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Manga 'Shiunji-ke no Kodomotachi' Receives TV Anime

by Hyperion_PS
Feb 14, 7:10 AM | 29 Comments
The official X (formerly Twitter) account of Reiji Miyajima's Shiunji-ke no Kodomotachi (The Shiunji Family Children) manga announced on Wednesday that the manga is getting a television anime adaptation.

Miyajima (Kanojo, Okarishimasu) began drawing the romantic comedy manga in Young Animal magazine in February 2022. Hakusensha shipped the second volume in July 2023, and the third volume is scheduled to be released on February 16.

Yen Press licensed the manga in English in April 2023 and released the first volume in November 2023.

The love between brother and sister. The love between man and woman. That which is most forbidden is most unyielding. The two sons and five daughters of the Shiunji family shine like brilliant gems, each with intelligence and beauty in equal measure. And with the pedigree of their wealthy father behind them, how could they not be the talk of the town?

Eldest son Arata has spent his life being tossed around by the whims of his colorful sisters, yet a little teasing won't stop him from valuing his family over anything and anyone else. But when his youngest sister turns fifteen, their father reveals a long-hidden secret of the Shiunji "siblings" and knocks Arata's world off its axis... (Source: Yen Press)

Official X (Twitter): @shiunji_anime

Source: Comic Natalie

Shiunji-ke no Kodomotachi on MAL

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This is actually better than Kanokari but then again anything's better than that but this one is more like you average harem romcom.

Mar 23, 11:13 PM by MegamiRem

someone need to stop this man broooo , he thinks his work good nahhhhh dawg

Mar 19, 5:01 PM by KYi7O

@Softhenic03 For the same reason why Rent a Girlfriend got three whole seasons.

Feb 17, 4:02 AM by Piromysl

@Otakupervert890 The studio better be daring enough to show audiences an uncensored adaptation of the manga's infamous Chapter 218 then 🙃

Feb 15, 7:06 PM by Alpha-Nine

I got a bad feelig about this

Feb 15, 8:04 AM by RedChrome

7 Children? Plot Twist? I'm sure nothing could possibly go wrong.

Feb 15, 5:39 AM by CocoaGalaxy

@Otakupervert890 Many people in the West are well aware that works and genres widely criticized in the West are quite successful in Japan itself. It’s just “justified” with the help of weird statements that the Japanese have no taste or, conversely, that the industry is allegedly forcing this on people.

Feb 15, 4:36 AM by RobertBobert

@Alpha-Nine not yet who knows it might be announced this year or next year it's not like they are missing on content to adapt.

Feb 15, 1:08 AM by Otakupervert890

Reiji keeps winning lol.

Feb 14, 7:44 PM by bassyey

@Otakupervert890 make sense. Anime and manga is an industry too so they have to make a money in order to sustain themselves lol

Feb 14, 4:29 PM by Macaroon17

Well at least it ain't Rent-a-Girlfriend Season 4 🙃

Feb 14, 1:44 PM by Alpha-Nine

I actually really liked reading this, it had a huge hiatus so didn't really pick it up again, but remember it being entertaining, maybe not the best written, but still entertaining

Feb 14, 11:25 AM by ciiviic

I haven't seen Rent a girlfriend yet.

Feb 14, 11:12 AM by ZXEAN

@Macaroon17 have you seen how many copies Kanojo okarishimasu sold? Even if that series is is 10% of that it's 1M copies so with the hype around him with kanojo okarishimasu season 3 that was there recently it made sense from a business standpoint.

Feb 14, 10:37 AM by Otakupervert890

@thebrentinator24 won't happen his manga sell that all their to it it's a business and in business money talk.

Feb 14, 10:34 AM by Otakupervert890

Of course, from the author of Rent a Girlfriend 💀 this dude needs to be stopped bro lol.

Feb 14, 10:17 AM by thebrentinator24

We'll be there for peak

Feb 14, 9:54 AM by MadanielFL

@RobertBobert Yeah that kinda opinion bit sucks sometimes but we have to respect it tho. Thanks for being understanding bro, appreciate it very much

Feb 14, 9:44 AM by Macaroon17

@Macaroon17 It's completely normal to have these feelings. I'm not trying to reproach you with anything or try to convince you. It's just that "universal" arguments can sometimes be quite unfair in my opinion.

Feb 14, 9:41 AM by RobertBobert

@Softhenic03 exactly my thoughts also. Tons of people in japan liked this kinda show i guess

Feb 14, 9:41 AM by Macaroon17

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