (like how Resident Evil has others besides 1-7).

Funny you thought I meant God of War cause I recently played the Newest God of War. Unfortunately I cant call myself a follower of the series as I only played the newest one (cause I read it could be played as a stand alone game away from the other 3). But I absolutely loved it, it was an amazing game. I would say it has the hardest bosses I have ever had to deal with… the Valkyrie. Despite being optional, killing the Valkyrie queen is one of the most satisfying gaming achievements I have ever accomplished. And after how it ended I am definitely going to be getting the next one. I watched a summary of the first 3 and I don’t think I will end up playing them unfortunately, but I am going to start following the series from this newest game to wherever it goes from here.

If we getting a Back story for Black Widow wouldn’t Hawkeye be in it? I would just assume if it was pre avengers isn’t that when they were working together all the time? I didn’t know Hawkeye passed on his mantle to someone else :O And I thought if anyone it would be Mockingbird from what I saw in the cartoons. In almost every case I prefer female characters (don’t ask me why, I just do ;P ) But Hawkeye is like a big exception. I am sure I will really like a female hawkeye, but I doubt she will be able to surpass my boy (Jeremy Renner is also one of my favourite actors, even before he was Hawkeye. I loved Hawkeye originally from the cartoons and JR was already one of my favourite actors. So it worked out perfectly for me). I think my 3 favourite actors have always been Nathan Fillion, Jeremy Renner and Johnny Depp.
Interesting, I also randomly heard just from browsing the internet without really researching that the next big villain is going to be Galactus. Is that true? That would be awesome as from the cartoons Galactus was the biggest bad guy, I don’t think Thanos was in them at all actually. But you really have done your research, haha thanks for that. I think of the ones you listed Guardians 3 would be the one I am looking forward to the most. That or Black Panther 2. That reminds me, I was super uncomfortable when Hawkeye was running with the Gauntlet (cause of the big target on his head now) and I leaned over and whispered that too my sister. Not 5s later Black Panther takes it from him, who is my sisters favourite character. I then just looked at her and smiled xD