Oct 30, 2019
Apdo1 (All reviews)
Cautious Hero is one of those shows where the title just sounded more like a clickbait than actually being overly cautious because this hero wasn't that overly cautious at all; except for a couple of his decision making that does certainly put him within that category when he blows things up over and over again on the corpse of his enemies. To expand on what I just said, he's more like a dark soul player than anything.

Some people may be turned off by the MC's attitude towards everyone, but as a light novel reader of this series, this series is actually a lot more serious than you would originally think. Though also comedic most of the time. There's actually a reason why the MC's like that as well, a very big reason. I mean, you could probably tell how messed up some of the villains are with at least the first boss killing itself, and from there, a monster crawled out from within that buff body and tore it from inside out. Somewhat reminding me of devil man cry baby for some reason.

Later into the story, it will contain some of the very overly sexualize and gruesome scenes; the light novel translation had to tag the NSFW tag/warning before you could read the chapters. Your early impression of this anime could be completely be blown away by the upcoming episodes. When I said NSFW, expect there to be a lot of gore and a bit of pubic hair. Yes, I said it! Pubic hair! You will either be weirded out by this series, or find some of the things here actually being funny. With all that said, I don't personally mind that at all. It's just a series that doesn't know the boundary between something being funny, or something that's just straight up weird or messed up. As an example, episode 4 had titties spilling out.

I had only finished reading up until the end of this season 1 of the light novel btw.

The reason why I actually read the light novel after seeing the first episode of Cautious Hero was because it broke so many tropes with how self aware they were as they only chose people from Japan because they're more familiar with isekai tropes. Or how the Demon King knows that there's a threat, so they gave the Hero no time to train, even though they presumed that he's still level 1 at the time of his departure to the world. Meaning, if there's no time difference between the god's realm with that world, the world would have been doomed before Cautious Hero could've came to save them.

If you're planning to drop this series, the twist to this show is literally gonna surprise you. Since these characters, even if you may dislike them or find some of them annoying, are not as one dimensional as you would think. It's like comparing hell to heaven. It just doesn't feel like a comedy series anymore after I finished volume 1 of the light novel.

On episode 3, I'm sure everyone had some trouble to either cry with laughter or depression after seeing my guy Celsius being bullied by our hero. And like I said, but let me rephrase it, the author's sense of humor is pretty interesting. And you guys may also wondered, why didn't they show the training that the Cautious Hero is doing? The answer to that is, because he's not the MC.

Some people may be deceived by the title of this series, but the MC isn't the cautious hero. Some people may also put the wrong tag with the "male protagonist" into this series, but the entirety of volume 1, which was like 1000 pages long, was never being portrayed from the Cautious Hero's point of view. Additionally, we never get to hear the Cautious Hero's inner monologue even once. Meaning, if the Cautious Hero were to fight against the Demon King all by himself. We will never know what happened unless the Goddess was also there as well.

That aside, the characters of this show isn't all that likable in my opinion, even though I've seen the light novel. Of course, Seiya is an exception as his character is actually a lot more likable than you would've initially thought, but aside from him and a few goddesses: Aria (a bit plain of a character that fit into a certain perfect girl trope) and everyone else are just a decent character. There is certainly quite a few character growth for the main characters and a few side characters, but generally, that kinda goes against to what a comedy anime should really be about.

So here comes the problem that I have with the series. It's one of those series that started off funny, but later became too overly serious for it to even be considered as funny sometimes. The direction that the author took with this series is actually quite disappointing and surprising. Although, this should be something that should be said after episode 12 came out, but this show will be heavily depend on your preferences when the show started to show you a lot more messed up stuff as the story goes on, and as each new Demon King's bosses are introduced into the story.

If you think that this is a full on comedy story, you guys are way off the mark. It's literally the epitome for a drama series, with the exposition and the early episodes, being consisted of mainly just comedy just for the attention grabber. It's not a bad show dont get me wrong, I'm still enjoying it despite what I'd said.

Definitely a good show to watch to kill time.