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Sochie Heim (ソシエ・ハイム)

Second daughter of the Heim family. Sochie is a spoiled, headstrong tomboy who is continually overshadowed by her sister Kihel. She was determined to join the Inglessa Militia even before Dianna Counter's attack, and is among the first to pilot one of Sid Munzer's excavated mobile suits. Eventually Sochie becomes a well-respected soldier, though her AMX-109 Kapool is one of the weakest mobile suits in the series.

The death of Sochie's father causes her to hate the Moonrace and she feels betrayed when she discovers that her crush Loran is from the Moon. It takes a long time for her to grow up and soften her views. While Sochie suffers a great deal of loss over the course of the series, her trials make her a stronger person, and she never loses her fighting spirit. Once the war is over she lets go of Loran and takes over as the head of the Heim family's businesses.

Voice Actors
Murata, Akino

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