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Kinema Citrus Announces 'Sayonara Lara', 'Ninja Skooler' Original Anime

by DatRandomDude
May 18, 6:31 PM | 20 Comments

Kinema Citrus announced two original anime at the animation studio's Anime Central panel on Saturday, titled Sayonara Lara (Goodbye, Lara) and Ninja Skooler). The panel also revealed the main staff, teaser visuals (pictured above), and promotional videos for both anime. The anime projects are part of Kinema Citrus' 16th anniversary.

Sayonara Lara is based on The Little Mermaid and follows a mermaid who wishes to be loved by a human. After her death, she is reincarnated 200 years later in modern day Japan in Lake Biwa. She then learns to fit into the human world. Ninja Skooler follows students at a ninja school.

Takushi Koide (Shoujo☆Kageki Revue Starlight assistant director) is helming Sayonara Lara, featuring character designs by Shiori Tani (Star Wars: Visions). Shunsuke Takarai (Harukana Receive main animator) is directing Ninja Skooler, with character designs by Hami.

Sayonara Lara Concept Trailer

Ninja Skooler Pilot PV

Sayonara Lara Official site:
Ninja Skooler Official site:

Source: Moca News, Real Sound

Sayonara Lara and Ninja Skooler on MAL

20 Comments Recent Comments

Oh, I just watched their trailers since their posters looked nice especially Sayonara Lara, I have to say they look very promising!!! their art feels very fresh and innovative!! I can't wait

May 22, 1:26 PM by IdaB

I've been wanting more mermaid anime for a long time now <333 veri excited for this one

May 21, 10:20 PM by daddymahitowo

@Tiyuen210 That's more like it, yeah.

May 21, 6:27 AM by ukloim

@ukloim Yeah I misinterpreted one of the staff's posts lol. I think what they meant is they replicate the cel-animation art style.

May 21, 5:15 AM by Tiyuen210

@Tiyuen210 Just like every 2D anime? Tf are you on about.

May 21, 4:30 AM by ukloim

Sayonara Lara is HANDDRAWN YOOOOOO. They really go all out with the anniversary.

May 20, 6:11 AM by Tiyuen210

Kinema Citrus' work on the recent Cardfight anime is sooo underrated. Anyone who watched knows they have the sauce.

May 19, 12:31 PM by malvarez1

Sayonara Lara gives me some 80's-90's vibes with it's art style and the fact that it's inspired by European tale.

May 19, 2:38 AM by justanormi

Both of them looks good, visually, but yeah, Sayonara Lara is one to look forward to.

May 19, 2:08 AM by Softhenic03

@EcchiGodMamster weirdo comment

May 19, 1:36 AM by missslauraa

Really interested in sayonara lara.

May 19, 1:16 AM by MegamiRem

wow, two original interesting project/premises! hope the actual animation live up to the preanimated trailers which look great. will def check them out.

May 18, 11:53 PM by ryoko6

Ninja Skooler characters look cute, love the little bat sidekick!

May 18, 11:29 PM by 0arche

Excited for Sayonara Lara. Love the art style (⁠ ⁠◜⁠‿⁠◝⁠ ⁠)⁠♡

May 18, 10:11 PM by ZXEAN

The Little Mermaid project is VEEEEEEEEEERY interesting since I'm a fan of the story to begin with. That should be on my watchlist.

Are those gonna be movies or TV series?

May 18, 10:03 PM by simonitro

well at least they know what the little mermaid is supposed to look like

May 18, 10:00 PM by EcchiGodMamster

Ninja Skoolers looks totally my thing, but I'll also check out the Little Mermaid.

May 18, 9:55 PM by Ionliosite2

An original anime that is not a multimedia quasi-idol project or is not poorly distinguishable from an adaptation of a conventional CGDCT manga? Yes, that's becoming increasingly rare these days. The synopsis sounds a little confusing and strange, but I'll give it a chance anyway.

UPD. I watched the short trailers, does it intentionally seem inspired by Trigger and shoujo romance from the 90's?

May 18, 8:15 PM by RobertBobert

Both seem interesting, so I will definitely watch.

May 18, 7:09 PM by Zakception

The character designs and visual direction in these are gorgeous. Especially in Sayonara Lara's case.

May 18, 6:56 PM by VanishingKira

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