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Millawls Jun 6, 8:13 AM
1 little girl is 1 too many.

Besides, calling them "loli" is enough of a problem in itself.
HighEntia Jun 5, 7:11 PM
Yo. My man. You write long ass comments. I like that
Millawls Jun 5, 7:01 AM
Fucking peadophile.
CoquiEnthusiast May 28, 9:19 AM
I'm not trying to spread irrational hate, I just stated my opinions. In my opinion my reasons for disliking Eromanga are clear and understandable, thus shared by many. Let me clarify something: the things stated in my "review" are not the only reasons for my score, those are only my main problems with the series. If Eromanga didn't have those things that made the show painful to witness, I would've still given it like a 3 or 4/10. To me the series is bland, unfunny and uninteresting even without the meme attempts and unnecessary loli fanservice. I have other reasons like the poor direction, annoying characters, and the show just not entertaining me. I didn't state them in the review because that wasn't supposed to be a proper review to begin with. Stop taking it so seriously since not even I, the one who wrote the rant, take it so seriously. It was a one time thing that I thought would be interesting to do.

It seems that we have different standards for quality and we don't look for the same things in anime. We have obvious differences in taste and I respect that. Those things that you enjoy about Eromanga I simply don't see. Sure the voice acting is alright, I like Sagiri's voice and the librarian's too. That is literally one of the only things I like about the show. When I don't see anything that appeals to me and I find everything to be mediocre at best, it's hard for me to give it anything more than what I did. The things that you may find to be good may not be good to me, that's where we find such drastic opinions. You obviously like the show, so you do you.

Again, it's not a proper review of the whole series so of course I'm not diving into absolutely everything about the show. I honestly don't care if you don't like "irrational behavior" because I'm not here to please everybody. Getting responses from people that are pissed off from my way of expressing myself are consequences that I was aware of when posting the review. You can't say my opinions or rating are not "valid" (you love that word don't you?) because you don't know everything that goes on in my brain. That "review" were rambled first impressions and are just a tip of what I think about the show. I do admit that I exaggerate with my way of expressing things, but it's still my opinion and I stand behind it. You can't just say my opinions are not valid because you're not any more special than me. I've never said such things about your opinions when I could easily do so. My opinions are biased because everything is, and my "irrationality" or whatever doesn't affect you. In my point of view, you're the one who's being irrational for liking things that are obviously mediocre, but I can't base any argument with that idea because I don't have the right to criticize your opinions. The difference between Konosuba and Eromanga are personal to my BIAS (you hate that word don't you?). I was able to find plenty of enjoyment with Konosuba, I liked the characters, I enjoyed its direction, comedy and its ideas behind it. I can't say the same for Eromanga. They might have similarities, but the experience of watching both wasn't. You see where this is going? It all comes down to personal opinions.

Look man, I'm a busy guy and I'm honestly tired of this conversation already. We have our reasons and I have a feeling this back and forth is never going to end if someone doesn't put a stop on it. We will obviously never see eye to eye on Eromanga because we have way too different takes on it. I'm beginning to disagree with literally everything that you're saying and I don't have the time or energy to respond to every point you make. I feel like I have to repeat myself everytime and this convo is still not going anywhere. I don't seem to understand how you're "respecting my opinion" when the two sentences ago you say that my opinion is not valid. Why am I going to clarify everything to you when since the beginning you've already said that my opinions are not valid because of the score. You've basically won the argument without it having started. At the end you'll just stick with "that's not a valid opinion" and It'll be a waste of our time. I just found out you made a review as well, and I could easily claim that your review got attention and positive feedback because of the "controversy" of responding to a popular opinion. The "naive" people that upvoted your review did so because they were able to find shelter and validity in your review. They are emotionally driven people that love the show and want their voices to be heard in some way, "it's no surprised".

Okay, I went out of track again. I honestly can't stand how you position yourself on such an untouchable pedestal with "logical reasoning" as your ultimate quality. I'm saddened my obsolete review was bothersome to your logical superiority.

Again, this isn't going anywhere and I respect your opinions. It seems we won't back down from our side anytime soon so lets keep it at that.
AzureKoilos May 27, 12:05 AM
I found your bio really entertaining for some reason
CoquiEnthusiast May 25, 11:47 AM
Well it did sound like it the way you structured your response. And I'm sorry man, I didn't know there was a definite criteria on how to rate an anime on MAL. I didn't give the art or sound a 1/10, but why would I be obligated to give its art and sound a high score if the sound (does it have any?) Is unappealing, bland and has no charm to it. The visuals are static and uninteresting, even to the points where the show finds itself being obligated to use techniques like shaky cam to make it feel like something is moving. It lacks charisma and is painfully boring. Apdo, you seem to not understand that everything in every medium is mostly subjective. Why do you think there's so many differing opinions on every anime out there? No matter how cheap or good something is, there are ALWAYS going to be people who have a different opinion from the consensus. The way you express yourself on how there's good things about the series gives me the impression that you don't understand that everyone has different tastes and what might be good to you might not be good to me. Again, I'm honestly starting to feel annoyed with the idea that "it can't be bad because the people behind it put their soul into making it". Let's use Mars of Destruction as an example. If I were to watch it and genuinely liked it, then I went to your profile and argue that you can't give it a 1/10 because it clearly shows effort from the staff. You genuinely dislike it, then you give countless valid arguments of why you think it's bad. My response is that your opinion is not valid because you gave it a 1/10 and MOD can't be bad because there were people who worked hard on it. Do you see how ridiculous that sounds? That's what you're doing with me. You're ignoring all my points and saying I'm wrong because people worked hard on it. If we follow your logic, then NO ART EVER can be bad because in 99.9% of all art has people who worked hard on it. Also, I never said your opinions/rating for liking the show weren't valid, so why is my opinion not valid? I have my reasons for hating the show and giving it a 1/10 (did you read my review?) and you have yours. Their both valid because that's our opinion.

Well, if I were a teacher and the essay was bad or didn't match my criterias for what I think it's a good essay then I would give it a bad score or mark it as unsatisfactory. Would I give that person a very low score? Well if it's horrible and I see it tries to insult my intelligence, then yes I would. That's how life works buddy, if your product is bad you don't succeed. If it's considered good by many, then you get the recognition/reward you deserve. Obviously I would be a little more cautious if I were in the teacher situation because my actions would have a harsher impact on others, but this is MAL for fucks sake. You seem to be way too worried in my score FOR AN ANIME. MAL is not a professional site that my actions would harm anyone, so why are you invested in my score?

My reasons aren't naive or illogical, they're expressed in the review. What IS illogical is the idea that scores are somehow objective to you. Yes my score is "pampered" to my bias and hatred because that's my fucking opinion on the show, and opinions are 100% subjective. Also, it might be "a few aspects" that I hate about it, but if from the first 4 episodes all I'm seeing is Sagiri's ass in my goddam face then of course it would contribute to my opinion. If all I'm seeing is stuff that I dislike, then what good is there for me to take into account? I hate everything about the show, it get's a low score from me , take it or leave it.

It's not my fault there's naive people out there that might have a change of heart from my opinion, why would it be my fault? If you wanna think of it as an incoherent rant that trashed the show you like, then I'm fine with that. I can't argue with you on that one because it was unorganized and unprofessional. Apart from the "naive people" that you speak of, there's a lot of people who found my review helpful and could agree with me. If it was such a rambled mess that you speak of, then it would have gotten no attention. I've seen many smart people backing up their reasons for why they dislike Eromanga, are you gonna go one by one and commenting your "it can't be bad because people poured their soul into it" logic? I hope not.

Hey, I'm glad you were able to find meaningful themes and genuinely liked it. Unlike you, I don't think your opinon is not valid because opinions an personal tastes exist.

Again, I can't compare Eromanga to something I haven't seen because... well I haven't seen it yet. It's logical. I rank stuff based on what I've seen, and Eromanga is one of the worst (again, my opinion).

Anyways, I apologize in advance if I offend you in any way because that was not my intention (it looks like I need to make a disclaimer everytime I say something so people don't get triggered). I hope you can understand that opinions shape our thoughts and thoughts shape our scores (not that scores matter or anything). Effort=/=quality and every opinion is valid.
CoquiEnthusiast May 24, 8:09 AM
Again, that "review" was my first impressions and an early review is mostly intended to be taken as such. I don't 100% agree with the score I gave it, but then again why do so many people care about the score I, some random guy on the internet, gave it. It doesn't ruin the show for anyone and no one should be too invested in what I think. I appreciate the love or hate, but at the end of the day they are the ones that enjoy the show and have the final verdict whether they think it's a good show or not. Many people agreed with my rant, so I think it's intention got across more than successfully. The fact that many people would think a low score is an indication of "attacking" its fans is just absurd to me. I'm going to be honest with you, if anyone thinks a review (that never attacks anyone) with a low score and valuables points offends people then they need to grow up. Trust me, I've read that review countless times and nowhere I could find any insult or "attack" to anyone (maybe only the mangaka, but he's a public figure and he's never going to read anything of what I write). The fact that it has a 1/10 means it's an insult to its fans? Give me a break.

Okay, with your logic then no anime in history is deserving of a low score. I understand people work on this, but that doesn't excuse it of criticism or a low score. Fun fact: every anime made these days has people who work their asses off to make the best thing they can. Me (a random guy on MAL) giving a show (which is clearly bad) a 1/10 makes it an insult to everyone who worked on it and the anime industry as a whole? I'm sorry but that has to be the craziest allegation I have ever heard. I am aware that animators have it rough (it's basic knowledge that they have it rough) and that they're paid very low wages, but that doesn't excuse a show from criticism. It's not disregarding their integrity or anything like that, the product sucks and it needs to be said. I understand your points, but you seem to be wanting to be too politically correct and "fair". I never targeted any of the staff (only the mangaka), just the product as a whole. Let's focus on the show, not the current hardships of the industry. If we do this (and that's the way it should be for every anime), Eromanga Sensei is more of deserving of that type review.

Overall enjoyment was a big contributer to the score, but there isn't anything exceptional about the show either. If I don't find anything of good in it and see it as cheap theatrics, then why would I be obligated to give it something more? You do know every review is biased to the writer's opinion right? Again, it's not an insult to the work that was put into it and if your logic was applied to everything, every anime is deserving of a good score.
HappyMN May 24, 8:03 AM
Creativity ? Dialogue ? Shaft ? Metaphorical ? Pffffffffff ! Ecchi and Shonen control the world :D
HappyMN May 24, 6:10 AM
I watched Pupa a looooooooooooong time ago for the 1st time, and it was so trash ! My first anime that I detest :D

And everywhere, everytime, a lot of people don't like Monogatari.... They're so strange D:
CoquiEnthusiast May 23, 9:16 AM
First of all, thank you for being civilized unlike other people. Now, I agree my rating was a little too harsh. I wrote that review right after I had thought about all those points, so I quickly grabbed my phone and wrote everything that was on my mind and what I hated about it so that I wouldn't forget. I posted it with the intemtion of it being taken as a first impressions thing rather than a proper review. I agree I exaggerate a bit and take my opinions to the extreme, but you need to understand that that was the way I felt at the moment. Do I necessarily think Eromanga Sensei is the absolute worst thing I have ever seen? No, but it's up there. I can't compare Eromanga to an "actual rape hentai involving premature girls" because I haven't seen one. I don't rank stuff based on everything that has ever existed, only what I've seen, and from what I've seen Eromanga is one of the worst. Also, never my intention was to "attack" people. Like I said on the review, I don't have the right to bash anyone for their likings. I just made that review so that people could understand why a person from outside of that targeted audience would hate the show. I don't see why people are getting triggered anyways, it's just a random rant from a guy they don't know. If they disagree with me and genuinely enjoy the show, they have the right to do so. They shouldn't worry about me. If anyone took it as an attack then I don't really care because that was not my intention.
Queeg_500 May 23, 8:45 AM
You make some good points.

I think there's a big difference between making a creepy character and presenting them as a creepy character (as is the case for shows like Konosuba or Monogatari), and making a creepy character and presenting them as a normal person (as in Eromanga-Sensei). The show tries to present Masamune’s actions as normal. This is the problem I have with the character. If the show was self aware about the main character I wouldn’t have a problem with it, but to me the anime comes across as pretty sinister since it lacks that self awareness.

I agree that cutting off the internet access could potentially backfire, and I hadn’t really considered that. However, Masamune doesn’t give that as a reason for not doing it, which leads me to think that he probably didn’t even think about that either, and just wants to keep his sister dependant. I think it’s unfair to accuse a 13 year old of abusing someone’s kindness. Masamune, as the more mature person, should recognise that her lifestyle has to change immediately before it becomes too natural for her and she spends the rest of her life that way. Or, if Masamune doesn’t do anything, the guardian that is away all the time should force Sagiri to go to school.

The problem people have with the fan service shots is not that they replace the plot, but that they distract from it. They are unnecessary and are obviously just in there to appeal to an otaku audience. Personally they don’t bother me that much.

I understand that Japanese culture is different to Western culture, but I am a westerner and as such I will judge a show from that viewpoint. Any opinion I form on a show is personal to me, and does not depend upon the opinions of people from different cultures.

The anime industry is pretty fucked and I hope that anime catches on in the West on a larger scale (to boost audience sizes) before the medium becomes completely unsustainable. It’s a shame that they have to sacrifice artistic integrity (not that this show has much of that to begin with) to improve sales.

The problem with the memes is that they take me out of the experience. Whenever I see a character say or do something that is just there to be made into a gif or whatever it immediately sticks out to me and feels like they are just winking at the audience. Obviously this is another highly subjective problem with the show for me and I doubt it bothers many people. Again, it feels manipulative, regardless of whether it’s normal for shows to do it or not. I didn’t say that putting in fan service or memes or whatever means that a show has no plot.

Pretty much every anime or VN I’ve heard of with an incest plot has the siblings not being blood related, with the exceptions of OreImo and Koi Kaze. It might not seem like a trope in terms of anime as a whole, but when you look at just incest anime it is clearly a recurrent concept. I’m not really sure how your comment on the harem genre fits into this at all. Siblings not being blood related is a trope, harem is a genre. The problem with this trope for many is that it is an excuse for the romance to happen. They’re still siblings, it’s still socially unacceptable for them to be together, but by simply putting in that they aren’t blood related it makes people feel a little less guilty about liking it. This is why it’s such a prevalent trope within the incest subgenre.

The OreImo anime backs out in the final few minutes of the OVAs by having the characters go back to being normal siblings not in a relationship. Fuck knows why they did it, pretty much everyone hates the ending as a result of it. This is why I said they pussied out.

I know that misunderstandings are a very common trope in anime. I hate them, probably more than any other trope in the medium. I think that they unnaturally stop progression in shows. The way I see it is that the characters should either get together fairly early on and then go on dates or whatever as the show goes on, or the romance should be handled more slowly and the confession should happen at the end. Having the characters feelings be mutual four episodes into the show and then putting in the misunderstanding basically freezes all development between the characters until the final episode. Also, hell yeah I would really like it if a lot more shows had the characters bang and get married. For me the buildup to two characters getting together isn’t as interesting as how they progress once they get together. Obviously I don't want that to happen in this show since she’s a kid, but if they’re gonna put in a relationship I’m not gonna get invested if there’s no real romantic progression.

I disagree that there are objective insults to an audience. I think every insult is subjective. If you find the “all girls my age love dicks” line to be a unique, different and interesting idea then that’s fine by me. The whole point of a review is to get your own viewpoints and opinions across. Everything I listed as insulting to the audience in my previous post is not gonna be insulting to everyone. I was just listing things that people may find to be insulting about the show because you asked.

There’s no way I’m ever gonna change your mind on a show that you like because enjoyment is entirely subjective. However, I think that it is always a good thing to look at and try to understand other peoples opinions on a piece of media. A good example of this for me was Mumkey Jones’ review of Welcome to the NHK! (my favourite anime). It is a negative review overall, but understanding his criticisms of the show bolstered my own stance on it.
HappyMN May 23, 7:28 AM
nobody knows the best :'(
Do you know that some people like Hand Shakers ? I didn't know that it was possible :o
HappyMN May 23, 6:31 AM
wow XD
you have very good taste ;)
Queeg_500 May 23, 5:08 AM
Hey man, I'm not the guy who left the review of Eromanga-Sensei which you responded to but I'd like to respond to your actual review of the show (not gonna touch the huge block at the top of it).

First of all you say that the main character is not creepy or perverted. Personally I think he is one of the creepiest and most disturbing anime characters I’ve seen in a while. Whilst his perversion is fairly subtle, he clearly lusts over his sister (one clue is that he deeply enjoys washing his sister’s panties and is distraught when this privilege is taken from him). However, his creepiness comes not from this, but from the fact that he is an enabler for his sister’s hikikomori state. It is not healthy for a 13 year old girl to not go to school and to stay in her room all day with no parental figure around. Her social skills are clearly stunted as a result of the death of their parents, and she should be having counselling to get over these problems and get rehabilitated. Instead, Masamune tries his very hardest to keep Sagiri dependant on him. He may say he wants to make her leave her room, but he never tries to make it happen. He even questions why Megumin wants Sagiri to go to school. The most incriminating point is that he willingly and knowingly enables her lifestyle. He brings her food when she’s hungry instead of forcing her to come out to eat, and he becomes furious with Megumin when she suggests cancelling their internet, despite the fact that this would almost certainly make Sagiri leave her room. The truth is that Masamune wants to keep Sagiri dependant on him as much as possible. So yeah, I agree that he isn’t completely generic, but I do think he’s a terrible person. As Satou says in Welcome to the NHK!, “Question: Why can one keep living as a hikikomori? Answer: Because one’s food, clothing and shelter are assured. It’s because one is permitted a lukewarm bare minimum of a life that one can keep living as a hikikomori indefinitely”.

I agree that the setting is fairly unique, but as I said above it’s more creepy than anything else, but lets be real here, the whole point of the setup is to have the main character and his sister be living in the same house with no guardian around.

Now I’ll go over why people find the show insulting. Obviously there is the brother character’s actions, as detailed above. Characters are randomly presented in compromising situations to titillate the viewer, but these scenes have no bearing on the plot whatsoever and are completely pointless outside of said titillation. The memes the show tries to create are an obvious (and highly effective) marketing ploy, especially the “all girls my age love dicks” line. People see screen caps of the show being posted online and they entice them to go watch it. There’s nothing inherently wrong with either the memes or the fan service, but it can feel manipulative to some. Another insulting component of the plot is the famous ‘it’s okay because they aren’t blood related’ trope. This is a tactic used by incest anime as an excuse for the relationship to be socially acceptable, despite the fact that the characters are in every other way brother and sister. Again, this is insulting because it feels manipulative and kinda cheap. OreImo (as far as I remember) had the grace to actually let the characters be blood related and still go through with the relationship (until the ending pussied out). And finally, the most insulting part of the whole show is the misunderstanding in episode 4. Sagiri words her confession in such a vague and nebulous way that Masamune misinterprets it. At this point all tension is gone from the show as we know that the misunderstanding isn’t gonna get cleared up until the ending. Even more infuriating is that Sagiri is too embarrassed to clear it up even though it would be unbelievably easy to do so.

There’s a lot more I could reply to but I can’t really be bothered at the moment.
Hesoyam May 20, 9:08 AM
So you watched TWGOK recently. So did I. What do you think of it? Was it a rewatch?