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Feb 3, 2020
This was a very good one shot to the magnificent death note series, I will be honest I didn't expect much and I was predicting that it would simple be another Light rip off character with the same type of plot, but this was a big surprise as the main character in this one shot wasn't actually smart in terms of book smart, but he sure was clever, the fact that this was so entertaining/interesting without the death note actually being used speak volume of how great Ohba, Tsugumi is as a story teller and also how magnificent the art style is thanks to ...
Jun 30, 2019
*Clap clap* before I start this review I will like us all to bow our heads and have a moment of silence for all our fallen comrades, just like us they them-self started this series from season 1, but as time passes and more seasons are release many has fallen and so I will like to congratulate each one of you for making it this far and finally being able to see what is in that damn basement! lol

Now let's begin this review.

Imagine if you were a fish that since birth has been living inside a fish tank, you are unaware that there is a ...
Nov 17, 2018
Preliminary (389/? chp)
Before beginning this review, I will like to point out that the intention of this review is not to trigger Hunter X Hunter (HxH for short)fans or let them feel like I'm attacking them or their intelligence since that is basically the trend in most reviews these days. Most reviews are made with the intention to 'trigger' a reaction out of fans by criticizing a series to the point that you are telling fans that they are basically dumb for liking a particular series.

This review is simply showing you guys another perspective since HxH fans aren't used to seeing much criticism when it comes to ...
Jun 17, 2017
Season 2 has come and gone and this three month was really enjoyable, but do not fear, season 3 is already announced for 2018! Now on to the review.

Story 10/10:

Snk season 2 picks up right where season 1 left off, and it give the viewers a bit more insight about the titans in the walls. The thing with snk is that its story is slowly unravelling for both the characters and the viewers, we learn of the ape titan that can speak and that titans obey his orders, we also learn that without a doubt titans are humans, we learn that Ymir who is now ...
Mar 29, 2015
I just wrote a long ass review on this series, and I accidentally drop my laptap and it shut off before I even submitted it. -_- sigh, I'll make this one shorter then. if this review felt lacking, its probably because I'm kinda burn out, after putting so much effort in the previous Nanatsu no Taizai review. So let's begin for a second time now.

In late 2013, I read about 23 chapters of the manga and I wasn't impress, don't know if I was not in a good mood or not. fast forward in 2015, and the anime came, I wasn't excited at all, ...
Mar 17, 2015
Preliminary (67/141 chp)
Shingeki no kyojin otherwise known as Attack on Titan. This series before the anime wasn't popular in the west, but it was fairly popular in Japan being in the top 15/10 best selling manga in 2011/2012. After the airing of the anime it became a mega hit series.

Now before you give this review a not helpful vote because of the 10/10 score. At least read what I have to say before doing your deed. I'm more interested that you guys read my review than anything else. Now let's begin!

"Spoiler free review!"

Story: 10/10. The plot/story IMO is snk strongest point. "Titans" these monstrous looking creatures that ...
Sep 23, 2014

Ok, before you click on the not helpful button just because I rated this series a 7. Which from what I'm seeing the majority of reviews are dashing out 10/10 left and right. Time to have some variety in these hxh reviews. ;)

First thing I'll have to admit is that when I first watch this series it was so goofy, Gon fighting with a fishing rod was such a turn off, I thought this series would be another fairy tale with no dark element in it, oh boy was I wrong.

Story 7/10. The story starts off with Gon and his ...
Aug 20, 2014
Sidonia no Kishi, I heard a lot about this series and how it's similar to Attack on titan. So me as a big fan of attack on titan came in to see what all the hype and talk about this series was about.

Story 6/10. The story is about Gauna a alien race that has destroyed the solar system and now humans are on the brink of extinction and are now forced to live in giant seed ships. Nagate Tanikaze is the main character of this series, he's entrusted to pilot the legendary unit known as Tsugumori. So basically this series is a survival series ...
Jul 1, 2014
Black Bullet (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
Black bullet is a anime that was adopted from a light novel. This series was being compare to attack on titan, or being called a copycat to attack on titan, but that can't be true since attack on titan isn't the first nor last to have these kind of story and settings. Coming into this series, it had a lot of hype from people who read the light novel or the manga. What most people didn't realize is that it would be adopted into 13 episodes which would mean the pacing would be rushed. So lets begin, I'll be reviewing this series in five category, ...

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