Shingeki no Kyojin
Attack on Titan
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Shingeki no Kyojin

Alternative Titles

English: Attack on Titan
Japanese: 進撃の巨人


Type: Manga
Volumes: 34
Chapters: Unknown
Status: Finished
Published: Sep 9, 2009 to Apr 9, 2021
Genres: ActionAction, MysteryMystery, DramaDrama, FantasyFantasy, HorrorHorror, ShounenShounen, Super PowerSuper Power, SupernaturalSupernatural
Authors: Isayama, Hajime (Story & Art)


Score: 8.651 (scored by 252249252,249 users)
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Ranked: #572
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Popularity: #1
Members: 442,682
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Apr 8, 2021
LostWithin (All reviews)
*Some Spoilers*

Ladies and Gentlemen, Hello. My name is Hajime Isayama and today I'll teach you how to write a manga.

I must begin by saying that you should not be discouraged. At first glance it can be difficult, but you only have to write 90 chapters perfectly tied together, with great characters and mystery to the world and titans, fantastic fights that actually serve a purpose with barely any talk no jutsu moments and perhaps the single most important thing in all of this, Sasha being alive.

Then what you ought to do is write a timeskip. Usually this is meant for the series' end so we read more
Apr 8, 2021
OsembeiPan (All reviews)
"Their (our fallen comrades') lives... Were they meaningless?" -Erwin Smith
Yes, Erwin, their lives were meaningless.


I will keep this review as short as possible, because it doesn't deserve my time. I just want to scream.

Attack on Titan was a great manga until Isayama experienced a burnout after chapter 123. I wanted to believe he will write a great ending despite the quality of writing decreased in the last arc (Ch. 124-139). And it wasn't a delusional expectation. There were some chapters that are great in the last arc, and he was saying he planned the ending from the start, which was a read more
Apr 8, 2021
PraiseTheSun123 (All reviews)
Attack of Titan is the prime example of how a story –no matter how good it is– can get completely and absolutely ruined in an amount of just a few chapters.

That is, if you try hard enough, of course.

Attack of Titan doesn’t need any introduction, ever since the anime debut in 2013 it has been one of the most popular and recognizable franchises out there, but in the end, it all boils down to one simple question: is it good? To avoid you all the trouble, the answer is simply no.

I have to admit that I used to like Attack on Titan, and even read more
Apr 8, 2021
Twumi (All reviews)
Attack on Titan has always been my motivation, my first anime, it changed the way I thought and gave me a new goal to achieve. I could almost say that everything I am today is because of Attack on Titan. This is the series I loved with all my heart. I bought all chapters and volumes no matter how long they took to arrive and have the DVD of all seasons. But today, I want to burn them all.

From chapter 1 to 124 is peak fiction, greatest writing I've ever seen in all of literature. Featuring themes like slavery and racism. It was perfect. read more
Apr 8, 2021
RPWPA (All reviews)
- Everyone that read the final chapter of AOT.

Despite the underwhelming (or I could even say horrible) ending, Attack on Titan has been one of the best manga I have ever read. The manga has amazing well-written characters with the ability to generate some of the best character interactions I have ever seen in any story. The underground scene after the timeskip, the iconic death of Marco, the ability to dive deep into the psychology of each character is way too good. The ending is horrible I agree and it kinda breaks a lot of what has been built upon it so far but imo, read more
Apr 6, 2021
awesome5 (All reviews)

--The review contains spoilers--

I had to completely redo my review, and went from the score of 1 to 10. I've actually reread the entire manga in a single night, and came to a different conclusion. This review is 100% spoilers and an attempt at explaining the divisive ending, so don't read it if you're just starting. If it helps, know that I've spent 11 years reading it, and reread it many times so I could form this opinion, meaning that my rating holds weight, and you won't be making a mistake if you choose to read this manga.


While I do understand the anger of the read more
Aug 15, 2011
Tumerking (All reviews)
I was unsure if I would ever find another manga good enough to deserve my reviewing. And after reading volume six of Shingeki no Kyojin I can safely say the wait is over. What a manga!

STORY: 9/10
Throughout the history of action manga there have been hordes of fantastically evil creatures ganging up on any shounen hero that dares get in their way. Whether it be demons, hollows, or demons again one thing was always certain: Even though the characters appeared scared you knew everything would be okay. A main character can't die to one random monster out of the horde. They deserve noble deaths via read more
Apr 7, 2021
LordSpoice (All reviews)
This is genuinely one of the worst endings in manga I've ever read. The last couple of chapters have been mediocre at best but it's just appalling how terrible this ending was. Everything bad that could've happened, happened. How tf do we go from the masterpiece that was the Marely arc to this garbage? Did Isayama hire a ghost writer for that portion of the story? It baffles me that the same person who wrote that could come up with something this terrible. What an absolute abomination. Honestly, I would have taken a Lelouch ending over this trash any day.
Apr 7, 2021
yazzzy (All reviews)
One of the worst things I've had the displeasure of reading and witness it's absolute decline with the last few chapters.
I don't comprehend how the author retconned the entirety of Eren's character and development in just a single fucking panel. How is someone so horrible at writing that he's able to destroy everything with a single arc, and a single panel. It feels like it was intentional for it to be so terribly written, to inflict the worst pain onto us readers.
It feels like he just went on and adapted the worst one from the catalog of absolute trash.
I've genuinely read better fanfiction read more
Apr 7, 2021
TANUSMAHANUS (All reviews)
The leaks were so bad I thought it was a Joke. I feel like a fool. What a waste of Build-up and time. Honestly any fan who is literate could write a more satisfactory ending. Was already personally painful enough to read the art but at least the story was there. Where is it now? Possibly 6 feet under the Onsen I plan to shit in? Who fucking knows and quite honestly who fucking cares. Now I'm going back to actually enjoying my time reading and jerking off to Monster Girls


I did not want Titan transformations undone. They could be stopped/prevented from happening. But read more
Mar 17, 2015
keragamming (All reviews)
Shingeki no kyojin otherwise known as Attack on Titan. This series before the anime wasn't popular in the west, but it was fairly popular in Japan being in the top 15/10 best selling manga in 2011/2012. After the airing of the anime it became a mega hit series.

Now before you give this review a not helpful vote because of the 10/10 score. At least read what I have to say before doing your deed. I'm more interested that you guys read my review than anything else. Now let's begin!

"Spoiler free review!"

Story: 10/10. The plot/story IMO is snk strongest point. "Titans" these monstrous looking creatures that read more
Apr 7, 2021
angelrcd (All reviews)
This manga is the dissapointment of the decade, the last arc is the biggest fall from grace I've ever seen, it's not worth it to invest yourseft in this manga if you're new, everything gets ruined and nothing makes sense.

The manga was legit a masterpiece, you might give a try if you don't care the ending is garbage, or you might stop reading at chapter 123 or first half 131, everything becomes a really shitty marvel ripoff after that.

Only thing I can say is I hope the anime comes with an anime original ending, nothign can be worse than what we actually got, I'm not read more
Apr 6, 2021
Griff-ith (All reviews)
So basically I was preaching that this would become a classic and we are blessed to be witnessing it.

F*ck that. Everything after Chapter 123 (chapters 130 and 131 being the exceptions) went downhill, but there was still hope that 139 can actually explain what was happening. Instead of doing that Isayama decided to make all of us feeling like clowns for wasting time in following this story which turned out to be just pointless.
The characters of Eren, Historia and Ymir are reduced to garbage. Alliance have stronger armor than Reiner. Talk no jutsu is the key to all problems. And Annie is a read more
Apr 7, 2021
Zapso (All reviews)
Turned into cringevengers shounen power of friendship talk no jutsu in the final arc with the best characters getting butchered (Eren) or killed off (Floch). Eren got butchered so hard in chapter 133 he basically was like ''I'm killing the entire world for your freedom's sake, but hey feel free to stop me and kill me at any time even after all I sacrificed'' + he also slept during the final battle

The alliance needed asspulls, plot armor and plot holes in the story for them to beat Eren. There are many times where the alliance shoulda had casualties e.g. fighting the yeagerist who had storm read more
Apr 8, 2021
abystoma2 (All reviews)
My first encounter with Attack on Titan was back when the first season of the anime was airing. Being among the first anime I’ve ever seen I’ve quite enjoyed it, but before another season was released, I’ve seen more anime and so I’ve put SnK into the mental box of „fun battle shounen but not much more“. Years later, somehow miraculously dodging all the spoilers, I have noticed sudden rise in people praising the writing and plot and such. So with knowledge only of the first season of anime I’ve picked up the manga. Boi it was a great surprise how it has evolved. Turns read more
Apr 7, 2021
Gyro_Mozzarella (All reviews)
Want to learn on how to make an amazing main character, an amazing manga and just absolutely shit on it all right at the end?

Read Attack on Titan, then!

It's absolutely amazing how the author managed to talk about complex topics, such as racism, imperialism and war, throwing giant naked people in the middle, and make it not only enjoyable, but really well written.

That's, of course, till we get on the last arc where he, for whatever reason, just throws it out in the trash. Characters who had clear motivations, have a complete 180º. The fear of losing characters gets more and more diminished read more
Jul 1, 2011
froody1911 (All reviews)
I will be concise. This review is based on the manga till the end of volume 3.

Shingeki no Kyojin is a unique manga, in that it is bears more of a resemblance to Western fiction than to Japanese fiction. In some ways, it is similar to Gantz, but overall it borrows heavily from western steampunk and fantasy novels.

STORY: 9/10
Even though I'm only 3 volumes in, it is apparent that the story has immense potential.
The immense world around the small area in which the story is set is shrouded in mystery. Absolutely nothing can be guessed about it at this point. In the future, the read more
Apr 19, 2013
Stark700 (All reviews)
What is the most valuable thing in life?

Is it money, love, property, or something else? Well, everyone has his or her own ideas but for there's one thing we all have in common and that's the fact that we are all living beings that breathes in and out. We live by and enjoy life as best as we can. But what if that right is certainly put into jeopardy? What if a day comes when the place we live in no longer remains safe? Well, those are probably questions not many of us think about too often but for Mankind in this manga, those read more
Apr 7, 2021
SeanN30 (All reviews)

wow! What an incredible story. Isayama made a very bold decision ending it in what seems to be the middle of an arc but 131 was one of the best chapters I've ever read so its excusable. Eren is one of the greatest characters in alI of anime and manga and I'm sure if the story continued he wouldnt become a walking contradiction reduced to a simp, going against his ideals established since the very first chapter, being stripped of everything that made him a phenomenal and complex character! Great story so glad I spent 8 years of my life reading this monthly.

Edit: Admittedly the read more
Jun 3, 2013
nicetush (All reviews)
This review is up to chapter 45.

First of all, if you haven't read Shingeki no Kyojin yet, go do it. I'm not usually this enthusiastic about shounen manga, but SNK has managed to become the exception, simply because it's so damn good. Why? What makes it better than other works in similar genres? Well, my little ones, SNK is so well thought out. Meticulously so. From the plot to the characters, everything has just that extra layer that pushes SNK to become an outstanding piece of writing. There are plot twists often, and boy, can they catch you off guard. All read more