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Sticky: [OPEN] It's a Claim Season ~ Action
Miyuki- - May 22
25 replies by Griff-ith »»
2 hours ago
Sticky: »»» Updates ◄NEWS► ( 1 2 )
Miyuki- - Nov 14, 2015
85 replies by Kitix »»
Yesterday, 1:37 PM
Sticky: [OPEN] ◄EVENT CHAT► ~It's a Claim Season~
Miyuki- - May 22
0 replies by Miyuki- »»
Yesterday, 11:02 AM
Sticky: »»» Club's ◄DELIVERIES► ( 1 2 )
Miyuki- - Aug 12, 2015
64 replies by Kitix »»
May 13, 2:28 PM
CLOSED >> March Event - Heroes Time - Enter Guild [Pass Required!] ( 1 2 3 4 5 ... Last Page )
Ayame_Rin - Mar 18
265 replies by Amulet_Heart »»
Apr 3, 3:08 PM

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Club Comments
Griff-ith | 53 minutes ago
I really hope u do a day for missed claims ;-; But honestly I love it! Been waiting for an event full of claims <3

Kitix | Yesterday, 1:40 PM

New Event is Open!

Miyuki- | Apr 30, 6:34 PM
henlo frens!!
you thought us gone, no?
we are not! perhaps it was an extended april fools prank?
maybe, maybe not.
what we do know is this!
Next month we will be back!
So look forward to it ;)

Ayame_Rin | Apr 1, 1:23 PM

New Day!

Kitix | Mar 31, 4:53 AM
This is aya's bot replying. Curently Ayaman is not available due to some superhero related stuff.
Worry not! my answers have the same power as her's.


ANNOUNCEMENT: this day won't end until all Heroes complete their missions.
Also! Also! A new rank S mission is now available.

Kitix | Mar 31, 4:52 AM

Ayame_Rin | Mar 30, 3:40 PM

Words cannot describe how proud I am of our guild!
Today, one of our Bravest Heroes has finally defeated a Supervillain!
Congratulations, my dear Crimson Heart Charmer for defeating the Mad Scientist Kitman
Now, with less villains to be terrorizing this city, our beloved civilians can feel a bit relieved.

However! We mustn't forget that there are still 3 more super dangerous villains to be defeated!
Ganbatte ne! (。•̀ᴗ-)✧

Ayame_Rin | Mar 30, 8:26 AM
I think we already replied to all these questions in the first post of the Guild thread
Once a mission is successfully completed, it won't reappear again.
Also, all rewards for an S rank mission are completely unique and can be won only by the person who completes the mission.
P.S. if you and Amu successfully complete your quests... there will be only 2 Rank S missions left.
Hope this answers all you questions.

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