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Perona (ペローナ)

Birthday: June 7

Nicknamed the "Ghost Princess", Perona is a girl dressed in Gothic Lolita style and a commander in the army of Gecko Moria on his island-ship of Thriller Bark. She is also the commander of Perona Wonder Garden, where an army of animal zombies live and protect her. She looted the Thousand Sunny with some zombies and later took on guard duty while Absalom was away attempting to marry Nami. She cannot stand anything that she feels is not cute, such as insects.

Perona has eaten the Horo Horo no mi (Ghost Ghost fruit) which allows her to create several ghostly apparitions. The ghosts can pass through someone to cause them to go into a sort of induced depression.

    -Like many other characters in One Piece, Perona has a unique laugh (horohorohoro, which contains the word horo, meaning ghost. It is also the name of her devil fruit).
    -Perona's dream is to have her own country made up of cute zombie animals with her as their leader.
    -Perona had no knowledge of Brook nor about the incident that occurred five years ago when he first appeared because she slept through the entire incident, scolding Kumashi when he tried to alert her.
    -Many members of Thriller Bark seem to be based on old Horror movie character types; Perona is based off of ghosts.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
Nishihara, Kumiko
De Cesarei, Jenny
Basecqz, Julie
Angelle, Felecia
Kortemeier, Anke
Gaudí, Isabel
Zadra, Rebeca
Portuguese (BR)
Ángeles, Jessica
Beaumont, Sophie

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