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Days: 354.6
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Shin Chou Kyou Ryo: Condor Hero
Shin Chou Kyou Ryo: Condor Hero
Yesterday, 7:22 AM
Watching 11/26 · Scored 6
Tokimeki Tonight
Tokimeki Tonight
Yesterday, 7:22 AM
Watching 20/34 · Scored 8
Kaikan Phrase
Kaikan Phrase
Apr 17, 6:25 AM
Watching 6/44 · Scored 6
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Days: 173.4
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Ai yori Aoshi
Ai yori Aoshi
Apr 15, 8:55 AM
Plan to Read · Scored -
Sakura Tsuushin
Sakura Tsuushin
Apr 15, 8:55 AM
Plan to Read · Scored -
Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne
Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne
Apr 14, 7:30 AM
Plan to Read · Scored -



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abhutrash Apr 16, 6:05 AM
Wow, that's a big flock! Must be pretty lively. If I get into breeding, I'll probably start smaller (tiels, conures, lovebirds). Impressive that you jumped straight into amazons/macaws like that, did you grow up around birds?

Thanks for the Precure ranking, been trying to gauge consensus and its very interesting how wide it varies. Mines not as far from yours at it is from others:

Suite > Heartcatch = Mahoutsukai > Yes! > Splash Star > Futari wa > Hugtto > Kirakira > GoGo > GoPri > Smile > HaCha = Fresh > Max Heart
(Haven't watched DokiDoki yet and Star Twinkle is good so far, a little early for me to call since I'm behind x_x)
abhutrash Mar 25, 2:10 PM
Hey there, I like your style! ^^
As someone who grew up with it, can I get your personal ranking of Precure seasons?

Also, it's super cool to hear you breed parrots for a living! I'm a total bird geek. Currently just have a Turquoise GCC, but have been thinking about getting more once my life calms down.
Gonzo-lewd Mar 17, 4:57 AM
HARUNA-CHAN~ <3 <3 <3
Creeger Mar 15, 10:22 AM
You've definetly have visited some amazing places/events. Idk if musicfestivals is something for me, might be too overwhelming for me. But traveling to different places sounds really fun.

I got the Victorious skin, will probably get the Jamacia biker skin when it's available again and I have the money for it. Got more dock space too which was really nice.
Zombieland Saga was really good actually, or it was a really fun anime may be a better way to put it. I liked it at least, and Asobi Asobase was pretty fun too, was definetly not what I expected it to be.

Not really, I do prefer to actually be there but because of the traveling back and forth for 2 hours everyday it can get tiring. on the west coast a lot of places need you to go on a ferry to cross. Which is the case with me+a bus over the the university. It's just that I think it's better regarding time, though I definetly feel that being alone, unless you count my dog, has definetly taken a toll on me, or is starting at least. Luckily it won't last too long, and I'll get a nice and long vacation.

I've just seen youtube videos and checked out the comment sections on those videos. I'll send a link on at least one of the videos I watched regarding the topic. I hope they don't change her either, I think it's a great design and her backstory probably backs the desing up well. I think if every game/anime/whatever would have to remove/change their loli characters then it woudn't be that much variety in terms of apperance. I really hope it'll stop cuz I'm getting pretty sick of americans/american companies being so extremely sensitive towards everything. Though I think it'll just continue until the government forces them to change or something.

Videos on the Emiya Alter change:
Creeger Mar 7, 6:28 AM
It does seem like an expensive event to travel to, though I might be wrong. What other festivals are you planning on going to?

Agreed, but more Azur Lane doujins the better if you ask me.
Yeah, Belfast is top tier waifu, I really like Jamaica as well+her skin looks dope as hell. Awesome, the'res no rush so enjoy the carnaval. Damn, I just get to watch anime once a week, mostly since I do other stuff, mostly homework. :/ But I still get to watch a fair amount, and I'll get to up my manga reading after finishing Fate/Hollow ataraxia.

Hopefully it'll pay off. I'll admit that social interaction has been minimal since I quit going to classes and watched the stream instead. I do have more time to do homework/study and hopefully I'll get better sleep.

Ikr, like the third ascension looks horrible with his altered skin tone. His JP counterpart just looked a lot better and made more sense lore wise, though some people hate the "lore excuse". But I just hope that if they'll never change it back, which is probably the case, that they will never change/cencor anything again. Though from the looks of it, abigail seems to be on thin ice with the loli and tentacle combo which, got some negative/shocked/worried reactions when the NA team(I assume) got to see abigail. idk if you've read up on it. so much for the "true JP experience".
KsT Mar 2, 6:58 AM
Happy Birthday
giannis85 Mar 1, 2:36 PM
Happy Birthday!!!
Creeger Mar 1, 8:20 AM
Ultra Korea looks really cool. And It'll probably be pretty nice to explore the city. Would be awesome to visit it myself one day.
Hehe, yeah you spent quite the amount last year. xd

I really like Atago, Amagi and Belfast. I have a hard time to pick between them. I bought the New Year skin for Belfast, them thighs were too good to miss. Amagi definetly deserves a wedding skin, I can only imagine how beautiful it'll be.
I couldn't find you when I searched, maybe we're on different servers? I'll try a bit more my naime Is Cregger and my UID is 67142081 if you wanna try as well.

It's somewhat hard, in my case I just need to work in it more so it stick in my mind so that I remember it. I think I need to start to use some of the weekends to study, pluss I should be more strict with my sleep schedule, I tend to stay up late you see. :(

What's your thought's on the Emiya Alter changes?
Personally I don't think it was necessary, I never thought of it as racist. But apparently some people do. :/
DarkInsomnia57 Feb 25, 2:10 PM
What is the series in your sig? A yuri, right?
Creeger Feb 21, 5:25 AM
Sounds great. South Korea sounds like a cool place to visit. Hope you have a great time there. Any spesific plans for when you're visiting?
Awesome dude, I got her as well, I tend to slack when it comes to the events so I end up trying to do it all in one day almost. She's so adorable, and her skins are really cute too. Just bought the new Belfast skin myself since there was no way I was missing out on that.
I would add you on Azur Lane but as of writing this there is maintenance so I can't. rip

Tbh, it's been pretty boring. I've just been at home doing homework, playing FGO and Azur Lane or been drawing. Other than that I've video games in the weekends with friends. So it's quite the cycle to say the least. Thankfully I get summer vacation early, it's late may if I'm not mistaken so that's nice.
Creeger Feb 19, 12:15 PM
Hey, what's up dude?
Creeger Jan 19, 11:36 AM
That's true. I'm really excited for the future servants, there's so many cool ones. I'll probably/hopefully get a good assassin servant eventually.

I'm definetly going for her, and I'll definetly get the asscension material and NP5 Kintoki this time. xd I noticed that you had her NP5, when did that happen? Honestly I would not mind getting Shuten Douji, she's cute and a good servant as well as an assassin.
I hoped to get Jalter(and Merlin for all that matter) but that didn't happen sadly and I don't have any income so I feel like buying quartz outside of the guaranteed gacha is a "waste of money".

dude, I was going to link you to that. But then I saw you bring it up. xd I haven't watched Prisma Illya so I'm not that stoked about it. But I'm glad that there'll be more cool servants in the game. And the lewd stage 4 pic will definetly be nice. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Creeger Jan 12, 3:25 PM
Awesome to hear. There's so much stuff the western audience can't watch/read/etc. because they don't know japanese. I've heard a couple clips of other radio shows and it's fun to listen to it.
Lmao, that's cute. Cú Chulainn is quite the husbando though. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
True, I just really need a better assassin, but I can't roll for gramps yet cuz I used all my quartz trying to get Musashi. xd

Those were some cute reactions, it's also nice too see that the seiyuu actually plays the game. The videos was very wholesome.

I heard that to this day Raikou is the only Berserker with an AOE NP. It's insane, she's amazing at farming looks awesome and is a great servant to grail both for gameplay and waifu value.
I just hope I get the servants I want one day. I have almost no hopes for servants like Jalter and Merlin. xd Rarely go on rate up so it's almost not even any point in saving for them. It's a real shame that Ereshkigal doesn't go on rate up before christmas this year. This is so sad.
Creeger Jan 9, 1:22 PM
Good to hear man.
Sounds like you had a nice time too, and that's always nice hear.

Awesome, Nitocris is really cute, need to check out her seiyuu though if she's that bae. xd Really looking forward to having her in my parties. I can relate to not having a full line up. I still feel like mine is somewhat incomplete with only average at best assassins. I hope I can get a good assassin in the future.
Musashi is sicu a tomboy and I love it, maybe not as much as Mordred but damn I was really sad when I didn't get her.
I can relate to that, I really hope I get Raikou this time around and Musashi when she returns. Hope we get the servants we want. Bless up
DeitysDynasty Jan 8, 1:30 PM
She’s probably kill you but I won’t deny her design is hot