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Chi.: Chikyuu no Undou ni Tsuite
Chi.: Chikyuu no Undou ni Tsuite
Jun 28, 8:20 PM
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Summertime Render
Summertime Render
Jun 26, 3:32 PM
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Ao Ashi
Ao Ashi
Jun 26, 12:26 PM
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The Abandoned Empress
The Abandoned Empress
Jun 19, 4:54 PM
Completed - · Scored 8
The Remarried Empress
The Remarried Empress
Jun 19, 4:54 PM
Reading 114/? · Scored 10
Your Throne
Your Throne
Jun 19, 4:53 PM
Reading 125/? · Scored 10

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kiss 2 hours ago
Lame reply 😔
I wont ask anymore Queen poopoo head
Kurt_Irving Jun 28, 9:59 PM
Long time no speak Marissa! How are you doing this summer?
anibaba Jun 27, 4:00 PM
here's a heartfelt advice from a broken man. don't ruin your pity. or else you will end up like me. oh woe is me
hmm ya venti is pretty nice but i wanted a waifu D: ig venti is a waifu for some people lmao
i'm surprised you started playing genshin though.. kinda unfortunate you started late when the genshin chat died haha you coulda been part of all our shenanigans xD

ya that's why i knew about it hahaha ramy msg'd he was like "ani come save me, people are invading my world"
ya'll shoulda checked my teapot cuz i spent 30+ hours on it and it looks really nice but barely anyone visits it :,)

unfortunately i don't have an eu account.. kinda sucks there's different servers or we coulda all played together with our mains haha
MonkeeDan Jun 27, 8:49 AM
Yea as I said ingame, I started with the Ayaka re-run, so around 2 months-ish ago. It was fun to be able to run dragonspine domain in around 2 minutes xd. Also thanks again for all the help :>
12 hours?!?! W H A T. What do you work as? (if you don't mind the question)

The 2nd season was pretty nice. And yea it just feel a bit "weird" to read it imo.
I get that, I thought about re-reading it or at least re-reading the earlier chapters just just experience it agains since it was just so much fun to read it every week.
Thanks for the yt vid, was nice to watch :> Can't even imagine how many efforts it must've taken.
I'll see if I get to watch it since I have quite a lot of other stuff I want/need to watch as well + I'm not the biggest K-drama fan, but maybe I'll give it a try^^

Ok so I started reading Your Thone and it's okay/good so far. Medea is pretty cute but aside from that I didn't find myself too invested in the story for now. Will continue it for a bit more tho.

Initially I wanted to pull for Itto but I got Xiao + Yelan and didn't really like the 4* of the banner so I decided to skip him. I have enough characters I need to properly build first before I can focus on getting other main dps' etc. I will pull for Kazuha tho since he's just someone you can't skip. Haven't lost a single 50/50 so far B) or well, I lost one but got rewarded with a double ayaka later on so it kinda balanced out xd. Yesssss, Ayaka is so goddamn great, she carried my whole playthrough. I'll tripple crown her as well once I get enough mats to lvl them up TT. Imma be honest, I don't like Diluc and I probably never will. Just never needed him and now he just seems like some 50/50 ruiner to me :( Good good, electro girls are truly supreme. Especially Yae is cute af :>
Ohh you're waiting for all the boys huh :P I don't really feel any want for scaramouche or dainslef but maybe they'll come up with some nice design for them that makes me reconsider my choice. Wait, did they leak some dendro character designs already?

Lmao, I saw that annoucement some while ago after another polish friend of mine saw it and send it to me xd. I think she liked it so I'll definitely watch the anime :D

Oh dw, I'm not a native speaker either so I make mistakes here and there as well. I perfectly get what you mean anyways :)
anibaba Jun 26, 5:01 PM
i- i wanted a 4* character but ended up spending 50 wishes just to ruin my guaranteed and get a venti i didn't want. then i got frustrated so i threw in my remaining 130 wishes on the weapon banner just to get 2 turd weapons i didn't want. so yes not only did i not get what i wanted, i got trolled until i went bankrupt and quit the game hahaha..

why did you think i hated you what the heck xD nah when i got the message you were offline already oops.. i heard you and vuli and i think jooh too played with ramy xD

hmm maybe i'll play again soon.. are u on eu or us server?
anibaba Jun 26, 1:05 PM
i lost all my gems on the stupid weapon banner and it made not wanna play anymore

you did? wait hold up.. i think i remember lime messaging me one time.. was that you? lmaoo
sorry i usually left my game open even though i wasn't playing xD
anibaba Jun 26, 9:28 AM
MarissaRob said:

YESSS thanks Ani ;> I will gladly accept especially for Kazu boi ;P btw you still play?

probably hard to believe but i finally retired from genshin
kiss Jun 25, 8:02 AM

Work harder turtle-king
pinktoast Jun 24, 8:28 PM
Mines are (ofc) Perona, Shirahoshi, and Dr. Kureha!

And thank you!! I love your forum set, it's super cute 💓
Stacias Jun 24, 8:22 PM
pinktoast Jun 24, 8:07 PM

swear when ppl be saying "why perona"
Like BRO why NOT perona?🙄
MonkeeDan Jun 24, 2:17 AM
Probably due to the fact that I'm still fairly new, but yea, you're the first EU player I meet and finding more is always welcomes ^^
Mhm yea, after reaching the endgame there isn't all that much to do anymore besides having fun in co-op and messing around a bit. And it's nice to just share some memories and moments with friends ;>
Oh thanks, I'll add you later :)
Lots of work huh :( ganbare

Well, that's what I keep thinking as well, but for some reason the studio prefers to do another Beastars season instead of hnk s2 TT. I thought about reading Beastars once but after some consideration I realized that I can spend my time more wisely and just wait for a new season.
Solo Leveling was a blast, really enjoyed it. The only part I didn't like too much was the last arc in general and it felt a bit too rushed imo, still a really good Manwha. I didn't even know there is a korean drama for King's avatar, only knew that it has an anime that I haven't seen yet.
So I finished catching up with the one I mentioned and it was really enjoyable. As I said not really romance and more comedy, but it had one of the best comedy elements and situations I've read/seen in a long time. It's fairly short as well with only 125 chapters so far so it's pretty quick to read.
I've heard and seen some characters of The Remarried Empress, Your Throne and Who Made Me a Princess. I'll just roll a dice and see which one of the 5 I'll read first, but ty for the recs :>
Also wth, 100 more D: Tho I can't really blame you ig, I've a similiar obsession with wuxia novels/manhuas. Colored pages and short chapters just make it really easy to consume.

Hmm so my favorite character design would probably be Shenhe, Yoimiya and Hu Tao for the female ones and Itto, Xiao. They're all just so pretty >.<
My first and current main is Ayaka tho Yelan is close behind now. I started playing Genshin around the start of Ayaka's re-run so she was the first character I got and I just can't abandon her :> Originally I planned to pull on Itto's banner, but after trying Itto out myself, getting him on a 2nd account and seeing the other characters on the banner I decided to skip Itto and focus on getting Kazuha instead. + I don't really have the ressources to build a team around him atm since I'm still finishing my first team.
Wbu? I'd assume there are a few more than Zhongli?^^
MonkeeDan Jun 23, 1:38 AM
Yup, seems like I finally found another EU player ^^ As for the co-op, I've never really used it all that much since the time I started but it can be a nice change of pace every now and then.

Oh you absolutely have to catch up with it. I'll start a riot if Yamato doesn't join the strawhats and just stays in Wano after the arc.
Good good. Also since the manga is finally back from hiatus, we might get some season 2 announcement sooner or later or at least I hope so TT. While I like Beastars, it comes not even close to HnK.
Romance webtoons huh, I think my knowledge about them is fairly limited. I think the only webtoon I read was Tower of God and the one I started today after a friend recommended it to me. x not really romance tho so if you have any recs for me I'd be thankful :>
And I'm all down for genshin talk ^^
xxzAngelxx Jun 22, 7:46 PM
You are just involving me into your fantasies without my permission
xxzAngelxx Jun 22, 7:42 PM
Uwu you wont get to know