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NY Times Manga Best Seller List for Jun 19 - 25

by Snow
Jul 1, 8:17 PM | 14 Comments
Graphic books best seller list (manga, light novel, and OEL) for June 19 - 25

*1. Tokyo Ghoul Vol.7
*2. Tokyo Ghoul Vol.1
*3. One-Punch Man Vol.2
*4. One-Punch Man Vol.3
*5. One-Punch Man Vol.1
*6. Noragami: Stray God Vol.15
*7. Orange The Complete Collection Vol.2
*8. Assassination Classroom Vol.1
*9. Tokyo Ghoul Vol.2
10. Tokyo Ghoul Vol.6

Source: NY Times Manga Best Seller List

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14 Comments Recent Comments

Seeing only two series dominate the top 6 slots is honestly not a good thing for the manga industry.

Jul 3, 2:31 PM by NanoZero

Xenocrisi said:
Will TG's hype ever end?

Hopefully not, its fucking awesome and deserves all the success and praise

Jul 2, 7:35 AM by AssumingControl

Will TG's hype ever end?

Jul 2, 5:29 AM by Xenocrisi

OPM doing work, nice. Gives me more hope for a second season in the future.

Jul 1, 11:42 PM by Protaku

OPM and TG dominating! I hope Orange doesn't fall off next week.

Jul 1, 11:39 PM by Stark700

nothing but garage

Jul 1, 11:35 PM by DoctorSexy

I'm so happy for Tokyo Ghoul! OPM is also dominating.

Jul 1, 11:26 PM by Remu-rin

Tokyo Ghoul is always on the list, along with OPM, good

Jul 1, 10:45 PM by joe_g7

MAH BOI KANEKI!!! God I love that cover!!!

Jul 1, 10:25 PM by MichaelMyers100

mmmmmmmmm tokYO GHOUL! ahhh, sensei, that's great.

Jul 1, 10:20 PM by korogoro

Tk and Opm domination.

Jul 1, 10:12 PM by ichii_1

Really happy that Orange didn't go down. I'm expecting its sales to rise in premiere of the anime. Also, it feels like we're going back to the time where shounen-esque manga dominated the boards.

Jul 1, 9:59 PM by ixaa

4 TG volumes, 3 OPM volumes, again eating the Top 5 spots.

Jul 1, 8:58 PM by LordPerucho

I can't wait for Tokyo Ghoul Re anime.

Jul 1, 8:24 PM by Zapredon

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