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Natsume Yuujinchou San
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Aku no Hana
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Atri: My Dear Moments
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It's Mine
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My Home Hero
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The Remarried Empress
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Adnash Jul 13, 5:04 AM
Yeah, hopefully we will learn something about the sequel this year. Even the info saying there won't be any sequel manga wouldn't be that bad. At least everything would be clear.

About Shounen no Abyss, oh yes, haha. That series is really messed up. I'm glad it ends soon, though. The final arc seems to have been dragged out for too long, so good that there are only several chapters of it left.
Adnash Jul 13, 4:04 AM
Hello, I'm fine, thanks, and you? :)

Thank you for your kind words.

Oh yes, I think we will have to wait way more than several days for any info about the sequel. If it ever is announced, haha. I think we can learn something around the final volume's premiere. So around November. That's the most probable time I can think of. Well, I wouldn't mind seeing said announcement earlier, of course. But realistically speaking, I think that we will learn something new after Vol. 16 is released.

Yes, I saw them. They are the following: chapter 0 (the prologue chapter), and two short special chapters from Vol. 10. They count as separate chapters on MAL, that's why the total chapter count is 121, not 118, even though officially there are 118 numbered chapters. They are also mentioned in "More Info" tab. (link:

I forgot that Vol. 1 had that prequel chapter in it, so good that my submission regarding marking the Next Dimension manga as finished from here was double checked, haha.
Adnash Jul 8, 2:45 AM
Honestly, as I read the last chapter, I started crying. It had such a bittersweet feeling. But I loved that Seiya got punched one last time hahaha. The last ten chapters of ND were fairly good, so I did enjoy them. Like you said, while I have been hoping for a ND conclusion for a very long time, yeah, I still would love to see more OG Saint Seiya content.
After over 17 years I've been tracking this manga, this finale felt bittersweet not only because of how the whole Next Dimension story ended, but also because it also marked the end of me patiently waiting for all those years for new chapters, hehe. Cool that this manga is over and everything got wrapped up well, but not gonna lie, I guess I will miss checking out news from time to time whether Next Dimension is about to return from hiatus or not. If there will be a sequel manga, then perhaps I will be able to feel nostalgic if its release schedule will be similar to ND's.

I can definitely see Athena doing what she did in the end; it fits her character in the series really well, even though I thought the conclusion was kind of decent—it was not what I expected.[/quote]I expected to see stuff that Kurumada-sensei had wanted to include in the Tenkai-hen movie, but that was not included in the final version of the movie. Like Apollo appearing with his golden chariot. I was utterly satisfied with both the fact that it got included in the manga and how it was portrayed. Apollo had a truly epic entrance, haha.

But at the same time, after all those years, I didn't think that the idea of a memory wipe done to Athena and her five Bronze Saints would happen. Especially not after we just had one back in the past, after all anomalies related to two Athena incarnations existing at the same time ended. That was really surprising to see, even though one could say "but it already happened in the Tenkai-hen movie!". Yeah, right, but that was 20 years ago, and I thought, before reading the final chapter, that this idea had been just modified over the years to be applied to the past timeline. All to conveniently solve the problem of all possible issues related to time travel to the past and its effect on the present timeline.

Now, if it really is the definite ending, I hope they release some special chapters showing what happened to the other Bronze Saints. I know they are probably just living normal lives, but I would like to see a conclusion for them and obviously Seiya with his sister.
Same! If it's THE definite ending, then I'd appreciate to see some sort of special chapters telling what happened to other Bronze Saints, like showing their lives after their memories got wiped (Shiryu has the biggest potential for a cool story like that, I feel). Or a Gaiden treatment dedicated to other characters, like Marin and Touma.

But clearly, this series has a lot that can be explored, especially after they introduced Artemis and Apollo in ND. I low-key would love to see the other Olympic gods.
Indeed, that's true. There is sooo huge potential in all those elements to be explored even further. That being said, as much as disappointing it might sound like in this context, it wouldn't be out of character for Masami Kurumada to just leave those elements as they were depicted in ND. Like, I'd love to see a sequel, but when we look at the previous arcs (those from the original manga), then we might see a certain storytelling pattern. Basically, most of them ended without hinting what the next arc is gonna be about; and without returning to themes explored or introduced in the past (previous arcs), except those crucial for the main characters (like Hyoga respecting a lot his master and frequently mentioning that) or the plot itself (Kanon becoming the Gemini Gold Saint's successor).

I can see Apollo and Artemis returning in a hypothetical sequel (even more, it's kinda inevitable, unless Kurumada-sensei decides to make their performance in the story as already concluded in ND), but personally, I think hoping to learn more about things like Izou's title and its origins (the Demon Slayer) is futile, since most likely it won't be addressed. Sadly. :(
What totally disappointed me was, like I mentioned earlier, the lack of Seika's presence. Not only she didn't appear in the manga itself, but I can't even recall if she was ever mentioned in it. It can be seen as a reason to cope over a potential sequel manga or just as an element of the story that didn't appear in it because it had no role to play in the storyline (it sounds weird when talking about Seika, but it's still better than assuming that Saint Seiya had a soft reboot in which Seika was erased from the story, lol).

I just feel apprehensive because I had other series I loved never coming back after many hints they would. I was hoping for an announcement in the last page of the final chapter haha
I know right. It's a bummer that there was no announcement or even a fancy color page. But hey, we got a chapter with more pages than usual, and also two good looking images in color, haha.

Now, I'm just praying for an anime 2D to be announced. I watch a lot of 3D stuff and I don't care but for SS ND I would love to watch it in 2D
I don't mind CGI either. Heck, I greatly enjoyed watching CGI KotZ in its Battle for Sanctuary seasons. But ND is a different pair of shoes. It's the official sequel to the original manga, after all. Remembering how iconic and cult anime the original animated adaptation is, Next Dimension clearly deserves a high quality 2D animation.
Adnash Jul 5, 2:14 PM
Awesome that you caught up with the final chapters! Indeed, this manga season was filles with emotions. Chapter 118 definitely feels as a chapter that would fit as the definite ending for the whole series. However, from what I read, there is still hope for Heaven arc manga created in the future that'd be a sequel to the story told in the Next Dimension manga. There are many hints implying that we might see its announcement one day, but will we actually see it? Time will tell.

I wouldn't mind ch. 118 being the definite ending of Saint Seiya. It's a solid way to conclude that story. It's also something I had wished to see for a long time, after going through so many hiatuses. I mean, to see ND's ending as not the only ending of this particular manga, but the ending of the series as a whole. I changed my mind once I saw that poster with Seiya and three temples in the background belonging to three deities (Artemis, Zeus, Apollo), and after reading more about the possibility of Tenkai-hen manga becoming reality.

Sequel would be also great to refer to stuff introduced by ND that didn't get much attention, or stuff known from the original manga that was not referred to at all. While, like I said before, I wouldn't mind Saint Seiya ending with ND's last chapter, at the same time I'm aware that there are so many other elements that are just screaming about giving them even a little attention. Touma and Marin, Chronos' real plans, and of course Seika. I was really disappointed by the way Seika was treated in ND.
Adnash Jul 5, 3:05 AM
No no, I'm from Europe. :) My Japanese is also not that good. Worse than basic, to be fair. But I'm fine with it, since I don't need to know it better than just being familiar with basic grammar constructions, several kanji letters, roumaji stuff, or knowing how to say and use basic words or phrases.

Google Translate is truly a blessing when it comes to translating text written in Japanese or images with, don't know, dialogue bubbles with Japanese writing system. It can be a huge help not only in learning a new language, but also when you want to check out something, i.e. from the dedicated Wiki, which is not written in a language you speak fluently or at all.
Adnash Jul 5, 12:03 AM
I'm fine as well. :)

Oh, I read it in Japanese.
Adnash Jul 4, 1:06 AM
Hello, what's up? Did you read the last chapter of Saint Seiya: Next Dimension? :)
DigiCat Jun 25, 4:49 PM
Yeah lol Wolf Rain just felt way too slow paced for me
Also don't really wanna watch wolves mauling eachother 🥲 i prefere watching humans beat eachother up

Lodoss looks promising, artstyle's really nice, and even though this to may feel a lil slow, it seems to have interesting direction to compensate, i ordered the DVD so will continue it when it arrives :D
DigiCat Jun 25, 5:23 AM
Jellybeanx said:
Probably trying to find something worth watching

You're not entirely wrong, i was undecided wether to buy Wolf's Rain or Lodoss War DVD so streamed the first ep of each
DigiCat Jun 23, 4:01 PM
Yeah it's left very open ended
DigiCat Jun 23, 12:27 PM
Jellybeanx said:
So what did you think of X&Y ?

It was a really enjoyable watch :D

The concept is simple but effective, and the way the mystey unravels very intriguing, i especially liked the end reveal
My only minor complaints are i think it would've benefitted from having the usual 20min long eps, there were times it felt a bit rushed, also would've given some space for more character developement, i really liked Yan Yuechu and wish his personality was explored in more detail
DigiCat Jun 20, 1:34 AM
My fav is Pashmina 🐹
DigiCat Jun 17, 1:43 PM
Nah no need to feel sorry

But curious, is there any aspect of Tokyo Revengers you liked even just a lil?

Who's your fav Hamtaro character?

No no, that was not an encouragement to try Made In Abyss again 🙀
DigiCat Jun 17, 3:47 AM
Jellybeanx said:
I am Tokyo Revengers number one hater. What a ridiculous series. How anyone can put up with that for three seasons is beyond me

I was gonna mega roast you, but you called Hamtaro a childhood gem so all is forgiven 🐹

Also love that you have notes in your list :3

I predict if you ever give Shiki a second chance you'll feel about the same as Summertime Render

And lol
Weird art style
Made In Abyss has a lot more weird than just it's artstyle
DigiCat May 22, 1:47 PM
Jellybeanx said:
Gintama ❤️

I have never laughed so much watching an anime as I did with Gintama

I second that 🤣
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