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Japan's Weekly DVD & CD Rankings for Mar 5 - 11

by dtshyk
Mar 13, 2012 1:37 AM | 57 Comments
Here are the weekly DVD & CD rankings for March 5th - 11th.

*1, 2,806 *,**2,806 One Piece 14th Season vol.6
*2, 1,166 *,**1,166 Naruto: Shippuuden Senjyo no Paradise Life vol.1
*3, *,791 1,126,070 My Neighbor Totoro
*4, *,554 *,***,554 Jewelpet Sunshine DVD Box vol.2
*5, *,484 *,***,484 Fairy Tail vol.26
*6, *,456 *,*41,053 Usavich IV
*7, *,448 *,*18,215 Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ Maji Love 1000% vol.6
*8, *,398 *,**7,693 Fullmetal Alchemist: Milos no Seinaru Hoshi Standard Edition
*9, *,390 *,*11,452 Gintama' vol.8
10, *,348 *,476,748 Kiki's Delivery Service
11, *,331 *,*64,758 Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn vol.4
12, *,312 *,**6,397 Hotarubi no Mori e Limited Edition
13, *,305 *,*88,474 Sore Ike! Anpanman Ongakukan

*1, 42,690 42,690 Fate/Zero Blu-ray Box
*2, *3,734 *3,734 Mouretsu Pirates vol.1 Limited Edition
*3, *3,497 *3,497 Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! vol.1
*4, *2,509 *2,509 Saki Blu-ray Box
*5, **,686 **,686 Kill Me Baby vol.1
*6, **,595 21,176 Persona 4 The Animation vol.4 Limited Edition
*7, **,511 *5,319 Hayate no Gotoku! Heaven Is a Place on Earth Limited Edition

Single CD
*5, 39,858 39,585 Mouretsu Pirates "Mugen no Ai"
*7, 31,074 31,074 Guilty Crown "The Everlasting Guilty Crown"
*8, 28,858 28,858 Guilty Crown & Black★Rock Shooter "Kokuhaku" "Bokura no Ashiato"
13, 14,269 14,269 Inu x Boku SS "Nirvana"
15, 12,559 12,559 Smile Precure! "Let's go! Smile Precure!" "Yeah!Yeah!Yeah!"
31, *2,875 *2,875 Danball Senki "Do Wak Parappa"
34, *2,662 37,677 Aquarion Evol "Kimi no Shinwa ~Aquarion Dai 2 Sho"
43, *2,089 *2,089 Scryed Alteration "Reckless fire 2011" "Spirits"
47, *1,862 31,467 Bleach "Harukaze"

Album CD
13, 7,164 *7,164 Nakajima Megumi "Be With You"
17, 5,990 25,619 Fullmetal Alchemist The Best

Source: Oricon Youtaiju

20 of 57 Comments Recent Comments

Mirai Nikki is 16th place? Hey, guess it could do worse. Love the anime so I hope it gets moar luv.

Mar 14, 2012 4:30 PM by Yowan

Yoshitsugu said:

bikes?! :D
does not compute... but it's catchy

jmal said:
It makes me happy when something I like is successful. I'm not going to throw a party, but it's still a good feeling. I think that's entirely rational.

I agree :) plus a bit irrational, in my case, happiness to see some number and knowing that you are one of those people. Yeah weird but I like it :)
So onto figuring, once again how that system works (and crossing fingers that Pirates will make good sales so no brain in production will try to alter it, so it will be "more appealing").

Mar 14, 2012 4:25 PM by Dalek-baka

dtshyk said:

*7, 31,074 31,074 Guilty Crown "The Everlasting Guilty Crown"
15, 12,559 12,559 Smile Precure! "Let's go! Smile Precure!" "Yeah!Yeah!Yeah!"

Yay! :D

Mar 14, 2012 12:43 PM by Beedlebud

Usavich IV...YES ~ YES ~ YES ))

Mar 14, 2012 12:12 PM by Misaola

jmal said:
On a side note, not about Mouretsu BDs but about CDs...
*5, 39,858 39,585 Mouretsu Pirates "Mugen no Ai"

Holy crap really? Was it by some famous mainstream act... ::checks:: Ah, some idol group that's had pretty good success in the past. That makes more sense.

I'm one of them who bought that cd...haha... ♥ The video is cute!

Mar 14, 2012 10:44 AM by Hellhammar

phoenixalia said:
And wow Inu X Boku 6k preorders? Yep this week in my life is going great.
Why is your week going great because someone else's product is selling?

Mar 14, 2012 8:30 AM by DraconisMarch

Wow Uta Pri ! *o* I AM SO FREAKING HAPPY! Let's hope for more otome adaptations in the coming year and so on!

And even though I'm a girl, I'm very happy about PapaKiki. Infact, I want a second season for both PapKiki and Ro Kyu Bu! I think, with luck it'll come true.

Both PapaKiki and Ro Kyu Bu are not that high on fanservice which is good for me and both actually have a plot....well in PapaKiki's place I'd say good characters too.

is Mouretsu Pirtates that good? Will watch.

And wow Inu X Boku 6k preorders? Yep this week in my life is going great.

And Nirvana sold well too yay!

peace out~~~

Mar 14, 2012 7:32 AM by phoenixalia

oh well

Mar 14, 2012 6:44 AM by Mr_Gutts

RyanSaotome said:
Why does the price matter? Thats the normal price for a 1 cour series in Japan... it just typically isn't all at once.

Nope. But 500 x 40000 = figure out how much it is. I am more surprised by the sales, actually. I did expect high sales, but not 40k+ from the first weak. Plus, we are not done yet. People sure will buy this later, too. Not like F/Z doesn't deserve it tho, I am happy it sells well in Japan. Now I can safely assume that they will do a decent second season.

Mar 14, 2012 5:13 AM by Arctic_Raven

Rukaliini said:
Fairy Tail sells that poorly..? I didn't know. D:
But, the Fate/Zero sales are really nice, I though they would be lower, but still, really nice~
And lol for Kill Me Baby; some people even buy it~ + Papakiki sold okay, though also lower sales for it.

I think anime like fairy tail, one piece, naruto and other long running mainstream series are more concerned about their rating than the sales

although still good sales will always good in term of profit.

Mar 14, 2012 1:37 AM by articuzwolf

Fairy Tail sells that poorly..? I didn't know. D:
But, the Fate/Zero sales are really nice, I though they would be lower, but still, really nice~
And lol for Kill Me Baby; some people even buy it~ + Papakiki sold okay, though also lower sales for it.

Mar 14, 2012 1:15 AM by Rukaliini

Fate Zero seems to do good and I very much like the sales of Natsume Yuujinchou too.

Mar 13, 2012 9:47 PM by Alcoholicide

Dusk252 said:
dtshyk said:
*1, 42,690 Fate/Zero
This is all I care about.

Poor KMB...

Mar 13, 2012 7:52 PM by KamiKazen

Fate/Zero!! That's what I'm talking about.

Mar 13, 2012 6:28 PM by Ragna92

Fate/Zero deserves it!!!

Mar 13, 2012 5:14 PM by deg

Progeusz said:
Everlasting GC lost to Pirates - lol
Fate/Zero - that was predictable.
I'm glad PapaKiki sold so well

Tenchio said:
I know I shouldn't be surprised anymore, but fucking Horizon at 3rd place? Sigh.
True, it should be above Persona.

Althouh it might betray my love for P4 (game) but yes it should be above

Mar 13, 2012 4:33 PM by articuzwolf

NATSUME YUUJINCHOU SHI, YES, YES. Hotarubi no Mori E would count towards funding more Natsume Yuujinchou too I wonder ;x . . . Or perhaps animating another one of Midorikawa-sensei's works too, which would make my year.

Mar 13, 2012 4:19 PM by Ardamaeus

Temporal Blu-ray + DVD Sales Rankings in Winter 2012 (first volumes)
*1, 10,345 Natsume Yuujinchou Shi
*2, *3,734 Mouretsu Pirates


Mar 13, 2012 3:00 PM by Mirorin

Kill Me Baby bombs. Feels good.

Mar 13, 2012 2:53 PM by outlawauron

jmal said:

I'm very disappointed with Mouretsu's sales. It picked up in a huge way in the rankings on Amazon in the last month, and had a solid 19-30th place for days around release. The only things ranking above it were Nise, UC, Persona, and Horizon for the most part. Then it turns out to not even hit 4k BDs... the turnaround it had done in the rankings really had me optimistic when I usually try not to be overly so

but weren't there some problems in availability of this? I remember some bump in sales at one point. Still as you've wrote pricing policy is a weird.
I don't know... still hope that it will go up as it deserves (with my favorite example - selling less than Tamayura, it looks strange a bit).
But still buying it :)

Mar 13, 2012 2:44 PM by Dalek-baka

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