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Apr 16, 2018
“Perhaps the cartoony mecha style emphasizes on that, but in the end it's a shallow show that foreshadows heavily on plot twists, but doesn't follow through to them in the end.” - -chronos

You didn’t even seen the whole anime or the plot twist yet, you’ve only seen 6 episodes lol

“Inspired by old familiar mecha, Darling in the FranXX tries to incorporate over-the-top elements of Gurren Laggan and symbolic yet dramatic elements of Evangelion. “ - -chronos

If you actually watch Gurren Laggan, and Evangelion, the themes, setting, characters, cinematography, art are so disparate from those 2 anime, I dont see how they are similar read more
Apr 4, 2018
Just hear me out for those that hate reading reviews with differing opinions from me, and of those that truly enjoy this series, but mainly the novel. I actually find it to be quite hilarious that the top reviewer, aka RebelPanda, wrote one of the most ridiculous thing ever written, and probably one of the most invalid, fallacious, illogical, and even the dumbest arguments that I’d seen in the long time, manages to get so many supporters despite how stupid his arguments are lmao.

And all of that came from someone whose sense of taste in anime is so disparate from those who actually watch read more
Nov 5, 2017
Not many are going to see this review, but that’s cool in and of itself; since I just wanted to write down my disappointment of the anime adaption of the LN (light novel), somewhere visible to the eyes of maybe to some people. That being said, i’m someone that would gladly bestows the monogatari series, having the same author (Nishio Isin) as zaregoto, 10/10 even if it would only come close to 8/10 or a 9/10. And to be frank, I wouldn’t be that generous at all with this LN adaptation. This is why I had diabolically rated this series a 4/10 despite all the read more
Aug 21, 2017
(Before reading the review, or planning on watching this anime. Please do realize that this arc marked the end of the journey of Araragi's confrontations of the supernatural, amidst his occupation as a high schooler, before being graduated from being a high schooler to a college student. That being said, it's unwise and rather illogical to not watch this at the very end of the timeline, which can be discerned here ( But that being said, you must watch all aired series of monogatari, excluding hanamonogatari ofc, since it's entirely irrelevant to the main story or the main attention of the plot of Koyomi, the read more
Jun 24, 2017
Personally, this anime is actually pretty decent when it first started, but when I try to compare its later episode, where are of his harem came together, It became quite uninteresting, and even, unengaging when a certain episode is dedicated to a certain girl in his harem. Though, if you are going hate this show for its depiction of lewd 2D girls, who are obviously premature, then hate all the show that's out there that does the same too. Even if that includes your favorite show. Konosuba is one, they lewd Megumin. Tbh, it should be pretty normal to see such a thing in this read more
Jun 17, 2017
- some awkward walking animation in some scenes.

- side characters and supporting ones, like the girls in the show or teammates that the MC paired up with, literally have no backstory or any kind of moment that would make them any more interesting. They're just there to be a stranger and the author is just forcefully making them become interested in our MC. As if they had nothing else to do other than playing game all day or watch him play. Basically, the show may give some bits of the episode to delve into some of the other character's background (usually ones that are involved read more
May 15, 2017
To keep it simple, I like this show. It's not one of those typical harem show that would've suffice the needs of all horny men as a fap material, and of those that like to be teased by an animated sexy and cute 2D girl where real sex never really happen in this show, despite how turned on the MC should've been in those situation. In this case, Saenai Heroine no sodatekata is one of those rare show where the MC lacks the libido, or aka, sexual lust for 3D women; even if they're a cute blonde loli tsundere whose reputation and status as a read more
May 11, 2017
This show is too underrated man. This is one of the show where the leisure pacing of the show may have bother some people, and may have not for some. Although, the story telling here mainly focuses on building the relationship between those that our MC is looking after, learning more about our MC's past, who the children or the people that the MC is looking after are, and just overall, not really moving the plot forward all that much for that reason. That's not to say that this quality for an anime or a story is bad, but it just gets abit boring read more
May 4, 2017
As much as I've wanted to finally see a guy hits a girl, showing em what gender equality is all about, this anime wasn't really all that satisfying or really all that entertaining tbh. The setting in itself seem to be the most ideal setting for any feminist to wish for, where the school is fully dominated by women with rights to possessed a weapon and physically use it to assault others or cut them without any consequences being done to them (like em police, government, the principal should do something about it); you could also add in the assimilation of femininity, by making all read more
Apr 22, 2017
So, fucking 4 episode in when this review was written. Alot of shit has happen eh? I personally think AOT is a very overrated show, that can only deliver the tropes of here's an almost unbeatable group of monsters or beings, so now they fight for survival. That sorta setting isn't really all that complicated, but rather, extremely too straight forward and simple. But however, hohoho, this season so far is something else. Not only did we finally get to delve into some mystery and introduction to more characters, side character's background (the more interesting ones in the series, im bored with Eren/Armin/Mikasa sorta drama read more