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Anime Stats
Days: 68.9
Mean Score: 6.76
  • Total Entries416
  • Rewatched86
  • Episodes3,800
Anime History Last Anime Updates
Yesterday, 4:41 AM
Watching 4/7 · Scored 7
Shingeki no Kyojin
Shingeki no Kyojin
Sep 27, 6:42 AM
Re-watching 20/25 · Scored 5
Aggressive Retsuko (ONA) 3rd Season
Aggressive Retsuko (ONA) 3rd Season
Sep 25, 11:39 AM
Watching 4/10 · Scored 7
Manga Stats
Days: 22.0
Mean Score: 6.52
  • Total Entries93
  • Reread1
  • Chapters3,417
  • Volumes428
Manga History Last Manga Updates
Getter Robo Āḥ
Getter Robo Āḥ
Yesterday, 11:07 AM
Reading 9/14 · Scored 7
Sep 25, 4:04 AM
Re-reading 14/700 · Scored 8
Sep 25, 4:04 AM
Reading 5/? · Scored 6


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_Nette_ Apr 6, 9:01 PM
Happy birthday fellow Mega Man fan.

Hopefully the Zero/ZX collection is treating you well.
_Minnie Apr 6, 11:06 AM
Happy Birthday!!
Rsurect Apr 3, 5:48 AM
what can i say, i hate what i watch lmao
Goober-fish Apr 1, 12:37 PM
OMFG that "Kill da hoe bitch!" bridge had me dyin' for a good minute, had to pause to compose myself! One of your best beats yet, and your mic presence just keeps getting better and better, didn't catch all the double entendres on first listen but I can tell you put a lot thought into the lyrics, great job as always!
Rsurect Mar 30, 5:17 AM
yo yo thanks for the add, what's up?
gracedotpng Mar 26, 3:46 PM
oh, i'm 100% confident that the anime's eventual adaptation of moro will knock the manga out of the park. pretty excited for it in god knows how many years
gracedotpng Mar 23, 5:00 PM
i was being an ass when i wrote that comment, so i worded it rudely, and i'd like to apologize for that. i do think you shouldn't associate the manga/anime so tightly with eachother. the DBS manga can be interpreted as an alternate continuity with some "what-if" stuff dabbled in, while the anime is considered the "canon" version by the majority of marketing teams, production companies and game developers involved with the franchise. overall, i think you kind of misinterpreted the intent of the manga, but there's no shame on you for thinking it's an improvement (shoddy pacing in the ToP arc aside).

tl;dr the anime/manga are two separate entities and shouldn't really be compared with eachother aside from similar villains and side characters, as toei and toyotaro both go off on their own ideas with the basic skeleton premise that toriyama provided
gracedotpng Mar 21, 4:34 PM
your DBS manga review makes me want to shoot myself
27_Seconds Mar 14, 10:53 AM
Gotcha, I'll just add G:Reco to my PTW list and just pick it up when I have nothing else to watch. Or if I just want to watch a mecha show with some cool looking mechs, lol. I agree though, as much as I love older Gundam series, it is satisfying to watch newer entries. Mainly due to the updated animation and shorter amount of episodes. Like I enjoyed Zeta, but at times, I felt like the series dragged on a bit. I think it being 50 episodes might have been a part of this. Not that being a longer series is bad or anything, but sometimes it's just easier to find time to watch a show that is closer to 12-26 episodes.

27_Seconds Feb 29, 7:51 AM
That makes sense, I suppose if someone wanted to get into a franchise like Gundam (which is admittedly a very intimidating series to get into with all of the different series there are), most newcomers would probably start off with more recent entries. IBO doesn't seem like it would be a bad place to start, at least from what I've seen so far. I personally started off with 08th MS Team and Gundam Wing, but a lot of people are often turned off by old school anime.

Is G:Reco worth watching at all? I heard it isn't so great, but I'm sort of curious.
27_Seconds Feb 24, 6:25 PM
Man, your comment about IBO really does prove how mixed this show's reception is, since a comment from another user below yours literally said the opposite of how you felt. It seems like people either love IBO or hate it. I can understand maybe not enjoying a series if it really isn't your thing, but I don't really think there has been anything in IBO so far that would make me say "Man, this show sucks."

I like Mikazuki and Orga a lot, as well as Aina.
Goober-fish Feb 21, 2:44 PM
Failed mine with flying colors :> "We can't even begin to describe the kind of shit we found in your system."
Goober-fish Feb 20, 5:56 PM
This calls for a celebratory shot...oh wait, I do that even without cause for celebration :<
27_Seconds Feb 18, 9:18 PM
Hey, random question, have you watched Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans? I started it recently after I found out it was on Netflix. I actually like it so far, although I heard it's a controversial series for most.
singhisking Feb 6, 11:15 AM
these r some crazy ass anime in comedy genre, although saik k is kinda shounen but othrs r suitable for u i guess xd