Jun 17, 2017
keragamming (All reviews)
Season 2 has come and gone and this three month was really enjoyable, but do not fear, season 3 is already announced for 2018! Now on to the review.

Story 10/10:

Snk season 2 picks up right where season 1 left off, and it give the viewers a bit more insight about the titans in the walls. The thing with snk is that its story is slowly unravelling for both the characters and the viewers, we learn of the ape titan that can speak and that titans obey his orders, we also learn that without a doubt titans are humans, we learn that Ymir who is now known as a titan shifter knows a lot of secrets that she is hiding and that she is over 60 years old. We also got the reveal of the arrmored and the iconic collosal titan which are characters that we saw from the very first season, this really should be the turning point for many persons that this series is not just about humans fighting titans/

It's way more than that and as the story progresses the plot gets more complicated, what really shines for this series is how well it foreshadows or give hints to the viewers of future plot event, and imo the series gets more enjoyable when you learn more things in future plot and then rewatch an earlier season and you will see how the author cleverly hinted at certain things, like for eg, the identity of all three of the titan shifters, if you go and rewatch the first season you will realise all those hints were being drop, overall just rewatch the first season and you will see how well put together the story is, the best way to explain snk story is that it is a like a puzzle that is slowly being put together, and sometimes you the viewers if you pay more attention to it can fill in some of the blanks with the info you got so far, because this series doesn't leave viewers in the dark without giving the readers hints. It also makes you question what is going on or the motive behind the titan shifters, why do they want to kill everyone inside the walls? What is their motive? What we did find out at the end of the episode is that Eren can control titans, and that is the reason why the Annie, Reiner and Bertholdt wanted to capture Eren. I always like series that makes you question yourself and makes ponder about certain things.

Art 8/10:

I thought the art was solid overall, there is some bad shots that I've seen throughout the series, but I've notice that when it doesn't look good is when the characters are not close up, also the Cgi was not to my liking it puts me off in some scenes, but overall it didn't affect my enjoyment much since most of the cgi was use on horse scenes, which lasted just for a few seconds, but what really annoyed me was the collosal titan cgi, it looks horrible! Though sometimes it doesn't look bad, but overall I will like them to scrap that and make the collosal titan fully hand drawn like the first season. Overall art and animation was solid imo and not much complaint.

Sound 9/10:

The soundtracks in season 2 is great, and I'm glad that they didn't completely got rid of the old soundtracks, because that would might make us loose the snk feel to it, What Sawano did was smart, he remix some of the old soundtrack and also added new soundtracks in this season, the only disapppointment is that we didn't get enough new soundtrack imo, now the reason could be is that this season is 12 episode instead of 25, so less soundtrack, but overall I was please with the soundtracks in this season.

Characters 8/10:

Imo, I feel this season really flesh out more of the side characters and give more focus to them, the main cast for this season got little screen time for the entire first half of season 2, but this was actually a good thing, we got a lot of character development and characterization for all these characters in this season, though a flaw that I saw in this season is that there were too many flashback, which is a method also use to develop a character and also the anime staff added fillers in the flashback to extend it a bit more, this is a flaw when it comes to adapting a source material, they want the season to end at a certain point, and so the anime staff pad out the flashback with stuff the viewers already know of and this is really annoying imo, this is a legit critcism that I agree with.

Enjoyment 10/10:

For me, what really made me enjoy this season is because, me being a manga reader already know what happens in future events, and thus watching season 2 is like rereading the series but instead with soundtrack and animation etc, and as I said before seeing all the foreshadowing and understanding the vague discussion going on between certain characters just makes me appreciate this series more and that is why I really enjoy it so much.

This is where the series starts to shift in tone and I can see why some persons may not like this season as much as the first and vice versa, and in the next season it will be taking another shit in the story as well, really interested to see anime only reaction to season 3.

Overall 10/10:

This series is a masterpiece despite its flaws, a masterpiece doesn't mean it has to be a perfect series, because the truth is, there is no perfect series. This series is very ambitious in where the overall story is going, and I know not everyone will appreciate this series like me, because opinion, but I am very happy a series like this exist, it is what made me become a hardcore anime fan, and I hope when this series is complete persons will appreciate what the author was going for and not what they wanted it to be, 2018 can't come any sooner.

Thanks for reading. ;)