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Anime Stats
Days: 278.4
Mean Score: 6.20
  • Total Entries919
  • Rewatched79
  • Episodes16,626
Anime History Last Anime Updates
Hige wo Soru. Soshite Joshikousei wo Hirou.
Hige wo Soru. Soshite Joshikousei wo Hirou.
Yesterday, 2:46 PM
Watching 3/13 · Scored -
Mobile Suit Gundam 00
Mobile Suit Gundam 00
Yesterday, 2:11 PM
Watching 18/25 · Scored -
Yesterday, 10:36 AM
Plan to Watch · Scored -
Manga Stats
Days: 66.9
Mean Score: 7.95
  • Total Entries292
  • Reread3
  • Chapters11,840
  • Volumes808
Manga History Last Manga Updates
One Piece
One Piece
Apr 16, 9:32 AM
Reading 1010/? · Scored 5
Maison Ikkoku
Maison Ikkoku
Apr 14, 6:39 AM
Reading 32/162 · Scored -
Boku no Hero Academia
Boku no Hero Academia
Apr 12, 9:28 AM
Reading 303/? · Scored -


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Black_Swordsman_ Apr 6, 2:26 PM
Your atrocious memory also forgot to reply to messages some days so who knows 🤣

hahaha of course it was playfully 😝👀

Die Hard? I don't even remember the last time i watched that film 🤣

HAHAHAHA oh god england when we had joe hart in goal bloody shit he was 🤣🤣

I might come back but there isn't much to do on here anyway sooo 🤣

Good old lockdown waking up and doing nothing all day...terrible
CrumblyKawaii Apr 4, 11:00 AM
I had wondered where you disappeared to 🤧

I am doing okiii ✨ I got to visit my baby sister on Friday 😌 She power-crawled across the beach and I had to make sure she didn't cause trouble for others 🤣 Although, as she is only 18 months, she only babbles and can't speak but when she smiles, it's the most heartwarming thing 😳❤ She was so tired after we were done at the beach aha 😴

But how is the cute Baka Cana-san today? Have you been having fun? Watching anything good, dummy? 🤗
Black_Swordsman_ Apr 3, 5:36 PM
Hahaha how i was supposed to know you still would its been a really long time since we last spoke.

Yeah I was only really using this site to update my anime and manga list for awhile

I've been well though been in lock down can't really do much other than play games or watch anime.

How have you been? 😁
Black_Swordsman_ Apr 2, 2:44 PM
Howdy :D

Long time no speak though you probably don't remember me since last time we spoke i had a different username
CrumblyKawaii Mar 28, 8:38 PM
Is this Baka Cana-san a baka? 👀✨
MrLegitimacy Mar 28, 6:24 AM
For sure keep me posted on what you think of 00! :) Naruto was certainly my favorite anime around that same time, and I know I've got a bunch of old, terrible doodles of Naruto stuff from back then xD
MeiAckeele Mar 26, 5:22 AM

MrLegitimacy Mar 21, 5:02 AM
Hard to say how 00 stacks up now since it was--oh jeez--9 years ago when I watched it o____o When did I get this old??? But I remember the mechs being really badass; and it was one of the series that sold me on diving deep into the franchise, so it definitely left a good impression.

Turn A is pretty good so far! I started watching it with one of my mates, but we haven't sat down to watch another episode in like 2 months Dx We've both said to each other that if it didn't have the Gundam name on it, we really wouldn't guess it was a Gundam series, so it's neat that they made such a unique entry in the franchise.
MrLegitimacy Mar 20, 4:20 AM
What do you think of Gundam 00 so far? That's making me want to rewatch it since it was one of my first Gundam series :0
Timbsoka Mar 12, 10:36 AM
Hey! Hope you've been well :)
MeiAckeele Mar 8, 11:56 PM

The-Starboy Mar 4, 5:23 AM
Nice to meet you too!

Getting through Dragon Ball slowly, not exactly fun watching Goku walk on a path for 15 episodes but I know the best is to come so pushing through!
Think I'm going to watch shorter animes between DBZ episodes to break it up, hopefully I eventually will get through them all 😂
Sinankooesa Feb 28, 8:31 AM
Ah, I see, that is pretty awesome.

I've actually seen it more or less. I saw some arcs and bits and pieces and stuff. But I never watched anything consitent about this show.

Hmm, I'm watching, what's on my watching list. And I do enjoy the shows I'm currently watching :D
Manga...I'm jumping way to much from manga to manga, to stay consitent with one series XD
Sinankooesa Feb 27, 10:01 AM
I see, you picked One Piece back up?
MeiAckeele Feb 23, 1:35 PM
Funnily enough you drop this blessing 20 minutes before I walk out the door for my camping trip. I’m only gone for 5 days I think? I get back Sunday so until then it’ll probably be the most inactive I’ve been in a while >.< Talk to you soon :D